Football protocols above and beyond NHS


In the first and almost certainly only time I’ll ever quote Motherwell manager, Stephen Robinson, the Motherwell manager said, “”The protocols [football has]adhered to are above and beyond anything else, it’s above the NHS frontline staff.

“And football can give respite from the mental health side of things. In a world where things are complicated and strange, football can be that relieving factor, that little bit of joy and happiness.”

But holding test events?  Testing is anathema to governments in Edinburgh and London, where superstition is the route followed by our governing twins.  Instead, they open the pubs for fans to congregate indoors, untested and without any chance of proper supervision.  There is no scientific evidence for this preference, in fact, this choice goes against all evidence.  Football is the most prepared industry in the country to allow staff and public to participate, as Stephen Robinson said, more so than the NHS, but your governments chose differently.

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  1. So what happened with Moore v Feremcvaros.


    FT was 3-3 about two hours ago!


    Is it 10


    -100 in the penalty shoot out???



    Saint Stivs,




    Wee geography lesson for you bud, Bobby’s statue is in Saltcoats just a wee bit south of Ard-rossan . Was there today on my way to the best bakery in the country . Geography was 1 subject I did enjoy when I could be bothered staying after registration class.






    Och, 3 toons all look the same to me.

  3. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Hi TET – can you post a link to that CDC infirmation (90% false positivity rate) so I can check what they say please? Interested if that’s correct.



    Also – please see earlier reply re: proportion in general popn (older age groups) with no underlying conditions (there aren’t that many, as a few on here will testify 😁). You really need to look at the covid rates associated with other conditions with that background in mind.



    The reporting of what is a ‘covid death’ does throw up anomalies depending on how that is calculated / defined – bang on with that example (didn’t know that!).



    However, a definition – such as death within 28 days post-lab-confirmed covid-19 diagnosis with covid on death cert as main or associated cause – is fairly good.



    There are always anomalies with definitions of disease/cause of death. It is not always clear, particularly if there are multiple things going on with a patient’s health – there can be poor coding, misdiagnosis, inconsistent assessment of what goes first or second on death certificate, etc.



    However, you need to look at the generality of this – some outliers in terms of definition (killed by police within 28 days post-diagnosis, walked in front of a bus within 28 days post-diagnosis, etc.) are clearly not covid-deaths by any sensible interpretation.



    Nor should they, however, be held up as evidence that the underlying numbers are seriously flawed. You would have to find plausible, systematic issues with the definition, or how cases are matched to the definition, to seriously undermine the outcome (which can happen).



    Anyway – I do appreciate your reply.



    You stay well, and best wishes from me and mine.






  4. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    SAINT STIVS on 23RD SEPTEMBER 2020 11:17 PM








    Haw – get away you – you’re talking rubbish.






  5. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Right – I’m knackered.



    Off to bed to dream of the Mighty Hoops.



    Roll on tomorrow.






  6. Burnley


    Great news for you both I’m delighted for you both. Just Finished watching Tommy Burns on Alba great programme, anybody who wants to see it will be on BBC I player. Family Faith then Football, He could not be held in any higher respect by his peers. Hail Hail Tommy twists Tommy Turns.

  7. Great news Burnley78, health is always a worry but more so this year.



    As for SOT, he has a son who is a lawyer in London, don’t know if its possible to contact him for verification



    Regarding the CDC, unfortunately tangerine heid has them muffled so don’t look to them for guidance right now.

  8. Bamboo/Burnley 78/TET,



    I’m just back in from a night out in Warsaw with a Finnish journalist…



    He has reported on the Turkish Coup, Brexit (this Feb(?) when the split was happening) and is very recently back from interviewing the people in northern Italy about their experience of Covid19.



    He was telling me of doctors and nurses saying they couldn’t leave their work without tears in their eyes as they were helpless to help these people.



    He also spoke to families who weren’t able to see their loved ones buried. And others who told him there was so many dead that their loved ones couldn’t even be buried in their local cemetery.



    I’ll leave you to make your own summary …



    …and if you have any questions I’ll ask if he’s willing to answer 👍🏼



    P.S. I’m writing this whilst I’m still 🥴 in case I forget by the morning

  9. TET,



    So has Bill Gates given up/sold his stake in Microsoft to control the world’s population?



    Why give up your stake in a company that could potentially tell him every thought/move “we” are about to make?



    That seems to be the way Amazon/Google are going and they are making more money than pretty much anyone these days…



    Think about how much money you could make with more people on earth… 🥴

  10. Gooooood morning cqn from a quite frosty Garngad



    Anyway Glasgow Celtic day has arrived again. COYBIG



    What team,formation will Lenny pick. Mmmmmmm.



    Who knows but whoever it is I hope they wear that jersey with pride.






    D :)

  11. BURNLEY78 on 23RD SEPTEMBER 2020 9:13 PM





    Fantastic mate. You and your familys great news really cheered me up !




  12. DAVID66 on 24TH SEPTEMBER 2020 6:58 AM





    If possible and the game is going Celtic’s way..it would be great to see Leigh…The Hunskelper get some game time.


    At times we have missed that Bhoy.


    Only my opinion of course.


    I hope that you and family manage your trip to Haggerston…All the best mate.



  13. Good morning, friends, from a clear skied ,dry but cold East Kilbride. Into my 7th month of (happily) working from home with the reward at the end of today of getting to see The Champions play. Tonight I don’t mind whether it’s 3 or 4 at the back as long as it’s 2 up top.

  14. Big Jimmy – If Leigh can get his act together he can be a real asset, a real cheeky chappie who can find the net. He might struggle to get in front of Eddie and Ajeti, but hopefully with a long season ahead he would get his chance later in the campaign.



    Long term planning….go get Paddy Robert’s. 😂






    D :)

  15. I have taken Celtic to win 5-0 in a Correct score bet with Bet365 at odds of 18/1.


    I will also be backing Shane Duffy to score at anytime….does anyone know if Riga are a BIG Team LOL ?


    Shane failed to score in Celtics last game…surely his “Slump” cant continue ?



  16. Looking forward to watching tonight’s match.


    Think Neil will go,




    Ajer Duffy Elhamed


    Frimpong Brown McGregor Christie Elyounoussi


    Ajeti Edouard.


    Hope that is the team, and I fancy us to win 2-0.



  17. DD…I’m sorry to say to you, wee Greg will play and play well tonight…


    ‘Mon the wee man…

  18. Mornin all


    Big Jimmy – I don’t know specifically about this Riga team but Basketball is huge in all the Baltic nations and their sport men tend to be tall in general.


    A long time ago I left part of my liver in Riga😀🥃🥃🥃

  19. WBC


    I really pray he doesn’t play. Think we will struggle if he does. The weak link in our team, and the opposition know it.

  20. I read somewhere that Riga have 5 or 6 Brazilians playing for them, if true their height at least will not be influenced by Baltic Basketball,

  21. Read back a bit there I’m really disappointed to see the way this site is going, full of conspiracy theory loonies, religious nutcases and raving unionists including the host.



    Used to be a great site for all things Celtic now I think there are more fake Celtic fans who seem to idolise Trump.



    Not flouncing because there are still a few decent posters around but reading this site is no longer a daily pleasure its depressingly becoming more like twitter than a football discussion site.



    Visits will be rationed to game days.

  22. Good morning and happy match day from a damp but brightening North Staffs.





    If you think the blog is going the wrong way then post more 👍



    Foodbank duty calls.

  23. Good Morning, Grand Day To Be A Celt…



    Didn’t get a reply to my little conundrum last night…






    Let’s try another one…



    If Celtic can’t properly inform and persuade their own footballer’s to follow Covid rules, how can they be trusted to do it with fans in the stadium? If Celtic won’t take responsibility for said footballer, who would expect them to take responsibility for fans in the stadium?



    Looking forward to the game in Riga… for me big Shane is immense… he can make the difference.






    Hail Hail

  24. TIMMY7_NOTED on 24TH SEPTEMBER 2020 9:03 AM




    Conspiracy theory loonies : How many so called conspiracy theories have been proven true.?



    Religious nutcases : Freedom of speech, do you decide what religion is for nutcases. ?



    Raving unionists including the host : The host has originated this blog, it’s his right to post what he thinks. He spends a great deal of time and effort for you to ” enjoy”.


    Note : For every ” raving” unionist there is an equally” raving ” Scottish Nationalist.


    Or does the equation only apply to your thought train.?



    Instead of moaning, post more. We would all love to share your views on Celtic and beyond.