For as long as Celtic’s history is written, these days will live in legend


Queens Park (twice) Vale of Leven, Rangers (twice) and Aberdeen have all won the Scottish Cup three consecutive seasons.  The latter were the last, in 1984.  Celtic have won the old trophy 38 times, more than any others, but have never won the Cup three time in-a-row.

They successfully retained the Cup only eight times, the first time in 1901, when they beat Queens Park in the final, having despatched Rangers in the previous final.  It looked good for three-in-a-row the following season, when Celtic faced Hearts in the final, but despite goals from McOustra, Quinn and McMahon, Hearts scored four and the trophy went to Edinburgh.

The record could then have been put right in 1909.  Celtic got the better of Hearts in the 1907 final, and St Mirren a year later, but 1909 was the year the Cup was withheld after a riot, a fire and many injured Celtic and Rangers fans.

Celtic dominated the Scottish Cup in this era.  Dundee won the Cup in 1910, the only side apart from Celtic who won it between 1906 and 1913.  And without wanting to write too much about them getting the better of us, it was Hearts, again, who in 1913 stopped Celtic, after successes against Hamilton and Clyde in the two previous finals.  That loss to Hearts also cost Celtic four-in-a-row, as they won the trophy again in 1914.

Fans in this era would have grown used to retaining the Scottish Cup, but it would be an incredible 60 years before Celtic would do so again.  Celtic beat Rangers in 1971 and Hibs in 1972, but lost 3-2 to Rangers in 1973’s Centenary Scottish Cup Final.  That loss actually denied Celtic five Cup wins in-a-row, as they beat Dundee United in the 1974 final and oldco Airdrie in 1975 (my first Scottish Cup Final).  The 1976 attempt at three-in-a-row ended at Fir Park, when Motherwell won their third round tie.

The closest we came to three-in-a-row was 1990.  Having beat Dundee United in our own Centenary Season Cup Final in 1988, we denied Rangers a treble to beat them in the 1989 Final.  Celtic had a miserable 1989-90 season, but a fourth round win over Rangers cleared the way for a run to Hampden and Aberdeen.  90 minutes and extra time came and went without a goal.  18 penalties could not separate the teams, but after Anton Rogan missed Celtic’s 10th kick, Aberdeen scored to win.

Martin O’Neill’s Celtic won the cup in their imperious 2003-04 season, with Henrik Larsson bidding farewell by despatching Dunfermline, then Martin bid farewell after a far-from imperious 2004-05 season with a Cup Final win over Dunfermline.

Celtic’s next opportunity to win three consecutive Scottish Cups came in 2006, but, alas Roy Keane and Du Wei’s debut, also the latter’s final game, is remembered warmly by Clyde fans.  Which brings us to tomorrow.  After completing the Invincible Treble by beating Aberdeen in the 2017 Final, Celtic achieved the Double Treble last season when they overcame Motherwell in the Final.

In our long and illustrious history, on only eight occasions have we retained the Scottish Cup and we have never achieved what will be attempted tomorrow.  If it helps you contextualise how much an achievement the Treble Treble would be, the Scottish Cup treble alone has been an as yet impossible task.

For as long as Celtic’s history is written, these days will live in legend.  Let’s make it happen.

No pressure now, Celtic.


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  1. Petec 12.12am



    Magic :-)



    A few good tunes attached .. Freedom by QFX was always my wee feel good tune during the 90s… maybe the SNP should have hired QFX back in the day and they might have succeeded :-)

  2. Gerry – the Very Best Wishes to you and all yer Crew.



    This is a very hard game the day. I hope Neils Managerial skills shine through WHEN it MATTERS.

  3. Matt Stewart on

    Ah good old 25th May…..



    I often think about it, but I have probably only put my thoughts in black and white but once.



    That was on 26th August 2009 and we were about to play Arsenal in the UEFA cup at the emirates …..and we were 0-2 down from the first leg. I said earlier that I always believed we would win any game….I actually believed in my mind’s simplistic world that against the Gunners that night we would not only win, but overcome the deficit and qualify…..WHY?



    Well 25th May 1967 had everything to do with it……and every 25th May that day returns like sunshine breaking the horizon to light the day.



    (Off to bed now, so everyone have a day to remember, a story to tell and a smile on their face)





    Sometimes the only sensible thing to do is to dream.



    On 25th May 1967 I sat behind the chair in the living room of our wee house in Coatbridge. Batman was on the telly and while the black and white images from the postage stamp sized British Relay set flickered in front of my 13year old eyes, I was impervious to the ‘biff’, ‘bang’, ‘yikes’, ‘holy hoodlums Batman’ mayhem that filled the 405 lines. All I could do was glance every two seconds or so at the clock beside the indoor aerial. It seemed stuck in its own time warp just as my mind was stuck in a future time zone albeit only two or three hours in the future.



    I willed that minute hand to move and with a final click and the evolved magic of Logie Baird’s idea, the blacks, greys and whites coalesced into an image of a far away ground, in a far away country, but with the far away sights and sounds seeming as familiar, expectant and inspiring as a Phil Coles’ double-decker singing, swinging, bouncing and irreverently heading out the Glasgow road towards Celtic Park.



    The sound wasn’t great; the pictures were grainy; the sun was shining; but with the fertile mind of wishing and praying, I was telescoped onto the terraces of that unforgettable ground. I knew and greeted every Bhoy and Ghirl there, I knew and joined in with every song, I swayed and cheered and moaned and cheered and groaned and cheered and cheered and cheered with every pass and shot and header and foul and save.



    I ran out of bottom lips to bite through; I chewed tongue and cheek till they bled and then in the blink of an eye, in a waterfall of dimension-altering intensity, every window in our street was thrown open, every door yielded to brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and extended families who didn’t have tellies and had popped in for a cup of sugar.



    The street was a microcosm of the Gallowgate, a hologram of Estadio Nacional, a 100% concentrated distillation of ecstatic indefinable inexplicability. We ran from end to end of the narrow road, we hugged and smiled, and laughed, and stared to the sky “we’ve done it, we’ve done it” an older lad that I didn’t recognise and haven’t ever seen again, turned to me and said “We’ve not just done it, WE done it son. Everyone who was there everyone who is here and everyone who’s ever stood and knew how special this club is.”



    It doesn’t get much better.



    Yes, eleven Olympians and one Zeus had changed the face of mere mortals’ concepts of football, but more and so much more; with his finger pointing at each and every one of us, through the clouds of immortality, John Stein had made us not only dream the impossible but had taken that dream that had started in the depths of our imagination and painted it on the canvas of our own reality.



    Tonight, perhaps as age pales the vivid expanse of the mind’s eye, our dreams are less ambitious; perhaps like the silo mentality of society we have become more fearful of imagination; perhaps we are conditioned by reason and cynicism to probability, odds, and logic.



    Perhaps I should be the same as everyone else who looks upon Mission Impossible and dreads the fate that awaits tonight.



    Except, just for the next few hours I’m going to remember not just the dream, not just the ecstasy, not just the world of black and white lives given colour by the magic of the simplicity of football.



    I’m really going to relive the total unreasonableness of expectation, of belief and of a confidence whose roots are nourished only in the garden of the gods.



    This is what we live for.



    This isn’t Lisbon, this isn’t the European Cup Final, and perhaps this isn’t so much mission impossible but more in Richard Dawkins’ phrase “Mount Improbable”.



    Well I’m about to start the climb, and I think it’s time to show the world again, not just the football but who we are and what we represent even more importantly – who we always will be and what we always will represent!



    The clock is ticking so slowly again; my lips are in position for a biting; and I can’t wait.



    Hail Hail






    Hail hail



    and Good night all.




  4. Petec 12.46am



    Hitting ma kip as well, having watched Broony, KT, Mikey Johnston doing their press conferences our players know what they need to do … youngest nephew is at a wedding tomorrow 12pm kick off in Coatbrig then on to Straven hotel ? for wedding reception two very big Celtic families with a few Sevconian acquaintances also invited … glad am staying in ML5



    Fellow Celts good morning n god bless




    If you forgive me for saying so, that is a very bizarre post.



    There was one of a similar tone yesterday. And maybe folk think they are having a pop at Snakeyes Fraudgers but all it does is do Celtic down.



    Apparently Kris Commons put it out there that Lenny came in and got in contact with the Griff and before Lenny came that hadn’t been happening.



    Now, I was very proud the way our Club seemed to have handled things around LG and when you compare it to the treatment he got in the Scotland camp our thoughtful, empathetic and open approach seemed fine. These things are always challenging, especially for the person involved of course.



    But the idea that our “professional and supportive” role didn’t happen or was certainly less than expected seems to fly in the face of what we’ve understood and certainly what Leigh deserved.



    This evening it is Joe McHugh and Celtic’s work with the Academy. Comparing Lenny’s supportive approach with BR’s ignoring these bhoys.



    It’s a nonsense thats impossible to believe. Now when BR first came to Celtic my understanding was he had looked at every player from bhoys, through U20s, through the development squad to the first team.



    He’d got a plan for every player and this person centred approach to each bhoys career was acted upon.



    Now we hear BR wasn’t interested in the Academy… this is surely nuts.



    Especially when you compare and contrast Lenny’s approach.



    This is highlighted by JAMES FORREST @ 8:58 PM. With a lot of stuff I didn’t know but chimes with a lot of stuff I do know.



    Now Lenny was in charge of the Celtic Academy when Tony Mowbray was Manager, he pressed TM to give more development and youth players a chance. Tony never really did. Of course Aiden was a key member of the first team by then.



    Now TM got sacked and Lenny took over, there was one exception but Lenny didn’t play or support or develop Academy players in his four years as Manager. Players like Jackson Irvine and Callum McGregor got little development, while brought in prospects like Amido Balde and Darnell Fisher got opportunities.



    Fair dos, if that’s the way Lenny managed it, if that was Lenny’s approach then so be it.



    Of course the exception was James Forrest who was promoted to the first team when Lenny was at the Academy and was a member of the first team squad during Lenny’s first tenure. Of course whether the lhad got the support, coaching and the development he needed is subjective, I leave that to you.



    It’s also worth pointing out that previous Academy bhoys such as Shaun Maloney and Charlie Mulgrew were in that team.



    Now during Brendan Rodgers’ tenure, the current Academy graduates that were already in the squad came on enormously and a dozen Academy bhoys have been given a first team opportunities. Now a couple real prospects have moved on, the likes of Aiden Nesbit but many of them are still there and have development plans. It’s seen them go out on loan and get extended opportunities. Calvin Miller for example. The Jury seems to be still out but no doubt the bhoy had potential and has been afforded every opportunity.



    So for whatever motivates the likes of Joe McHugh to write this blatant nonsense, I’d say to Celtic supporters they are not putting just our ex-managed down, they are putting our Club down. I’d also supporters to take this stuff with a pinch of salt and use their own knowledge and common sense.



    As usual I make no judgement, different Managers and Coaches have different approaches.



    Yet to compare Lenny’s approach to Academies, which was one of limited interest, he’d much rather bring in a young prospect like Victor Wanyama and give them the opportunity.



    To Brendan Rodgers, who is recognised as one of the world’s authorities and best in this regard is total balderdash…



    These writers need to get real. This nonsense does our Club no good.



    3 x 3



    Hail Hail

  6. TheLurkinTim on

    Matt…2010…Eyjafjallajökull…no av not had a stroke ;-)) And that white noise on the telly….is a message from the birth of the universe ;-))




  7. Petec



    Watching the Celtic v Hun game Mulgrew diving header, Kris Commons dink them the Gary Hooper thunderbolt 3-0 after 53mims should have hammered them…. the Huns as usual Kyle Bartley & Lee McCullough kicking everything that moved … funnily enough Broony gets booked for winning the ball and wiping out Salim Kerkar :-) Broony has accumulated many appearances for us he must have played with more players than any other Celt … the team that day had Loovens, Matthews, Sammi … I realise big Billy and other players who have played hunners of games ie the Maestro but our Scotty Bhoy has played through multiple of different teams, formations & hundreds of Celtic players … whit a shift… el capitano :-)

  8. GFTB,



    Even if Celtic fall short Today. All the Bhoys should be afforded the most rapturous appreciative applause for Every effort given.



    If we win…………



    PARTEEEEEE people and Love it Brother.

  9. Just watching that Praying Mantis Theresa May on BBC News Greeting.


    I watched it “Live” yesterday….Funny how we never saw that Creep Greeting when Food Banks are hitting record levels, when Knife crime is costing more and more young lives because SHE Cut back on Polis funding…Funny how She wasnt Greeting when she visited The Grenfell Tragedy, Funny how folk are STILL being forced to live in Tower Blocks with unsafe Panels STILL on their buildings, despite Mays Promises to rehouse those Folk, and/or remove the unsafe Panels………All of this and MORE….and yet this Tory Bitch has the Audacity to Greet and tell everyone how ” she loves this country” ?


    Aye Right…She only loves her own…



    Her “Tears”, were a Sham, ALL Self Pity…just when I thought She couldnt look more Uglier….when that bottom Lip ( The Wash Hand Basin) started to tremble…She took Ugliness to another level.




  10. Its now some 38 years since I left my 1st Wife….Best decision that I ever made.


    It’s now 9 Years since my 2nd Wife left Me….Best decision that she ever made ( although She does regret it….but Im glad that she did leave )….Another Great Day.


    That marriage Lark is Crap…it’s just NOT for Me…Love em…and feckin Leave em…..Simples !


    Or start an Argument, and inspire THEMS to Leave You….Also simples !


    I dont need Hun Wives, or Hun Weans, or Hun Girl Friends in My Life…I eventually dis own the lot of them, although some disown Me first, which is also absolutely Fine by Me !


    Life is GREAT ….and hopefully after Today and a Treble, Treble….Life will be even Sweeter, and i can get PURE STEAMING BOATS for the next Two Weeks or so…Withoot ANY Bonkers Power Mad Wummin Nagging Me ?



    Just Dae it Celtic !



  11. I should add, for anyone who is even remotely interested…..I am NOT Sexist, and Yes…I do like Wummin very much, as I still go out most weeks Chatting up the Burds…sometimes they Chat Me Up…especially when they are Pissed !



    I just do NOT want any FULL TIME Wummin any more…Ive had scores of relationships etc. more than my fair share, thats for sure, and I still enjoy having a Good Looking Burd on my arm, and having Plenty of laughs and other kinds of Physical Fun with different ones most weeks, WITHOUT ALL the feckin Hassle of Female Jealousy, Nagging, and Telling ME where I MUST be at certain times etc etc…Feck that….




  12. I am one of the Great “UNTAMED”…and I dont mind admitting it….Many Wummin have tried to tame this Big Chump over the Years….Mission Feckin Impossible !



    HOPEFULLY, after Victory Today v the Mini Huns….I will be celebrating with a great number of Beers ( and maybe a Burd …or Two ?)….AFTER I watch The Celtic Treble Treble Parade go right by My Front Door…and Local bars ?



    Just Feckin Dae it Celts….and then we can count all the Huns lobbing themselves oot of their windaes !



  13. I better remember to put on a Suit today after the game and HOPEFULLY Victory…in case I meet a Burd or Two ?


    Maybe I can give a Burd…” Fifty Shades of Big Jimmy”…IF She gets Lucky ?



  14. celticforever on




    You definitely have the gift of the gab mate



    I think tonight mothers need to lock up their daughters




    Happy pulling

  15. CELTICFOREVER on 25TH MAY 2019 6:41 AM




    They can lock up their Daughters all they want….whos gonna lock up the mothers ? LOL



    Over the years Ive had 2/3 or even 4 Burds on the go at the same time, i even got a Burd one day at My Mates funeral.


    I’d never seen this Burd before, but after a bit of Chat/drinks etc…she was Putty….you know the rest.



  16. IF Neil Lennon doesnt get the Celtic job…why dont we go after some of those EXPERT Pundits, who are forever sharing their Fitba knowledge with us, and where ceratin Managers are going wrong every week etc…Neil McCann…anyone ?





  17. IRISH 2,000 guineas Today at the Curragh @ 3.35.


    A couple of weeks ago, I heard a TINY EACH WAY Whisper for a Horse called ” SHELIR”…its 28/1.


    It MIGHT be worth a couple of Quid each way ?


    It may turn out to be the ONLY NAG that I have any luck with today ? LOL



  18. Gooooooooood Cup Final Mooooornining CQN from a dry, slightly overcast, but Green and White Garngad ??????



    Oh what a beautiful morning……. Today we have a chance to make history and I hope all of our players realise this.???????????


    If for any reason we do not win today, then I still think it’s been a great history making season.



    Personally I think we will win, I will stick my neck out and say we are going to click into gear today, in what could be NFL’s last game and win……. 4-1.. ???



    Right I think I can get another hours kip.



    D. :)

  19. David66 7.43am



    No rest for the wicked, wee granddaughter dropped off at 7.45am while her mum furs to the gym



    Possibly Neil’s last game as interim manager before he takes control permanently :-)



    That’s just a wee joke for the “I love Lenny but need to move forward” Brigade :-)

  20. furs – goes ???



    What spellcheck even changes that



    Enjoy your day fellow Celts, canny see many of us being around for another possible treble treble :-)



    Still a terrific season to even get to this point after Athens and what followed, the premiership might be the land of milk & honey but even though I wish him well as a Celtic fan ask yourself this would you prefer lining up against Hearts today or Derby on Monday … whooft it’s been a long long season

  21. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    25th May .


    A day shrouded in the history of Celtic


    Let’s continue our domination of Scottish football and our players can be idolised like those who went before them




  22. Feeling trebly good today and hope all Celts are.



    I trust Neil and the Bhoys can show that we are superior to Hearts in every department. If we can match or better their effort, if we can cope with the pace of Mulraney and the physicality of Ikpeazu then we will triumph as they have nothing else to throw at us.



    Looking for an unlikely hero today-



    Kris Ajer has not scored too many goals for us- maybe today’s the day???



    Then again, Tom Rogic, has been quiet too and he loves Hampden.



    Big Mikel with a parting gift of a goal from a genuine legend of this 8iar achievement???



    I can’t wait

  23. Come on You Bhoys in Green.



    Go out there and make it Happen.



    Dinnae wait.



    Neil – You are already a Legend, get them right on it Today.

  24. Morning peeps . Hopefully another piece of history making today .



    a wee mention for my girls two labradors , three years old today, happy birthday bhoys .



    also the Anniversary of Lisbon , and the anniversary of the funeral of one of lifes ghood ghuys , thoughts with the BARCAMOLES family and friends , God Bless FRANNY MCLURE , ” and the music takes me back to pennilee ”



    DAVID thoughts with you and your family on the loss of your Brother.





    COYBIG…Mon The HOOPS !!!!!

  25. Let’s hope we can have a Gr888t day today



    25th May, pencilled into every Celtic fans heart.



    2 years ago today, many of us descended on the famous steps in Lisbon


    I returned to visit my Auld Da in a hospital bed, and gave him one of BRTH’s Lisbon t-shirts


    He had let the full ward know where I had been, and was delighted to sit in his hospital bed with the t-shirt on


    My Auld Da would have been 84 today


    So today, I will visit his grave


    Then hopefully watched Scott Brown, become a Celtic Legend, joining those Legends we celebrated in Lisbon



    H8il H8il

  26. Good morning, friends, from a cloudy bit dry and bright looking East KIlbride.


    My 2 Bhoys will be representing The Baldies at Hampden today. I’m hosting the TV watch with a dozen or so relatives, friends and neighbours. pre match rolls on skwerr, half time pies, the lot! What a time to be alive!

  27. Wish I was going to Hampden today (much as I loath the place) but that’s another story.



    Please win the Cup today, Celtic. I can’t see the achievement of the Treble Treble ever being equalled.

  28. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    God bless The Barca Mole


    Heart of gold and gentleman ?

  29. Oh Hampdump in the sun…. The Celtic 4 – the mini Huns 1…







    D. :)

  30. Today is the 25th May, surely the most Poignant Scoreline is Celtic to win 2 – 1 @ 8/1 with Bet365 ?


    OR..as it’s 52 years since Lisbon maybe….Celtic to win 5 – 2 @ 80/1 with Bet365 ?



    My money is on both correct scores.



  31. prestonpans bhoys on

    Missed a call @8:16 from my supporters club this morning. Phoned back five minutes later to, find out that the offer of a ticket was taken up ???

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