Forrest again at Hampden in the League Cup


Celtic won their 17th successive game at Hampden yesterday to reach their fifth League Cup final in six seasons, though St Johnstone made them work for their rewards.  Substitute James Forrest pounced on a loose ball on the 73rd minute to calm nerves among the vast majority of the crowd.

The defence’s impressive start to the season continued, in part thanks to St Johnstone’s inability to stage an attack that did not emanate from some slack ball control from a Celtic player.  Despite a perfect Hampden pitch, our passing game was not at its best for fleeting moments.

Jota and Liel Abada were clearly under instructions to stretch the St Johnstone defence by sticking to the touchline.  As a consequence, Abada was a virtual spectator, unable to influence the game with his timed runs into the box.  Nir Bitton played well at occasionally broke through the lines, but for the most part, the gameplan looked to be stifling.  It reminded me of the 2017 League Cup Final win over Motherwell, settled, in part, by another James Forrest goal.

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  1. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Huns struggling in knock-out completions “AT THE MOMENT” according to Richard Gordon.



    Yes Richard, the version who have come from “down the divisions” haven’t done anything for a decade.

  2. Hi Bhoys



    I see the guy who attacked the Aberdeen player has been charged.



    I wonder if he’ll get a not proven?




  3. One big improvement at Hampden yesterday. Coach park right outside east stand. 5 minutes stroll to bus instead of the usual 5 miles.

  4. Just seen the goals in the Brest v Lens game – the home side had a Celtic Ultras banner – obviously the Red brigade

  5. How much for Morellos now?



    Genuinely cant see anything higher than a £2-3m punt as a project from EFI.

  6. Huns record at Hampden since 2015:



    Played 12.


    Won 2


    Drew 1


    Lost 9



    February 2015: Rangers 0-2 Celtic


    April 2016: Rangers 4-0 Peterhead


    April 2016: Rangers 2-2 Celtic (win on penalties)


    May 2016: Rangers 2-3 Hibernian


    October 2016: Rangers 0-1 Celtic


    April 2017: Rangers 0-2 Celtic


    October 2017: Rangers 0-2 Motherwell


    April 2018: Rangers 0-4 Celtic


    October 2018: Rangers 0-1 Aberdeen


    November 2019: Rangers 3-0 Hearts


    December 2019: Rangers 0-1 Celtic


    November 2021: Rangers 1-3 Hibs

  7. leftclicktic on 21st November 2021 7:36 pm



    Anybody heard fae BANKIEBHOY



    I have missed him.






    I hope he is well, I Clash with him when he is the Blog Police.



    Cork is likely incredible at this Teemu Pukki Time of year.



    Obviously Paul67 has his Reservations about Keano.



    Anyway, thats irrelevant.



    No Huns @ Hampden. :)



    Hopefully hear frae Bankiebhoy Jam & Spoon.

  8. Not a bad weekend all-in-all, although beating them at Hampden for the first cup of the respective managers time would have been sweet.



    Big job for GvB. Must-win game (remember them?) on Thursday in front of the angry Orcs against Sparta, away on the plastic against Livi at the weekend and then Easter Road Road next Wednesday against a team who seem to have their measure



    Not inconceivable that in 2 weeks time they could be out of two competitions and second in the league.



    Pressure on

  9. Disgraceful scenes at Lyon -full bottle of water thown and hits Marseille player on the cheek.


    Players taken off

  10. Had a peek over the fence, the lestweforgetloyal are a tad miffed at Goldson’s comments.


    TavPen writing his programme notes for Thursday night. “Football without fans is great”

  11. Respect Everyone, except a Hun!1!1!



    Celtic will have a very tough game next Month against an excellent Hibs team that plays a certain way.




    Ange will Win it methinks.



    Nae Huns @ Hampden

  12. Sevco team had an average age of 30 today… Not one will ever be sold for over £1m due to both their ability and wages.


    Massive problems that some of us seen coming.


    At least they moved quick for a manager tho.



  13. Gene @ 7:07




    No it hasn’t and I”ll tell you why.


    We are easily stymied by teams like Livingstone & St Johnstone who adopt a particular style of play – let’s face it had we won our home games v Dundee Utd/Livingstone & ‘snatched’ a draw v the latter away, we would be top of the league



    I will only change my mind if three things happen – 1) we either maintain, or, close, the current gap, 2) we invest properly in January, 3) we beat ‘them’ at CP on January 2.



    We are second favourites at the moment and well capable of regular off-days. Today’s result may well have a negative psychological effect at Ibrox – we must exploit – the door is ajar – we must push it wide-open.



    Let me add a couple of other things.



    Players and managers are such lame copy-cats & with so much football on TV, they have lots of opportunities to study others.



    On the trivial side – every player taking a corner places the ball so as it barely touches the crescent – embarrassing really.



    More importantly is the attempt by all teams to “play out from the back”… because all the ‘big boys’ do it. Yes the big boys do it – they can do it because they have top players who can carry it off. Most teams are not good enough to do it



    Celtic is not good enough – add this to Joe Harts propensity to put the wind up us all with the ball at his feet



    I am not advocating a return to the long-ball – we couldn’t do that either as we don’t have big challenging front-men. But surely there is a compromise. It is only a matter of time before we get punished by ‘fannying about’ at the back.

  14. An Dun



    Thanks for sharing Tom English.



    Just like the classic Gallagher article in 2000 these works of genius give us as much fun as the misplaced sense of superiority it gives them.



    Our custodians are far from perfect but they have at least allowed us 18 or so years of dominance which will be extended by another decade at least because they have managed the fundamentals.

  15. We’ve conceded 6 goals in our last 9 games playing it out from the back



    They’ve conceded 12.



    We appear to be getting the hang of it




  16. Had a wee retrospective scroll through FollowFollow during their first half. Apart from enjoying their obvious pain, I was a bit taken aback by how much they hate Tavernier.



    Gerrard also getting some stick for upsetting the players.

  17. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    JIMDOM @ 8:02 PM



    TavPen writing his programme notes for Thursday night. “Football without fans is great”





    Jimdom – brilliant.




  18. Bada Bing 7.02


    Kevin Thomson was a hibbie as a young boy ,just like his cousin StevenMclean ,now the St Johnstone coach .


    I cannot believe the way these two have turned out .