Football, racism and prevarication


All it takes to make you feel less like you live in a leper colony is to watch European football and realise that problems of racism are not confined to Scotland or England.  I don’t know if many care in Hungary how their fans looked against England, going by the standard M.O. here, you suspect some will blame the media for highlighting that hoary old lie, the “tiny minority”.

The media and politicians certainly have a role in publicising racism, or covering it up, as has often been the case around these parts.  Memories of the 2011 League Cup Final stand out in particular, a moment when political affirmation of racist conduct pivoted behaviour in the stands that remains to this day.

This problem has touched every club but seldom been an issue for Celtic, you would literally need to go back decades.  When an incident happened in the 80s, fans took responsibility, which drew a clear line of what was acceptable, observed ever since.  Prevarication does not work as well.

Football is set to return to our stands and TVs this weekend.  We will see the results of prevarication.

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  1. Correction:


    Celtic wouldn’t need to issue new season cards. The vaccine details or an ok-flag would just need to be applied to the activation details.

  2. So if you’ve been double vaccinated you’re in, despite that fact that you may still be carrying/transmitting.


    But if you’ve had a negative test and are not vaccinated, you can gtf (and maybe go and watch some wee f4nny team in the west end).



    And still these c*nts get votes.

  3. TIMHORTON on 9TH SEPTEMBER 2021 7:02 PM









    Jimmy McGrorys wife was a Green.






    pick anything from the middle shelf.







    In 1931, maybe after the Scottish Cup celebrations, Jimmy proposed to Veronica Green of the Green’s Playhouse people and ‘Nona’ accepted just before Celtic set off for the USA. Jimmy did the most extraordinary thing for a footballer (I’m not being condescending), he kept a full but private diary during the American tour, something he never did again. Did Nona encourage him? It’s reproduced here in chapter six and makes for a very interesting read.



    There are very few errors in this hook but Jimmy McGuire, the man who broke McGrory’s jaw against Brooklyn Wanderers was a centre-half and not a goalkeeper. He came home with Celtic in 1931 and his name is misspelt Maguire in the story of John Thomson’s tragedy on p.115 (and by the way, it was Charlie Gallagher took the corner versus Dunfermline on 24 April 1965, not Willie).



    On the way home the huge transatlantic liner anchored in the Foyle and Jimmy came off by tender, something I could never have countenanced, and was married in Moville, whereas this reviewer always thought it was Letterkenny.






  4. In Heroes Are Forever



    it was stated that James Edward had luxuries that other players could not afford, A private house in Ayr, A motor car, a telephone, regular holidays all summer long to Donegal.



    There was also the small matter of a loan to Celtic Limited of £800 old pounds sterling under Jimmys bame.



    Given he was on 8 pounds a week we can speculate who really provided the monies.







  5. My affection for Green’s has just been enhanced with that. Jimmy, highest goal scorer in UK, in perpetuity. Yet strangely🤔, only played for Scotland 7 times and scored 6. Funny that.

  6. After Celtic The Early Years by Brendan Sweeney , Heroes Are Forever is my next favourite celtic book.


    Young McGrory endured much with the early death of his mother, he was 14.



    His sister told the story that she wanted him to keep money in his pocket, but he would walk to Celtic Park from the garngad, saving the tram fare, and giving it instead to someone needy.



    He also lost Nona Green in a tragic way.



    If you havnt read it, get it , it is outstanding.

  7. enjoy ziggy doc.



    I am rambling a week bit now, but i have very clear memories, late 70s , early 80s, of my uncles pointing out mr mcgrory smoking a pip just outside the front door, always dapper.

  8. Weebobbycollins on

    SFTB…I more or less agree with your take on the punk scene, however, I went to see a mate’s ‘prog rock’ band in some dingy London club where the Pistols were first up. This was pre-Bill Grundy. They were disgusting and sensational at the same time. I knew they were going to be big. I didn’t tell anyone but the hairs on my neck stood to attention. Afterwards we talked only of the spitting and the unruly crowd…but they were great that night.

  9. Weebobbycollins on

    After they had all gone there were only a dozen or so left in the club to listen to my pal’s long, drawn out, fifteen minute guitar solo. I think I knew then ‘the times they were a changing…😊

  10. Petec,



    It’s all about control. The ID cards ( sorry vaccination passports ) will only be the beginning.


    They will not voluntary give up emergency powers.


    Digital or written forgeries will abound.



    I would imagine that giving your ST to someone else will become more difficult, if not impossible.



    We have sheep for MSP’s who slavishly follow their dear leaders instead of thinking for themselves.



    HH to you and your bhoy.

  11. I saw the Sex Pistols in Wigan Casino in 1977. We were up in the horse shoe balcony looking down on the punk rockers in front of the stage going absolutely mental. Some of the sights I saw that night still haunt me to this day.



    But what a performance. What a show.

  12. So it looks like Celtic FC will be issued with QR code scanners to allow stewards to validate QR codes on phones and “forgery proof” certificates.



    This means there will be massive delays in entering the stadium, and with dark evenings imminent, it’s going to be horrendous.

  13. My first concert was the Skids at the Apollo 16/6/79 with mega Celtic supporter ,Richard Jobson , on lead vocals for the Skids. The Apollo’s last concert 16/6/85, the Style Council. It was mental inside the Apollo that night. The bouncers made a fortune letting anyone in who wanted to see the band.



    Who will start at right and left back this Saturday ?



    Will Tom Rogic start on Saturday ?



    If Kyogo is not fit , will Ajeti start ?

  14. SAINT STIVS on 9TH SEPTEMBER 2021 7:09 PM



    McNee’s ‘A Lifetime In Paradise’ – written with Mr McGrory’s cooperation – makes reference to the Moville wedding location.

  15. sd,



    look at the donegal paper i posted, time, date, place, attendees. fascinating.



    here stop this ss transalvania i want to get off.

  16. CELTIC DAWN on 9TH SEPTEMBER 2021 7:58 PM


    Is there still a Celtic shop in edinburgh






    Naw, shut years ago.




    What percentage of a Celtic home crowd would you estimate arrives in the 20min window comprising KO +/- 10min?



    I agree that carnage is on the cards.

  18. I for 1 think the covid vaccination passport is the way to go.



    Go 1 step further let employers employ only double vaccinated and change contracts for current employees.



    Pubs, restaurants the lot. 2 vaccines come in, no to that then see ya.



    It would take a while to get software etc but it’s the way to go.





    D :)

  19. 21-5-79 🍀 on 9TH SEPTEMBER 2021 8:01 PM





    Is there still a Celtic shop in edinburgh





    Naw, shut years ago.





    Cheers still on google, save me a journey

  20. I am in favour of letting the long distance travellers returning from International duty to get a rest on the bench.



    We should get by with






    Ralston Welsh Starfelt Juranovic or Montgomery



    Soro McGregor



    Forrest or Abada Turnbull Jota



    Giakoumakis or Ajeti




    McGregor can be rested if we are leading and McCarthy or Shaw given game time and Carter Vickers can replace Starfelt

  21. prestonpans bhoys on

    Celtic Dawn


    One in Livingston if that helps:


    Unit 6, The Centre


    Almondvale Boulevard




    EH54 6NB

  22. I have some sympathy with the plight of the non vaccined population (especially those who are regularly testing themselves for infection).



    We need to see a better testing angle brought into our covid safety programme.



    Vaccines and masks provide so much cover but testing is the missing third leg.

  23. sftb



    McCarthy played asap, imho. Last piece of this season’s jigsaw is 1 more quality player in front of JF. fingers crossed the throw of dice works out with JMac

  24. I’d imagine Covid passports will work like here in Ireland; in principle to eat and drink indoors you need a vaccine cert confirming you are double vaccinated or a cert to confirm that you have recovered from Covid. In reality once a waiter glanced at my vaccine cert, it could have been anyone’s (it was mine!) or everywhere else no check at all. If it’s up to stewards to check then they’ll probably ‘check’ like they currently do with bags, a cursory glance and nothing else.




    Abada away with Israel all week travelling from Faroes, home to Israel then at Denmark



    Welsh & Montgomery away to Turkey with Scotland u-21s.

  26. Greenpinata on 9th September 2021 7:30 pm,



    It is Shocking what is going on. People need to realise what is actually happening.



    The UK is a Founding Member, and current one.



    They passed a Resolution in January this year. Resolution 2361 Point 7.3 is of particular interest.





    There may be rrouble ahead.

  27. Go tell the Spartim on

    If your QR code is scanned and matched against your season book it may put paid to letting others have your ‘paid for seat’ , friends and family may miss out (it’s prob not that intricate a system to do such checking )

  28. Here in Turkey the double vaccine law will be brought I shortly.I think most countries will go along these lines.Those on here complaining will be the first to complain even louder,if attendances are slashed again.We are still in the middle of a Pandemic


    This week,there are250,000 new cases in the UK.1,000 dead.


    per week.Get a bloody Vaccine.This virus is going nowhere.At least make it more difficult for it.

  29. Just a fleeting visit…my god that was tortuous to even just log in….anyway, the catch came aff ma wallet this morning, so I wandered into town , to the Celtic shop, and got a new wan….



    Nae money in it because it was too full of magic..





    Hail hail Matt

  30. Place will be awash with Anti Vaxers now,time to watch a Movie.


    Anyone who has not seen it Worth,is very good.