Forrest again at Hampden in the League Cup


Celtic won their 17th successive game at Hampden yesterday to reach their fifth League Cup final in six seasons, though St Johnstone made them work for their rewards.  Substitute James Forrest pounced on a loose ball on the 73rd minute to calm nerves among the vast majority of the crowd.

The defence’s impressive start to the season continued, in part thanks to St Johnstone’s inability to stage an attack that did not emanate from some slack ball control from a Celtic player.  Despite a perfect Hampden pitch, our passing game was not at its best for fleeting moments.

Jota and Liel Abada were clearly under instructions to stretch the St Johnstone defence by sticking to the touchline.  As a consequence, Abada was a virtual spectator, unable to influence the game with his timed runs into the box.  Nir Bitton played well at occasionally broke through the lines, but for the most part, the gameplan looked to be stifling.  It reminded me of the 2017 League Cup Final win over Motherwell, settled, in part, by another James Forrest goal.

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  1. prestonpans bhoys on




    Who could you possibly be talking about😱😵

  2. And personally I would have liked to guess the huns in the final.


    Unfinished business from last season.

  3. Greenpinata you should never want those horrible gits in a final.



    Only my opinion of course.



    Spending cash they do not have total disgraceful cheating



    D :)

  4. Can some tell Kevin Thompson he was a Hibs player for 5 or 6 years and a hun player for 2 or 3.



    Ffs a rabid little fecker



    D :)

  5. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Just watched Premier Sports post match analysis.



    Bitter Thomson spouting factual inaccuracies about the incident to justify a “not a penalty” stance.



    Can’t our broadcasters do better than hiring people who are uninformed, uninteresting and “un-neutral” ?

  6. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Shortie on in the kitchen – Mrs Blogger: “Hibs have won, why are they so concerned about Rangers?”



    Yes, my darling, you’ve much to learn about the SMSM.

  7. GREENPINTA @ 6:17



    Take your point, however we will never know if they would have been the easier in the final



    This will be another psychological blow to Ibrox on top of the Gerrard departure. We need to win the title ‘by hook, or, by crook’ – if this defeat ‘eats into them’ going forward then I’m delighted.



    We have our off-days, if we are to have one I’d rather have it against Hibs than Sevco, in the final.

  8. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    The most honest, informed, straight shooting contribution to their entire broadcast package came from a Sevco player – Connor Goldson.



    Credit where it is due that man.




  9. Updated (dis) honours.



    Scottish first-tier League Championships: 1





    Scottish second-tier League Championships: 1





    Scottish third-tier League Championships: 1





    Scottish fourth-tier League Championships: 1





    Scottish Cup Runners Up – 1





    Scottish Challenge Cup: 1



  10. Greenpinata



    you might be right, you might not be.



    Me? I want them to lose every game they play. Today would have taken the wind out of their sales after the GVB appointment.

  11. Well done Hibee’s.



    In classic Sevco calamitous Green and Whyte style and in their indecent haste to replace ‘big name’ Gerrard, we have Gio the crappy half time pie man, but in SMSM style “ he doesn’t takeover till tomorrow “



    Outplayed at Hampden again this club may never win anything there, hilariously voided of the Subway Loyal who must have forgotten the game was in Kings Park. Glasgow could always do without a Sevco in any final, long may it continue.



    Great game to look forward to, all Hampden covered in banners of green.

  12. Well, that was a nice way to spend my Sunday morning.



    I think I’m gloated out on schadenfreude.



    Time to get on with my day – looking forward to the final, days before we fly to Glasgow for the festive season.

  13. David 66,



    Last season is a distant memory. We underperformed in the extreme and our performances against the huns was shocking. ( No shots on goal etc )



    That eats away at me. We really made them look good so we need to make amends and beating them in a cup final would have been so sweet.



    Separating the heart from the head, I think the huns are vulnerable at the moment and would have been the easier option. I am now confident in Ange and his team.



    I totally get it about wanting the huns to get beaten in every game they play that is normally what I wish for but horses for courses and I must say what I feel is better for Celtic.



    We had the best display of football in a long, long time at Easter Road a few weeks ago, but Hibs will learn from that and possibly counter it. They will be extremely dangerous opponents.



    I know Ange will be professional and there will be no complacency which is just as well as I think there is a bit of complacency on here.


    My opinion is that Hibs are not the easy option.






    Wow just saw a video of a tail back on the M74. Hibs bus and huns bus stuck together and both bail out for a scrap. Lol.

  14. apoligies to any Rangers International fans that might be browsing htis fine blog,



    I omitted the acheivement of being League Cup runners up in 2019/20.



    lest we forget.

  15. KM also said today on radio that it breaks his heart to say it but Celtic were relentless when going for trophies during our second 9in a row run , he’s hurting big time.



    don’t hear any fireworks , very quiet outside .

  16. Pundits at the end of the Man City Everton game bemoaning Everton tactics. “There was only one team trying to win this match and it wasn’t Everton”


    “Horrible to watch” and so on. “Everton don’t deserve anything for setting up like that”


    Compare and contrast to our so called pundits who are forever lauding our opponents for stifling the game and how lucky Celtic are to win….even although we play all the football and do all the attacking

  17. Jhb


    After our performance yesterday you doubted whether we would win the league ( I paraphrase)


    After today has your opinion changed.

  18. !!Bada Bing!! on 21st November 2021 7:02 pm












    Quality comment.

  19. onenightinlisbon on

    Well done to Ange and the Bhoys for yesterday.



    St Johnstone got exactly what they deserved.



    Just saw Goldson’s after match interview. Credit for his honesty but what a picture it paints of the Sevco playing squad.

  20. Go tell the Spartim on

    Yesterdays the child with crayons who did Shortbread article on us, also did Triggers Broom game today, compare and contrast



    Hope he’s hurting big time GIRFUY



    Bada 👏🏻👏🏻