Football, racism and prevarication


All it takes to make you feel less like you live in a leper colony is to watch European football and realise that problems of racism are not confined to Scotland or England.  I don’t know if many care in Hungary how their fans looked against England, going by the standard M.O. here, you suspect some will blame the media for highlighting that hoary old lie, the “tiny minority”.

The media and politicians certainly have a role in publicising racism, or covering it up, as has often been the case around these parts.  Memories of the 2011 League Cup Final stand out in particular, a moment when political affirmation of racist conduct pivoted behaviour in the stands that remains to this day.

This problem has touched every club but seldom been an issue for Celtic, you would literally need to go back decades.  When an incident happened in the 80s, fans took responsibility, which drew a clear line of what was acceptable, observed ever since.  Prevarication does not work as well.

Football is set to return to our stands and TVs this weekend.  We will see the results of prevarication.

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    make sure you have date of FIRST jag right



    Oother questions are just name , postcode and date of birth etc



    if all this info is right it should generate right to your unique user name

  2. Discussing the nightshift debate with other non-CQN-ers.



    One liked the idea of people who are willing to eat a Celtic pie but won’t take a vaccine because they don’t know what’s in it.










    make sure you have date of FIRST jag right







    Oother questions are just name , postcode and date of birth etc







    if all this info is right it should generate right to your unique user name





    It states on the NHS Form that you must include EITHER the Date of your 1st Jab and/or your 2nd Jab.


    I have my appointment letter for my 2nd Jab and the Date obviously, but as for my 1st Jab, I cant find the letter with the date although I remember it was in February. I dont remember the exact date of 1st jab.


    The ONLINE Form IS accepting the date of my 2nd Jab as VALID….But my so called ” UNIQUE” Username is NOT Valid ?


    My unique username is clearly stated on my 2nd letter and I am taking THAT info from there and typing it in…but it states ” INVALID” ?


    I will phone the NHS at 10am.


    Cheers mate.

  4. It appears to me that, for some on here, not only should seatbelts and crash helmets be mandatory, but should be worn 24/7.



    Pour encourager les autres, n’est-ce pas…..

  5. Obviously it’s a blow if Kyogo misses games through injury but there is consolation in Giorgios Giakoumakis taking the striker role. Really looking forward to seeing him and Jota in action tomorrow.



    With Abada and Jota on the flanks, I almost feel sorry for County. Almost.

  6. Guys,



    It’s the posters that question the control measures that history will judge favourably.



    Since when did Celtic supporters accept as Gospel what governments and their media poodles try to inddoctrinate us with ?



    Temporary emergency powers to be made permanent.


    Outlawing dissent and protest outside the Scottish Parliament or Assembly.


    A single poorly led nationwide police force accountable to the government.


    The OB act which they have never apologised for, which would admittedly ” even up the score ”


    More stop and search than the MET.



    The list goes on and on. Democracy itself is being eroded and yet we don’t question it.



    Wake up guys.




  7. Squire – The whole passport thingy is a contentious issue and I understand this.



    Thanks for the response.



    Hail Hail



    D :)




    If your unique userid, as shown on your appointment letter, is coming up invalid, it means you haven’t registered.



    Instead of log in, try the Register option. This will ask for your DOB etc and invite you to create a password.



    After that you can log in.



    Big Jimmy…pubs I doubt as they can’t afford the infrastructure…Parkhead….remsins to b seen if it can be implemented






    I think there would have to be an outer cordon, like you get at big away European games, where you have to show your ticket before you get anywhere near the stadium, where vaccine passports will be checked.



    If it doesn’t work then the chances are crowd numbers will be severely restricted, so that will encourage the Club to make sure it does work.



    Won’t be cheap though.

  10. The EU passport thingy is working OK in Ireland as it is mainly used for restaurants and cafes.



    For an example; the GAA men’s final is on Saturday and is about 50% capacity and no vaccine checks. If it had applied for full house , the GAA felt that the inevitable vaccine checks would be unworkable – like Celtic park




    When I did it using the RECOVER option it was the first jag date


    that was needed although they have modified that to either


    1st or 2nd



    Call your GP they will have date of 1st jag and try with that as a last option


    using RECOVER option



    I got INVALID RESPONSE originally several times as I had one minor mistake


    on the form and when I found the mistake it worked perfect



    but using 1st jag date

  12. Just been listing to a lecture by a German financial expert.


    According to him its all about (surprise surprise) MONEY.


    The “virus?” is the tool being used to crash to economic system – completely.


    Bring the world to the brink -sickness and death ,unemployment ,food shortages , maybe even a bit of civil war ..then they appear with their world rescue plan .


    A global digital currency . Everything ,including all of us will be completely controlled.




    I believe everyone should get the double vaccine to help fight this virus, but I do not accept that people should be forced into it, regardless of their reasons for opting out.



    The vaccine passport is undoubtedly a means of forcing dissidents into compliance. In fact the government have openly admitted that this is one of the reasons for introducing it.



    When the government forced the SPFL into cancelling 2 Celtic games following the Bolingoli breach, there was no doubt in my mind that it was purely a punitive measure rather than a Covid safeguard.



    Celtic FC were the victims of the player’s deceit but Sturgeon decided the club had to be taught a lesson.



    That week I resigned my membership of the SNP and I told them why. Turned out I wasn’t the only one.

  14. BAMBOO on 10TH SEPTEMBER 2021 9:39 AM



    Who’s the German “financial expert”?



    David Von Icke??

  15. ERNIE



    That’s exactly what I said to my son last night. Celtic will have to erect perimiter barriers where Vaccine Passports will have to be checked before you are allowed to approach the turnstiles.



    A recipe for chaos, especially on dark evenings.

  16. Down one striker , when they knew Eddy was leaving.. Should have had someone lined up. Same with Christie leaving. Yet again not prepared…as for vaccine passports. They havent tested system never mind aking venues if they have equipment staff to check it. A farce.

  17. CONEYBHOY on 10TH SEPTEMBER 2021 9:50 AM




    Most businesses don’t have 60,000 people, from a variety of different vaccine passport regimes, all with their own procedures and forms of documentation, descending on them within a time envelope of about 30 minutes.




    Mybe you’ve been in hibernation so I’ll help you out.



    We signed a new striker.

  19. Ernst Wolff is the man. Its a long talk in German with subtitles. Should be able find it on-line . Its new.


    Its down to the few “hedge funds” who wield the global financial power.


    Basically they own just about everything.


    They are much more powerful than governments.

  20. Maggie opened the door and then the stupid ran through it …



    Rampant individualism — all about me / me / me.


    Progressive collectivism — all now a dream.



    And then what happens next — identity politics to make it easier to manipulate the masses.


    All the individuals looking for direction — find someone to hate / despise / belittle and then you have the levers to manipulate them in manageable chunks.



    Now we have the FB dimension where people’s worldview / engagement is controlled by social media algorithms and nobody seems to care — the identity politics just becomes that bit more intense.



    Too many are now puppets on a string — swimming happily in focused propaganda but unable to get involved in any form of progressive collective action to make the world a better place.



    You have to hand it to the AR acolytes — they lost the economics war of the 30’s but they are now winning the peace.



    Progressive collectivism — constructivist branch — means you get the jab.


    Small individual sacrifice for the greater common good.



    It used to be called socialism — might be time to bring it back.

  21. MARADOMINIC on 10TH SEPTEMBER 2021 9:53 AM



    Edouard should not have been sold. Not with the money at stake for winning the league.

  22. BAMBOO



    So why were UK businesses pleading for the government to end lockdown so that they could get back to making money?



    No matter what happens with the virus in future, there will be no more lockdowns. The economy won’t allow it.

  23. He was not signed to replace Eddy or LG. we needed another striker. manager doesn’t rate Ajeti. or he would have played instead of Eddy LG was never going to play again after West Ham re-action




    I am sorry you felt you had to resign your SNP membership


    There is no doubt Celtic have not been treated equally and the poodle MSM questioning of NFL was totally government orientated


    But would you not be better remaining a member and influencing decision making. ( no-matter how small )



    If football becomes a nightmare to get in, confounded by traffic chaos and we cannot give our ST’S to others then a judgement call may have to be made.



    Glad to here you have made a full recovery.



    Cheers and HH.

  25. The new digital currency they planning to unleash is the real reason they are desperate to get everyone jabbed.

  26. Kyogo news from Lennoxtown hopefully won’t be as bad as the super sizzling Sun take.



    Looking forward to seeing the other new bhoys, and glad the wantaways that stank the place out last season, and the beginning of this have finally been cleared out, for new heroes.



    Expect Tony Ralston to hold the RB slot and Juranovic to play LB. Starfelt has been solid since his own goal, maybe he snapped out of the nightmare start he’d been in. Along with Stephen Welsh the CB’s will do well to keep his place if the Carter Vickers reports are accurate.



    Lets be honest beating Ross County at home should never be a contentious team selection matter.

  27. Surely we have the technology to incorporate vaccine passports onto season tickets…..if I don’t pay my season pass would not show green at turnstiles and stay red … can this technology not be incorporated by simply showing proof to CFC of vaccination…. I’d have thought it quite easy in this day and age!!!

  28. BSR……………



    fingers an’ toes crossed….


    The Super Soaraway seems to have an inside track on sensational Sellick Scoops?

  29. Yes keep Edouard, even after his humiliation at Ibrox, to make sure we win the league, because we can’t possibly win it without him.



    Jesus, Mary and the wee donkey.




    I’ll bet you there will be more lockdowns. Last year will look like a picnic in the park.