Football’s hard, Armstrong, McNeill v Greig


Last week I suggested we were better with yesterday’s game over and done with, but I have to admit to thoroughly enjoying the occasion.  It may not have been the derby of Old, but it had traces of familiarity from my youth, when managers Billy McNeill and John Greig faced each other.

I watched the game back on television last night.  What an absolute pair of trumpets Warburton and Weir are!  Weir was sent to the stand for demanding Mikael Lustig receive a second yellow card, despite not receiving his first.  Warburton then explained this to the media, indignant that Lustig wasn’t dismissed for two yellows, still totally oblivious to the fact he hadn’t been booked.

Football’s hard.  Referees make mistakes.  But keeping track of who has been booked is remarkably simple.  It was Nir Bitton, not Mikael, who was booked early in the game.  Nir and Mikael have a similar, slight, build, but there’s 7cm between them, with different skin and hair pantones.

What does this tell us?  That the Newco management didn’t know their opponents well enough to tell them apart, never mind how they would play.  Remarkable, considering how often we’ve been on television this season.

Two weeks ago a Dundee United fan asked me what we’d done to Stuart Armstrong and Gary Mackay-Steven.  Armstrong, he explained, was never going to make it as a wide player, he was effective for United through the middle.

I think we suffered for the loss of Tom Rogic, as Stuart edged himself into the occasion, but it may be Ronny Deila deployed him incorrectly.

Moments to cherish from the game: Moussa Dembele’s first touch to control Lustig’s cross at the fourth, and his reverse pass for Scott Sinclair at the third.  You’ve not seen control and awareness like that from a Celtic striker in over a decade.

We’ll touch on the longer-term issues of yesterday at a later date, after we’ve got Barcelona out of our system.

The one thing we all wanted from yesterday was to come through the game without further injuries.  Both Scott Brown and Tom Rogic, two of our central midfield three, retired early.  I’m not going to tell you we’ll take anything from Barcelona on Tuesday, but having Brown, Rogic and Bitton in the team will allow us to at least face the game in decent condition.


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  1. JIM PAYNE on 11TH SEPTEMBER 2016 2:49 PM


    Thanks Jim, it didn’t look hopeful from where I was, not after 25 minutes.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  2. Gerryfaethebrig…



    The Celtic support will have no problems at the German game…..and they will have a great night at Celtic Park…that says a lot about the Huns from ayebrokes….


    Am hoping to be there on the 1st Nov….. Should be braw….



    Let the people sing…






    PS Frieburg were promoted this season from Bundesliga 2….

  3. I must be the dumbest gambler of all time.



    Had bets on of 3-1 and 4-1. Was so busy celebrating the surpassing of each that it didn’t even occur to me that I could have cashed out in play on both scores.



    Should I worry that my IQ is plummeting to that of a zombie?

  4. NB 3.39pm



    That’s the way it should be, when the CL group was drawn my first thought was brilliant for the travelling fans big stadiums with plenty of tickets for the fans who want to go, only ever been to one away trip Ekeren in 1991…. Would love another trip, maybe Stockholm in 2018, gutted I didn’t make Seville, probably the only male with a ML5 post code who was still in ML5 that night, but young niece & nephew who are now in their 20s love the fact I took them out that night, to this day I try to kid them on I choose to watch it with them rather than go …… A wee white fib

  5. Supersutton



    Celtic gambles are just putting money down the drain, I have been betting Celtic hat-tricks in the last 25yrs against whatever version of the Huns, yesterday with Leigh out I bet Scott Sinclair, all my mates texted last night “how much and what price did you have Dembelle” ……



    Unlucky with your 3-1 & 4-1 but am sure as the 5th went in you were cheering like the rest of us

  6. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    ‘Celtic hat-trick hero Moussa Dembele admits he chased plaudits not pounds by signing on in Paradise


    It had been the secret of a success for Rangers in their Scottish Cup semi-final win over their rivals back in April and Englishman believed it would be alright on the night with an at all costs approach to squeezing in his star summer signings.



    It hasn’t worked this season, the Ibrox side’s struggles against mid to bottom league sides should have been enough for a new strategy for a man who’s approach to Plan B is to try and do Plan B better. It’s a naivety from a manager who still has so much to prove if he’s to build on the CV he started at Brentford.



    The Magic Hat left Celtic Park battered and ragged, it’s now looking to have as many holes in it as his demoralised backline.’



    Gordan Parks – can’t argue with that

  7. Can we not have the Bremen top as our away strip ?



    Nye… Hope the gee-gees were good to you yesterday, I won heehaw but woke up with £30+ in my pockets so I feel as if I won

  8. the long wait is over on

    My tuppence worth on a couple of points from Pauls piece above:-



    1. Until yesterday Warburton appeared to me to pretty much a decent guy – respectful about other teams , including us , and not getting sucked in to leading questions by the MSM. Yesterday , after the game , however, he was ungracious in defeat. He looked worn out already.



    2. I wasn’t at the game and only saw a recording later on TV , but would disagree that SA took time to bed in – I thought his energy and drive up the pitch immediately took the sting out of the only half decent 10 – 15 minutes Thems had in the game.




    Overall , we just looked an entire class apart all over the field. Not one of that lot – with the possible exception of Windass – looked like they would make our bench , let alone the team.

  9. I take it Police Scotland are having a national holiday


    Anyone arrested for the wanton vandalism of wrecking our visiting area toilets yet ?


    Mind you not read either about the Rangers official who is clearly seen assaulting a young Hibs fan who had the ordasity of running past a losing teams technical area at the cup final in May.



    Right time to enjoy the sunshine in Toronto, only 5 yes 5 days more to enjoy this :-))

  10. Ivehadtochangemyname



    Moussa Dembelle is here for one reason = BR



    Our board have got a top manager in who attracts top players……



    Scott Sinclair & Kolo are here for one reason = BR



    Hope Gamboa is as good as the others



    Still think Craig Gordon is our best goalie, DDV might be our best backie but I prefer my goalies to use their hands and stop goals :-)

  11. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on




    Put a line on before going to the massacre, no winners,when


    I got home I was too busy watching a re-run of said massacre.

  12. Nye Bevans



    Any line that goes on no winners expected……delighted you had a good day at the massacre (football wise) I am a greedy bam 6 or 7 would have been amazing, but at halftime I would have taken 2-1 :-)



    I think Brendan (the squirrel) is a bit special

  13. Gerry, I think the jury is out on the keeper debate. De Vries hasn’t had a lot to do in the shot stopping stakes yet. If he plays against Barca, I’d expect that to change fairly quickly.


    Brendan likes using the Keeper as an additional back, we do seem more secure with the system but I do agree that the Keepers primary role is to make saves. We haven’t seen de Vries tested properly in that department yet.


    Thought he did well to keep the lob out in the last couple of seconds yesterday.

  14. I thought Stuart Armstrong had a great game. Energy, movement, passing…and finishing were all top notch. His true position is just behind the forwards and he’ll give Tom Rogic a run for his money. Not a bad team-sheet headache for Brendan to have.

  15. Corkcelt



    I thought DeVries was shocking at their goal, he came out (for a nothing cross) then ran back, then didn’t react, am biased as I think CG is a brilliant goalkeeper… the way others were at fault KT easy cross, Lustig marking nobody, then Kolo & Erik not marking Alf Garner …….



    Apologies for picking holes as Doris deserves our support, I just think Craig Gordon is a better goalie and would have reacted far smarter at Millers header back across the goals, I prefer my goalies to be good goalkeepers if they were good footballers they wouldn’t have gloves on :-)

  16. COWIEBHOY on 11TH SEPTEMBER 2016 4:18 PM


    Did I say that over here in Toronto, we are












    Hours behind uk time :-)


    = = = = = = = = = = =


    5?I thought it was 1?


    5,1,doesn’t really matter I suppose. ;)))

  17. It’s all about opinions Gerry, I wouldn’t blame him for goal yesterday. I’m afraid it’s a wait & see debate.







    Moussa Dembelle is here for one reason = BR




    Our board have got a top manager in who attracts top players……




    Scott Sinclair & Kolo are here for one reason = BR




    Hope Gamboa is as good as the others




    Still think Craig Gordon is our best goalie, DDV might be our best backie but I prefer my goalies to use their hands and stop goals :-)



    Really fortunate that DD caught an earful of their shite at the end of cup semi final.


    Got his finger out his arse.

  19. Not sure I get the article point about Stuart Armstrong. It implies that we were weaker after Rogic came off.



    Rogic had a damned good first half, playing in the huge gap area that is thems central midfield. However, we werent quite as effective at the start of the second. When he switched Armstrong for Rogic we took the game completely by the scruff of the neck…….Armstrong to me was the catalyst.



    While different from Rogic, Armstrong proved he has a role to play, but in that central role. Ronny definitely did get that wrong.



    I have to admit to feeling underwhelmed when he brought Rogic off, but by god it proved to be the right move.




  20. Corkcelt



    Exactly, BR has brought players in he can trust which in my opinion is good management, we can mump and moan which is what the blog is for, my opinion matters not, am confident that BR will do what is best for us as a team

  21. Last night I posted that hacks were desperate to find a way to tell us that this really wasn’t the Old Firm.


    Looked at BBC Scotland website a couple of minutes ago and discovered that ‘ This was Old Firm in name only,.



    I also thought De Vries was very poor at the goal.


    He could have came for original cross but hesitated and was caught flat footed by header.


    So far i am not seeing him as any better than Gordon.


    Though i do think Brendan had to address goalkeeping position due to Gordon conceding weak goals.

  23. Quonno



    In fairness to, I believe, Tom English he was having a go at how poor Sevco were and saying this was the no more the”old firm” of the past than Sevco are rangers(il)

  24. Lennybhoy



    If you’re still on, I’m not sure if it was the same incident but someone on kerrydalestreet posted earlier today that the man who required cpr for 15 minutes after collapsing was in hospital and conscious and sitting up

  25. I am a fan of Armstrong.


    He is a modern pass and move player with very good game sense.


    Yesterday he reestablished our dominance when he came on.


    Last season he was played out of position and in a team with less movement than Krancjar so it was understandable his confidence and game suffered.


    Yesterday he played in his natural role and showed how good he can be.

  26. Fan-a-tic



    Craig has lost “poor” goals at times as our defence has been poor, or as I would like to think short of confidence, am pretty delighted to bump our gums about who our best goalie is because before Artur Boruc, I grew up thinking we had to play a rubbish goalie



    CraigGordonNo1 CSC



    By the way by all accounts Craig isn’t the most vocal, I don’t really care how vocal he is as long as he keeps the ball out of our net



    Also if Doris is our goalie I wish him all the best in the world

  27. Is Senderdross Warby’s son? Too coincidental to both be that ugly. Garner looks Taylor Made for them. Disgraceful play acting, looks like Wee Burnie with the headband. Why not carry the Daily Record to complete the picture. Watched the game live on Fox here in the States but enjoying several reruns on Celtic Tv. Got to love the commentary – “it’s in the back of the net” and Tom Boyd telling it like it is.








    Aye,that wee book covers every colour under the sun.



    Except one



    Try matching ASDA corporate logo.

  29. 5 mins ago I watched someone phone Police Scotland to report a missing Joey Barton, he clImed he was Niko Krancjar Nanking the call, and his pal somebody Haliday was with him


    Apparently this Barton chap was found in Scot Browns pocket


    Me I’m glad the Polis answered his call


    Pity they didn’t have anyone present inside the visiting area toilets at our ground – again


    Or even anyone who can look at video footage of a cup final whereby a young Hibs fan is kicked as he run through the losing teams technical area and assaulted at the recent Cup final


    Must be a link with those instances


    Mind you the MSM want to find someone who put air into a blow up doll

  30. With Armstrong and Dembele coming to the fore the squad is looking very strong. If BR can get anything out of Jozo and GMS it will be a bonus, i think he just might.

  31. Fan-a-tic



    Re Armstrong…..playing in the middle of the park is a different player from wide left, see that Ronny Delia guy……only kidding Ronny, but in BR we have a serious manager

  32. Timreaper


    Don’t forget we still have huge potential with young Christie and Ajer as well


    I am not a fan


    But McGregor also done well when he came on



    So that’s 5 players we have found :-))

  33. Nags ….I have just been told to bet Parnassus 6/1 2nd fav in the 5.25 at the Curragh glood source sorry to post this tip with less than an hour till the race is off , good luck if backing it ,I like supersutton backed celtic to wi N 4-1 with Sinclair scoring anytime @ 40/1 & was too engrossed in game to think of cashing in , but it didn’t stop me Dancing with joy when the 5th hit the net

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