Forrest again at Hampden in the League Cup


Celtic won their 17th successive game at Hampden yesterday to reach their fifth League Cup final in six seasons, though St Johnstone made them work for their rewards.  Substitute James Forrest pounced on a loose ball on the 73rd minute to calm nerves among the vast majority of the crowd.

The defence’s impressive start to the season continued, in part thanks to St Johnstone’s inability to stage an attack that did not emanate from some slack ball control from a Celtic player.  Despite a perfect Hampden pitch, our passing game was not at its best for fleeting moments.

Jota and Liel Abada were clearly under instructions to stretch the St Johnstone defence by sticking to the touchline.  As a consequence, Abada was a virtual spectator, unable to influence the game with his timed runs into the box.  Nir Bitton played well at occasionally broke through the lines, but for the most part, the gameplan looked to be stifling.  It reminded me of the 2017 League Cup Final win over Motherwell, settled, in part, by another James Forrest goal.

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  1. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Ah simple pleasures ….



    Just dropped someone off at local sports facility.



    While waiting in car park my eyes were drawn to an adult male amateur football match.



    You know the script – 22 guys who love their food.



    Not a specimen in sight but lots of endeavour … and they all got up off their backsides to play which is more than I do.



    While I watched, wee chubby goalkeeper WEARING A CELTIC TOP pulled off a quite unbelievable double save at a free kick.

  2. Guys we have to remember the opposition yesterday, for some to say we were not at our best or 80% possession but not penetrating enough. Remember St johnstone just sit in like every other team in Scotland do against us and that is very difficult to get in behind them. But we did, we won and we move on.



    Of course myself like many would like us to move forward faster and especially when the opposition have committed a couple of players forward, so we can improve on that. But let us all enjoy a wonderful achievement by Ange and the players, JF and Cal Mac probably the only 2 to have played in our previous past semis and finals, so understandably we were nervous, but again job done.



    Come on you Hibs in Green



    D :)

  3. There is one thing that could upset/scupper our season and it’s our board.



    This Higgins thing needs to go away and not become a side show and cause angst among our support.



    Our board should walk with Higgins and never be seen down Paradise again.



    D :)

  4. Celtic need a proper left back.notva Kilmarnock reject like Taylor who can’t pass or go by a man.juranovic should be at right back.and we need options in the middle and up front it’s easy to see

  5. Takes 2 teams to make a game, when the opposition intend to spoil rather than play with any intent to pass the ball then you get these games.


    Obvious to me was when our centre halves pass into the midfield that player needs to be aware of what is around him, couple of times the receiver just passed it back to where it came from or wide, unfortunately this was being read and led to some issues, so the guy in the middle needs to turn when he can and play forward break the press or have options to retain the ball with players in a bit of space, this is a very difficult role and its risky but seems to be the way we are going to play.

  6. Watched last nights Match of the Day.



    Women commentating on the fitba makes me turn the sound down.

  7. I understand the Left/ Right back conundrum but at the moment Ralston is undropable , if he were to pick up a knock then switch Juranovic and it would be up to him to make that position his own.

  8. Corkcelt,


    I understand,but if Juranovic performs better than Tony at RB,we need to see him play the,then he should be playing.No disrespect to Tony,but there is a gulf in class.The last Croatia game against very good opponents he was MOTM.Wasted at LB,but still performing w ell.

  9. does anyone think moving Ralston into midfield would help us


    move our new right back to his natural position



    At times I have thought we needed to beef up our midfield as


    its sometimes too lightweight and Tony could help with that

  10. Brian F



    Couldn’t disagree more about Taylor. He was outstanding until his injury. Really adapted to Ange play quickly. End product not always great but his stats for coverage in 90 minutes were incredible. His decoy runs gave so much space for others.



    Yet I totally agree about Juranovic. He and Tony Ralston can share that berth and rotate as the season progresses.

  11. prestonpans bhoys on

    Watching ManC game, yet again that guy Stirling is just a plain cheat, would be well suited for the south side of Glesga😕

  12. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Ok Paul … based solely on two bits of info I came across on the interweb today



    … I am going to accept a little bit more than previously



    (albeit grudgingly)



    … your premise that, where we operate in the transfer market ….



    …. Requires us to “kiss a lot of frogs”.



    1. Man Utd paid £130m for Aaron Wan-Bissaka and Harry McGuire.



    One is a decent enough footballer but a very modest athlete.



    The other is a superb athlete but not a footballer.



    2. Few years ago, Celtic & Bournemouth allegedly had matching £4m bids accepted for right back Jack Stacey.



    Mercifully, he choose Bournemouth.



    He conceded a penalty today which cost his team the game …..



    … for bringing down (nope, not Ronaldo, Sterling, Salah or Pulisic) ….



    … but Graeme Shinnie




  13. I have advocated moving Ralston forward and allowing Juranovic to play in his natural position. I also think it will be good to see how Taylor does when he comes back, as he certainly, like Ralston, gives his all.



    Play players in their right positions; look at the difference in Nir Bitton yesterday, playing the role he is best suited for. I have said (way too often on here), he is the best passer of the ball of all our defenders. Has been for years.



    How the manager fits them into his preferred 11 is another matter, of course.

  14. PHILBHOY on 21ST NOVEMBER 2021 1:49 PM


    Watched last nights Match of the Day.


    Women commentating on the fitba makes me turn the sound down.



    Same for me along with huns. Another sop to the woke world we live in.


    Hail Hail

  15. Sorry but the comments on women commentating on football are misogynistic sounding.



    As a support we’re much better than that!



    We’re free to judge pundits but not based on their sex.



    For example, Shelley Kerr it’s not that she’s a female that’s an issue, someone who’s managed internationally has to be respected in football circles. The fact this person chooses to be a loyal, on message, hun……that’s an issue!😉

  16. Nauseating



    The Rangers board are to be applauded for acting so swiftly to secure such a top appointment.



    A manager so used to wining silverware.



    According to whatever clown is commentating on Premier Sports.



    And here was me thinking they had appointed an unemployed manager who last won a league title in 2017 against as weak an major competitor set as in many seasons. A guy who took the SWA song payday in China and only lasted 11 months there finishing in the relegation battle side of things in his final few weeks.



    Funny that.

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