Football’s hard, Armstrong, McNeill v Greig


Last week I suggested we were better with yesterday’s game over and done with, but I have to admit to thoroughly enjoying the occasion.  It may not have been the derby of Old, but it had traces of familiarity from my youth, when managers Billy McNeill and John Greig faced each other.

I watched the game back on television last night.  What an absolute pair of trumpets Warburton and Weir are!  Weir was sent to the stand for demanding Mikael Lustig receive a second yellow card, despite not receiving his first.  Warburton then explained this to the media, indignant that Lustig wasn’t dismissed for two yellows, still totally oblivious to the fact he hadn’t been booked.

Football’s hard.  Referees make mistakes.  But keeping track of who has been booked is remarkably simple.  It was Nir Bitton, not Mikael, who was booked early in the game.  Nir and Mikael have a similar, slight, build, but there’s 7cm between them, with different skin and hair pantones.

What does this tell us?  That the Newco management didn’t know their opponents well enough to tell them apart, never mind how they would play.  Remarkable, considering how often we’ve been on television this season.

Two weeks ago a Dundee United fan asked me what we’d done to Stuart Armstrong and Gary Mackay-Steven.  Armstrong, he explained, was never going to make it as a wide player, he was effective for United through the middle.

I think we suffered for the loss of Tom Rogic, as Stuart edged himself into the occasion, but it may be Ronny Deila deployed him incorrectly.

Moments to cherish from the game: Moussa Dembele’s first touch to control Lustig’s cross at the fourth, and his reverse pass for Scott Sinclair at the third.  You’ve not seen control and awareness like that from a Celtic striker in over a decade.

We’ll touch on the longer-term issues of yesterday at a later date, after we’ve got Barcelona out of our system.

The one thing we all wanted from yesterday was to come through the game without further injuries.  Both Scott Brown and Tom Rogic, two of our central midfield three, retired early.  I’m not going to tell you we’ll take anything from Barcelona on Tuesday, but having Brown, Rogic and Bitton in the team will allow us to at least face the game in decent condition.


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  1. H.T.


    Good stuff about the positivity with Celtic. Long may it continue.


    I’m sure Pat will give his daughter halfers. :-)))))






    A beardo, a pedo and a weirdo sounds like.



    You might be right.Who else would drive a three wheeled Yellow van?.

  3. HAMILTONTIM on 11TH SEPTEMBER 2016 10:09 PM






    Just one point.




    I find your posts like a cryptic crossword.




    Difficult to interpret but so satisfying when you work it out :-)





    My big brothers just smacked me with what was at hand !!!



    We did smack those pregersious 5 to wan though….



    Awfy braw




  4. Mags



    Cheers for the reply, my interest is Celtic, Celtic then Celtic….,I actually like Peter Lawell (should stand up for the fans more) but fcuk the bored I don’t support balance sheets I just love the Cellic x

  5. TTR



    Apart from on CQN what Celtic supporters have you heard condemn it?






    Your integrity is never in doubt my friend.



    As I said, I’ll probably be able to establish the reasoning and at least that way everyone, not just us pair of dafties, will be able to put our opinions in context.

  6. JNP



    Aye Gravesen did a job like that dirty, diving, cheating, ugly wee ned Garner did yesterday. The guy he stole the goal off, scored for us after TG. :)

  7. HT



    I’m reluctant to get into a debate. I work closely with Mental Health. I’m only offering a personal point of view.



    Incidentally I was discussing it today with a group of mixed supporters. The Newco fan was pretty outraged and the Celtic fans also did condem it.

  8. 8 days ago a team of professional footballers were taking selfies with a band who were about to have a wee walk in honour of a guy who killed a person, just because they had a different religion and some want to make this a Celtic supporters thing………away and give me peace



    Moonbeams hope you enjoyed us winning yesterday, some Celtic fans on here are more interested I taking the blog elsewhere ……..



    Fellow Celtic fan enjoy the good times the bad times aren’t as good

  9. Hugh Bonkle fae Dallas on

    The stunt with the dolls was in very poor taste but if I am asked about this by any of the darkside my response will be straightforward. What is more disgusting? A handful of idiots with blowup dolls or a professional football club endorsing sectarian flute bands. The day they hold the moral high ground we should all walk away.

  10. Eeeeeeee cameras watching that !!!!



    In the Dembele of the Beast……



    Big smiley thing




  11. Last word on the dolls…



    Let’s be honest, if the shoe was on the other foot we would be outraged, without question.

  12. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Delaney’s , with McEvely suspended for County next week , it coud br Chris’ chance to get a run at left back for them.



    I was so happy yesterday not only in the manner of our victory but the fact Moussa and Scott Sinclair used their left foot without hesitation when they scored.



    Ever since Lubo graced our team , and his magnificent ability with each foot, I get frustrated by our players predominately using one foot.

  13. Dallas



    Did young Dallas enjoy yesterday ? I know our Niamh loved every minute even though me & her dad were worried sick…. Kids have no fear

  14. I still worry about our centre midfield , just hope we have enough to get some points on the board in Europe.



    We played well yday but that’s a very poor Huns team.. Nearly sure at 2-1 they nearly equalised.. I fancied us big time (4-0 bet) but was still nervous they would grind out a draw.



    I think by next time we play them Brendan will have the team even fitter and better .. We should hammer them in their patch.

  15. theglasgowcelticway on

    I never saw the dolls displayed yesterday so decided to go on the internet to see what all the fuss was about. Two sex dolls hanging from the stands,hands tied behind their backs and wearing Rangers scarfs. The only two newspapers I could find who were commenting on it was the Sun and the Daily Star,virtuous papers indeed. The display was poor taste but I’d hope it was just that and nothing more sinister.

  16. GFTB


    Some shift you are putting in, did the wean get her own I pad for her birthday?




    I agree with you on the Hunnish behaviour point. We would have been going tonto if they had done that doll stuff. The call of war stuff was fine by me.


    Take it easy now…not wanting to start any trouble but I am also a huge fan of My Kitchen Rules,Australia. …There I said it, feel better now.

  17. Dallas



    He hit the bar from 40 yards, and had two assists for RC midweek, in his first game this season due to injury. Marcus is back on the bench after injury too. Hopefully both Tims play at doomdome along with nine other Tim team mates next week. Jackson has quadrupled his wages and is on fire in Burton.

  18. J McCormick



    I have missed your dinner posts, the wee blade had an amazing weekend, I blame it on the Catholics big family = loads of presents, she was in La Vita at George Square for dinner today with my 2nnieces, she loves her grub, hope you had a great break in Tenerife

  19. TTR



    You’ve attributed mental health issues to the doll display.






    If you have evidence to support that view then I’m more than happy to concede that my opinion, waiting for evidence, is wrong.

  20. Something’s were being blown oot of all proportion… an obscure allegorical fashion !!!



    Smiley thing





  21. GFTB


    Still here mate, 2 days to go, will be taking off at half time on Tuesday! Enjoying the fruits of others cooking then it’s back to the chef’s hat for me at the weekend. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

  22. The flute band that ‘entertained’ last week are fans of both Linfield and them.Linfield play players from across the divide,so they should have been grilled as to why a flute band with ties to paramilitaries were allowed to parade on the pitch.

  23. Jude



    Hope Josh does well would love to cheer him on in the hoops



    HT leave it be don’t bite even though innocent you will end up the bad guy :-)

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