Forrest again at Hampden in the League Cup


Celtic won their 17th successive game at Hampden yesterday to reach their fifth League Cup final in six seasons, though St Johnstone made them work for their rewards.  Substitute James Forrest pounced on a loose ball on the 73rd minute to calm nerves among the vast majority of the crowd.

The defence’s impressive start to the season continued, in part thanks to St Johnstone’s inability to stage an attack that did not emanate from some slack ball control from a Celtic player.  Despite a perfect Hampden pitch, our passing game was not at its best for fleeting moments.

Jota and Liel Abada were clearly under instructions to stretch the St Johnstone defence by sticking to the touchline.  As a consequence, Abada was a virtual spectator, unable to influence the game with his timed runs into the box.  Nir Bitton played well at occasionally broke through the lines, but for the most part, the gameplan looked to be stifling.  It reminded me of the 2017 League Cup Final win over Motherwell, settled, in part, by another James Forrest goal.

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  1. 2 yellow cards for Hibs in first 3 minutes from Clancy. Must be affected by Walsh’s failure to affect the result yesterday, and is determined not to have a repeat.

  2. In fairness, both yellows were justified.



    Hibs started out spooked and rattled – they are in the game now.



    I hope they sustain it.

  3. PETEC on 21ST NOVEMBER 2021 4:25 PM


    The Huns might need 2 red cards this day.






    And three penalties!

  4. There’s something sad and perverse about someone posting an offensive, bigoted comment followed immediately with an attack on people who might be offended, before they have had a chance to be offended, as in, I’m being offensive just for the sake of offending people who are easily offended.



    Got it?

  5. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Never watch Sevco.



    Just spent last 30 minutes watching highlights of yesterday’s Rugby autumn internationals.



    France just a joy to watch.



    When was the last time a team put 40 points on the All Blacks?



    Emile Ntamack’s wee boy is a brilliant player.



    One highlights package is, admittedly, a meagre evidence base, but the young guy in the French second row, Cameron Woki, looks like a star in the making.

  6. Not the first time Alan Muir missed something from 7 yards at hamdump.



    Entire commentary team sound like hun suppprters calling for everything and defending sevco.



    Huns hurting everywhere




    No Tom sad and perverse is passive aggression.



    Who or what are you talking about?

  8. Just sat down after dinner, 10 to Hibs when I went into dining room came out 3- 0 and sat down and the Orcs score.



    D :(

  9. Trying to find a different stream for the second half.



    Rankers tv embarrassing to listen to.



    The lack of objectivity and sense of entitlement is pitiful.

  10. If Hibs don’t manage this game better they will be caught – good news – I’d be happy for us to play either of them

  11. huns defence is crap but are Hibs brave enough to attack


    second half or will they try hold what they have



    Next goal is important cmon the Hibees

  12. David66 on 21st November 2021 4:53 pm



    Just sat down after dinner, 10 to Hibs when I went into dining room came out 3- 0 and sat down and the Orcs score.



    D :(






    Stay standing up please. :))