Football’s hard, Armstrong, McNeill v Greig


Last week I suggested we were better with yesterday’s game over and done with, but I have to admit to thoroughly enjoying the occasion.  It may not have been the derby of Old, but it had traces of familiarity from my youth, when managers Billy McNeill and John Greig faced each other.

I watched the game back on television last night.  What an absolute pair of trumpets Warburton and Weir are!  Weir was sent to the stand for demanding Mikael Lustig receive a second yellow card, despite not receiving his first.  Warburton then explained this to the media, indignant that Lustig wasn’t dismissed for two yellows, still totally oblivious to the fact he hadn’t been booked.

Football’s hard.  Referees make mistakes.  But keeping track of who has been booked is remarkably simple.  It was Nir Bitton, not Mikael, who was booked early in the game.  Nir and Mikael have a similar, slight, build, but there’s 7cm between them, with different skin and hair pantones.

What does this tell us?  That the Newco management didn’t know their opponents well enough to tell them apart, never mind how they would play.  Remarkable, considering how often we’ve been on television this season.

Two weeks ago a Dundee United fan asked me what we’d done to Stuart Armstrong and Gary Mackay-Steven.  Armstrong, he explained, was never going to make it as a wide player, he was effective for United through the middle.

I think we suffered for the loss of Tom Rogic, as Stuart edged himself into the occasion, but it may be Ronny Deila deployed him incorrectly.

Moments to cherish from the game: Moussa Dembele’s first touch to control Lustig’s cross at the fourth, and his reverse pass for Scott Sinclair at the third.  You’ve not seen control and awareness like that from a Celtic striker in over a decade.

We’ll touch on the longer-term issues of yesterday at a later date, after we’ve got Barcelona out of our system.

The one thing we all wanted from yesterday was to come through the game without further injuries.  Both Scott Brown and Tom Rogic, two of our central midfield three, retired early.  I’m not going to tell you we’ll take anything from Barcelona on Tuesday, but having Brown, Rogic and Bitton in the team will allow us to at least face the game in decent condition.


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  1. SOUTH OF TUNIS on 12TH SEPTEMBER 2016 11:33 AM




    ‘Most humor originates in what could be called bad taste.’






    There was a programme on the telly last night about humour. Only saw a few minutes of it but there was a psychologist on saying that humour is derived from the interphase between things we find offensive and things we find boring.



    By that stage I was bored and changed channel, so not sure how convincing the notion was.



    I think the dolls thing was crass and insensitive. It had no clear message and the potential to offend must have been obvious. So what was the point?



    And the comment from the Éire Go Brách CSC suggests it wasn’t only the easily offended who would have taken offence.

  2. Funniest thing I’ve read on Twitter for a long time:



    Joey Bartons tweet:



    JB ” no excuses. Nowhere near good enough for our football club yesterday”



    Dom 1983″ Fair play Joey. Did you have a ticket or watch it in the house”?

  3. TWISTS N TURNS on 12TH SEPTEMBER 2016 9:31 AM


    Wasn’t a cheap stunt either.



    Those dolls cost £49.99 each , or 2 for £79.99




    I heard:-))



    You are looking in the wrong shops mate.

  4. The hard of thinking on Rangers Media going ballistic because after giving Senderos his first booking, Willie Collum gave his assistant the thumbs up for telling him about the offence, as he had his back turned.



    According to RM, he was giving the thumbs up to Brendan Rodgers. They really are that deluded.

  5. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Look there is an inflatable squirrel.


    The PLC go along with the Hun agenda, ignore masonic refs, the bent SFA.


    But we have to be outraged by the bad taste of a few idiots….really!


    I know what i find more offensive….The Old Firm.


    I think the term for this ‘look the other way’ agenda…is Displacement.




  6. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    And here in a nutshell folks…is the agenda.


    Dilute the magnificence of the Celtic support on Saturday, by highlighting the bad taste of a few idiots.


    Its junior shit-stirring 101


    Comical to say the least.







    ‘I know what i find more offensive….The Old Firm.’






    But this incident was an example of The Old Firm mindset. That’s the point.



    As a game of football it was a mismatch. The interest in the fixture was nothing to do with football and everything to do with historical baggage which Celtic could have ditched but chose not to.





    Senderos was only booked for his handball,btw.



    Denied a clear scoring opportunity,yellow card?



    Pretty sure that isnae the rules,but apart from that I thought Collum had a decent-ish game.

  9. FRANNYB67 on 12TH SEPTEMBER 2016 11:54 AM



    I agree mate, but. The plc wanted to get 50 quid a head aff them, kinda backfired that one once you account for the damage. Or maybe they accounted for that in the pricing? Who knows.

  10. MadMitch on 12th September 2016 11:29 am


    VFR @ 11.??



    You mention the Jungle.


    From my limited exposure from the old Main stand it was the spontaneous element of the singing that made the most impact.





    Some of it was spontaneous and some of it was to try and get a chant started before the other groups did, so you would agree what you were going to do and then wait for a wee lull to come about the start. We used to have a chat on the way to the games on the supporters bus as to what songs we would *try* and sing that day; so the GB are just a bit better than we were: possibly the fact that a “Kerry Oot” on the bus and intae the game is no longer the standard pre-cursor any longer helps with the organisation.



    Then there was the contrast —



    Jungle —.



    The CE — Traditional, more in tune, deeper voices.





    Apart from the really bad years in the early 90’s when there weren’t enough in the Celtic End to start a song! The Jungle was still there though!



    However, I would say that The North Curve is still cheeky, radical, close to the bone




    The GB just don’t have it in any way shape or form.



    They seem to have everything set up before the game.





    Because they are better organised and technology etc. permits more collaboration; also, as previously stated, the fact that a “Kerry Oot” on the bus and intae the game is no longer the standard pre-cursor any longer aids that. We wouldn’t have had the organisational capability after a few beers before and during the game.:>)



    Also, the fact that allocated seats/spaces are now the norm, that ability to organise is much easier.



    Crowd pleaser, original material, political / Republican Party song.



    Rinse and repeat.





    The repertoire does vary, but it is, by its nature, self-evident that there will always be the same/similar patterns of signing otherwise no-one knows the new songs and participates. COYBIG and Just Can’t Get Enough have be less used this season but the singing of Grace has added a great new dimension recently.



    Also they have been out sung by both the Sheep and Hertz over the past 6 months.



    That would never have happened when we had the Jungle.





    Seeing as Hertz was an away, that’s not too surprising. As for Aberdeen, I am in The North Curve, so it was singing aplenty. If you are saying that overall the Aberdeen fans were heard about The North Curve, I would suspect that is down to non-participation in other areas of the ground.



    If only we had a section to lead the singing and chanting! Oh, wait a minute ……………..



    I do appreciate the issues with all seater stadiums but the GB are not the complete answer. They have their part to play but flogging T shirts is a bit grubby.





    I don’t see any t-shirt sales any longer, so not sure about that one



    Anyway, let’s just enjoy the victory and look forward to Camp Nou tomorrow night!



    FAC the Act




  11. Is ‘sex dolls’ not just a succinct way of asking for a ménage à trois in the west of Scotland? ;))

  12. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    The meeja and Huns faux outrage, is a bit like Hitler being outraged by a pair of mohair underpants.


    Their stupidity is hilarious.


    Feeble idiots.





  13. AULD TAM on 12TH SEPTEMBER 2016 11:50 AM



    An even more frightening thought is that Willie Collum is in fact Phyllis.

  14. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Ernie Lynch



    I know thats the ‘point’, thats why i made it:)


    It was very, very convenient….dont you think?


    Juvenile minds at work?




  15. Alasdair MacLean on




    Deliberate handball – yellow.



    Denying a CLEAR goal scoring opportunity – subjective decision on the “clear” basis?

  16. “Hun scum”.Only common decency stops me from calling them much worse.


    They should think themselves lucky they got off so lightly.Plaudits to the GB for being so restrained.


    The GB were fantastic on Saturday.The “War”banner was one of the most dramatic things I have seen for years.A fantastic spectacle.


    “The Dolls”Anyone on here trying to make out this had anything to do with Boyds brother,should be banned from Celtic Park,instead of the perpetrators.To try and make this leap is a disgrace.I have no idea of what goes on in your twisted minds,but to try and connect the two,gives me,at least a very good idea.


    Sinister people.

  17. I bad to laugh at WC giving Sviachenko a telling off for his wee spat wi Oscar nominee Garner. He was all school teacherish, lol.

  18. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Ernie Lynch



    Consider This.


    Put your self in the feeble circle of Hun journos on Saturday.


    Celtic Park is magnificent,Celtic fans, best in the world, Celtic destroy them.


    The pictures of Celtic fans going wild, beamed around the world.


    Humiliation for the Huns.


    If you are a bitter, bitter Hun journo…..What do you do?





  19. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Auld Tam



    Yes indeed Tam…they greet with bitter tears, and then highlight the bad taste of a few idiots in a feeble attempt to discredit the wonderful Celtic support.


    Its not working:)




  20. Re the two dolls. Every support has its numpties but it just appears as if it was a crass and stupid idea mocking the dead club. Anyone trying to make a connection between this and the tragic death of Kris Boyds brother has a completely different agenda and those balloons who brought in the dolls have facilitated that. Erin go Brach have made a statement and I’m assuming the two geniuses travelled with them. This would make the “prank” even more crass as Egb come predominantly from West Belfast, an area where the suicide rate is nearly triple the average in the North running at nearly 20 deaths per 100k. Only place that comes close is North Belfast.


    In relation to the GB banners I have no problem with references to anyone who wants to be up to their knees in my blood as Scum. For the hard of hearing and thinking it’s not just an isolated few singing their vile sectarian repertoire. That and the smashing up of the toilets should be the 2nd biggest stories in the chip wrappers today. The first should be the fact that our club ragdolled the New team and left them with no fig leaf to attempt to hide behind.


    Tomorrow brings a markedly different challenge. As a Celtic supporter I expect my team to give it their best shot. I’m always optimistic with regard to Celtic. If my optimism is misplaced I’m not going to be on here castigating Brendan Rodgers. Even if we get a doing, this season has already exceeded my expectations and put us in an excellent position to compete in the CL next year.


    Anyway HH and onwards and upwards.


    As a Ps if the numpties did indeed travel with Erin go Brach, you can rest assured that they will not be doing so again. A tightly run club and one of the very best in I mBeal Feirste.




    ‘If you are a bitter, bitter Hun journo…..What do you do?’






    Well the first thing you do is feel grateful that The Old Firm is back up and running so thereby giving you just a little less job insecurity.



    The second thing I suppose is wait for a text from Level5 suggesting what the line should be.



    And the third thing is to ask they just write something and send it on to you.

  22. GEAROID1998 on 12TH SEPTEMBER 2016 12:17 PM



    ‘Erin go Brach have made a statement and I’m assuming the two geniuses travelled with them.’






    Your assumption says a lot about you.