Foregone conclusion territory


I don’t know about you but practically every football thought I have at the moment is connected to where we go next. The small matter of winning the league title has slipped into ‘foregone conclusion’ territory, which is always dangerous.

The players will be no different from the rest of us, but they will have more on their minds. A change of manager is likely to mean a new system, and new squad requirements. They need to focus on making the best of the next five games. One thing that has been reassuring this week is Ronny Deila’s comments. His professional pride is clear; he’ll apply himself fully to the task in hand until the end of the season.

Eyes on the task of winning the league, as soon as possible.

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    Indeed. Watch tonight’s Youth Final,Man City v Chelsea. Many signed for huge fees,many already on huge wages.






    You said we are biting too quick with new signings-whit,wis there a queue for them?



    You want me to rhyme them off,you tell me who were up against in signing them. Yet other clubs target their meagre resources much better.



    And for that,our CEO gets a million,a nonentity gets 600k-life changing money EVERY YEAR!-and a decent man gets saddled and sacked.



    And we get done up like kippers because we are Celtic supporters,faithful through and through.

  2. Thought I was here quick only to find TnT beat me to it again – just like our horse tips :-)

  3. GREENPINATA on 22ND APRIL 2016 12:18 PM






    I understand what you are saying.



    However what if we get rid of PL and the new CEO appoints a manager who is underwhelming.


    Do we still fling all our toys out the pram ?







    From last article, but quite apt with Paul 67 asking where do we go next.




    Re: “I give up”.



    I’m not feeling too jolly about things at the moment.



    If we have scouting staff et al making panic signings for reasons I mentioned above, for me we need new staff. I say that because we don’t have enough money to be panicking. Better that it’s not spent at all, than spent on somebody that we’re not 100% sure will do the job required.



    Best get some work done.

  5. traditionalist88 on

    thetimreaper on 22nd April 2016 12:23 pm



    Didn;t they take 24/24 at the start of the season?



    I agree its unlikely but we’re in no state to be complacent




  6. History will reflect better on Ronny if we secure the league title. As is the case with Gordon Strachan people remember the 3 titles in a row. From what a recall the majority couldn’t wait to get rid of him.

  7. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on

    Players are now playing for their places. Fringe guys will be doubly focussed and ready to pounce.



    That should see us over the line.

  8. I assume Celtic will have an over all budget for scouting players, which will include salaries for those employed to do the job, ex gratia payments for info, travel and accommodation costs for scouting staff and any signing targets on trial etc etc.



    There’s no way one scout is getting the sums suggested. It’s more like the over all figure that’s being quoted.

  9. TRAD88



    Yes they did but at this time of year I can’t see it, not against the top 5 teams in the league. The fact it’s even being considered tells it’s own story.

  10. There is absolutely no need to panic re new signings. The new manager/chief coach needs to clear out those guys he doesn’t want and find out if any others want away. He can then try to sign some fresh players he feels will buy into his ideas. We can only then trust and hope that he gets it right more often than not.


    I have no idea who will come in. My preference would be WGS.


    He gets Celtic and can put a team on the park that gets results. He can handle the media. I know his record down south is not stellar but IMO he is best bet right now. Ideally there is a young Guardiolaesque coach waiting in the wings to slot in once WGS has steadied the ship. Say 2 years hence.





    Wee comment about Gordon Strachan.



    How keen was he to play his best defender,despite the fact that he clearly was needed?



    Bobo cost us roughly £7m during his wilderness years when Lawwell tried to get rid of him. It probably cost us another two or three million to field his replacement.



    So £10m just to make a point.



    And he still made a …. of it. As he has ever since.

  12. Captain Beefheart on

    Ronny has professional pride.



    Do the dud players?



    Can’t see that Park figure being true. More guff.

  13. An Teach Solais on




    From the previous blog



    I know that all true Celtic supporters will continue to support the new manager and the buoys on the park. My poorly made point was that too many want instant gratification and someone to blame if the achievements are not up to expectations.


    If any player is fortunate enough to pull on the Celtic jersey then I expect nothing less than complete professionalism and at least adequate execution of the basic skills (which even Primary Schools U11 teams have drummed into them) concentration, movement, options, passing skills.


    Even in the days of Barnes and Dalglish I felt that no matter how much the players sisliked/disrespected Barnes and Black they were wearing a Celtic jersey and should not have needed motivation injected from the dugout.



    Incidentally I’m not that tall and the language is that of the Garden of Eden.


    Hopefully 3 points on Sunday !! HH

  14. Captain Beefheart on

    Ger 57, no need to panic at all. Europe will likely be a disaster with that collection of players.



    GS and NL shouldn’t be brought back. Got to look forward.

  15. More rock and roll sad news, Kanye West found alive and well in his apartment this morning

  16. traditionalist88 on

    thetimreaper on 22nd April 2016 12:31 pm



    I know what you mean. But they have 3 at home and two away, they are well capable with a fully fit squad.



    That said they’ll draw 1-1 tonight ;)




  17. Captain Beefheart


    Do you reckon we should just skip straight to the Guadiolaesque untried youngster?

  18. Neil Lennon has had his chance,no Plan B in Hampden semi and final ,against the heavyweights St. Mirren and Kilmarnock.

  19. Go tell the Spartim on

    Macjay 1



    it was definitely Racey playing on my grans radiogram ;-) – Scarred for life.



    For the life of me i cant fathom the PLC plan out. Youd think that being a PLC that runs a football club they could oversea other organisations/companies to generate their much vaunted cash.

  20. For me our next Managerial appiontment will be the most important since 1999.



    It’s imperative we get the right guy. At any cost.



    Why any cost?



    Firstly, we pay our CEO alot of money, relatively speaking. The accepted wisdom says… It’s a hugely important role and if we want the best, we need to pay.



    Secondly, Celtic supporters know more than most what an immense transformative effect a top quality Manager can have on a Club. Liecester City have proven that is as valid in 2016 as it was fifty Seasons ago in 1966.



    Thirdly, Ronny’s tenure has shown us, getting a Manager that falls short is a very expensive business.



    So, Celtic PLC accept that for certain important positions within the Club top $ needs to be paid. We know that top quality Managers make a huge difference to the fortunes of the Club.



    Ergo we need to go out and recruit a suitable top Manager for Celtic at any cost.



    And kinda soon…



    Hail Hail

  21. I’m confused Paul. Yesterday you basically assumed the league was won. Today it’s now important for us not to think like that (I agree with the later). Have you had our old friend cognitive dissonance over to stay?



    Still no views on our strategy etc etc. Interesting. Anyone would think that we aren’t changing our strategy. If so shouldn’t we be told or isn’t that good for SB sales.

  22. All any new manager needs to address re. playing squad is new defensive midfielder, new striker, clear out 12-15 from current squad.

  23. Imagine Celtic going into “foregone conclusion territory”.



    Would never happen on here.



    Ronny has already won the league…

  24. Neil Lennon, the Celtic manager who lost 2 out of 4 games to the tactical genius that is McCoist!


    No thanks, time to move on.

  25. “The small matter of winning the league title has slipped into ‘foregone conclusion’ territory, which is always dangerous.”



    Don’t know if you were following the comments on yesterday’s blog, Paul67, but it seemed to me that the mood was far from ‘foregone conclusion’ territory.



    Thankfully, Ronny doesn’t seem to think it’s a done deal. Hopefully he can still convince the players of that. It’s likely we’ll win, and I believe we will, but it’s no ‘foregone conclusion’.





    Not poorly made at all. And yes,that jersey should be motivation enough.




    The pity is that our custodians seem to think that a plonker wearing it deserves our support. He doesn’t. But for the money he’s on,he ain’t getting any sympathy either when he falls short.



    Me,I blame the suits,not the players.



    Do you want to sign for Celtic,son? There’s a question none of us would say-naw,I’m not really good enough.

  27. Let the people sing


    Let the players play.



    Plans B, C and D








    Lustig, Boyata, Erik


    Roberts, Brown, Mulgrew, SA or SA, Tierney


    Griff, KC or Johansen








    Lustig, Erik, Muldini, Tierney


    Roberts, Brown, SA or SA, Johansen


    Griff, KC or CKR








    Lustig, Erik, Muldini, Tierney


    Brown, Bitton, SA or SA


    Roberts, Griff, KC or Johansen



    but just not 4-2-3-1


    with FBs attacking and CB separated and centre mid over run and 2 wide players missing or hiding and Griff trying to do everything up front by himself.



    There is a league to be won.


    We have the players to do it.


    Play them in the right positions







  28. coolmore mafia on

    Ach, the league is as well as won. Aberdeen aren’t good enough. I don’t know the odds but we should be 1/50

  29. Only just catching up.


    ERNIE LYNCH on 22ND APRIL 2016 9:14 AM


    QUONNO on 22ND APRIL 2016 9:09 AM




    You don’t need to stand up to them. You just treat them with disdain. Ignore them. They need Celtic more than Celtic need them. Provide the barest minimum to them to fulfill whatever contractual or regulatory obligations there may be and communicate with the fans direct online or, for the dinosaurs, via The Celtic View.



    Again. The Celtic Board lack the balls to debar them from Celtic Park and debar Celtic employees from talking to them.


    The current Celtic Board lack the stomach for confrontation. That is with the exception of their own misbehaving fans.

  30. An Teach Solais on




    I hope that you are right. Don’t like the sound of a helicopter engine going away from me at the end of a colleague game – which if it gets to be that close, watch out for a sterling performance from Bros. Thomson, McLean, Muir, Madden in managing events.



    Get the job done, get the job done early, Celtic.


    P.S. Is Commons due a testimonial?.If so, think that I’ll be needed elsewhere that day.

  31. garygillespieshamstring on

    If we take anything from Aberdeen, we only need another 4 points to win the league. Five draws would win the league on goal difference.


    The players are playing for their futures, or should be.


    There should not be a collapse from this position.

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