Football’s ability to destroy the finest spreadsheets


I watched Liverpool lose their fifth consecutive home game in the EPL last night.  One of the best teams in Europe over the last four years, which famously benefits from fan motivation, sit seventh in the table and out of a European spot for next season.

Even on current form, Liverpool would destroy Celtic, but the parallels in the two clubs decline are clear.  Virgil van Dijk’s injury enforced absence at Anfield had as big an impact on Liverpool as Fraser Forster’s loss to Celtic.  Both sides lost significant numbers through injury and, if anything, Celtic fans have a greater reputation for encouraging their team than Liverpool’s.

Jurgen Klopp, the urbane football intellectual, looks lost.  We see unflattering bouts of temper as he struggles to understand where his Midas Touch went.  Jurgen is among the game’s very best; Neil Lennon should take comfort that what happened to him can happen to anyone.

You and I have often said that a team operating at 90% is unrecognisable from the same players at full tilt.  When one or two things go wrong at the margins, an entire edifice can crumble.  Watching Liverpool also suffer does not sweeten the pill, but it is a lesson that football can destroy even the finest spreadsheets.

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  1. So did we celebrate in the streets after a quadruple treble.






    So I am not having we would do the same.



    D :)

  2. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Living across the motorway from Ibrox the din from the low flying helicopter and fireworks is deafening. I would prefer they take their celebrations to Dowanhill or Thorntonhall where the men responsible for gifting them this title reside.



    Not that they give a single you know what. The ‘business model’ relies on us being down in the sewer with that mob.

  3. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Looked up ‘sanctimonious’ in the Oxford English Dictionary and it simply read ‘Saint Stivs’.

  4. Clink\o/ 4x3 on



    If that was supposed to be witty then I think you may have failed. It came across as merely insulting

  5. So Mr Leitch says Rabid huns at ipox should be carefull as someone gathering there could have covid…No shit sherlock.



    Then goes onto say they are talking to UEFA about euros and they might not be happy.



    Not talking to SFA then Jason….naw didnae think so.



    D :)

  6. AT – I couldn’t recall why the £3m per player figure was used, and I bumped myself out of £3m to play around with as I thought we were using £30m for some reason!

  7. Now we have Celtic fans arranging to meet on the Celtic way on 21st before the game.



    Not going to be good.



    D :)

  8. If I have time, I’ll try and pull together a team of folk over 25 from the £3m a head – much more opportunity there – have my eye on a Greek chap at Venlo who is top scorer in the Dutch League (26 y.o.) and a few others I had to rule out due to age.

  9. and oh how different it should have been this season , if only we hadn’t sh** the nest.

  10. They are taking to the streets around park head to welcome the 2nd rangers bus to Celtic park. They don’t give a fig about rules.



    Let’s see what the government says.

  11. Had a bit of a laugh and looked up odds on next Celtic manager via Oddschecker (bookies’ comparison site).



    Paddy Power has Arlene Foster at 500/1.

  12. onenightinlisbon on

    Did we actually think that the huns would just sit at home and celebrate?



    They are going to go for it big time, just as we would have had the ten been won.



    The difference is, of course, that the media will portray them as having “fun” and “celebrating the 55” whilst we would have been hammered for breaking lockdown.



    Same as it ever was in this cesspit of a country.

  13. Ok SFTB



    You line them up for me, I do actually think you are on my side .



    The Evening Times reported :-



    Dermot Desmond has revealed Celtic were preparing for a Brendan Rodgers departure over a year before he left – when he was offered a ‘transformational’ deal in China.



    Just how did we prepair for the departure of BR.



    Did we tell NFL that he might have to get himself the sack from hibs two weeks before. Fantastic foresight.




    As for 15 iar, we would have done exactly that if the tainted titles they won in the noughties and in 2010 and 2011 had not been gained by genuinely corrupt practices




    Why did our custodians not push for this. Your glorious board didn’t think it was good business or am I missing something.



    Who, on God’s green earth is not “allowing” you, or anyone, to criticise the board? Whoever they are, they are doing a poor job of it.


    You are not being censored. You are not being cancelled. You are merely having your poits debated and questioned. It is the exact privilege that you are demanding for yourself, that is being used to debate with you. It is the right to dissent and it cuts both ways



    So the RES12 guys have been doing the boards work on this and being lying to at every turn and every trick in the book the board have used not to address both this point and your 15 iar



    Not censorship, but not really getting the coverage it deserves for the MSM and our board are happy for this.



    Remember persistence beats resistance. Do you still have the T shirt.



    As long as there are huns like you backing the board to the detriment to Celtic with your absolute nonsense arguments backed up with the greatest 9iar ever. Get your head our your rectum or you will never see the light.

  14. So, it’s just after 5pm and I come out of ASDA here in Englandshire and think I’ll stick Radio 5 on and get the final scores. Oh how I wish I hadn’t.



    Top story, Rangers on verge of 1st title in 10 years. Quick intro and cue Roddy Forsyth, debenture holder, telling us how a comfortable win against St Mirren puts Rangers on the brink of their 1st title in 10 years and 55th in total. He describes how the fans were celebrating outside Ibrox and how the players addressed them through a side gate at the end of the game.






    In response to the host saying, I’m sure they won’t be encouraging fans to gather, the bold Roddy waxes lyrical about how on the 55th minute at Livingston the other night Rangers fans let off fireworks that were not just worth 1000’s of £s but worth 100s of 1,000’s of £s.


    To cap it all he waxed lyrical about how Gerrard had transformed Morelos this season from a snarling, angry, hothead, to a stoic, resolute character who refused to react in the face of extreme provocation such as he faced today.



    I arrived home at about 5.15, unpacked the shopping and the Mrs. says what’s up with you?






    Dirty, cheating Hun scum!



    Feckin call it out Celtic FFS! Oh no that would take courage and a scintilla of concern for your fans, you know the paying fucking customers!



    I can take getting beat fair and square but this absolute sham is unforgiveable!

  15. onenightinlisbon on

    Let’s not get caught up in moaning about their celebrations. Self inflicted from the very top and we know it.



    Lawwell and Lennon, do you think they will be caring about the gathering at Ibrox today?

  16. channelislandcelt on

    Tiny Tim


    Sorry it’s took me a while to respond to your negativity about us and positivity about them .


    But your back in our box statement has eventually prompted me .


    Why don’t you just go the whole hog and jump the dyke ?

  17. Some on here mentioning how we are treated differently from Scotland’s establishment club; whenever was it not so.



    Therefore I ask, how in the name of God can substantial numbers of our kind vote for an independent Scotland?



    Our advisories will be bigger & more dominant fish in a smaller pool – why can’t that sink in?



    We have friends in the UK that far exceed the population of Scotland.


    The Ibrox legions are not the UK, they use UK symbols & claim them as their own – just like the SNP does with the Saltire and all things Scottish.



    An independent Scotland will close our schools within the it’s first five years….our history, our culture, and who knows, maybe our club will follow – many of our 17% will simply melt away, some down south to find peace & work,some undoubtedly will head for an Ireland on the cusp of unification – those left will need to conform – only consolation is that the “what school did you go to” question will be redundant.



    Scotland is a divided bigoted little country, but is held in check by being part of the most successful political union in the world – left to its own devices, the aims of Scottish Nationalism will be driven by a new majority – no prizes for guessing who!

  18. The sad thing is the man who owns and controls Celtic will be as happy as most huns are about this outcome.

  19. onenightinlisbon on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 6TH MARCH 2021 6:35 PM



    He may not like the celebrations of the hun hordes but he will be happy that we are back to the status quo. Business first, old firm first, Celtic supporters? Customers. They will renew season tickets and buy the merchandise again, especially if we have to get that title back.




    Might’ve backfired this time though – imagine the feelgood factor off the back of 10IAR; the merchandise, the simpler CL qualifying path…..could’ve been worth millions.



    After the disappointment of this season, unless they pull a big managerial rabbit out of the hat, I can envisage empty stands.

  21. JHB



    Independance allows us to decide who governs afetrwards.



    Do you get that ?.



    Its unfortunate we have red tory cukts trying to tell us otherwise.



    IF the red tories can see it within themselves to get back to policies that I grew up on then I would look at them.



    The issue was Labour became greedy when they were in power & shafted everyone else.



    All my opinion.




  22. just as likely the Unionists will leave an independent Scotland.



    then once Irish Unity is acheived those Ulstur Scuts will maybe want to leave there.

  23. Thanks Stivs that cheered me up.



    But at the same time we should be so far in front…



    Ah feck I’m on a downer again.



    D :)