Foreign refs and pointless volleys at the BBC


Calls for foreign referees are not new in the Scottish game, but refs have successfully resisted the idea.  It is in their economic interests to have only Scottish referees take charge of Scottish games, and, most of all, they want control of the country’s biggest games.  The argument has been that if a referee works his way through the system for years, he should not be denied the opportunity to take control of the biggest games in the land.

The SFA have been sympathetic to this argument for decades but are now confronted by the country’s major clubs telling them standards are not good enough to support the game at the level it is being played at in Scotland.  A window of unanimity opened when the rent-a-statements across the city were twice hit by extended bans in a week, making it difficult for them to avoid the follow on question, “If things are not good enough, why not ask for change?”

Behind this issue lies a longstanding desire for Scottish Premiership clubs to see the SFA focus more on administering youth and amateur football, and the international team, leaving the professional game to the SPFL, where appropriate performance standards across a range of issues can be set.

Those who want a fair and open game have nothing to fear from foreign referees.  Arguments against this proposal amount to little more than an expression of self-interest.  I suggest we move quickly before some realise that decades old affinities are at risk.

I see Newco are reinforcing their 8 point deficit bunker with volleys at the BBC.  It is comforting to preach to the choir but it is also pointless.  The BBC is a broadcasting mammoth.  It employs over 20,000 staff and churns out an enormous volume of material.  Its power bases are geographically, culturally, politically and ethnically diverse.  Try conspiring in an organisation with 20 people and you’ll see why.

It will get things wrong.  It will employ people whose views you do not like and its protocols will infuriate you – after all, they must search for hours trying to find some loon to ‘balance’ all the sense coming from a prevailing opinion (a personal gripe).  But in the history of broadcasting and media, no organisation has been subject to as vigorous and accessible oversight. It is not intellectually honest to suggest otherwise.

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  1. SFTB on page 8,



    Really good post. It’s a pity that the two syllables in ‘orange’ make it fit the rhythm of the song. If not, the song wouldn’t get sung.



    For example, some sing ‘sad proddie bastard’ but nobody sings ‘sad Protestant bastard’ or ‘sad Church of Scotland bastard’.



    Seemed like a facetious comment but I’m trying to suggest that the singing is mindless partly because it’s simple. People who sing it, in my opinion anyway, aren’t thinking about the implication of ‘orange’ and they should. Not every Rangers supporter, and not every Protestant, is an orange bastard.



    It would be good to see us take the moral high ground and police our own songbook. If we don’t, I fear it will eventually be policed for us, with all of the implications that brings. To be the first football club to be docked points due to the support singing about a proscribed organisation, for example, is a record I wouldn’t want Celtic to hold. But if I were a betting man…

  2. Keeper off


    I can see why Steve Clark criticises


    I understand now why Killie are appealing


    The keepers arms are straight up,


    The Killie defender raised his hand,


    Morelos pushin his way in no action


    Poor ŕeffin by linesman too



    Brophy pen


    It was.without a shadow


    Poor poor….just shite poor decisio naking


    Game management some would say



    Bada Bing Goin to Twitter the life out of your sg first choice quote :-))))





    Fine posting last night,keep it up :-)))



    Bhoyjoebelfast laughed out loud paisley,the town :-)




  3. SILVER CITY 1888


    There is a distinct level of gashness that our referees seem to be stuck at and that shouldn’t be completely ignored.


    But it doesn’t account for the majority of ‘strange’ decisions we see in our game .



    The cheating by some referees is deeply ingrained in Scotland and has been for yonks. Thankfully as time goes on with extra scrutiny and more tv/internet coverage than ever before it’s becoming more and more difficult for the cheating bassas that afflict our game.




  4. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    And there you have it.



    Did anyone else notice yesterday that the 2 photographs used in the ‘foreign refs’ story on the BBC website depicted only Celtic players?



    We didn’t have to wait long to discover the narrative and agenda.



    Watch as this idea is now portrayed as big, bad Celtic/Peter Lawell trying to run Scottish football.



    Rather ironic on the day our host chose to defend the impartiality of the BBC.

  5. Bada bing


    Agree with both aspects about your views on Levein. What Clarke said last night about the refs was very similar to what Levein said as DU manager. Games a bogey basically.



    Some more critical voices from a neutral or pro sevco stance is what’s needed for this argument to gain more traction imo. Someone like McInnes for example. We might be waiting a while though




  6. They forgot about Muir…



    Referee Iain Brines was another catastrophe.



    It’s a litany of cheating scumbags.



    No real sympathy for the other clubs because it’s always left to Celtic to try and fight the corruption.



    HH. ?

  7. the glorious balance sheet on

    When Levein put his head above the parapet in 2008 and called out the Huns and ref cheating it took about a week before he was got at and he then turned it into an “old firm get all the decisions thing”



    So it will be interesting to watch if Steve Clarke is pushed down the same road.

  8. Kilmarnock are a better team than TRIFC


    Kilmarnock have a better manager


    The only way for them to lose the game was to have a referee cheat and favour TRIFC


    The circumstances were the same when we visited Ibrox in December


    The circumstances will be the same when we meet them in the cup/league


    Is there any point in watching games where results are pre determined

  9. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    I see the wagons are being circled re foreign refs. Serial failure McLeish and now Granpa Broon. Usual establishment suspects. Walter’s phone must be busy!

  10. TGBS- I still don’t think Levein paid any fines for his rant,i think he told them to take him to court…

  11. If this is the level of cheating and dishonesty they are comfortable with the public seeing.


    I shudder to think what is going on behind closed doors

  12. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    The parallels between Clarke’s comments last night and Levein’s highlight the real scandel.



    Levein’s comments were made more than 10 YEARS AGO.



    And it still happens today.



    Despite them being liquidated in the intervening period.



    In 10 years no one had done a thing to improve the governance of Scottish football.



    You reep what you sow.

  13. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Bada Bing 10:54


    Yeah, I really liked that. Very intelligent man is Steve Clarke.


    I’m guessing there will be high “Level” orders to the MSM to keep clear of that bit!

  14. the glorious balance sheet on

    Bada Bing



    Wtf does Ronnie Hawthorne do? So called security advisor nowhere to be seen when Spanish polis wade in mob handed with batons (i witnessed it myself)



    Valencia’s approach to segregation? Don’t sell tickets to UK passport holders but RoI? Fill yer boots!!!! What a monumental feck up . Surely Hawthorne has telt them we have a significant Irish travelling support

  15. traditionalist88 on

    Shocking brutality from the Spanish police. Was this restricted to one area in the city last night, does anyone know?



    The thugs in uniform involved should be removed from their power trip. They were hitting people who had their hands in the air to indicate they were not threatening them.



    If I remember correctly the same thing happened in Vigo and possibly Madrid? Seville seems to have been the exception when it comes to Spain.



    Is it just that they don’t like the perceived rowdinesss of people enjoying themselves before a match? Or do they think they are being proactive when it comes to preventing trouble? Because their tactics are seriously flawed and cause problems where there are none. Absolute cowards, hitting defenseless fans.




  16. CHA1888 on 21ST FEBRUARY 2019 10:36 AM





    Does anyone have a contact number for the Celtic bus leaving from Dumbarton for the Motherwell game on Sunday? I need four seats.






    If you want 4 seats on the Lomond Bus on Sunday I can arrange it.



    It picks up at 1pm, on Sunday, from the Dumbarton Harp Social Club. Ask for Gerry or Jamie.



    Let me know if you want to take up the offer, please.




  17. Steve Clarke’s voice was shaking with emotion; clearly his likelihood of hanging round in Alba look slight.


    Steve got a 10th of what Lenny had to cope with; any wonder NL is on an emotional edge mosta the time.


    Bravo, bravo Steve for outing the bigoted pish and bile some in both sides support have culpability for.


    Disincentivises good, right thinking managers to ply their trade up here. The game will be poorer if he leaves.


    Opportune time for our club to take a firm, final stance against this poison.


    The cheating pales into insignificance vs the emotional violence methinks.



  18. Trad-I think previous damage to these places from the huns and the English,caught up with our Bhoys last night,no excuses for it BTW…..

  19. traditionalist88 on

    !!BADA BING!! on 21ST FEBRUARY 2019 11:49 AM



    It crossed my mind too that they probably see us all as ‘Brits’, all with the same mindset and liable to have the same tendencies as minorities who have caused trouble before. Still, didnt expect them to be so blatant as to attack a group of fans having the audacity to drink in a bar and then attack those who filmed them, almost as if they knew they were doing wrong. You wouldn’t try to stop someone filming if you were doing something heroic!



    Maybe Brexit has encouraged loose cannons everywhere and not just at home, ffs…



    Hopefully common sense prevails and no more issues for our fans tonight, ridiculous these thugs can potentially ruin the trip for many.




  20. ………on the “oranj” thing…….I’ve always replaced that phrase from the song with “UGLY”…….


    …….. a very very close mate now sadly deceased Jackie Morrison, a huge Tim ,himself brought up in the protestant faith, always gave it laldy at that song without using that phrase – we don’t have to use it……..Ugly Hun, sums thum up – They have defined themsels by their own actions.



    Have Yet To See A Handsome Wan! CSC




  21. I have not been to a Glasgow derby since I was a kid.


    They were orange bastards then


    good to know they are no longer

  22. Alasdair MacLean on



    Thanks for that.



    I think I’m just annoyed at not seeing a truthful headline like:



    Kilmarnock were cheated at Ibrox: referee team under scrutiny as to how they came to such a bizarre decision. Who actually was making the decision to send the goalie off?



    Kilmarnock denied a definite penalty in the second minute at Ibrox.



    Kilmarnock give up in the face of Rangers’ player’s cheating simulation – aided and abetted by a corrupt refereeing team.




  23. The agenda has been set but imo we’ve got the scatter gun out and that will get us nowhere.


    Muir cheated the Huns are in the next round, forget about the penalty and the goalkeeper been sent off, what we should kick up a storm about is Candeias.



    Ive not seen it mentioned in any press, why ? because this the only incident which can negatively effect the tribute act.


    This challenge is almost identical to the Izzaguire one just a different angle.


    Candeias should be banned from next round, its the only thing possible of salvaging from a night of cheating although i suspect further off field cheating and he will play.

  24. What happens if a player is red carded and refuses to leave the pitch?



    Does the game have to be abandoned?




    Has it ever happened?

  25. Reading back, i think some posters are under the illusion that something can be done about referring standards..They are sadly mistaken. Their standards are very high for obtaining their objectives. This is Scotland. WATP rangers fans, and i include most of the referees , care not a jot about sport, the scottish leagues becoming a joke in europe or anything and i mean anything , that stands in the way of their rightful place at the top of scottish football. and scottish society.The escalation you are seeing is telling us directly, WE WILL DO WHATEVER IS NEEDED. The Celtic board/owners are not stupid, they are successful, clever people, and they see what we see, and are probably better informed than the general fanbase so they ARE complicit in this. Its very simple ,force the board out from their comfortable place under the table and force them to come out and condemn this scourge on society. If not please save all your moaning about dodgy decisions, cheating etc. We know Scottish Football is no longer a sport.

  26. Now Hibs have backed down and will hand over the full stand, which has a capacity of just less than 4,000, for their future home league games against Celtic

  27. The result of that game stays the same, regardless of any appeals over honest mistakes.



    Foreign referees won’t be required if the current ones are replaced with people who don’t support the zombie club.



    As for tonight’s game – no 10 thousand passes that lead to nothing – just hit the ball quickly to our speedy forward players for a wee change, then maybe we’ll score a few goals.

  28. !!BADA BING!! on 21ST FEBRUARY 2019 12:28 PM






    They need money.



    Hate Hibs.



    HH. ?

  29. Mursheen….Agree re the authorities SFA and their foot soldiers, the Refs and linesman. However I disagree that there isn’t anything that can be done …. you are also correct that our board of quislings will not take any action to change things. However … the Celtic support have the solution and can bring about change… sadly they will not use the power they have …I have said this before and make no apologies for re posting… Bhoycott AWAY .grounds and bring football to its knees and force clubs to make the changes necessary to get SFA AND THEIR CHEATS out….there will be no gain without some pain…

  30. ….aye, leave Celtic to sort it all out……and by doing so neatly arrange us in wan coarnir while the Blood Of Our Blood, Bone Of Our Bone Brigade line up in the ither coarnir………………



    scoddish foodbaw, is Scotland’s Shame and Scotland’s Problem.



    Scotland needs to stop sniggering at Celtic every chance it gets and do something meaningful about corruption, bigotry and standards………. or else the league will die in plain sight a long slow death mired in mediocrity. Just look at the national squad and who we’ve goat running it!

  31. I see Joke Broon has been wheeled oooot also! A dinosaur manager but a great singer eh!