Football protocols above and beyond NHS


In the first and almost certainly only time I’ll ever quote Motherwell manager, Stephen Robinson, the Motherwell manager said, “”The protocols [football has]adhered to are above and beyond anything else, it’s above the NHS frontline staff.

“And football can give respite from the mental health side of things. In a world where things are complicated and strange, football can be that relieving factor, that little bit of joy and happiness.”

But holding test events?  Testing is anathema to governments in Edinburgh and London, where superstition is the route followed by our governing twins.  Instead, they open the pubs for fans to congregate indoors, untested and without any chance of proper supervision.  There is no scientific evidence for this preference, in fact, this choice goes against all evidence.  Football is the most prepared industry in the country to allow staff and public to participate, as Stephen Robinson said, more so than the NHS, but your governments chose differently.

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    Maybe my eyes are deceiving me but he was on a few times yesterday for sure



    SOUTH OF TUNIS Please prove me right





  2. Midfield Shield Celt on

    Last night on Scotland Today, I’m sure I heard the Motherwell manager saying that team’s in the bottom six are/will struggle without cash coming in from gate’s.




    I am convinced there were a couple of posts from him yesterday but now I cannot find them, really strange.


    Hope I was corrrect but apologies if I misled anyone. I was certain







  4. I would have more confidence in Stephen Robinson’s assurances about football and it’s protocols if he hadn’t allowed his players to go onto the pitch at Ibrox in the pre-season friendly when earlier in the day a Rangers XI had played Dundee United without knowing the outcome of the tests the Rangers players had taken. If the Motherwell manager had no knowledge of what happened earlier in the day why did he not take account of it before speaking to the media?

  5. King Lubo. Scrolled back myself no sign of any posts. A lot of people are worried about South of Tunis, if he did post I reckon it would have been widely flagged.

  6. Midfield Shield Celt on

    Is it possible that the club’s at the bottom half of the league could find themselves in financial difficulties without fan’s paying cash at the gate’s?

  7. Can some of those ‘rebels’ so focused on the diet of MSM and agenda ridden politicos utterings answer me this simple question :



    How many folk under the age of 65 with no current serious underlying illnesses have actually died directly from Covid in the past 6 months ?



    My understanding from the Public Health England website is that this is about 300. However when anyone tests positive for Covid then no matter when they die and how they die ( ie hit by a truck or tragic accident ) it is recorded as a Covid death.



    So the real answer is so close to zero it is statistically insignificant.



    Crossing the road is more likely to lead to death for under 65s who are generally healthy and who contract Covid than the illness itself.



    Just a wee bit of perspective as I read it from public health England’s own records. Of course these are not what the MSM or politicians or their public health puppets want us to read.



    It’s more than Paul’s passion for getting football stadia occupied that is The issue here. It’s the blatant lies and deceit that is hoodwinking a nation. Even on a cynical site like this.



    Cognitive dissonance as we used to hear was prevalent back in the days of Sir David Murray’s largesse over in Govan.

  8. Bhoys and Bhoyesses, Paul has already tried on a few occasions, using more than the original email log-in, to contact SOT, but no response. That’s why I was so animated when KINGLUBO put up his post. Worrying as feck the lack of activity from SOT. Don’t know if his signora would think/could be bothered to post an update on the blog if she even considered it.



    Ave Ave

  9. A wee update and thanks to all who expressed concern Re my wife’s recent cancer challenges.



    She had a very successful op at the Victoria in Kirkcaldy ironically the surgeon was a former pupil of my old school in Glasgow. He did an amazing job removing the tumor and affected area and at the weekend we had the fantastic news that it has not spread.



    Really brilliant pre and post NHS care. Although the op was delayed due to covid (absolute joke reasons when every day counts in these situations) it could not have been a better outcome. All our prayers answered.



    Thanks to all for the kind messages and prayers.

  10. Burnley


    Excellent news about your wife.


    Good to hear about your experience of Victoria Hospital Kirkcaldy. Had many happy years employed there. God bless.

  11. Wonderful news Burnley, delighted for both of ye.



    Midfield Shied, I reckon a few Clubs could be in difficulty and maybe some not in the bottom half.



    Emerald, It is very worrying when a regular Poster just suddenly disappears from site.


    Ghuys can have enough & leave but most would continue to lurk.


    If SOT is lurking you would imagine he would see people are genuinely concerned and would even post a one liner to say he was OK.

  12. BURNLEY78


    That is wonderful news and must lift your spirits enormously. I hope your wife’s recuperation continues apace.

  13. The Molde- Ferencvaros game is very entertaining. Now 2-2. Still advantage Hungarians, despite losing 2-0 lead.

  14. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    BURNLEY78 on 23RD SEPTEMBER 2020 9:03 PM


    How many folk under the age of 65 with no current serious underlying illnesses have actually died directly from Covid in the past 6 months ?


    My understanding from the Public Health England website is that this is about 300. However when anyone tests positive for Covid then no matter when they die and how they die ( ie hit by a truck or tragic accident ) it is recorded as a Covid death.


    So the real answer is so close to zero it is statistically insignificant.





    When you say “died directly” what do you mean? And why exclude people with pre-existing conditions?



    I am assuming you are looking at the PHE-generated Excel workbook that details COVID-19 deaths by type of pre existing condition (you may have another file – I can’t see the age group breakdown you mention – the one I’m looking at has an age group of 60-79, which shows 513 deaths with no recorded pre-existing condition up to Sep 16th from mid-March).



    Anyway – I think you have to delve a wee bit deeper to make any assumptions here – for instance, in the general population, what is the prevalence of the pre-exiting conditions that they list ?



    So, for instance, about 25% of people over 65 in the general population will have diabetes, about 7% of people in that age group have dementia, more than 15% have chronic kidney disease, etc., etc.



    My point really is that it is quite difficult to find people in the age group in the general population who do not have at least one of the pre-existing conditions that you mention. A fully-fit >65 year old is a rare beast.



    It makes sense, then, that the number in that age group with no pre-exiting conditions who die directly of Covid-19 will also be small.



    I’d attest that 500 deaths from within the very small pool of people in the age group you mention who do not have any of the conditions mentioned will actually be quite significant.



    HH pal





    This is a quite informative article on the PHE website: https://publichealthmatters.blog.gov.uk/2020/08/12/behind-the-headlines-counting-covid-19-deaths/

  15. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    BURNLEY67 – and please forgive me for missing the much more important point – I was typing at the time :-))



    Anyway – congratulations to you and your wife for her good news – delighted for you. In fact “good” is far too small a word – amazing, fantastic, incredibly relieving, life changing would be better.



    Really delighted for you and your family.






  16. As a back of the fag packet calculation:


    1. Their are 10 clubs in the SPFL who would normally expect 2 home games against Celtic and also newco


    2. Both clubs would take approx 5000 fans to each of the other SPFL grounds (might be more, might be less)


    3. These fans would spend approx 40 pounds each for the ticket and maybe some food at the ground.


    4. If correct, each of these clubs is looking at a loss of around 800k in gate money just from us and them.


    5. Each club will host approx 14-15 more home games. Maybe an average of 500 visiting fans at each game? So 500 x 40 = 20k per game x 15 games = 300k.



    So a rough and ready figure would be lost gate revenue of around 1.1 million per club.



    If that is a reasonable calculation (and it might not be, I am no mathematician) then a bail out package of around 10-15 million should see the SPFL through this season. With a much smaller figure required for the other divisions. Not a great deal in the grand scheme of things.



    Assumption – Celtic and newco are losing very little in gate money due to both having sold out all season tickets.

  17. Burnley, fantastic news for you and your better half. Plus, recognise exactly your praise of our amazing, wonderful NHS staff who do so much through their genuine vocation (which so many merchant bankers could not even spell) Heartfelt support for you and your wife!



    CORKCELT on 23RD SEPTEMBER 2020 9:29 PM


    My sentiments exactly. Can’t believe he would not have appeared to tell us he is fed up with the merde on the site and then feck off. Having discoursed with him on here a fair few times over the years I am quite upset about him/this.



    Ave Ave

  18. B78


    Great news about the wife








    If the tests were in the 90% plus positive and not 90% plus false positive I would be more inclined to believe what I am told by the media.


    As I said the CDC were and still are IMO the site that tells it like it is, they have confirmed that there are approx 10K deaths in the US from C-19 alone, that is without any other underlying issues, they have also stated that the test rate is showing a 90% false positive, now that is totally against the MSM agenda, the MSM that are owned and controlled by people with their own agenda, and that agenda is money and control.


    George Floyd was an official C-19 death BTW.


    I have never denied there is a virus, not once, I have said what the government sites are saying, if people actually look, that the survival rate is over 97.7%, even with people who have underlying issues, that is huge, so why the panic ? unless there is serious money at the core, the vaccines, Gates stands to make squillions from the vaccines, see if people actually did a little digging on him they would be shocked, but they don’t so he is the hero, an unelected eugenicist who stands to make serious money from this, research him and not from people who he funds, that will be hard right enough as he funds just about everyone who has their fingers in the pies, but there are a few who don’t have an agenda and they tell the truth, the The Corbett Report for one.


    They don’t shut the world down for the flu, the flu that has virtually the same figures, or Malaria that is much worse, I could go on and on about things that are killing far more people than this virus so why the fear ?


    Football is finished as we know it, the sooner people can see that the better, sport is not part of their future, and that is my opinion.




    Sleep well Timland

  19. BURNLEY78 @ 9:03 PM,



    As, over the last few months, I’ve made several posts regarding football’s cynical approach to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Also my concern that Corona Virus processes and management should not be left to “football guys”, in Football Clubs, your post is of huge interest to me, as a ghuy in the know if you will.



    Celtic’s approach to the ST refund and this seasons re-launch concerned me. One of the main issues, which I believed I commented on CQN, was the elderly and vulnerable who may have had season tickets for many, many seasons and if they didn’t renew, would lose there seat at paradise.



    You state…



    “How many folk under the age of 65 with no current serious underlying illnesses have actually died directly from Covid in the past 6 months ?:



    Now, these are known vulnerable groups – you are much more knowlegable than me about what goes on at Celtic Park so tell me…



    – Did Celtic take these known issues into account and make the ST holders who fall into this category aware – when they asked fholk to renew their Season Ticket



    – Will Celtic allow over 65s and supporters with underlying conditions to attend Celtic Park or exclude them from the “lottery” to see who can attend the games



    – Do Celtic know which Season Ticket holders are; vulnerable, have got/had Covid-19, have tested negative/positive



    – Did Celtic make provision for over 65s or fholk with underlying conditions (even Blogger known as GM if Celtic knew those underlying conditions were made by supporters making poor life choices) to take a “bye” on their seat this Season and get it back when they are safe to visit Celtic Park?



    Huge Double Standards Seem To Be At Play Here…



    Maybe You Could Assuage This.



    Hail Hail

  20. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Nice to be reading some good news for a change, hope and pray for full recovery and happy healthy and journey into old age for you both.

  21. Burnley78



    So delighted to read that news.



    Financial difficulties for smaller clubs …. undoubtedly there will be. Many were hanging on, whilst still paying taxes (unlike some)



    Perhaps PPV may be a lifeline and the future. As well as paying £1,300 to Celtic for two seats I don’t expect to perch on all season, I’ve also bought tickets for games in Dingwall and Paisley, neither of which I’d have bought under normal circumstances. I really hope such clubs sell big to visiting supporters and that it helps them survive.



    HH JG