Football’s political clout not as high as rugby’s


With Coronavirus cases rising across Scotland, those in the game will be anxious about their anticipated plans for some fans to be in attendance at games this weekend.  Ross County hope to have around 500 at their game against Celtic on Saturday, two weeks after the Scottish Government allowed rugby to run similar tests.

There are many things we need to learn.  How long will it take to process fans entering a stadium and which club has the most effective method?  We need to know how fans who have travelled for hours will react when told their temperature is too high to allow entry.  Will fans observe social distancing and how safely can this be enforced by stewarding?

The need for information is great and one iteration of learning will not be enough.  When safe, we should be testing often.

Allowing test events for a few hundred fans at open air football games has to be among the safest activities available in the country.  There is zero scientific reason for preventing them and many valid reasons to hold them, but this is all about signals and how to effectively govern the population.  Football is a political football (sorry).  It does not have the political clout of the drinks industry, or even rugby, for that matter, or some would have been watching football from the safe outdoors weeks ago.

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  1. “Tottenham are generating £800,000 in food and drink revenues at each home game through a diverse range of hospitality suites, restaurants, bars and street-food outlets on ­stadium concourses.



    Based on 19 Premier League games and a minimum of three Champions League group matches, that is an additional income of £17.6million per season. Rivals Manchester City admit they do well to bring in £150,000 a game from hospitality at the Etihad”.



    …….Can we aim this high?

  2. Naming rights values to EPL teams…..what could we get and would we care if it was named ?




    Manchester United – £26.75m



    Manchester City – £21.90m



    Tottenham Hotspur – £17.50m



    Liverpool – £16.90m



    Chelsea – £16.75m



    Arsenal – £16.65m





    West Ham – £5.55m





    Newcastle United – £3.90m





    Everton – £3.30m





    Leicester City – £3.20m

  3. I hope the party atmosphere from the last blog continues on here today, maybe plan a speculative stadium expansion, during a pandemic, with no football to actually attend, that sounds a winner,



    or slag off the youth team as a broken down conveyor belt



    or some bad comments about gays



    or maybe a ranting right wng mentalist posting videos



    or being anti-scots.



    oh for the heady days of leaked teams, and 0-0 meltdowns.

  4. For me, it’s not so much about football having no clout.



    Imo, it’s more about using the popularity of football to grandstand and shape a narrative.

  5. BIG WAVY on 8TH SEPTEMBER 2020 12:05 PM



    “Tottenham are generating £0 in food and drink revenues at each home game through a diverse range of hospitality suites, restaurants, bars and street-food outlets on ­stadium concourses.



    They borrowed and spent £850m on the new stadium build.



    It has been unooccupied for 7 months.






    Smashed Olive prices


    Margherita pizza £8.95 or half (£4.95)



    Harissa lamb pizza £8.95 or half (£4.95)



    Rocket and parmesan salad £5.95



    The Linesman prices


    Fish and chips £8.95



    Battered tofu and chips £7.95




    Grab something to eat at the Linesman (Image: Matthew Osborn)


    Pickled onion £1



    Pickled gherkins £1



    Chicken tikka and naan £7.95



    Chicken curry £8.95



    Malaysian Rendang £7.95



    The Chicken House prices


    Piri piri wings with fries £6.95



    Southern Fried Chicken with fries £6.95



    Halloumi burger £5.50 with fries £6.95




    Eating at the Market Place (Image: Steve Farrugia)


    1/4 rotisserie chicken with fries and slaw £8.95



    Buttermilk chicken burger £5.50 with fries £6.95



    N17 Grill prices


    N17 club burger with brisket £7.50



    N17 burger £5.50



    N17 cheeseburger £6.50



    Dirty fries with cheese and salsa £4.95



    Jackfruit sandwich £5.50





    ‘Massive mistake, disgraceful!’ – Spurs fans fume as TV plans for Crystal Palace game confirmed


    The Tap Inn prices


    Chef’s Tottenham Pie £3.50



    Veggie Pie £3.50



    Chicken balti pie £4.50



    Beavertown brewery prices


    Pint of Neck Oil £5 half £2.50



    Pint of Gamma Ray £5.50 half £2.75



    Can of Lupuloid £5




    Beavertown brewery inside the new Tottenham stadium (Image: Matthew Osborn)


    Can of 8 Ball £5



    Can of Smog Rocket £5



    Can of Black Betty £5.50



    The Goal Line Bar prices


    Pint of Heineken £4.50



    Pint of Amstel £4



    Bottle of Guinness £5




    (Image: Courtesy of Tottenham Hotspur)


    Heineken Zero £3



    Bottle of Old Mout cider £5



    Bottle of skinny lager £4





    Tottenham confirm plans for new stadium opening ceremony and Crystal Palace kick off time


    Beer, drinks and other prices


    Bottle of Heineken £4



    Bottle of Bulmers £5



    Wine £5



    Hot drinks £2



    Soft drinks £2.50



    Bottle of water £2




    (Image: Courtesy of Tottenham Hotspur)


    Sausage roll £3.50



    Crisps £1.50




    Chocolate grab bags £3.50



    More prices to follow.







    Based on 19 Premier League games and a minimum of three Champions League group matches, that is an additional income of £17.6million per season. Rivals Manchester City admit they do well to bring in £150,000 a game from hospitality at the Etihad”.







    …….Can we aim this high?

  6. SAINT STIVS on 8TH SEPTEMBER 2020 12:07 PM



    I don’t recall ever seeing any anti Scots posts on here.



    There’s been criticism of the SNP, and aspects of Scottish history and culture, but you’d have to be a swivel eyed McGlashan to construe those as anti Scots.

  7. Ernie,



    you would not say that the current incarnation of the right wing pop up person states often anti scottish things ?



    not just hatred of the SNP ?

  8. Recycling — BW @ 10.56



    Agree CP is now 25 / 30 years behind the times.


    The FMcC expansion was good but it was done to a budget and it shows.



    Rebuild of the South Stand:



    £50mill = for the expansion I have in mind to 67K plus space for 8K in the Attic.


    £80mill = if we do it properly with an attic and facilities down to London Road.


    £100mill = if fitted out to EPL Gin Palace / Spurs standards.


    The big number would include a 500 bed hotel plus fit out the Attic.



    My thoughts are do it once / do it big.






    £10mill pa — from season tickets / extra tickets / car parking / matchday spend.


    £5mill pa — Stadium + museum tours / facilities hire.


    £5mill pa — merchandising spend.


    £5mill pa — Hotel revenue / 60% occupancy / £50 average RR.


    £2mill pa — ticket sales from the Attic / 60K plus tickets per season @ £30’ish.


    £?mill pa — other stuff.



    Looking at £10mill of a surplus at the very least / £20mill if we work our socks off.






    £20Mill = Club funds.


    £80mill = Bonds @ 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7% pa — based on CL / EuL results. 10% if we win anything.


    £10mill = Naming rights / sponsorship / DD?.


    £??mill = SG grants / GCC grants.

  9. I always Love the Build an extra 10,000 seats and get £10m a year extra income



    We struggle to fill 60,000 unless its European games or Games against them



    Go to a midweek game especially December and see how many extra seats we need



    We could take out One of the ends

  10. SAINT STIVS on 8TH SEPTEMBER 2020 12:17 PM



    I can’t say I’ve noticed.



    I tend to scan over a lot of stuff.



    But if there is genuinely anti Scots stuff it’s a new thing.

  11. Ernie…is St Stivs not referring to anti-Scots fitba’ team? Personally, I find it increasingly hard to support them…

  12. BW @ Recently



    I am not sure what our general matchday spend is.


    All I know is it could be more if we employed more talent and less trainees.



    Irregular attender in the Free Pie Seats — corner lounge next to the LL Stand.


    Every time I have been in there they are always showing at least one person how to work the till — that is the level of staff turnover we have.



    As for the general concourse outlets — I have seen SG CoViD19 testing centres run better.


    That is how bad they are — full of students trying their best with no direction or leadership.



    However all of this is seen as secondary and it has been allowed to develop because it is off the radar of the execs as they get their money regardless and the supervisors grades give the impression they are fans with clipboards / Blazers / Ties.



    If we have better run facilities then the spend will go up.


    If we have more facilities then the spend will go up.


    If we have a wider selection of facilities then the spend will go up.



    We should be looking at better numbers than MC — £250K per game would be my target.


    Not sure where we are at the moment.

  13. DD,



    here is a pure random for yi.



    Over Clydebank on sunday I was driving through the big roundabout, and the wee mini football pitch next to the arnold clark garage had a pair of fox cubs frolicking about. This was mid afternoon , in the sunshine.



    Bankie brazen foxes right enough.

  14. Recycling — Stx2 @ 12.00



    In Glesga parlance you would call it the Gods.


    A top tier that would be above the normal SPL arrangement in a new South Stand.


    Space that could be fitted out with seats for high value games.



    Big Box @ 40 rows x 200 plus seats = 110M long x 30M deep x 18M high.


    It would mean a fancier roof but pretty mainstream elsewhere.



    My thoughts on CP expansion = total rework of the South Stand.


    The seating arrangement would not be the same as the rest of the ground.


    It would be of a similar scale and height but would be arranged differently.



    However it would only have one main seating level plus cantilevered seating above with 2K free pie seats and hospitality boxes.



    On the basis of our second biggest cup I would also include a “Royal Box” …


    … for Susan Boyle amongst others.



    On top of this would be the Attic aka the Gods.


    Fag packet numbers — the first row would be 50M’ish from the touchline / 28-30M up.



    ‘Ernie…is St Stivs not referring to anti-Scots fitba’ team?’







    That would make more sense.

  16. The Battered Bunnet on

    The numbers are going in the wrong direction, Paul. We will see more restrictions, not fewer, in the weeks and months ahead. Encouraging people to travel and socialise before and after matches is not on the priority list.



    Watching football will be a television show for the foreseeable future.

  17. So we should spend £50m on a up in the gods “club deck”, financed by bond holders, that will only be used for the very top level of games,



    what could possibly go wrong ?



    Does anyone who passes Glasgow airport anytime know why all those British Airways planes are sitting on the ground and not flying ?



    If they put them up in the air, people will fly,

  18. In other news..



    A training photo showed us the lesser spotted Leigh Griffiths training on the grass with Tam Rogic.



    Which is good news.

  19. Pingback: Football’s political clout not as high as rugby’s Paul67 - Celtic FC News Aggregation

  20. Saint Stivs


    My sisters house is beside Arnold Clark at Kilbowie roundabout.


    Looks like you witnessed the Parkhall Foxes CSC.


    I regularly feed their Dalmuir cousins by the Forth and Clyde canal in Dalmuir.


    Reynard CSC

  21. The Battered Bunnet…”Watching football will be a television show for the foreseeable future.”


    My thoughts exactly…

  22. JC2 @ 12.18



    PL and his penny pinching ideas emptied the LL Upper over the space of 3/4 years.


    BR filled the LL Upper over the space of 3/4 days.



    FMcC took a lead into CP unknown on the basis of what he saw around the world.



    We should take a leap into the CP unknown based on what we see around us.



    We have time now to draw up plans and work on them with feedback.


    We have time to see how CoViD19 changes the the world and how best we should respond.



    For me spade in the ground — May 2022 is looking good.

  23. St2 @ 12.37



    It will not be a Club Deck — it will be a flexible indoor event space.


    Brought to you by Big Curtains CSC.

  24. JC2, a bit of sense at last. This stadium stuff is like the moonbeams at Ibrox that we all laugh at, if we added capacity season tickets would drop as there would be more chance of getting tickets for the games that you wanted to go to



    Match day income down south includes alcohol we couldn’t hope to get close

  25. Pingback: Football’s political clout not as high as rugby’s Paul67 - Celtic FC News Aggregation

  26. ERNIE LYNCH on 8TH SEPTEMBER 2020 12:09 PM


    Will the fans at these test games be allowed to smoke?



    If not, why not?




    Because it is bad for your health….don’t dare hit me with the ‘ wit aboot bevvy’ I drink it medicinally.

  27. Camusbhoy,



    No it’s not. Try and grow the fan base. Attract people to the stadium, more standing areas on lower costs, introduce a museum and upgrade the facilities and tour. Get naming rights, etc, etc. They are hardly moonbeams. There are ways of growing the club’s revenues for the good of the club. When you get to see what other clubs ‘do’ today, is it wrong to want ours to show some ambition and vision and grow wiht the times?

  28. P67: Surely ye jest “…football…does not have the political clout of the drinks industry, or even rugby, for that matter” ?


    Didn’t Alba’s own First Minister not intervene that the busted flush club was essential to our and the sports survival?? A prominent, former legal ‘wig’ ruled Sevco did not gain an unfair sporting advantage etc….


    MSPs Murdo Frazer, John McAlpine and Joan Park, all lobbied to maintain the game’s status quo.


    I’m a gazillion miles away in a lockdown bunker but I can even smell the political clout in the fitba fae here!




  29. Paul67



    Don’t think too many Celtic supporters see the current Covid situation as stable enough to want back into Celtic Park whether its classed as indoor or outdoor anytime soon, maybe I’ve missed it?



    The VST plan saved Celtic and despite the naysayers predictions about how few with season tickets would buy one, we’ve sold out a still empty for some time stadium, the support has kept the light ons, for closed door football through autumn, and beyond.



    Europa league free on VST should be a given.

  30. Back to Basics – MM- Greenpinata-Onlooker.



    Good speculative chat regarding stadium this morning.all possible no doubt alas I do not think it will happen soon due to the current economic climate and current chaos with covid.



    ‘be interesting to see if Hotel plans/capital expansion for that is decelerated or paused altogether as our club recaliberates to go on in the next 1,2 -5 years as covid bites.



    I would think such an expansion would become more viable if there was a UEFA led restructuring of lits feeder eagues and access to its senior tourneys especially for those big clubs outside the big 5 tellyviewing.audiences(eng,fra,Spain,ger and Italy.)






  31. JH, SFTB, WBC, DD and FT:


    Posts deleted in respect of JH’s YouTube post and subsequent posts by SFTB, WBC and JH, including posts about misinterpretation and apology by JH.


    DD any issues with what someone posts please email


    DD and FT a request, do not attack the Poster, everyone is entitled to their views whether it be right, left or centre, within the rules of course.


    All I have to say, any problems email the above.

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