For all the Ibrox bedwetters. Europa tests


We saw a thoroughly professional performance from Celtic in Stockholm last night.  AIK were always a team we should have beaten, but ‘should have’ does not always happen, as our previous encounter proved.

James Forrest, Mikey Johnston and Odsonne Edouard were on fire, while Christopher Jullien and Boli Bolingoli looked more comfortable than in previous outings.

Lazio finished eighth in Serie A last season, behind all the big names, but a decent ‘Best of the Rest’.  Rennes are off to a flier, top after three wins from three games, including a win over PSG, but finished 10th in Ligue 1 last term.  They will be better than anyone we have faced so far this season but this is why we want to be in European football.

Cluj are the team I wanted most of all.  They are a strong pot 4 team but we were awful against them and need to put it right.  This is a challenging Europa League group providing lots of opportunity to prove a point.  Bring it on.

48 hours from now, we will be in action at Ibrox, where we were outplayed twice last season in games that ultimately cost nothing.  Those experiences seem to have left some in our number with a bedwetting disposition ahead of Sunday.  Steven Gerrard has added ten to his squad while Celtic, if you read some coverage, have done little transfer business of note.  This is bollocks!

Gerrard starts from a losing position.  His team have not won any major trophies.  Celtic have been imperious on a level never previously known, three consecutive trebles!

Of Newco’s ten additions, two were for money (Helander, who they did not pay the reported £3m for, and Edmundson, sending £700k to the English fourth tier in return).  Two are loans (Ojo and King), but the bulk are the Tried and Tested Free Transfers route to building a successful team (Hastie, Jones, Stewart, Davis, Aribo, Barker).

Bargain bucket- teams are easier to assemble than teams full of players who command transfer fees, but when the trophies are handed out, they are seldom on the receiving end.

By contrast, Celtic have so far spent £12m reassembling their disrupted defence (Jullien, Bolingoli, Elhamed), with Bauer on loan  – and an option to buy him.  There is also a quality left back on his way.

Fraser Forster is here on loan (he’s not cheap).  We took advantage of the cross-country opportunity we exploited to sign Moussa Dembele, to capture Luca Connell for £350k, and I expect another first team addition (as well as the left back) before the window closes.

Celtic got everything wrong on one game this season but have all of the most productive, successful and valuable players in the country on the field at Ibrox on Sunday.  We cannot take any game for granted, and I have seldom gone to Ibrox without concerns, but Celtic will blow Scottish football away again this season.  I’m not buying the Newco threat.


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  1. Maradominic, Have you ever a good word to say about anything related to Celtic.


    Big Wavy, I think 4 is the maximum number of loanees that can be registered, think there might be something in there as well about Under 21 players, not sure whether it is at least one must be Under 21 or not more than one must be under 21.

  2. Dave17,



    That is the Key.



    Victor loves Lenny and what he did for him and I’m hoping that persuades him to come and join the Future.

  3. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Jings – another winger!!!



    Not complaining if he’s high quality.



    Plan, I expect, is for winger No.1 to run the legs from the defenders for first 65 mins and then let the fresh winger No.2 deliver the coup-de-grace in the last 25 mins.



    Pace and skill aplenty. Love it.



    Left back and experienced defensive midfielder to complete the business.






  4. Cheers CorkCelt…



    If it happens I imagine it’s Vic on loan and Taylor / Melling fee.



    That’s our 2 perhaps (according to Rhaman). I’d be a very happy bhoy.

  5. If our options on the wings alows us to stay clear of using Hayes, Morgan or moving RC or Callum, then more the merrier…



    Could see Morgan, Hendry, Miller and Sinclair leaving this weekend.

  6. That was some performance by the lhads yesterday, tough draw – trying to convince ma da to take us to rennais :)). Onward to ibrox to play the deid team on sunday.




  7. I’m not as emotional as some Celtic fans over Sinclair



    He will go down as an Treble Treble winner and an Invincible. Never lost a dometic trophy in his time here… that’s a pretty good way to bow out



    We have to move on and progress though

  8. another winger , somebody is having a laugh, just what we don’t need , proper defenders yes but wingers come on, somebody is no listening.

  9. AURORABOREALIS79 on 30TH AUGUST 2019 9:58 PM


    Welcome to celtic Elyounoussi!


    Anyone know anything about this guy?


    Club career : Sarpsborg, Molde, Basel, Southhampton – 254 games – 80 goals


    International career : Norway – 21 games – 5 goals


    Signed ayers ago on 5 year contract with Southhampton for £16m

  10. Aurora, Southampton paid 16 million for him just over 12 months ago. Destroyed us when playing for Molde.



    Ron, God Bless you, Boli & Julien pigs in a poke, a 16 million winger , we don’t need, be happy son, it will all work out.




    Thanks buddy. There are so many other Celtic Supporters blogs without the bullies that cqn seem to attract. A brilliant blog ruined by “ those who know better”. Shame. HH

  12. Free sports. …channel 64…on bt. Box…not sure Freeview. Number….start now..game from last night

  13. Yer a Belter of a Celt Frank, goodness seeps out yer pores. As you say Come on the Celtic.



    God Bless you.






    Bhoylo – I agree I like Scottie, he hasn’t been as effective since his first Season. He is a cool Celt and probably has the best ever song Respecting him.

  14. *** CQN PLAYER OF THE YEAR 2019-20 ***




    So, the results from the first game have now been counted. A total of 179 votes came in from 61 different CQNrs (not everyone made 3 selections…). And I can announce that the total votes cast for each player are as follows –


    Gordon: 1


    Ajer: 2


    Jullien: 11


    Bitton: 15


    Bolingoli-Mbombo: 7


    Brown: 2


    McGregor: 8


    Forrest: 56


    Christie: 29


    Johnston: 9


    Edouard: 38


    Ralston: 0


    Bayo: 1


    Morgan: 0


    Unused subs – Hazard, Ntcham, Hayes, Griffiths



    So the players receiving points for the game against AIK are –


    Forrest – 5 pts


    Edouard – 4 pts


    Christie – 3 pts


    Bitton – 2 pts


    Jullien – 1 pt



    A few wee observations –


    Of the 61 folk that voted, 56 gave one of their votes to James Forrest.


    17 people all voted the same – Forrest, Edouard and Christie.


    And for what it’s worth, I went for Forrest, Bitton and Brown. Just glad that I wasn’t the only one who saw what Captain Scott brought to the table (thanks Friesdorfer!).


    There’ll be less ‘reminders’ on the Blog now from me as each game comes around. Just keep a note of the email address (CQNPOTY@GMAIL.COM) and remember to vote after the Glasgow Derby finishes, and before 10.00pm the following evening.


    Hail Hail! And goodnight!

  15. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Welcome Ely



    I’ll take this now if he’s playable. That’s about as far a window from the Willow window as I can remember.



    We got gaps, rennes beat psg, we’re gonna have ups and downs , let’s run riot at punishedbyuefabrox .

  16. CORKCELT on 30TH AUGUST 2019 10:05 PM


    i wish i had your foresight, time will tell , still think we have spent £10m on 2 pigs in a poke

  17. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    AURORABOREALIS79 on 30TH AUGUST 2019 9:58 PM


    Welcome to celtic Elyounoussi!


    Anyone know anything about this guy?






    I sat in a Force 6 storm that lashed the stadium in Molde the night they beat us 3 – 1 a few years ago under Ronny, and I wished fervently that he was playing for us. Fast, tricky and knows when to pass and when to go. Good player.



    I also wished that all this rain would stop falling down on me.

  18. is this another new player we have to wait to get up to speed or will he be spending more time on the injury sidelines as per the other new recruits.

  19. Corkie…..you think pour transfers are a planned to help quality do cl? Improve squad? Help next year’s qualifications? You think PL. Should pocket £3M this year? Or would you rather spent it on. A left back 2 months ago?

  20. Ron I’m working on a song for you.



    How about this for a start.


    Boli & Julien, They do great things


    They do Ron Ron, They do Ron Ron


    Somebody said they were a pair of pigs


    T’was you Ron Ron, T’was you Ron Ron




  21. I praise players….. but board are worse than negligent. . And go to age ..see how they are. Disconnected from support

  22. Oops, meant to say that you don’t need to vote after EVERY game; just the ones you see! And if anyone didn’t vote for game 1 there’s no problem joining in as the season progresses.


    Definitely away this time…

  23. BIG WAVY


    Arzani is also a loanee, so that makes 4, with Forster, Bauer and Elyounoussi. I think that would rule out a loan move for Wanyama.



  24. Loan players are for emergencies……..next year even more positions to find …stupid beyond belief….

  25. AuroraBorealis79 on

    EMBRAMIKE on30TH AUGUST 2019 10:05 PM



    Club career : Sarpsborg, Molde, Basel, Southhampton – 254 games – 80 goals




    That is quite an Impressive return of goals to games for a winger.



    Off to watch a few clips

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