Form vagaries of Malmo for Celtic


Celtic will play Malmo in the Champions League play-off round, the third time since 2012 they will face champions from Sweden. The main concern for Ronny Deila is the manner in which Malmo disposed of Salzburg 3-0 on Wednesday night, but there is context to put that into. In the previous round the Swedes only managed a 0-0 at home to Lithuanians Zalgiris Vilnius, before winning 0-1 away.

Those three goals against Salzburg, which arrived inside 45 minutes, will be the subject of a lot of research over the next few days.

In 2013 Celtic struggled to blow away the cobwebs against Elfsborg, recording a 1-0 home win and a 0-0 draw away. A year earlier they beat Helsingborgs 2-0 home and away.

The most encouraging aspect for Ronny will be Malmo’s domestic form. They are current 6th in the Allsvenskan after 18 games and will struggle to qualify for Europe next season. A home game against league leaders Gothenburg on Sunday will be Celtic’s most important reconnaissance exercise.

Oh, and put out the flags, Malmo play on grass!!

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  1. Petethebeat man up, it’s rugby not Bally dancing : ) . Nice of the AB’s to give their fellow Anzacs a wee bit of hope.

  2. With the money pumped up in the EPL this season, I have a feeling it will backfire and the FEAR of losing will drag it down to even lower levels of boredom,

  3. Illustration of how messed up football is these days, camera pans to the Man U stands where they show goalkeepers De Gea, Valdes and Lindergard, plus they have the current Argentina keeper Romero actually playing in the game.

  4. Ref wastes 2 minutes with scrums – rugby really needs to sort this out.



    Must be Aus now.

  5. M6Bhoy


    no team playing out of Ibrox have ever been that important to me. so when a team playing out of ibrox met Celtic in a semi I went. like I would any other team. I didn’t buy into any myths or support any myths. I supported my team recognising that THEM lot were nothing so special that I needed to protest. insignificant to me. protesting about cheating is for another day and In another way in my opinion.

  6. Stephbhoy



    Johansen needs to drastically improve his ball retention and passing before any new deal is offered ( mind you his goal scoring record could justify it )


    Agree get Biton signed up on longer term deal though



    Hail Hail

  7. My friends I Celtic,



    To borrow and adapt the sentiments of a prominent poster ” conditional Celtic supporters out”




  8. Yep win for Oz will be a confidence booster for them. Wouldn’t write the Boks off either and no one likes ( playing) the French. It will be a very interesting WC. Can’t see Scotland doing much but will be cheering for them anyway.

  9. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Listening to Man Utd -Tottenham on Five Live. 15 minutes in and England have won the Ashes three times!

  10. If you were trying not to score with a penalty you wouldnt want it to look as glaring as Thompons last night. You would be trying to only just clear the bar but if you didnt possess the required skill to exicute a near-miss you could end up skying the ball .


    I was given penalty once -forestry v Straiton select . I strode up and slammed the ball against the up-right ,luckily the rebound came back to me and I scored . The ref awarded the goal and we celebrated only for Straiton to point out to the ref that the goal should not have been given ,penaty taker cant touch the ball twice , but as the ref had given the goal there was a compromise and the kick was retaken and I made no mistake. The wodcutters went on to record a famous victory .

  11. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    depressing morning trying to sort Malmo home game..



    So,I relocated this year because of bampots next to us,who sat 2 to a chair on Euro nights,ignored by the stewards..



    I enjoyed where we sat too..



    Anyway,the seats we re now in appear to be for UEFA on euro nights.. What a joke..




    Why buy a season ticket.. It’s no better than WWE wrestling.. UEFA pick the crowd?


    I’m truly saddened as a supporter of 50 yrs to have this stress..



    We had good seats,in a great wee area. stewards of CFC ignored the idiots on the chairs,so WE move and now suffer the consequences..



    As for fans liaison..? Comedic..



    Very upset on what should feel like a great day to follow Celtic.. And I’m not alone..



    The relocation of genuine season ticket fans is a sham..



    Remember FIFA …..? Why think UEFA are Roy Keane said ” the prawn sandwich mob”



    Off to cry in a corner




  12. COWIEBHOY on 8TH AUGUST 2015 12:57 PM



    Switch Armstrong and Johansen. Play SA in the centre, better passer of the ball, more creative and works to close down when not in possession. Play SJ off the left, drifting inside into goalscoring positions, still in a position to close down and work his socks off like he usually does.

  13. Captain Beefheart on

    Someone earlier suggested that Aberdeen gave us a good challenge last season. No they didn’t. Celtic, without a strong Rangers, can’t lose the league. We will skoosh the league yet again. Europe matters. Hopefully the board agree.

  14. Greenpinata



    Followed by those who post anything negative too, I suppose?



    Take it you would have just held your nose then back in 2012 if Green, Doncaster, Reagan and Ogilvie had got their way and allowed the ‘same club’ to continue in the SPL, history intact, despite their cheating and 100 million of unpaid debts, including 40k to us?



    Thank God for supporters who realise a sport based on cheating and run for the benefit of one club is worthless.



    However, congratulations on being able to post while having your head in the sand.



    You won’t be shutting anyone up, mate, despite your fascist-like slogan.

  15. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    I had just come on to post this:


    Wow! As one of those areas (106) affected by UEFA`s seat requirements, I had to ring Celtic Park. THIRTY seconds later and I have my normal seat for the Malmo game. Brilliant!



    I see your experience was less successful. Sorry about that,



  16. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    CB said: “Celtic, without a strong Rangers, can’t lose the league.” .


    Should that not simply be, `without a strong challenger` ?




  17. beatbhoy



    Well said.



    Celtic fans will buy season tickets within their own terms and conditions, the stadium would be full every week otherwise, sadly it’s not, nor likely to be.



    The game was rigged, and will likely return to being rigged in the future.



    Football fans will decide on their own, those that want to take into account that the playing field on which their club plays, is less than level have the right to do so.

  18. Beatbhoy,



    Thank you for your considered reply.



    fascist- like slogan ? Where.




  19. Gary67



    I have no problem with that suggestion



    I have been disappointed with Celtic and ball retention, passing ability for last 12 months, we as a team need to drastically improve in this area, if we really want to progress


    It is one of the reasons I would play Liam Henderson, with Nir Biton as holding midfield


    Could then play Brown on right, Armstrong in middle, Johansen on left ?


    In games where we need to be more defensive in Europe


    Out with tha, we have GMS, Commons and Forrest, for SPL when we want all out attack ?



    Hail Hail

  20. BSR,



    Thanks for that, if Celtic are going to compromise Supporters of your standing, then surely they have to communicate with the fan base and address these concerns.



    Old Firm fans are no replacement for ghuys of your ilk. KTF









    If Roy Croppie knew PB before say the end of the seventies, chances are he’ll know my cousins. (That’s when they left Rochsoles and Airdrie, ne’er to return).



    In fact, if my memory serves me well, which I doubt, they went on to Glasgow Uni.



    Hail Hail

  21. I wrote earlier about my Uncle John Going to his 1st game


    When I asked him the score he smiled and said that the died mob had beat us 2-1 ,but he really only found that out later ,


    He spent the game among Hoops supporters who were dancing and singing that much he didnt know when the goals were scored for or against and spent most of the game looking up in the crush at THE Celtic mhen knowing thats what he wanted to be when he grew up, not a train driver or a fireman but a fully grown Celtic supporter,



    I later asked him if he ever regretted not marrying ,


    “aye probably but thats the way it is son and the way I lived my life when i woke up in the morning after been at the pub THE Celtic were always still there ,a wummin widnae be talkin tae me :))))).



    On occasion in the last few years in the midst of the skullduggery , cheating & silence, I thought if I could just switch off from THE Celtic could or would I , it was quickly followed by the realization that that option is long long gone , they are too deep rooted in my heart & marrow so it’s onward to the next game no matter the pain ,disappointment ,joy ,ecstacy whatever they give me this week,i’m in it for the long haul,



    I lost my way through many things, and missed many game through making bad choices in my journey but never my love for THE Celtic.


    Till later all


    away tae enjoy some grandwean free time .

  22. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11



    I put up earlier, I went to ticket office this morning, I am usually moved, got my own seats this morning


    You should be accommodated as close to your own seat, I was told this morning lots of availability still in sections 103 – 107, as it is a free for all


    I do fully back your sentiments though, frustrating the way we are treated for these games


    I put up yesterday, give the sponsors the kerrydale suite for European games, and the padded seats in the stand in front of there ? Stops moving many many fans



    Hail Hail