Football’s hard, Armstrong, McNeill v Greig


Last week I suggested we were better with yesterday’s game over and done with, but I have to admit to thoroughly enjoying the occasion.  It may not have been the derby of Old, but it had traces of familiarity from my youth, when managers Billy McNeill and John Greig faced each other.

I watched the game back on television last night.  What an absolute pair of trumpets Warburton and Weir are!  Weir was sent to the stand for demanding Mikael Lustig receive a second yellow card, despite not receiving his first.  Warburton then explained this to the media, indignant that Lustig wasn’t dismissed for two yellows, still totally oblivious to the fact he hadn’t been booked.

Football’s hard.  Referees make mistakes.  But keeping track of who has been booked is remarkably simple.  It was Nir Bitton, not Mikael, who was booked early in the game.  Nir and Mikael have a similar, slight, build, but there’s 7cm between them, with different skin and hair pantones.

What does this tell us?  That the Newco management didn’t know their opponents well enough to tell them apart, never mind how they would play.  Remarkable, considering how often we’ve been on television this season.

Two weeks ago a Dundee United fan asked me what we’d done to Stuart Armstrong and Gary Mackay-Steven.  Armstrong, he explained, was never going to make it as a wide player, he was effective for United through the middle.

I think we suffered for the loss of Tom Rogic, as Stuart edged himself into the occasion, but it may be Ronny Deila deployed him incorrectly.

Moments to cherish from the game: Moussa Dembele’s first touch to control Lustig’s cross at the fourth, and his reverse pass for Scott Sinclair at the third.  You’ve not seen control and awareness like that from a Celtic striker in over a decade.

We’ll touch on the longer-term issues of yesterday at a later date, after we’ve got Barcelona out of our system.

The one thing we all wanted from yesterday was to come through the game without further injuries.  Both Scott Brown and Tom Rogic, two of our central midfield three, retired early.  I’m not going to tell you we’ll take anything from Barcelona on Tuesday, but having Brown, Rogic and Bitton in the team will allow us to at least face the game in decent condition.


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  1. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    So, Warbs doesn’t think there’s much of a gap? I’m sure Dave King will be delighted to hear that!

  2. Whit a weekend and it’s still only 2.33pm on Sunday, am going struggle tomorrow……





    To remove my smile !

  3. That was fun yesterday but in the cold light of day, somewhat meaningless.



    Playing Barca away from home will be like competing in a totally different sport.



    If we get defeated, I’d paradoxically like it to to be conclusive like 4-1.



    Moral victories re completely overrated and they encourage complacency.

  4. Loved how big Moussa deftly flicked Lustig’s pass onto his left peg so he could net the perfect hat-trick.

  5. Sipsini



    Glad you had a great day….



    Auld Tam



    Yet again one of the Bhoys yesterday was raving about Moussas first touch for the third goal for his perfect hattrick (all hat tricks are perfect :-)

  6. A man in Row X, Block 105 collapsed just two rows in front of me at K.O. Paramedics tended to him for some 25 minutes before taking him away on a Stretcher, does anyone have any news on how he is?


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  7. Petethebeat



    I can assure you yesterday was far from meaningless for many….my Sunday has been pretty dam amazing, only met one Hun and he shouted “is there a need for you to always smile” I responded “give me a high five” his response…… F+++ aff……yesterday was massive !



    Plus it gets us closer to the CL next season :-)

  8. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    With his high flying job in the city you would think the magic hat would have been able to pay attention:-))



  9. Lennybhoy



    I do not know if it is the same person but I heard thar a fan passed away at the game.




  10. I’m not sure I would play DDV against Barca. He didn’t have a lot to do on Saturday and Craig Gordon has more European experience, albeit shaky as of late. One thing for sure is we need to bolster the right side of our defence as we lose a lot of goals from that area.


    Possibly 3 central defenders Lustig, Kolo and big Svi with Gamboa and KT as wing backs. I can’t see us doing much attacking on Tuesday so I would have JF on the bench. We could hope for a draw but a low scoring defeat may be more realistic :-))


    Big Moussa up front on his own to rumble them up.

  11. I hope our players got to enjoy the fruits of their efforts last night, but we move on towards Tuesday when we have a really important game. Stay sharp bhoys, enjoy the ride.


    Thank you HH.

  12. Lennybhoy



    Onemalloy posted early this morning, sad stuff, nobody should go to a game of football and not make it back






    The priory was jumping yesterday, doors closed early doors…..a bit gutted I had to make an early exit but in the good books with big & wee boss so probably for the best

  13. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    So, a tricky few days for Jim and his band of merry MSM helpers. Wonder what he will come up with.


    Van Persie signing back on cards?


    Arsenal looking at Dembele?


    King to put Ashley in his place?


    Or is it a case of waiting and hoping we get a doing from Barca?

  14. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    I thought sa did well when he came on.



    gb, that poster didn’t speak for me, you can’t ask for parity of esteem for a group like the palestinians and then not equality for another group – it’s equality for all or none at all

  15. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on

    A big BIG thankyou to Hebcelt and 67 Heaven for their fantastic donations to my charity sleep out fund – your support is astonishing, inspiring and very humbling.



    Thanks too to everyone else has donated. Every penny counts and I know money is short in many households in trying times.



    Becoming homeless or having no permanent home of your own is on the rise in this so called modern western and civilised democracy. Shelter’s figures are illuminating and worrrying and they predict that the level of true homelessness will rise in 2017.



    Way back in the 60’s questions started to be asked when the BBC screened a play called Cathy Come Home which tweaked the TV watching populations conscience about just how many people were homeless and how such a thing could happen so easily.



    Yet it took until 1977 (roughly 13 years) for the Government to introduce The Housing (homeless persons) Act and even this was a pretty spectacular failure in terms of finding real solutions. But it was a start.



    Today, there is no sign of Government moving any quicker or with any greater urgency or insight than back in the 1960’s or 70’s. Having no permanent home is becoming more and more common but no one wants to admit too loudly to such a society failure and such an ongoing failing.



    In the interim, people so afflicted have to rely on charity (something in itself which is wholly wrong in this country) and at times charities such as the Celtic Charity Foundation have to rely on bozos like me.



    I can’t run, climb, cycle or do many of the physical things others do to raise funds (knee operation in a couple of weeks and sciatica which is a real pain in the arse) but I can sleep out in the elements for one night knowing that I will return home (my own home) to a warm bed and all the comforts that my own home brings.



    I will not pretend that last year’s sleepout was not good fun. It was great craic and many a laugh but it is an endurance event where you are either sleep deprived and any lying down has to be done on the concrete floor at Celtic Park.



    It poured with rain, and while we were under the shelter of the South stand, quite a few participants complained of being cold and uncomfortable.



    But it was only one night.



    Others are not so lucky. They have much worse to endure with no home to go to, face the same misery every night, are often in danger of assault or worse and lack confidence and belief in their place in society.



    Many homeless people talk about going through each day without having a single person say a solitary word to them — kind word or otherwise.



    So, if you feel like sponsoring me or HT or Mynx or anyone else you know who is doing the sleepout then please take the time to contribute.



    No contribution is too small or too great and it really will make a difference to someone this winter.



    Hopefully it will be clear to all that this is a cause that is dear to my heart.



    I have known various people who have been homeless at various times in their life either through addiction, ill health or some other cause. I can think of one chap I knew who used to sleep rough for reasons I won’t go into and who now holds a very senior management position in a bank and has done for a number of years.



    His life turned around but someone had to give him a helping hand and persuade him that there was a way forward which did not mean sleeping in doorways and locking himself out of a normal life.



    He now has his own home but at one time he thought that would never happen.



    If you can, please help.









  16. Feeling high as a kite, Can’t stop watching the goals. Mrs. Corkcelt is a patient lass but even her patience ran out. She came into the room this morning to remind me we had 10 minutes to make Mass & caught me watching them for the hundreth time. She didn’t actually say FFS even though she wanted to but said a polite version of it followed by something like ” you need to see a Doctor”.


    Anyway I’m trying to get into Barca mode but not yet, I still need to hang on to yesterday for a bit longer.

  17. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Parkville the same


    Bus window panned going passed Teddies. As has been said on here previously


    Different shit, same flies

  18. The sevco captain asks for a new ball yesterday…the ref said “but there is a ball on the park” Sevco captain said… Aye but Celtic are playing with that one. ☘☘☘☘☘

  19. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    to say there’s a difference in quality between yesterday and tuesday doesn’t get near it but the main difference will be the change of dimensions of the barca game – new rangers came to get a draw and at times played their role well and occasionally had a minute or two of decent passing possession through the midfield, however they had two chances, one which was taken excellently from a perfect cross but that was it , it was nothing football, plain and simply a poor football team which hearts and aberdeen will have learnt more from than we did. tuesday however, we are up against clever players, clever groups of players in many parts of the pitch, players who can change tactics on their own – it’s a big big challenge for us

  20. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Re the longer term point, I firmly believe what we’ve seen these past four Sevco years is a Hun dead cat bounce. Personally I’m torn about whether I prefer a future where they are finally gone, never to return or a permanent purgatory where their zombie status sentences them to days like yesterday over and over again for all eternity. It will be one or other, nothing better. What a delicious dilemma.

  21. Corkcelt….maybe she means this wan ?



    Dr. Jozef Vengloš…..



    Smiley thing




  22. BT



    Many moons ago I ended up heading to Blantir after work on a Friday with our mutual acquaintance, in the PV all night, we were steamboats about 10pm and my mate was heading up the road, I left him to get a taxi, I think I was about to head into “teddies” to phone a taxi (no mobiles back then) when I got grabbed from behind and our mutual friend said your not going in there, I was oblivious but since then I now realise my presence in their would not have been appreciated :-)



    The same flies is my favourite analogy it is so apt and correct

  23. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    Is it not about time that we, the SB ticket holders, and shareholders, formally complained to the Police about the vandalism to our Stadium …. Who pays for the repairs anyway ….?



    Disgusting Neanderthals, who shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near our Stadium

  24. Borussia Mönchengladbach lost away to Freiburg yesterday ,have not beaten them in 14 years… they can be well beaten …..



    Braw.(working behind the lines)



    Smiley thing

  25. Corkcelt



    We can worry about Barca at 19.44pm on Tuesday until then just enjoy yourself



    We attended 10am mass this morning and every single guy that I know had smiles as wide as the Clyde, we all enjoyed yesterday, even better for me MissGFTB paid both plates & the svdp box out of her birthday money so thankfully her mum doesn’t read these pages so am a fiver up :-)

  26. NB 3.24pm



    I want BR to fight and scrape for third place with BM



    And we’re all off to Stockholm in the green …….(insert your own words)






    I have only been in ibrox twice 5-1 & 4-1 (I won’t be back) in the same season, I would be disgusted if any Celtic fan wrecked a toilet or anything else, we are not perfect and probably have plenty of eijits but as a Celtic fan I would chin the people doing the damage, again those two days I have never heard the Broomloan Road still singing as loud as ever…….getting beat doesn’t bother me, although days like yesterday are exactly what it’s all about :-)

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