For the generations


I have seen Celtic in a European final, as did my father, his father and his father before him. The new generation have yet to experience such drama.

Tonight we can take a big step towards a European quarter final.  It’s not a final, but it is an experience every Celtic fan should have.

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  1. Taking my eldest son and his pal to their first evening game and first European game tonight – definitely an experience every Celtic fan should have – any advice for decent parking? Been a looong while since I’ve been able to go to an evening game (John Hartson 1-0 against Hearts to win the league iirc) – is the Forge still the nearest safest bet (assuming I avoid Asda!).



    Any advice gratefully received.




  2. Getting a step ahead of ourselves! This is the “play off” round for the knock out stages. No idea how they make this stuff up but if we win this we are in the last 16, not the Quarter Finals.



    ‘Mon the hoops!

  3. Steve Murray Fanclub on

    Paul, I think there’s still another round of fixtures after this one before the quarter finals, so maybe we shouldn’t be getting too far ahead of ourselves. Having said that, really looking forward to the game tonight and think we can do enough.

  4. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    I like the statement and (what appears to be) the new approach.



    Doesn’t go off on one.



    Doesn’t pontificate endlessly like you know who.



    Concisely sets the record straight.



    The moves on.




    Hope we stick with this approach.



    Will help our fans see that we are in control



    … AND



    what other sleekit types are up to (there were 2 parties involved in this puff piece).



    From that the fans can make an informed choice about whether they continue to fund such organisations.



    From earlier.


    I also played for Spurs boys club when I was younger.


    Early 70’s for about 3 years. Big rivals were Phienix .


    Jim Mclymont was the manager then.

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  7. SAINT STIVS @ 12.28







    Thanks for that, I had never seen it before. Thought dear John did well as he kept the emotion out of his voice as he actually reported factually what had happened and what were the repercussions.







    Wonder if he would say the same thing now?







    Ave Ave

  8. Celtic will make chances tonight. Taking them or not is the variable.



    We restrict teams in high quality scoring opportunities better than any other Scottish team according to the stat people.



    So we have the ability.



    Quietly confident about this one.

  9. BILLYBHOY1967 on 17TH FEBRUARY 2022 12:59 PM





    I saw a comment from a hun on Twitter yesterday. The discussion was around Admin. He actually said ” HMRC pursued us relentlessly. They must have known it was a case they could never win!”



    I started to type a response but decided against it. I’d have been there for hours! :-)



    BILLYBHOY, I know what you mean.




    You start with logical and sensible thinking as you start to consider a response, then you quickly get to the conclusion “What’s the point trying to deal with that moronic level of thought?”




    The bottom line is you just KNOW they are hurting, especially at this time of the year.😁



    Ave Ave

  10. Doesn’t read like a ‘Paul Piece’ to me, I must say. Of course it is a step to a quarter-final, even to the semi & final itself, in a way that every game you play in a cup competition is, until you either get there, or, get knocked out.



    I really don’t think where we are now stands any reasonable comparison with those three finals of the past, or the QFs & SFs that we always expected to reach( nor, I wager, does Paul)



    This current squad has arrived in the Conference via failure in the two higher-ranking tourneys. We have not had our troubles to seek, either last season, or, this, for various reasons; however there is real hope domestically as the squad gels; but surely you would need to be a super optimist to look for anything other than modest success in Europe – getting past Bodo and into the round of sixteen, would in my opinion be modest success…..and very welcome.



    If we get to the next round then we assess again – perhaps a good dispatching of Bodo, together with continued domestic success will fire us up, if and when that time comes.



    The fences are there to be jumped, and we are showing we can jump them at times, but we’re not adverse to the ‘odd fall’.



    A good result against this team tonight is as far ahead as I’m willing to look on the European football front.

  11. JHB on 17TH FEBRUARY 2022 1:28 PM



    This current squad has arrived in the Conference via failure in the two higher-ranking tourneys.



    JHB, you are of course correct in that statement, but a wee check of the final placings in the Europa League shows the nuances that come into play in the group stages. Celtic finished on 9 points, in 3rd position. Three other teams (Real Sociedad, Olympiacos and Lazio) also finished on 9 points but in 2nd place. Only ONE team in all of the Groups finished in 2nd position on 8 points – thems are the rules of engagement of course, but who could be so hoachie? Guess we all know without checking.

  12. Billybhoy/emeralds.







    HMRC actually issued a tweet saying they did not loose any case.dont try to redact history with official bodies,no same club narrative here.



    Their self harm done them they own it.



    Died because they lied.



    Will dig it out bhoys.






    Off to game,may take in murphys and talk treason with a few old friends






    JHB Your 4.54 source?

  13. If we get to where we need to be — competitive in the CL group stages — everything else will take care of itself.



    We have played two potential CL teams this season and we played to a good standard but with a brittleness that can be managed / coached away.



    Starting slowly and building as we go — very good Jan — is the way to win the SPL.


    it is not the way of generating a head of steam in Europe.



    The Conference is the diddy cup but it is still a cup with some good teams involved.


    How many of the Last 24 will be in the CL group stages next season?


    We should be one of them so it is phasers set to malky.



    Should be a good game tonight — big result required so no pressure.

  14. Just checking bhoys … if we win over the 2 legs against the Norwegian fellas , are we into the Quarter Finals ?

  15. MADMITCH on 17TH FEBRUARY 2022 2:05 PM


    No — last 16.





    Cheers , I can only see 8 fixtures for Tonight , are there other games next week or are teams parachuting in after this round ?

  16. prestonpans bhoys on

    Got below from Celtic, now not a great flare fan but the other H&S issue is the number of bhoys in that area who don’t have a ST for it. That’s why it’s hammered and that’s the responsibility of Celtic via the stewards to check admissions.





    As you will likely be aware, the Club deemed it necessary to close the front of the Rail Seating Section for our match versus Raith Rovers on Sunday following safety issues which arose at our previous home Scottish Premiership match. We are pleased to confirm that progress has been made in addressing these safety issues



    The Club has reviewed match day operations in the Rail Seating Section, in consultation with external safety experts and the relevant authorities, and following positive engagement with supporters in the section. Consequently, we can confirm that the front section of the Rail Seating Section will be open for tomorrow evening’s match against Bodø/Glimt.



    In 2016, following a huge amount of work, we were proud to be the first club in the UK to establish a rail seating section and we are pleased that it has been so successful across the past number of years. We all have a responsibility to ensure that we can maintain the section for the long term and therefore it is crucial that we work together in ensuring that the stadium safety protocols are adhered to, in particular those provided in the Rail Seating Safety Code of Conduct.



    We would remind all supporters that any use of flares, fireworks or pyrotechnics by supporters is strictly prohibited at Celtic Park. Further, to prevent overcrowding in the rail seating section, only supporters with a valid ticket should be accessing this area. The Club will be communicating this clearly to all supporters attending Celtic Park and has updated match day operations managing access to the section. We would ask that you also play your part in this regard. Please work with the Club’s safety operations managing access to the section and please do not facilitate or encourage anyone to gain access to the Rail Seating Section without a valid ticket.



    Creating a safe, comfortable and enjoyable environment at Celtic Park for all of our supporters is of paramount importance to the Club and we look forward to working with all of our supporters on this going forward.



    Once again, we thank you sincerely for your ongoing cooperation, understanding and continued support.

  17. Google came to the rescue , the winners of conf group table are awaiting the winners of tonight’s knock out games … last 16 draw 25 Feb

  18. I missed this.



    Packy Bonnar wouldnt have caught it.






    CelticLisboa RetweetedRepublic Of Football@the_eriugena·10 FebJota hitting an imaginary golf shot to celebrate his first goal and Joe Hart pretending to catch his imaginary golf ball at the far end of the pitch is the thing you didn’t know you were going to see today🏌🏻‍♀️



  19. trying to jook into the Standing section is a hard manouvere.



    at the stairs up there are 2 layers of stewards checking tickets,

  20. 24 teams still in the CL.



    Games tonight are the EuL 3rd place teams vs CL 2nd Place teams = 8 games / 16 teams.



    Next round / Round of 16 will be the 8 winners of tonight’s fixtures / two leg ties — games tonight and next week — plus the 8 first place teams = another round of 8 games.



    We need to win two rounds to get to the QF’s and then the nerves begin.

  21. On the BBC`s TV sports pages, Today`s Games do not include the Europa Conference games. Anyone know why ( apart from the BBC ant-Celtic attitude) ?


    The fixtures ARE on their web site.

  22. park the bus MON beach ball sunday on

    Hun eejits at it again??


    £3 million for Brandon Barker??


    £8 million for 40 year old McGregor??


    Is this another cook the books thingy??


    Mibbees nothing, mibbees something??


    Timmy let’s its guard down, and well we know the rest….






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