For all the Ibrox bedwetters. Europa tests


We saw a thoroughly professional performance from Celtic in Stockholm last night.  AIK were always a team we should have beaten, but ‘should have’ does not always happen, as our previous encounter proved.

James Forrest, Mikey Johnston and Odsonne Edouard were on fire, while Christopher Jullien and Boli Bolingoli looked more comfortable than in previous outings.

Lazio finished eighth in Serie A last season, behind all the big names, but a decent ‘Best of the Rest’.  Rennes are off to a flier, top after three wins from three games, including a win over PSG, but finished 10th in Ligue 1 last term.  They will be better than anyone we have faced so far this season but this is why we want to be in European football.

Cluj are the team I wanted most of all.  They are a strong pot 4 team but we were awful against them and need to put it right.  This is a challenging Europa League group providing lots of opportunity to prove a point.  Bring it on.

48 hours from now, we will be in action at Ibrox, where we were outplayed twice last season in games that ultimately cost nothing.  Those experiences seem to have left some in our number with a bedwetting disposition ahead of Sunday.  Steven Gerrard has added ten to his squad while Celtic, if you read some coverage, have done little transfer business of note.  This is bollocks!

Gerrard starts from a losing position.  His team have not won any major trophies.  Celtic have been imperious on a level never previously known, three consecutive trebles!

Of Newco’s ten additions, two were for money (Helander, who they did not pay the reported £3m for, and Edmundson, sending £700k to the English fourth tier in return).  Two are loans (Ojo and King), but the bulk are the Tried and Tested Free Transfers route to building a successful team (Hastie, Jones, Stewart, Davis, Aribo, Barker).

Bargain bucket- teams are easier to assemble than teams full of players who command transfer fees, but when the trophies are handed out, they are seldom on the receiving end.

By contrast, Celtic have so far spent £12m reassembling their disrupted defence (Jullien, Bolingoli, Elhamed), with Bauer on loan  – and an option to buy him.  There is also a quality left back on his way.

Fraser Forster is here on loan (he’s not cheap).  We took advantage of the cross-country opportunity we exploited to sign Moussa Dembele, to capture Luca Connell for £350k, and I expect another first team addition (as well as the left back) before the window closes.

Celtic got everything wrong on one game this season but have all of the most productive, successful and valuable players in the country on the field at Ibrox on Sunday.  We cannot take any game for granted, and I have seldom gone to Ibrox without concerns, but Celtic will blow Scottish football away again this season.  I’m not buying the Newco threat.


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  1. VFR on 30TH AUGUST 2019 3:32 PM



    Not much wrong with that team!





    Exactly. Feel a lot better with Jozo & Ajer news.

  2. Go tell the Spartim on

    Glasgow Derbies are unpredictable, football matches are unpredictable, sport is unpredictable



    im not so sure they’ll be overconfident, though having Madden in charge, they’ll take heart from that, i hope they are, they dont have the players to stop us scoring, i just hope that we have the players or the performance that prevents them scoring.



    2 nil good guys

  3. Play to our strengths.



    Play Mikey Johnston. He’s on fire.



    Play Jamesey, Callum, Odsonne & Ryan alonsgide him and run them ragged.



    Play Jozo with Julien.



    Play Fraser Forster in goal.



    Play Scott Brown.



    God, play Bayo at CF and ragdoll their lumps of wood at the back.



    No pantywetters here csc.

  4. Europa fixtures



    19th Sep – Stade Rennais (a)


    3rd Oct – Cluj (h)


    24th Oct – Lazio (h)


    7th Nov – Lazio (a)


    28th Nov – Stade Rennais (h)


    12th Dec – Cluj (a)

  5. Go tell the Spartim on

    Cheers Embramike



    4 points in the first four games, then 6 in the last two, or am i being optimistic

  6. we just pumped the swedish champions 6-1 over 2 legs, but i that was expected so nothing to talk about. We have been free scoring for the most part and despite a lot of talk we have spend considerably more thar any other teamin the league. We are still on the outlook for more.



    Its a long season, we will see who is top at the end. i am gonna back our team not because i support celtic but because i think over the course of a season we will be better. Football however is not that simple.



    I agree we could improve our team and we should always try to do that.




  7. I guess Im one of the bedwetters that Paul refers to . Yes Im happy with last nights result but Ibrox is a different animal . From middle to front we are pretty good but we are still all over the place at the back , if we allow the amount of crosses into the box as we did lastnight we will suffer. Also a worrying concern is how we aint clearing our lines very well . We hardly won the second ball all night . It shouldnt be like this, PL getting off the hook again , I,ll keep my nappy on for now :@/

  8. Europa fixtures (with CP ko times)



    19th Sep – Stade Rennais (a) ko5:55 pm


    3rd Oct – Cluj (h) 8 pm


    24th Oct – Lazio (h) 8 pm


    7th Nov – Lazio (a) 5:55 pm


    28th Nov – Stade Rennais (h) 8 pm


    12th Dec – Cluj (a) 5:55 pm

  9. Oooohhh



    Interesting. Melling’s a good un.



    Get him in the squad for Sunday…



    Might also be like lots of things on t’internet…a pile of poo….

  10. The Battered Bunnet on

    Our attacking trident of Christie, Forrest and Edouard is perhaps* the most exciting I’ve seen at Celtic since the three amigos.



    *(We rarely played Sutton-Larsson-Hartson as a front 3)



    Add to those three Mikey Johnston, and the speed of thought and technical quality is overpowering for most teams we meet.



    As many have commented, the weakness in the team lies further back, and recent matches have shown us to be pretty apt to ship poor goals. My observation is that the back 4 get very little protection from those in front of them.



    Looking ahead to Sunday, McGregor needs to be considerably more influential when the opposition have the ball – he can improve by 50% in this respect and still not be as effective as Broonie in the scrabble and snaffle department.**



    Moreover, with the likelihood of Mikey Johnston in front of Boli at left back, there’s a bit of protection lacking, and Callum needs to be extra aware of the need to ensure the ball never reaches the target on the left hand side.



    Ryan Christie is the first name on the team sheet lately, not only for his attacking play, but for his work when the opposition have the ball. He could be the difference.



    It’s likely that our back 4 will be the 10th? new perm to start a match this season in 13 matches:



    Ajer-Simunovic-Bitton-Boli x 3
























    Ajer-Jullien-Bitton-Boli x 2



    For Sunday, Ajer, Simunovic and Elhamed are all doubtful (plus or minus Lenny mind games), leaving something along the lines of…






    Whatever way you look at it, we’ll either have another brand new back 4, or we’ll have cobbled the hobbled together, and these guys will need the help of their team mates to stop the ball getting into the box. That means Forrest, McGregor and Johnston need to up their game.



    According to UEFA, and despite the 1-4 scoreline, AIK were pretty effective in attacking us: 22 dangerous attacks resulting in 10 attempts of which, 5 on target, 3 blocked, 2 wide. It’s fortunate (for us) that the only goal they scored was from a penalty, as there were a couple of chances 1on1 with the keeper plus a post skelped, in addition to other chances. You’d expect a goal from open play with those stats – Celtic made 11 chances, 8 on target, 4 goals. It’s the kinda thing (the excellent) CelticByNumbers analyses with Expected Goals.



    This team of ours might very well score 3 or 4 on Sunday, and they might very well need to.



    ** According to Celtic by Numbers, last season Callum McGregor managed to successfully tackle, heid the ba, block shots and intercept passes in 42% of attempts. If he increased that by half again to 63%, he’d still be short of Scott Brown at 67%.

  11. traditionalist88 on

    BIG WAVY on 30TH AUGUST 2019 4:20 PM



    Could be, but aligned with Paul67’s comments it appears something is well down the line,




  12. HeknowsWHOknows on

    We have become a support of spoilt tinternet bullies.



    Nothing is perfect in any business but ask yourself ONE fundamental question. Again ask yourself one question. Are we as bad as some (delete where appriate) keyboard bashers claim??



    I detest the board with a passion but they do us a good Job. Howvever people that claim to support the bhoys on this site need to wake up once and for all.



    For the life of me yesterday was a great result. Boli was magic. Mikey was suime and Forrest was just Forrest.



    However we worry about that mob. They’re not great but they will wi. If we give them the ammo.



    Boli had an absolutely outstanding game (someone please post his statistics), yet we think he’s pish.



    For the doomdayers on here and Ron67 in particular quite obviously like to hide behind his keyboard.



    We support CELTIC. Win, lose or drE however some on here and sorry Ron you got named need to go have a cold shower.



    Celtics for life not just a past-time

  13. HeknowsWHOknows on

    Excuse the typing errors. I’m just happy to be a Celtic Supporter



    P. S. We signed anyone yet :)

  14. 67 European Cup Winners on

    For clarity I am one of the bedwetters Paul speaks of:


    I believe the Hun is stronger (not stronger than us) but stronger than last year



    I cannot accept the arrogance that they are not very good they are a busted flush they only bought 2 players they have recruited has beens etc etc


    This attitude is a real worry


    If you underestimate your enemy you will get a surprise



    Tough tough game Sunday our full backs are in for a rough ride


    The Scouser will know we are weak at the back


    He will try and overrun Brown (2 games in 4 days)


    He will have a go


    AIK did there homework and attacked our full backs


    They got inside both regularly


    The first 15 mins we survived a few scares



    I am hopeful NL has learnt from our last 2 visits there



    We have the talent to hit them on the break and scoring first will burst their bubble



    Anyone who is overconfident about Sunday IMHO is a bit naive



    Should we win (when we win) This bedwetter will be on here on Monday morning gorging on humble Pie – and I really hope i am




  15. Just a follow up note on the Group E draw coefficients:


    Lazio were ranked 12th of 12 in Pot 1


    Rennes were ranked 10th of 12 in Pot 3


    Cluj were ranked 11th of 12 in Pot 4


    Would we have taken that before the draw ? I think so …

  16. ` Christie, Forrest and Edouard ` ( TBB )



    Can you imagine how nervous we would feel were we playing a team on Sunday which included those three players (then remembered that Calum McGregor is also in that team)?



  17. HeknowsWHOknows on

    See this pish also of bedwtters etc etc etc etc…..



    How about we concentrate and support the the team.



    I said it earlier. Its as good football since Burns its not perfect just yet. Lennon and the bhoys need our backing regardless of Lawell.



    Cmon Celtic.

  18. Embramike @5:09



    Those ratings show how rankings are not reflective of current form. They might be reassuring but, for me, the reality is that fine margins determine results in professional football.


    Nevertheless, thanks for introducing a positive note in the oftimes doom and gloom highlighted on CQN .




  19. As it’s impractical for me to reply to the mountain of individual emails sent in with your votes for MOTM in the AIK game, I hope you forgive me for just acknolwedging your contributions on here. So a big thank you to (deep breath)……




    Wih hopefully more to come – polls open until 10.00pm ;-)

  20. 67 European Cup Winners ,


    Fellow bed wetter here . No need to Eat Humble Pie if we win . Hate that some posters seem to think that if you criticise Celtic you must be happy when we get beat . Nonsense , I have big doubts about how our back line will cope with the hatred and bile that is coming their way on Sunday . If we win I will be celebrating same as the every other Celtic fan………its not a crime to point out our failings , does nt mean you are any less a fan than those who only see Celtic through green tinted specs



    Hail Hail

  21. The biggest problem on Sunday is selecting the back four. Ajer is the kind of player who clearly wants to play, will say anything to get to play, but he was in trouble last night. A lot of pain and restricted movement is associated with a groin injury. Not ideal if he is playing full back.


    Jozo, unfortunately, is prone to injuries in training and during games.Very prone. Elhamed has some kind of bone fracture. So that’s three players who, right now, in a fast and physical game will be in danger of breaking down.


    Then there is the danger of Elhamed and Ajer playing through the pain barrier and causing further damage (remember KT).


    Big, big decisions and not too many alternatives unless Lenny is prepared to throw new signings into the cauldron with no time to see if they are ready.

  22. Nobody seems to be talking about the fact that if the French Eddy goes next summer, which if he continues to improve he will, we will seriously be struggling for strikers next summer.



    Surely we have learned our lesson from the past and will be identifying and preferably bringing in a forward now, or January at the latest?

  23. HeknowsWHOknows on




    No you’re wrong. You are becoming boring. We see the same stuff and we know it’s not perfect so here you go my friend



    Would you rather support Stevie Gs revo (glowstick and whistle) or actually pay our team some kudos.



    Did you watch the game?




    I was only pulling your leg earlier about who said Boli was pish .



    i’m quietly confident NFL will get it together , patience is whats needed .



    i post where i think we can be better whether we score 3, or 4 but that’s just me .



    anyway ROLL ON SUNDAY… enjoy :)))

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