Formidable task for final preseason test


I am sure we will see a full strength Celtic team against Inter Milan tomorrow but that doesn’t mean Celtic will be able to overturn their summer form against what will be the best squad of players they have met since facing the same team in the Dublin Cup almost exactly a year ago.  Inter will be formidable opponents.

The experimentation of recent weeks will be set aside as Neil Lennon prepares for next week’s enormously important Champions League qualifying game against HJK Helsinki.  In particular, we are likely to see a more familiar looking back four and midfield.  What happens up front remains to be seen.  Celtic have struggled to get into scoring form preseason; the manager will be keen to resolve this, if possible.

Most of all we need a 90 minutes free of elbows in the face and other injuries as the real stuff is only five days away.

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  1. philvisreturns on

    petec – Carbs are for fatties.



    As an ex-fat person myself, I put a jihad on carbs.



    And if you don’t believe me, I’ll put a jihad on you too. (thumbsup)

  2. I am NL in NZ Tauranga on

    Philvis my wife wants me to get Silver so that I can come second for a change. She’s the boss.

  3. philvisreturns on

    Big Georges Fan Club – I read your name as Boy George’s Fan Club.



    My gran was a huge fan of Boy George.



    She’d be dancing in the kitchen to Karma Chameleon while baking her cakes.



    TBH I find Boy George a bit scary these days because of that line he draws on his face to try and make it look like his multiple chins are merely a shadow.



    If Ally McCoist tried that he’d probably terrify Brechin into submission. (thumbsup)

  4. To me it would have made more sense to play a full strength (or near to it) team against Norwich in midweek giving them a week to recover for HJK Helsinki and play the fringe players versus Inter with some of the first teamers getting late cameos.

  5. I love it when ernie and Philvis get their claws into one another.



    It reminds me of a female mud wrestling scene from a long gone ‘Wham’ video, when ole George was still trying to convince the world that he believed public toilets were for weeing in.



    No offence gents.

  6. Paul67



    Bang! Bang!



    Sevco announcement today seeing as Dundee were told last night an agreement was in place and they could plan their trip to Killie.

  7. Starting 11 tomorrow should be starting 11 (injury allowing) on Wednesday.




    Matthews Rogne Mulgrew Izzaguirre


    Wanyama Ledley


    Forrest Commons Samaras




    Subs. Zalusaska Brown Stokes Lustig Twarzyck Mcgeough McCourt



    I realise that Brown will start, automatic pick no matter what, but i’d rather see Vic & Joe in centre mid

  8. I wonder if the likes of Ajax, Milan and Madrid are beginning to see friendlies against us as a disappointing affair . . . our reputation as a CL team and therefore decent opposition for a pre-season workout must be hanging by a thread. If we slide further into being nothing more than cannon fodder then I can’t see much in it for us or for the opposition. Our players morale gets a battering, we, the fans, get despondent, and the other team wish they had played against a better team.


    I remember the days when we used to go and play junior/amateur teams and batter them 10-0. Much better for morale.

  9. The Pantaloon Duck on

    Headline on BBC website:



    “Gers sell briefs amid uncertainty”



    Step 1 – collect underpants…

  10. Auld Neil Lennon heid on

    Looks like Sevco are being allowed in






    but the principle behind title removal (I posted on RTC earlier) is intact.



    There are two reasons for removing titles:



    contracts lodged with SFA/SPL that failed to reveal the full remuneration a player received and:


    EBTs through which Rangers could afford wages 20% plus what their rivals could offer which put a standard of player in their side not available to the opposition, thus giving them unfair advantage.



    The former is a breach of rules designed to protect the principle in the latter, the same principle that led to 10 points deductions for clubs entering administration.



    This has its history in Leicester City fielding a team pumped up on financial steroids besting their opposition and an opposition club (Sheffield Utd?) complaining when the Leicester City funding collapsed.



    The issue of unfair advantage gained was so clear the rules were changed to discourage it.



    You would think that with such a precedence so well established on a principle that is core to sport, viz fairness, it would be inconceivable that either Rangers would wish to be exempt from it or the SFA to allow it.



    Allowing the principle to be swerved is every bit as damaging to our game in Scotland as was the idea of placing Rangers in the SPL.



    Thus the SFA should make it a non negotiable matter and one they have no wriggle room on because clubs outside Scotland will have an interest in.


    What is more concerning though is that Sevco think a core principle of the game IS negotiable.



    Either it is a stance to allow CG to withdraw or it is indicative of a mindset that has no concept of fairness and sporting merit, that even had it the resources of an Arab shiek, should be allowed no where near our game.



    The principles should be explained to Sevco and their failure to understand them be a reason to tell them that for that Dragon’s Den reason the SFA are out.

  11. Barrybhoy



    I’m with you. I think game time should have been had midweek by the first team. Also, if we get the runaround tomorrow it will hardly tell us anything we didn’t already know. Not to mention what it would do to the confidence.

  12. Paul67



    Can you assist in a couple of questions re the CQN golf day please if you have time.



    When is it?



    What time does it begin?



    Is it possible to just go along even if not participating in the actual golf?



    Many thanks.




  13. Steinreignedsupreme on

    ernie lynch on 27 July, 2012 at 10:54:



    “It occurs to me that it might be easier to sell season books if the fans knew when parting with their hard earned dosh that the millionaires it was going to were at least paying tax on the same basis as the rest of us.”



    I’m not sure anyone other than you could have concocted such a theory. Of the lengthy list of reasons that may have people dithering over renewals I’d say that one is, erm … literally off the radar.



    But I’m sure your tongue is firmly in your cheek.

  14. DeniaBhoy said:


    I wonder if the likes of Ajax, Milan and Madrid are beginning to see friendlies against us as a disappointing affair



    In a word . . . NO.



    In fact, I suspect they don’t even give our games a second thought after the event.

  15. Mountain_Bhoy is Neil Lennon on

    auldheid, rules still being broken if they are.. I would be positively raging if I was well run clubs like Spartans, Highland league clubs etc no accounts? proof of financial sustainability? fit and proper owners and directors? etc etc

  16. philvisreturns on

    I am NL in NZ Tauranga – Philvis my wife wants me to get Silver so that I can come second for a change. She’s the boss.



    My wife was demanding more playtime before being given the old thumbsup.



    So I bought her a Wii. (thumbsup)

  17. Are Sevco signing players with SPL2 in mind? Play Div 3 this season (licence permitting) then straight into SPL2 next season. By accepting transfer embargo from September 1st they won’t be able to strengthen next summer so filling squad with SPL ‘journeymen’ should allow them best chance of 2 promotions and back to SPL1 in 2 years.


    Why else would the likes of those linked, Black, Beattie, Kenneth, Shiels etc, take three years out of their careers in lower leagues?

  18. Better Red than ……..



    1. John Fallon.


    2. Stephen Crainey


    3. Tommy Gemmell.


    4. Neil Lennon


    5. Davie Moyes


    6. Bobby Evans


    7. Jimmy Johnstone


    8. Barry Robson


    9. Tommy Johnston


    10. John Hartson.


    11. Tommy Burns



    any obvious ones missing ?


    any greats from the early days that were red headed heros ?

  19. From Phil Mac


    To coin a phrase



    By: Phil Mac Giolla Bhain (published July 27th, 2012 at 12:16 pm)



    “No surrender” has been the battle cry of the Rangers hordes which have attacked more European capitals than Adolf and Attila.



    However, I do believe today the cry will be “we surrender!”



    I have received information that an 11th hour deal is being hatched that will allow Sevco Scotland into the SFA.



    My moles in the real Big Hoose have told me that the thorny issue of EBTs and dual contracts will remain on the agenda.



    Charlie seems to be ready to accept this logical inevitability, but what of the resident rabble rouser in chief?



    As Sevco trudges through Division 3 I expect that justice on the historical issue of the illegal registration of players by the deceased club will finally arrive before the season is concluded.

  20. philvisreturns on 27 July, 2012 at 12:29 said:



    petec – Carbs are for fatties.



    As an ex-fat person myself, I put a jihad on carbs.



    And if you don’t believe me, I’ll put a jihad on you too. (thumbsup)






    You are a Very caring man Mr p.



    The Holy Spirit resides in you.

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