For others, winning anything is everything. Ofcom


Peter Lawwell’s letter to the broadcasting regulator, Ofcom, regarding Sky Television’s “grossly and irresponsibly misleading” sub-titles over Alfredo Morelos words, spoken in Spanish, will hopefully flush out the persons behind the act.

The letter states that the “effect and, [Celtic] believe, purpose of this misrepresentation was to broadcast offensive and incendiary allegations against Celtic Football Club and its supporters.

“Issues of racism and sectarianism are far too important to be manipulated in this way by any broadcaster or third party.”

Sky’s retraction and apology is not sufficient.  We would like to know which members of the media are prepared to broadcast untrue “offensive and incendiary allegations” against the club ourselves as fans.  It would help confirm long-held suspicions of standards in our media.

My cynicism suggests there will be a fall guy, he will say he acted alone and will take all the blame.  For a bung.

None of that will matter come 2pm on Sunday, when we fight for a place in the Scottish Cup quarterfinal.  This is cup football, when we are told, “anything can happen”.  These days, in Scotland, cup competitions have taken on a prominence seldom known in world football.

Apart from Celtic, no one has won a major trophy of any description since Hibs won the Scottish Cup four years ago.  There is a desperation in some places to win a trophy, to look for signs our dominance is slipping.

The same importance is placed on the cups at Celtic.  Brendan Rodgers rested players for a Europa League game ahead of a League Cup tie against Hearts.  Celtic’s dominance has attributed the League and Scottish Cups a status they both struggled to attain in the decades before, when the league was all.  Now, for Celtic, winning everything is our aim, and for the others, winning anything is everything.

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  1. Oh fishy yells vs Clyde



    Clyde v Celtic


    William Hill Scottish Cup


    Sunday 09/02/2020 2:00pm Broadwood Stadium


    Referee: Bobby Madden


    AR1: Calum Spence


    AR2: Michael Banks


    Fourth Official: Craig Napier






    How BBC Sport Scotland work


    “Griffiths COULD face charge”


    promoted by the above to the UK wide main football page, BBC Online


    “Sevco coaches banned”


    hidden away as article no. 6 on the SCOTTISH Football page.



    Yeah that’s typical Bias BBC Scotland we all know who their Favourite are.


    Boycott their License Fee I see its increasing to cover all the big yearly


    wage packets they pay out & for the people who don’t pay said fee


    I see there is support for not paying said rip-off fee/scam on the Net


    via You-Tube & Facebook the BBC use these numpty’s who cold call


    people who have not paid their scam fee complaing about being


    Filmed & some of the said numpty’s are using intimidating &


    threatning tactics the BBC are making out that if you watch any


    Live Event/Programme from your House without a TV License Fee


    being paid they can get you done for that anyway the latest news


    on said matter (Not Paying TV License Fee) is that their is talk that


    they (The People V The BBC) & MP’s are looking @ changing said


    so called dodgy Law from Criminal too a Civil Matter.


    If you go to any other Country near by for example Europe their


    Citizens there are not forced into paying an extortionet payment


    to support certain individuals life styles no wonder the UK is called


    Rip Off Britain by some people

  3. AN TEARMANN on 7TH FEBRUARY 2020 5:42 PM


    Akbw 1888


    Hi mate,my response was bout the use of such sites,who is really behind them ie rekkkord/suun.


    Your distress at the valuations is exactly what they want!it makes me smile as I know there is a hun inspired crayonscroller writing in hope/kackin themselves about our players


    Hope your good mate





    I’m fine mate thank God & I hope you are fine as well


    We should just ignore these so called talking pish rumours


    by gobshites who have not got a clue 50 Mill for Morelos


    aye in their dreams & he needs to have a word with his


    Sly TV Translator & stop cheating (stamping & diving around)


    & throwing the dummy out of the pram when things are


    not working out for him (aye cheating) we are going to


    get these so called gobshite rumours floating around on


    Social Media (The Net) this is typical gobshite gossip



  4. My friends in Celtic,



    Leigh Griffiths vendetta.


    SFA corruption


    Resumption of anti Celtic OB Mark 2 and subsequent dawn raids.


    Scottish “government ” sleeze.


    The Scottish establishment will protect Alex Salmond. Watch this space.


    Hollie Greig. ( Google it )


    Be wary, be very wary. Paranoia is justified.




  5. Operational Highlights


    • Currently top of the SPFL Premiership


    • Winners of the Scottish League Cup for the fourth season in a row


    • 21 home fixtures (2018:17)


    • Secured qualification for the round of 32 of the UEFA Europa League for the third year in a row


    • Conclusion of the most successful decade in the history of the club with 18 trophies won



    Financial Highlights


    • Revenue increased by 6.6% to £53.3m (2018: £50.0m)


    • Profit from trading was £7.1m (2018: £6.2m)


    • Profit from transfer of player registrations (shown as profit on disposal of intangible assets) £23.0m (2018: £17.6m)


    • Profit before taxation of £24.4m (2018: £18.8m)


    • Acquisition of player registrations of £15.0m (2018: £1.9m)


    • Period end net cash at bank of £32.9m (2018: £38.6m)


    • Period end net cash, net of debt and debt like items, of £45.1m (2018: £37.7m)

  6. Paul67 et al



    There is a breaking story, I think, that the Sun not only knew in advance of, but attended, the attack on Manchester United Chief Ed Woodward’s home late last month. If true it suggests that the Murdoch media, far from reporting on events, could well be actively involved in the story itself. Celtic are not the only football club complaining about the role of the media, Manchester United have lodged a complaint with IPSO (press watchdog) claiming that a journalist, and almost certainly a professional photographer were present, and that the presence of a ‘journalist’ “both encouraged and rewarded the perpetrators”…..And no peaceniks they.


    So, media not only reporting the story, but help create it in the firs place?


    Hold the back page! No?

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