For all the Ibrox bedwetters. Europa tests


We saw a thoroughly professional performance from Celtic in Stockholm last night.  AIK were always a team we should have beaten, but ‘should have’ does not always happen, as our previous encounter proved.

James Forrest, Mikey Johnston and Odsonne Edouard were on fire, while Christopher Jullien and Boli Bolingoli looked more comfortable than in previous outings.

Lazio finished eighth in Serie A last season, behind all the big names, but a decent ‘Best of the Rest’.  Rennes are off to a flier, top after three wins from three games, including a win over PSG, but finished 10th in Ligue 1 last term.  They will be better than anyone we have faced so far this season but this is why we want to be in European football.

Cluj are the team I wanted most of all.  They are a strong pot 4 team but we were awful against them and need to put it right.  This is a challenging Europa League group providing lots of opportunity to prove a point.  Bring it on.

48 hours from now, we will be in action at Ibrox, where we were outplayed twice last season in games that ultimately cost nothing.  Those experiences seem to have left some in our number with a bedwetting disposition ahead of Sunday.  Steven Gerrard has added ten to his squad while Celtic, if you read some coverage, have done little transfer business of note.  This is bollocks!

Gerrard starts from a losing position.  His team have not won any major trophies.  Celtic have been imperious on a level never previously known, three consecutive trebles!

Of Newco’s ten additions, two were for money (Helander, who they did not pay the reported £3m for, and Edmundson, sending £700k to the English fourth tier in return).  Two are loans (Ojo and King), but the bulk are the Tried and Tested Free Transfers route to building a successful team (Hastie, Jones, Stewart, Davis, Aribo, Barker).

Bargain bucket- teams are easier to assemble than teams full of players who command transfer fees, but when the trophies are handed out, they are seldom on the receiving end.

By contrast, Celtic have so far spent £12m reassembling their disrupted defence (Jullien, Bolingoli, Elhamed), with Bauer on loan  – and an option to buy him.  There is also a quality left back on his way.

Fraser Forster is here on loan (he’s not cheap).  We took advantage of the cross-country opportunity we exploited to sign Moussa Dembele, to capture Luca Connell for £350k, and I expect another first team addition (as well as the left back) before the window closes.

Celtic got everything wrong on one game this season but have all of the most productive, successful and valuable players in the country on the field at Ibrox on Sunday.  We cannot take any game for granted, and I have seldom gone to Ibrox without concerns, but Celtic will blow Scottish football away again this season.  I’m not buying the Newco threat.


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  1. Malone Bhoy



    `Nobody seems to be talking about the fact that if the French Eddy goes next summer, `



    Apart from `fact ` and `if`, nobody is talking about the `fact` of Norwegian Kris, Scottish Calmac , Christie, Forrest and Johnston and Israeli Bitton going either. The problem?


    Anyway. Off out for me now.


    Sunday? We are not quite sorted yet so I will go for a draw but, if not , a victory. I am certain Sevco , although a decent side, will not win.




  2. HeknowsWHOknows on




    I watched Boli last night and voted him just behind Forrest as MOM.



    I keep asking for his statistics as I genuinely believe they will turn some heads. He’s not perfect yet.



    However what’s gettibg boring is the sheer hysterics / keyboard ranting on Paul’s website.



    You know what the transfer windows are awful every single year. We should know because Peter is doing what Peter does.



    We in Europe, we have an opportunity of revenge and we got millions in the bank.



    What’s not to like. Oh yes Boli is pish and Bauer is not far behind him.

  3. 67 European Cup Winners on

    RODDYBHOY on 30TH AUGUST 2019 5:26 PM


    Yep me too





    Speaking for myself no I would not rather be supporting the Hun on Sunday my love/life is Celtic


    My ambition for our club is to win the league – make it 9 in a row


    Then make history and win 10


    I do not care (I do) if we win a cup or qualify for the knock out stages of the EL



    I also do not care that we have £50m in the bank and that the Hun is skint


    Because on Sunday the Hun will not pay like a skint team



    My questioning of our club is only that we invest in players – good ones


    Sunday should not be a contest Sunday should be a stroll in the park


    Unfortunately it will be a contest – one we can win but there is a chance we will not


    And if we do not the Hun will be rich again (not with money but with real hope)


    We have given them the opportunity




    They should be in the gutter where they belong







    Boli will be a cracking player for us , in that he has decent pace and is athletic .


    once he settles into the wingback roll ( with help from his team mates on the field ) his passing and choices will improve , he’s gonnae be a star …imo .

  5. HeknowsWHOknows on




    It’s 3 points either way.sunday. Let’s be realistic here. It’s bagging rights only.



    My point here is simple. Support the team leave the drama to TV. Netflix is a good substitute apparently.



    We are superior to them. It might not seem like it but we are.

  6. 67 European Cup Winners on




    I know and I agree just not sure the Hun knows that




  7. HeknowsWHOknows on




    Stop talking about the orwe like that :)



    Seriously it’s the best football we have played since TV. We just need to refine it.



    We are soooooooo underestimating this team.



    Frustrations with the board and all.

  8. HeknowsWHOknows on

    TV = TB






    BIgJoe – send me a Facebook message.

  9. So is it ok for me to say that their rightback is awful at defending and their centrebacks are as slow as fuck or should i only assess celtic players quality and weaknesses? Lots of people point out our issues as significant but say nothing of the other team, regardless of the team. I prefer to talk a broader view and i prefer to back my team.




  10. i'vehadtochangemymind on




    Great video of the Celts – the sideline’s reaction, broonie the first up to celebrate each time, OE getting tangled the in the net – we shouldn’t underestimate yesterday’s achievement!

  11. battered bunnet



    remember juve 0 -3 at CP.



    We had 16 attempts at goal. Can we defend that juve mob!!




  12. Dont want to be disrespectful if the mans not well, but is there any explanation for Hugh Keevins speech impediment

  13. The Battered Bunnet on

    JJ Never been to the Bon Accord as far as I remember, which to be fair, isn’t terribly far.

  14. Heknowswhoknows



    Aye cheers for that mate ! Yes I did see it , played well going fwd hoping we get a couple of fullbacks in , BUT at the risk of boring you again we shouldnt be in this position we continually find ourselves in , last minute transfer deadlines

  15. RUGGYGMAN on 30TH AUGUST 2019 1:40 PM




    Did anyone watch the Aston Villa vs Everton game.




    The big centre half at Villa (just called up by England).




    He had a groin strain prior to the game. Took a pain killing injection. Played and got m.o.t.m




    So it is a realistic risk to take with Ajer.






    Never mind Ajer, it sounds like a reasonable risk to take with Boli…

  16. HeknowsWHOknows on

    Mate I know it’s utter rotten but give me Neil’s disco bus over Steve Gs resurrection :)



    Cmon Boli. One against that lot son and you’ll continue your Celtic legacy.



    Hail Hail

  17. TOSB,



    I believe it’s 3k again.


    However getting a bit confused if there’s a third strike.




  18. Happy with that Europa draw and Celtic will not be overawed by those teams and some top matches to look forward to when the evenings close in. With the exception of PSG Celtic have done well against French opposiotion in the past and Cluj we can handle. The game against Lazio will be interesting.



    Watching Celtic on Thursday night the team looked asif they could score with every attack our attackers played so well. I feel a place must be found for Nir Bitton against Gers. he is playing very well now that all his injury woes are sorted. Could Neil play Jonny Hayes on the left to give Boli extra physical protection in place of young Mikey for this game and maybe bring the lad on at some point in the match.



    A lot of hot air coming out of Ibrox ahead of this match. Suits Celtic

  19. My friends in Celtic,



    Like most of us on here and the Celtic support in general, I did not want Neil Lennon as our permanent manager. In fact I was quite vocal in opposition to his appointment.



    However I have been really impressed with how he has gone about his business and his general demenour. Yes I absolutely slaughtered him for the Cluj game and his subsequent interview.


    But we sit top of the league with one of our best ever away results under his belt. Our style of football is flamboyant and we have the backbone of a really good exciting team.



    Yes I think the board should back him with a couple of quality players. Neil’s comments require this level of backing and without a doubt this would give us 9 and then 10. We will not easily tolerate footballing failure with a mega cash advantage.



    Bear in mind this is a manager who knows the support didn’t want him, unlike BR who had unequivocal support from day 1.



    It is good to be able to rectify the horrendous performance against Cluj so quickly.


    The Gods are with us and maybe we should give Neil the credit he has earned.



    No matter the result on Sunday.



    HH to all, the journey continues.

  20. McGregor


    Tavernier Goldson Katić Flanagan


    Davis Jack Kamara


    Aribo Jones








    That’s the motley crew of freebees, hasbeens and journeymen we are supposed to be bedwetting over on Sunday…




  21. I think there is little doubt that we will get a left full in. The Biggie for me is Big Vic. He hasn’t being transferred, it’s obvious he doesn’t figure in Spur’s immediate plans, he tweeted Forster, keep my number warm for me when FF was announced last week,


    I reckon he is up for it, Please God let it happen, can you imagine our team with big Vic lording it in midfield we would be unstoppable.

  22. HeknowsWHOknows on




    Your entry is a refreshing tsunami (you know what I Don there right).



    Not one of them. Not one of them. We have nothing to fear.



    Support Neil and the Bhoys.

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