Football’s hard, Armstrong, McNeill v Greig


Last week I suggested we were better with yesterday’s game over and done with, but I have to admit to thoroughly enjoying the occasion.  It may not have been the derby of Old, but it had traces of familiarity from my youth, when managers Billy McNeill and John Greig faced each other.

I watched the game back on television last night.  What an absolute pair of trumpets Warburton and Weir are!  Weir was sent to the stand for demanding Mikael Lustig receive a second yellow card, despite not receiving his first.  Warburton then explained this to the media, indignant that Lustig wasn’t dismissed for two yellows, still totally oblivious to the fact he hadn’t been booked.

Football’s hard.  Referees make mistakes.  But keeping track of who has been booked is remarkably simple.  It was Nir Bitton, not Mikael, who was booked early in the game.  Nir and Mikael have a similar, slight, build, but there’s 7cm between them, with different skin and hair pantones.

What does this tell us?  That the Newco management didn’t know their opponents well enough to tell them apart, never mind how they would play.  Remarkable, considering how often we’ve been on television this season.

Two weeks ago a Dundee United fan asked me what we’d done to Stuart Armstrong and Gary Mackay-Steven.  Armstrong, he explained, was never going to make it as a wide player, he was effective for United through the middle.

I think we suffered for the loss of Tom Rogic, as Stuart edged himself into the occasion, but it may be Ronny Deila deployed him incorrectly.

Moments to cherish from the game: Moussa Dembele’s first touch to control Lustig’s cross at the fourth, and his reverse pass for Scott Sinclair at the third.  You’ve not seen control and awareness like that from a Celtic striker in over a decade.

We’ll touch on the longer-term issues of yesterday at a later date, after we’ve got Barcelona out of our system.

The one thing we all wanted from yesterday was to come through the game without further injuries.  Both Scott Brown and Tom Rogic, two of our central midfield three, retired early.  I’m not going to tell you we’ll take anything from Barcelona on Tuesday, but having Brown, Rogic and Bitton in the team will allow us to at least face the game in decent condition.


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  1. Bhoyjoe – I think it’s fair to say that linfield and norn iron have done far more than their Glasgow cousins to reduce sectarian singing at Windsor park. It makes the incident all the more disappointing – it appears any changes are no more than skin deep for PR reasons if no one at linfield thought it was a bad idea to have a flute band at the game.

  2. Jmcormick



    My brother came home from los Cristianos this morning, he doesn’t post but was at Cqn11 was going to text him to say you were there, anyway hope you had a great break and enjoy your last couple of days



    Hail Hail fae ML 5 !!!!!!

  3. The effigies were just wrong. As has been said if it was on the other foot we’d be outraged.


    I’m appalled by it. A couple of numpties have besmirched our good name. We do not need their like at Celtic Park.


    I spend my life trying to install the difference between right and wrong in my son. This behaviour has to be condemned. Shame on those of our fellow supporters who thought it appropriate or funny.


    I was in the ground with my son an hour before KO in the standing section. I went for a toilet at halftime. We never saw these stupid dolls. I was overjoyed to see the Bhoys play so well and a new Prince of Paradise emerge.


    These feckers steal that joy. Feckin idiots.

  4. RT



    Stephen Thompson was engaged to my cousin. I met him and his family often. Lovely folk, all Saint Mirren fans. He was at Dundee Utd then and was a lovely bloke. After he signed for the huns. Something changed in him. Sadly.

  5. HT



    Like I said I’m not for debating it. I’ve said I thought it was wrong for a variety of reasons and that’s the end of it as far as I’m concerned.

  6. Delaneys Dunkey


    He may have been temporarily changed but Stephen is a good lad.


    Watch this space. He will be manager of St. Mirren in a few weeks. Rae is taking them on a nose dive.

  7. One or two buffoons do something stupid in the Celtic end yesterday – it offends the sensibilities of most because we value the good name of the club.



    7,000 orcs sing sectarian songs and constantly chant about child abuse, smash up toilets etc etc



    There’s your difference between us and them.



    Self policing is what we do.



    Self aggrandisement and lack of self awareness or self improvement I’d what they do.



    The dolls were stupid. They were also taken down never to return.



    Storm in a tea cup.

  8. Jude 11pm



    Nothing better than a Celtic fan living the dream I wish young Josh K all the very best

  9. What aboot a braw rebel song?



    Although I love Lisdoonvarna. !!






    Thoughtfulsmileything CSC




  10. 102 minutes that changed the world. It’s on telly just now over here. I have watched it before, unable to watch again…I am dodging it by having a beer on the balcony. The good lady is taking it all in. 9.11.

  11. JMcCormick


    Having lost family member to suicide by hanging I find it appalling.


    When the pictures emerged I thought they were doctored.


    We need to stop this pish.


    I was proud of the Palestinian flags. I am ashamed of this.

  12. Goodnight bhoys. Only two more sleeps until the old rivalry between two great old clubs with magnificent history and traditions meet in the worlds biggest competition.



    Not too shabby

  13. I am sitting here ala Charlie Nic (sorry Dallas) just wondering that TheBhoyJinky thought about yesterday’s game, maybe he doesn’t care because of the new entity, maybe he doesn’t care because he doesn’t care about Celtic, maybe he doesn’t even like our Brendan ???? Or maybe he’s happy on that huddleboars (or even shallow shallow) I guess we will only ever know if he posts



    Cqn good night and good bless, as I say frequently there is more good on here than bad and for the Celtic fans who weren’t bothered about Celtic playing ………



    Hail Hail fellow tims x



    So sorry to hear of that, my earlier post showed my thoughts on the doll display. Stay strong and good luck to you and yours. If needed , my e mail is available via the site managers.



  15. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on





  16. Gordy



    Bring me back some Mezscal and peyotè please.


    We smashed the tribute act proper.


    I have never seen Dalmuir so green and white when I got home fae the match. :))


    Happy Days

  17. I awful shifty ,sure I am nearly fifty….tralalala…


    Ma name is Dan …sure I,m your man…




  18. THETIMREAPER on 11TH SEPTEMBER 2016 11:02 PM






    Like I said I’m not for debating it. I’ve said I thought it was wrong for a variety of reasons and that’s the end of it as far as I’m concerned.







    It’s a blog D. If you make a comment it’ll be critiqued. You need to deal with that mate.



    on holiday watching CNN abd FOX coverage of the anniversary,


    both now feel it more important to report that Hillary Clinton has pneumonia

  20. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Gerry, he didn’t go. He watched it on the Kodi box.



    He thought it wax too easy for us.



    Delaney’s , it would be great for your family to have Marcus and Chris as County’s full backs for this season and beyond.



    Good night all and sleep well.

  21. GFTB



    TBJ is at Paradise every week. He is barred from posting here, he told me before the Dons match.

  22. HT



    I know it’s a blog! I offered an opinion, if folks want to critique then fine, i don’t have a problem with that. I don’t need to reply or continue with the debate.

  23. Saint Stivs says SACK THE BOARD on

    Watching the very short highlights on sportscene. Again.



    Looks like Brendan says to mark



    Job done.

  24. Billy boy has infected the soon to be FLOTUS….



    Pneumonia is an inflammatory condition of the lung affecting primarily the microscopic air sacs known as alveoli.[2][3] Typical signs and symptoms include a varying severity and combination of productive or dry cough, chest pain, fever, and trouble breathing,



    Sympathy vote??