Football, racism and prevarication


All it takes to make you feel less like you live in a leper colony is to watch European football and realise that problems of racism are not confined to Scotland or England.  I don’t know if many care in Hungary how their fans looked against England, going by the standard M.O. here, you suspect some will blame the media for highlighting that hoary old lie, the “tiny minority”.

The media and politicians certainly have a role in publicising racism, or covering it up, as has often been the case around these parts.  Memories of the 2011 League Cup Final stand out in particular, a moment when political affirmation of racist conduct pivoted behaviour in the stands that remains to this day.

This problem has touched every club but seldom been an issue for Celtic, you would literally need to go back decades.  When an incident happened in the 80s, fans took responsibility, which drew a clear line of what was acceptable, observed ever since.  Prevarication does not work as well.

Football is set to return to our stands and TVs this weekend.  We will see the results of prevarication.

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  1. I think it will be irrelevant whether anyone goes for the 3rd Jab and subsequent ones but when does it stop?



    If you decide to not get the Booster jabs – are you then going to be excluded further down the line?



    The Biggest Ki for me…. the JCVI said No to 12-15 year olds getting vaccinated but it looks like they are going to be ignored by the Governments – We are now relying on God knows who (WHO) :)



    I won’t be forced to do anything and I will keep my Seat, ma wee Bhoy turned 21 yesterday (Rest@Battlefield – was a nice night and meal), and I’d likely get vaccinated twice if I was his age if getting coerced just to go Clubbing/watch Celtic etc.



    He will get to go to the game with his pals without his old Da now but I hope this erosion of Freedoms is challenged, whether by protests or through the Highest Courts. It is always the Press you have to be aware of, especially Silicon Valleys.

  2. Pete C – on the bright side, we may see a full bloodied return of Rave Culture for the young . If only…

  3. What is the Stars on

    Whinging about freedoms being eroded.


    What feckin nonsense


    I want to drive without a seat belt after ten pints.


    I want to be able to smoke in classrooms and hospital wards


    I want I want I want..


    Get the jab and Stfu

  4. What is the Stars on 9th September 2021 10:24 pm



    Just get the bloody vaccine and stop whining



    Its an act of social solidarity.






    I hope yer Bhoy frae the Rovers becomes a Star @ Celtic but its the coercive nature that is the most worrying.





    This is unbelievable stuff





    Primary Schools next.

  5. Apropos of nothing, a few items from today:


    Joe Biden announces mandatory vaccinations for Federal employees, and for businesses with 100 or more employees.


    My wife’s employer announced encrypted evidence of vaccination by October 15 ( return to work from telework ) or dismissal.


    Four virulently antivax radio hosts across the United States have passed away from Covid.


    A cursory look at the daily Worldometer tables shows that Florida is manipulating data to hide daily new deaths from Covid. Compare with Texas or California. The Miami Herald recently showed that on one particular day, 910 people had passed from Covid, when the official figure was 9.


    Similarly with Russia, which has published a daily figure in the range 790 -805, which is statistically improbable, to say the least.

  6. So it’s not about personal/social responsibility…fuxaches…



    Challenge…anyone who can produce a proper scientific virology/epidemiology peer-reviewed paper I can read that says vaccination to Covid-19 has zero effectiveness…

  7. BURNLEY78 on 9TH SEPTEMBER 2021 10:16 PM



    Well 53 years of attending Celtic Park will end on October 1st. 53 years of supporting, 10 years driving up from London most weeks ironically during the rangers 9 in a row. 53 years of incredible shared pain and glory. 85 years through 3 generations roughly 80% of all home games attended by me or my dad or my son.



    Ironically we are set to have another great season in my opinion. A real season to remember….Up there with the best ever and I would love to be there. Make no mistake I would love it. I really hope all of those who are in favour of the vax and even the passports enjoy every minute of Angeball …..after last season we all deserve that.



    I will find plenty to do on a Saturday / Sunday and save myself a fortune. Maybe the golf will improve at last, or maybe an extra hundred kilometers a week on the bike, or maybe giving my son ‘encouragement’ in the amateurs on a Saturday …..plenty of options.




    Despite a commitment to review it and recent decent stats this decision will not be revoked by SG any time soon.



    Aside from the vaccine point as someone who is ideologically in favour, indeed even dreams, of an independent centre left Scotland I do honestly think this could be a really sad day for reasons probably much more important than missing the Celtic.



    I must remember to see if I can cancel my payment for the Europa tickets 😢 .





    An emotional post Burnley78.and it is is your choice



    Be it Celtic or an independent Scotland.



    It is down to you as an individual to make your choice about how you learn,cope and adapt to the pandemic.



    Boris in Londons ideology is that of the individual.


    Alas Pandemics(c19) descend with not a jot to human ideology imo.The ongoing(since day1) duality of rules,no definitive leadership(do go to work but stay in)’matt lucas parody,the obfuscation has fed this individualism,covid seers thro it.



    I wish you well.if you like cycles.


    1,Start Applecross- bealach na ba


    2.Coast Rd in Northern Ireland.larne to Donegal.


    3.ratagan-glenelg Rd-southern skye if ferry on.




  8. The world is changing fast.


    Climate is going haywire.


    People are getting scared.


    Governments are becoming paranoid.


    Police want guns.


    Drugs, people trafficking, immigration, money laundering, rising fascism.


    Lack of leadership.


  9. WBC…we can at least hold on to our humanity…although, that I begin to question that of some Tims gives me no joy

  10. Praise the Lord I’m aff work the morra.



    Lets see if this nonsense is re-appraised every 3 weeks.



    Never been a fan of Patrick Harvie but once in Government the U-Turn was Unbelievable.

  11. Petec…the great aphrodisiac corrupts the weakling.


    Remember Clegg?


    Now Harvie.


    “In the best interests of the people(me)”


    Lying comes easy.

  12. IniquitousIV on 9th September 2021 10:38 pm



    Is this the Mu variant that scientists are telling us beats the vaccines?



    The Delta variant is transmissable with the same viral load from a Vaccinated or unvaccinated person.



    So is the Mu variant now putting those back @ the same stage as those unvaccinated?



    At serious risk as those that have never been vaccinated?



    So many Questions….. Sorry just want to See the Celts play the way they have been playing against a Fantastic Club in Ross County,

  13. Wee Nippy of Brigadoon ,look at me I am in control ,first in the UK. The Greens sold their soul for two mickey mouse positions in government. God help us.

  14. Weebobbycollins,



    My Dad took all his kids up the hills to see Dumbartons Amazing landscape but he got me and ma wee Brother into Bird watching and we would go longer walks. I tell you the Clegs were the Worst of insects. Freaked me out those nasties.

  15. TheLurkinTim on 9th September 2021 11:28 pm



    Pete…please list the scientific papers that mention all variants…







    Say Pretty Please and I might

  16. StPaddy’s…ffs…there is no god



    Political Advisor: we need to keep everyone divided so we can milk the system for as much as we can



    Politician:fuc*em ;-))

  17. How’s this for a solution? Instead of vaccine passports, why doesn’t the government arrange for every person with double vaccination to have their QR number tattooed to their wrist?

  18. Now – if you want to talk about Covid and the Creeping Multifaceted (GLOBAL 2) Facis/Commu/Totalit by a handful…..



    I’m afraid you will need to get an appointment.

  19. Tom McLaughlin on 9th September 2021 11:41 pm



    How’s this for a solution? Instead of vaccine passports, why doesn’t the government arrange for every person with double vaccination to have their QR number tattooed to their wrist?




  20. So the willfully stupid are advocating an equivalence of vaccination, with concentration camp tatoos…wow…

  21. lurkintim



    aye . Ive done my own resaerch in the same way you that have ..


    listened to the facts, the scientists, the anecdotes and made a decision..


    you don’t need to be an anit-vaxxer, dispute medical certain evidence to come to a risk based decision on whether you want to have the vaccine


    your inference that someone like me is some dumb, covid conspiracy theorist is like me inferring you are some law abiding, unthinking watp type.