For as long as Celtic’s history is written, these days will live in legend


Queens Park (twice) Vale of Leven, Rangers (twice) and Aberdeen have all won the Scottish Cup three consecutive seasons.  The latter were the last, in 1984.  Celtic have won the old trophy 38 times, more than any others, but have never won the Cup three time in-a-row.

They successfully retained the Cup only eight times, the first time in 1901, when they beat Queens Park in the final, having despatched Rangers in the previous final.  It looked good for three-in-a-row the following season, when Celtic faced Hearts in the final, but despite goals from McOustra, Quinn and McMahon, Hearts scored four and the trophy went to Edinburgh.

The record could then have been put right in 1909.  Celtic got the better of Hearts in the 1907 final, and St Mirren a year later, but 1909 was the year the Cup was withheld after a riot, a fire and many injured Celtic and Rangers fans.

Celtic dominated the Scottish Cup in this era.  Dundee won the Cup in 1910, the only side apart from Celtic who won it between 1906 and 1913.  And without wanting to write too much about them getting the better of us, it was Hearts, again, who in 1913 stopped Celtic, after successes against Hamilton and Clyde in the two previous finals.  That loss to Hearts also cost Celtic four-in-a-row, as they won the trophy again in 1914.

Fans in this era would have grown used to retaining the Scottish Cup, but it would be an incredible 60 years before Celtic would do so again.  Celtic beat Rangers in 1971 and Hibs in 1972, but lost 3-2 to Rangers in 1973’s Centenary Scottish Cup Final.  That loss actually denied Celtic five Cup wins in-a-row, as they beat Dundee United in the 1974 final and oldco Airdrie in 1975 (my first Scottish Cup Final).  The 1976 attempt at three-in-a-row ended at Fir Park, when Motherwell won their third round tie.

The closest we came to three-in-a-row was 1990.  Having beat Dundee United in our own Centenary Season Cup Final in 1988, we denied Rangers a treble to beat them in the 1989 Final.  Celtic had a miserable 1989-90 season, but a fourth round win over Rangers cleared the way for a run to Hampden and Aberdeen.  90 minutes and extra time came and went without a goal.  18 penalties could not separate the teams, but after Anton Rogan missed Celtic’s 10th kick, Aberdeen scored to win.

Martin O’Neill’s Celtic won the cup in their imperious 2003-04 season, with Henrik Larsson bidding farewell by despatching Dunfermline, then Martin bid farewell after a far-from imperious 2004-05 season with a Cup Final win over Dunfermline.

Celtic’s next opportunity to win three consecutive Scottish Cups came in 2006, but, alas Roy Keane and Du Wei’s debut, also the latter’s final game, is remembered warmly by Clyde fans.  Which brings us to tomorrow.  After completing the Invincible Treble by beating Aberdeen in the 2017 Final, Celtic achieved the Double Treble last season when they overcame Motherwell in the Final.

In our long and illustrious history, on only eight occasions have we retained the Scottish Cup and we have never achieved what will be attempted tomorrow.  If it helps you contextualise how much an achievement the Treble Treble would be, the Scottish Cup treble alone has been an as yet impossible task.

For as long as Celtic’s history is written, these days will live in legend.  Let’s make it happen.

No pressure now, Celtic.


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  1. Fool Time Whistle on

    What happens to this place sometimes is tragic.



    James, with the greatest genuine respect to you, it seems that you should follow your own advice.



    Just scroll by & engage with those who want a constructive discourse Or like me comment & move on.



    My critics on here complain about my style but I’ve learned to accept, to ignore & sometimes even join in the joke.


    I will often use 100 words when 10 would normally do.



    There also are some posters that are just not for me, so I do what you recommend – I scroll by & look for calmer waters & a fair wind.



    Getting so angry can’t be good for you, name calling needlessly antagonises others & makes this place somewhere that somefolk would rather not be part of.




  2. Mahe the Madman on

    David66,,God bless you and your family on this very sad day. May your brother Rest In Peace my friend.



    Howdy Qner’s and genuinely hope everyone is good. Happy Friday and Hail Hail

  3. BIG WAVY on 24TH MAY 2019 2:31 PM,



    we lost rodgers, toure, lee (not very good) and another bloke, that is a total of 4 and is what you would expect when a manager leaves. the infustructure, medics, sport sciences, scouts and most of the coaching staff remain in place.



    We need a first team coach, assistant coach and head of recruitment. The big rebuild is just not truth. We have The core of a good squad and have some very good youngsters coming into The squad. We need a Rightback,


    Centreback and Striker.




  4. eddieinkirkmichael on

    James Forrest


    ‘Yeah, I’m off and running f@cknut, and that’s your fault.’



    No, that’s your fault for not controlling your temper and behaving like a spoiled brat.

  5. JAMES FORREST on 24TH MAY 2019 2:53 PM





    Ignore me. Scroll by. I don’t want to hear from you.






    Ha, ha ha…..What an image that conjures up…



    Talk to the hand csc

  6. I have no favourite in the managerial stakes- my single track focus is on 3pm at Hampden on Saturday.



    Whoever gets the gig after that- will get my support.



    He won’t be a bad Celtic manager on Day 1 of his appointment- he will actually have to do badly before he is considered a bad manager




    The change would have to have been dramatic, and nearly total.



    He isn’t a man who changes his mind easily.



    In 2010, he said the academy system in the UK wasn’t worth investing in. He got into an argument about that with Mark Wotte in 2013. In 2015, whilst at Bolton, he repeated the view that youth academies are a waste of club resources.



    It well be that he’s changed his mind on other stuff … but I see no sign of it.

  8. Unlike many fans, I really hope the players tomorrow are able to focus on the 90 minutes. Each corner, tackle and pass.



    I really feel we have over complicated things by making too much mention of history. Any talk, or songs, of the 10 should be safely stored away for future use.



    Never mind 1910. You’d imagine only Kieran Tierney has a raft of Celtic history books at home.



    Let’s focus on 90 minutes of football. Beat hearts.



    Next – imaginative decision re manager.



    Next season – a further league title please (which will be out 9th on the trot)



    Keep it simple. One game at a time

  9. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    BIG WAVY on 24TH MAY 2019 2:57 PM









    Lenny as manager





    Someone else (enlightened and more progressive) as DoF





    Why have a DoF, promoting the methods you stated on your earlier posts and a manager, who doesn’t but into those methods?



    Beats me.




    Well said that man. It was one of the things Brendan Rodgers got absolutely 100% right.,



    He instilled in the players a very simple philosophy that titles and trophies are won one game at a time.



    And that’s exactly how the players should be thinking of this one.



    On our day, focussed, we’ll put three, four, five past this mob. The rest is background noise.

  11. bluegrass celt on

    James Forrest:


    Keep em coming. At lot of us feel the same way as yourself. Just try not to let your “short fuse” get lit by those who have ….erm, a shorter fuse mibbees ?


    Debates on here have been good the last few days. Where in the world would be if we all agreed with each other.


    Glad you’ve stood up for yourself. I get what you’re saying ?



    HH ?

  12. 67 European Cup Winners on

    JAMES FORREST on 24TH MAY 2019 2:52 PM



    Big apologies, I have mistaken you – In my defence my dyslexia confused the JJs James Forrest/John James


    I hope I made no offence







    I remember a lot of fire-and-brimstone debates on here over the years. Back when I first joined this site there was none of this petty sniping; people could be reasonable with one another.



    I stayed away from this site for more than a year because some people couldn’t help making everything personal; the atmosphere was toxic. My trouble is that when I needled I tend to respond to it; I didn’t self exile myself from this site for my own good – I actually enjoy an argument a little too much – but because the place didn’t need me making matters worse.



    I was accused of flouncing, of course, by people who’d rather keep the gutters overflowing.



    But yeah, I long for the days when you could come on here with any opinion at all – and I remember debates about a lot of non-football stuff, and even they were conducted with a level of class – and find someone who’d argue the point of view with you.



    I know why a lot of guys despair when I lower myself to that level, and to be fair I often go much lower. So I’ll tell you what, I will conduct myself better than that, for the good of everyone else here. SInce I’m going nowhere unless ejected by the moderators, I’ll try to raise my game.



    Thanks to everyone who’s tried to steer me in that direction. Apologies to those of you who are genuinly sick and tired of the s@itshow. Me too, you know?




    Hehehe worst possible comparison you could have made buddy :)



    But listen, not to worry.



    As I said the other day, I know and respect every one of the bloggers but one.



    You guessed it ;)

  15. James Forrest,


    How did you know the original post by Big Wavy was in relation to you ?

  16. Tiffs on cqn remind me of domestics with my Mrs.



    She tells me I’m a knob. That’s she’s never going to text me ever again. And that I shouldn’t either.



    I agree she is indeed a knob. That’s I’ll never text her ever again. And that She shouldn’t either.



    These ‘never again’ messages are often continued for many hours.



    We make up as soon as I agree I was wrong, often with wild romantic passion. While I’m not suggesting that those in question follow this path, I would ask that of you do, please don’t post any photos!!



    HH jg

  17. The Battered Bunnet on 24th May 2019 2:37 pm





    ‘mend your speech a little,


    Lest it may mar your fortunes.’




  18. thomthethim for Oscar OK on



    Is Leo Cullen, the Leinster Rugby Coach, the one that looks like the lovechild of De Valera and Lance Percival?






    Yep and stuck his big size 15s where they shouldn’t have gone.


    Saying Glasgow Warriors are huns and Celtic supporters should turn out and support Leinster,


    WITS team!!!

  19. James F



    Absolutely agree. If we focus on 90 mins v hearts, I really think we will win by min of 3.



    If we focus on winning a treble treble, 3 Scottish cups on the trot etc, we could over complicate our lot.



    Thanks to Stephen naismaith, I have an intense dislike of the current hearts team. I’d love to think his abject misery tomorrow will be the polar opposite of my unbridled joy (6 drink maximum)



    Leveins game plan will be to press, snap, niggle and shove. A fair referee and appropriate use of the cards would also be a positive.



    I’m starting to get excited about this one. Early rise for me.

  20. traditionalist88 on

    To be honest, I strongly suspect I’m going to be writing the most venomous piece I’ve penned in years by the time we know who the manager is, because I have a bad feeling , especially reading Lennon’s comments in full today, that is’ going to be him.








    You are angry about something that hasn’t happened and threatening to write ‘venemous’ pieces about it.



    Think about the treble treble tomorrow :)




  21. James Forrest



    You are obviously a reasonably educated guy, and some of your stuff is very good. However, you take yourself far too seriously sometimes and get too personal with people who dare to disagree with you. For your own sake man, take it easy. Remember, this is a blog for Celtic fans, who DO have differing opinions from others.







    Oh don’t worry, I’ve got it on my mind.



    My nails are already bitten to the blood-drawing point :)



    That said, I’m actually confident we’ll win comfortably … but man, oh man, it’s gonna be a long night.



    Thank God the new Total War title is out :)

  23. traditionalist88 on

    JAMES FORREST on 24TH MAY 2019 3:35 PM



    Yep, score first and we cruise it tomorrow I believe.










    I have no problem, and never have, with people who disagree with me.



    Back when I was drinking in the Tolbooth Bar, a group of the regulars used to needle me endlessly on politics and books and movies and music and football … and they did it because they liked that I enjoyed an argument and as one was a trade union rep he wanted to help me develop my debating skills.



    I have always loved a debate as a result of those days.



    What I dislike, intensely, is people who needle you just to needle you.



    That’s not disagreement.

  25. And for what it’s worth, James …. I think you write a lot of necessary and thought -provoking words on here and elsewhere.



    Your tone can also be provoking….acerbic at times and for eg ref NFL, many people seem to detect a personal agenda/dislike that your actual words may not intend….but your tone leads them to believe.



    And you’d not last lost as a trout mhate, Cos you bite every time.



    That said, so do I and I wouldn’t take well to the ‘oh no, look who’s arrived…’ posts that so often follow your own.



    That’s a bit P5 lassies-like for me.



    So…..on yous go. Kiss n make up and let some focus on tomorrow above all else…..for now.



    HH jg

  26. One brief opinion on our managerial search posting before tomorrow as less emotion in play today.



    When Brendan left us in the lurch, we immediately had 2 separate and almost distinct requirements.



    Of immediate concern, was to have a manger in the dugout for our next game – 36 or 48 hours time I seem to remember. The criteria was largely centred around availability and lack of any bedding in.



    We should also have set that criteria for our medium term. A manger / coach etc to take the team forward for c 3 years. Maintaining the ‘best bits’ of the Rodgers era, the professionalism, motivation whilst improving on a number of kvis. Europe and signings for example.



    The important point for me is that our short term and medium term requirements were each unique. It is entirely possible that each has a different solution.



    I even argued with friends that performance of our interim manager should not, in itself, have ruled him in or out for the job permanently.

  27. Yeah I’d have to say I agree with the last bit as well.



    His performance should have made not one blind bit of difference. The search for a permanent boss whould have been ongoing from the moment Rodgers cashed in his chips.



    The message after the game should be a simple, albiet brutal, one, with no time for sentiment at all.



    “Thanks, Neil Lennon, for stepping in, but INSERT NAME will take it from here …”



    Not a single supporter would have had any cause for concern or doubt or worry had that been the position from the start. God knows what the actual position is, but I will be horrified if in fact anyone at Parkhead is still pondering this. If they’ve spent three months on “wait and see” … wow.




    Oh we win this tomorrow mate, and we’re gonna re-write the book.



    I don’t like that the League Cup has been reorganised so that it lands slap back in the middle of European games … that disadvantages us in a number of ways.



    But if we do this tomorrow and then secure that League Cup again before the turn of the year … my God, can you even imagine it? We’d be odds on …



    I know, one trophy at a time ;) But I said at the start of this season that the League Cup would tell the tale. Win that, said I, and we’re on for 3Treble …



    This is a period of dominance unlike any other in the history of the game here.



    Our club, not theirs. Even at the height of the old club’s power, when they were signing internationasl every window, they never got close to a sustained run like this. Even more hilarious is that we saved the best of ourselves until a team wearing their colours and flying their daft flag was back in the league.



    Sweet, sweet vengeance.

  29. glendalystonsils on

    James Forrest



    You write well and want what’s best for Celtic . You’ve expressed your fears over the board appointing Neil Lennon and given reasons why. That should not provoke a vitriolic response .

  30. Sombre, serious statement from Celtic on the Jim McCafferty thing.






    This will start another round of “pay compensation” demands etc … but there are people who will not be happy until the doors of Celtic Park are bolted and padlocked shut, forever.



    I didn’t know that our club was the first to hire a safeguarding officer.



    I think it’s important that we put that in the statement.



    A lot of us have strong feelings on this – I have my own and I’ll keep them to myself for once – but I find it very hard to ignore the tone and tenor of some of the venom launched our way on this subject. Some in the media – like Waddell at the weekend – are so open about what they want the end result to be that the very idea it’s about respect for the victims is laughable.



    I believe Celtic does care about the victims; too much to use them as pawns in a raw struggle for power.

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