Football, racism and prevarication


All it takes to make you feel less like you live in a leper colony is to watch European football and realise that problems of racism are not confined to Scotland or England.  I don’t know if many care in Hungary how their fans looked against England, going by the standard M.O. here, you suspect some will blame the media for highlighting that hoary old lie, the “tiny minority”.

The media and politicians certainly have a role in publicising racism, or covering it up, as has often been the case around these parts.  Memories of the 2011 League Cup Final stand out in particular, a moment when political affirmation of racist conduct pivoted behaviour in the stands that remains to this day.

This problem has touched every club but seldom been an issue for Celtic, you would literally need to go back decades.  When an incident happened in the 80s, fans took responsibility, which drew a clear line of what was acceptable, observed ever since.  Prevarication does not work as well.

Football is set to return to our stands and TVs this weekend.  We will see the results of prevarication.

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  1. I work with an anti vaxxer….he’s a hun who takes the bible far too seriously!!!…….Holy books were written for the times …..not for the 21st century …

  2. Might those in the know re “The Great Reset”…………………….*cough*………. inform us of the exact date and time please……..?



    I need to check there’s no conflicts with Salvage Hunters ( The Restorers)….and our European Nights………..



    Thanks in advance.



    Nanu-Nanu! CSC

  3. Why would you keep a poorly performing, debatable trier with dimishing value who doesn’t want to play for us ?


    Not for dressing room harmony, that’s for sure.




    Are you telling me I have a coin growing inside my arm?



    Frankly,I couldn’t give a toss.

  5. First of all let me state that i am not an anti vaxxer. I have been double jabbed and will gladly accept a booster jab if offered.


    The reason for the vaccination is to minimise the effects of the virus, not to stop you getting it or passing it on. You are just as likely as a non vaccinated person to catch it and pass it on. The only difference will be the effects of the symptons will be less for you. That is why vaccinated people are still required tto wear msks to prevent spread of virus.


    The vaccination passport will not prevent people catching the virus, just thaat they will have caught it from a vaccinated person.


    It is not unconnected that the number of positive resullts have increased as the nnumber of people who have been vaccinated has also been increased due to the relaxation of restrictions The real benefit of the vaccine is the reduction in the effects of the symptoms.

  6. I cannae wait for the morra.



    Big Giorgios is only 10/1 to get a debut hattrick – those are shocking odds by the bookies. I’m not getting on that.



    I likely will by Tomorrow. :)

  7. See all the smart thinking people that know it all , well I suggest you collect up all your money every pound shilling and penny and invest it in the new digital currency that is coming, oh and as I mentioned the word coming try the non vaccinated sperm bank , you could make thousands to add to your digital cash pile…😜😜





    Up the hoops

  8. decisions, decisions……………….



    Where do we get the booster jab?



    …Heads or Tails?




  9. Wolfy — the German bloke — moonhowler / one club golfer journalist.


    Low rent stuff based on the WW2 rebuild — all the fault of the UN seemingly.



    The New Global Order aren’t very with it it if it took them 75 years to come up with a pandemic.


    File under sore loser / revisionist — consistent but consistently crap.







    Also, people who are double-vaccinateded and subsequently contract the virus are less likely to transmit it to someone else than they would be if they were unvaccinated.

  11. onenightinlisbon on

    Keep Edouard?



    A player who made it extremely clear over the last year that he wants away?



    Maybe we should have held on to Fat Leigh and shoot over Ryan as well…

  12. Odsonne was an Incredible player when he was fully focused on Celtic. He wanted away Last Season and it showed in his play. Celtic were in a no win situation there.



    Ange came in and said he only wants Players here who want to be here.



    Rome wisnae built in a Day but Ange is getting me very excited already.

  13. P @ 10.13



    Missing out quite a bit of the vax story.


    In fact your comments are heading into dangerous territory.



    If you have been jabbed you are less likely to get CoViD19.


    Started off at 90% effective — now with the delta variant heading towards 60% effective and falling.



    If you have been jabbed and you get CoViD19 you are less likely to transmit the virus.


    The number that has been given out is that you are 50% less effective as a transmission agent.



    The alternative is we do nothing and just let the virus rip through the community.

  14. ERNIE LYNCH on 10TH SEPTEMBER 2021 10:01 AM






    Edouard should not have been sold. Not with the money at stake for winning the league.





    Congratulations……………… you’re about the only Celtic supporter that wouldn’t have ‘driven him to the airport thursell’



    p.s. If we’d been relying on him as the main striker to win the league it would have been over by Christmas just like the 10 season.

  15. I have such a big interest in Eduard that I couldn’t remember who he had signed for.



    Actually I couldn’t care less where he’s gone.



    Phoned the telephone number for vax passports because I’m not able, at all, to download the certificate.



    And hey presto it tells me how to download the certificate.







  16. Tom.


    Bit harsh on eddy.


    I prefer his contribution to our success.that was sure you can think of 1 or 2.





  17. we knew he was leaving….we needed another striker in. GG is not a replacement. we have no yoth CFs near first team football .. which shows complete lack of development over last few years. A chance for Ajeti to play and show what he has.. mighht do Tony Ralston!

  18. Morning all ;-) Some of of you might be glad to know I got my NHS text today – positive – but I knew that. At least i can look forward to MAYBE having more antibodies according to SOME. i can now join the rest of my extended family who have all had one or two jabs.



    How did I get it ? Daughter works in care. Has been careful since day 1 – refusing to move buildings intra day during the first lockdown. Her EMPLOYER told her at the end of her shift that she had been working with 2 covid +ve clients (feckin hate that word). No PPE.



    raging. She’s not going back.



    LurkinTim – seriously – Hail Hail.

  19. Philbhoy on 10th September 2021 10:41 am



    I’ve had similar experiences with so many things lately, I tried to close a bank account on line but system said I had to phone them, I phone them and they tell me to do it on line. Eventually after hours of trawling I gave up and chose the “open a new account” link, from there I got another number that got me to a real person after 45 minutes on hold. Long story short it took 4 or 5 hrs over two days to close a bank account!! Ridiculous.



    They all blame Covid for everything. I think its more likely to be cost cutting by the companies.




    My comment was based on his last performance in a Celtic jersey and his most recent poor form generally. Yes he did great things over the years, but as they say, you’re only as good as your last game.



    Also, my comment was in response to a comment stating we should have kept him to win the league. Based on what?




    How do YOU get to decide that GG is not a replacement for Edouard?



    Edouard was sold and GG aas bought on the same day.



    Go figure.




    I tried to register for the download option.



    The first question is “what is your user id”.



    As I didn’t keep any of the appointment letters, I don’t have that info.



    Phoned my doc who said they can’t give it to me.



    What now?



    Is the government forcing me to holiday at home or never see the Celts again?

  23. bognorbhoy on 10th September 2021 10:17 am



    See all the smart thinking people that know it all , well I suggest you collect up all your money every pound shilling and penny and invest it in the new digital currency that is coming, oh and as I mentioned the word coming try the non vaccinated sperm bank , you could make thousands to add to your digital cash pile…😜😜





    Up the hoops







  24. I must be watching the wrong starfelt and play the new right back in his proper position , none of this moving about to suit others.

  25. PARADOX on 10TH SEPTEMBER 2021 10:13 AM





    ‘The reason for the vaccination is to minimise the effects of the virus, not to stop you getting it or passing it on.’







    There is more than one purpose served in having the vaccine.



    1. it reduces your likelihood of becoming infected


    2. it reduces the severity of the symptoms if you do become infected.


    3. it reduces the rate at which you will infect others if you become infected


    4. by reducing the overall number of cases it reduces the possibility of more deadly and infectious variants and mutations developing.

  26. Seems the rags are looking at historical social media posts from the Laptop Loyal……..the Motherwell born billionaire guy, not getting much sleep…..

  27. BAMBOO on 10TH SEPTEMBER 2021 9:39 AM


    Just been listing to a lecture by a German financial expert.


    This is all so they can launch their new Crypto Currency.



    First sentence,the reason for the lunacy.


    Second sentence,the results.

  28. ernie lynch 11:03



    So is Everyone to get Booster jabs every 6 months?



    as the Virus mutates and beats the Vaccines?



    I value your opinion.

  29. Philbhoy on 10th September 2021 10:57 am



    I had the same issue in the summer when going on holiday, there is an option to get your user ID sent to you by filling in a form. You needed your NI number and date of vaccination. I’ll see if I can find the link.

  30. I really do miss the posters who were around at the birth of CQN.


    The Singing Detective, KoJo, BMCUWP, Neg Anon and many , many others