Form vagaries of Malmo for Celtic


Celtic will play Malmo in the Champions League play-off round, the third time since 2012 they will face champions from Sweden. The main concern for Ronny Deila is the manner in which Malmo disposed of Salzburg 3-0 on Wednesday night, but there is context to put that into. In the previous round the Swedes only managed a 0-0 at home to Lithuanians Zalgiris Vilnius, before winning 0-1 away.

Those three goals against Salzburg, which arrived inside 45 minutes, will be the subject of a lot of research over the next few days.

In 2013 Celtic struggled to blow away the cobwebs against Elfsborg, recording a 1-0 home win and a 0-0 draw away. A year earlier they beat Helsingborgs 2-0 home and away.

The most encouraging aspect for Ronny will be Malmo’s domestic form. They are current 6th in the Allsvenskan after 18 games and will struggle to qualify for Europe next season. A home game against league leaders Gothenburg on Sunday will be Celtic’s most important reconnaissance exercise.

Oh, and put out the flags, Malmo play on grass!!

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  1. I think there is a strong argument in European football, where two fairly evenly matched teams are playing each other, that having the away leg as the second of the two is the advantage now, rather than the other way round.



    The caveat to this is to keep a clean sheet in the home leg. A clean sheet, no matter what the score, puts Celtic into a very strong position. The tactical weight of the away goal is huge; the key to this tie isn’t scoring at home, it is keeping a clean sheet.



    Take a clean sheet to south-western Sweden and I would be confident.

  2. Huge improvements in the site, but one major aggravation this morning. If your hand goes remotely near the Target ad at the bottom of the page, it pos up. It has been impossible to navigate the pages today without this happening.


    Once it is up, it firmly resists being put down!


    Tried experimenting. You don’t even have to touch the page for it to pop up.


    I generally detest all internet adverts, but this is ridiculous.

  3. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    ” I really dislike this post and others of the same ilk .



    “No excuses v a team with a fraction of our support or finances Corporate Failure if we dont win”



    They smack being posted by people who want Celtic to fail so that they, the perpetrators, can feel justified in their constant whining.


    Remember that the fixture has only just been announced!



  4. Adu and Rosenborg out of CP tie due to cards. The latter is not only their captain but also a key playmaker, marksman and motivator.


    The locals are now feeling a tad nervous now that they have a good look at us.

  5. Careful With That Tax, Moonbeams on

    See Markus Rosenberg is their captain, so probably one of their top players ..






    The BBC in Scotland intervening Robert Pyrtz ( ex hun )



    His quote ” it’s a good draw for Malmo ”





    BBC bias and negativity towards Celtic is getting beyond a joke.

  6. Cons:



    – Malmo appeared to be the strongest team in the draw


    – They are well into their season so should be sharper than Qarabag






    – Less travel


    – Less likely to have a sabotaged pitch or a goat sacrificed before the game


    – We have played Swedish sides recently so should have some idea about their quality



    Jo Inge Berget was a better player than folk give him credit for. However, we deserve to be favorites. We need to start Commons and Griffiths at home.



    We were toothless in the last couple of games.

  7. Bartolus



    That’s a helluva big caveat.



    I think being at home in front of a full house, knowing exactly what you have to do to qualify, is preferable to playing at home in the first leg, inhibited by the fear of losing that away goal.



    You also have the advantage of an extra 30 minutes at home in the event of a tie at full time.

  8. oneofthe70percent on

    And our daftie manager says we won,t play a better side than the park side we beat on wed,s, then we get Malmo ffs ,and even if Griffiths scores a hat trick in every game .he still won,t be first choice,and the big uselees lump,who will not be anywhere near match fit will start

  9. Careful With That Tax, Moonbeams



    To be fair, Prytz is definitely the most prominent Swede to play in Scotland



    Who else could they ask? It’s not like there is an ex-player currently managing in the same league who would know exactly what Malmo were like.

  10. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    Shortbread lunch time news. Item about us v Malmo. So who do they get on to comment on the draw?



    That’s right, ex rangers player Robert Prytz, who unsurprisingly says he thinks Malmo will go through.



    They don’t even try to be even handed, do they?

  11. Official site has the home leg on the Wednesday and the away leg on the Tuesday .



    As for the selling of loaves to the horribles surely they will be buying Thick Cut ( only one letter missing )




  12. Jungle Jim



    And I really dislike posts like yours who think our club should fail



    I don’t think our club should fail and people responsible for failure should be removed

  13. I did post on Tuesday that I had a bad feeling about the Qarabag tie.



    I feel a bit now like Private Fraser of Dad’s Army who after a day of undermining Captain Mainwaring in some task, would exclaim ‘ I never doubted you for a minute, man !’.

  14. AlexanderLundq


    Welcome , and thank you for your input.


    Hail Hail.



    What will be will be


    but if their coach is basing us on what he seen last year at this stage, were a step ahead already.


    Bring it on


    Plesese let it be the Wednesday, please,please pretty please

  15. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    Thank you for the green nom de blog, but where’s my avatar of Jinky or Lubo?

  16. Some points to remember regarding Malmo:



    – They had 3 or 4 (depending on whether you go with BBC or UEFA stats) shots on target in their home game against Salzburg. I’ve not seen the game, but to conceded 3 goals from 4 shots has the hallmarks of the goalkeeper having a stinker.



    – Salzburg had 25 shots on and off target. An indication that Malmo like defending around their own box? In the home game, it may be vital to have players (KC, LG?) who can unleash an accurate thunderbolt from 25 yards. Malmo only had 34% possession in the home leg, but had 51% in the away leg.



    – The Salzburg we faced last season was quite a bit stronger than the one Malmo faced. Star striker Soriano was injured, and they transferred Kevin Kampl to Borussia Dortmund for 12m and Alan to Guanzhao for 11m yoyos respectively.

  17. Timhorton



    There’s a balance to be achieved. Some posters get annoyed during Live Updates if someone posts ” terrible corner, Stefan” or “really bad defending that from Izzy”.



    That’s not negativity, that’s describing what the poster is watching.



    Are you supposed to lie incase you’re accused of being negative and “not getting behind the team”?



    Different if you’re there, then you can effect a player’s performance by negativity if it’s by a significant amount of supporters and repeated.



    But obviously, I hope, not by doing it on a blog!

  18. Oneofthe70percent…



    You’ll need to get in touch with the moderators. Your name is not showing up properly.



    You’d better get them to change it back to Oneofthe0percent.


    st Mirren only getting 900 tickets for the game,do they think they will fill the rest of the ground with STICKIES???

  20. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    I see the Swedish invincibles are called Malmo FF.






    Coincidence or something more sinister?

  21. Pleased with that draw. There are better teams in the draw. There are worse. But if we play well and get the tactics right we will progress. Do not concede at home is rule 1 of Euro knockout football. Rule 2 is, if you do, make sure it’s no more than 1…….



    No easy games any more but this is very very win-able…. (is that a word?)



    I heard the Daily Record ran a story quoting a Qarabag player about Scott Brown winding them up. I’ve nothing against players whining etc but the Daily Record running such a story? It is worse now than it has ever been – frankly, it’s no more than a Sevco Fanzine which is sponsored by the clubs new board. And I have no problem with that – papers in other countries are openly favourable to certain clubs – the DR should just be open and honest and tell the world it’s a Sevco supporting publication…. If they aren’t worried about sales that is.

  22. I heard he was dead on

    A guy I know lived in Sweden and told me Malmo fans favour another Glasgow team over Celtic.



    Anyone confirm or is he at it?

  23. beatbhoy


    I watched game on Wednesday night, with all the nerves that go with it, then watched it on thursday morning nerve free did notseem like the same game:))))))))))))))))



    Wondered what I was shouting at the night before as the player had everything under control but i just bundled a big bag of imaginary negatives onto it in real time:)))))))))))))))))).


    Till later all


    Getting more confident by the minute ,but will be a wreck at K.O


    Its just the way I amCSC


    Bring it on

  24. I shall mainly be watching The Bhoys take on the Malmites from my vantage point in Gotham…..

  25. I can’t believe BBC Scotland interviewing Robert Prytz about Malmo when there are other more prominent Swedes with a Scottish connection that they could have contacted.



    Richard Gough must be beelin’!

  26. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    The away leg is on Tues.25th., so the home leg will be Wed. 18th.



    Away leg on TV3 for Irish viewers.

  27. I HEARD HE WAS DEAD on 7TH AUGUST 2015 2:01 PM


    A guy I know lived in Sweden and told me Malmo fans favour another Glasgow team over Celtic.



    Anyone confirm or is he at it?



    – See more at:



    This is not the case. The Malmö CSC has been here for 20 years watching in a local boozer with Malmö


    games on at the same time. WE’ve never had a bad word. Indeed, only seen the one Hun here in 2o years; no idea as to his present whereabouts.

  28. I heard he was dead



    They didn’t seem too despondent when they knocked out the deid team a few years back…




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