Forrest again at Hampden in the League Cup


Celtic won their 17th successive game at Hampden yesterday to reach their fifth League Cup final in six seasons, though St Johnstone made them work for their rewards.  Substitute James Forrest pounced on a loose ball on the 73rd minute to calm nerves among the vast majority of the crowd.

The defence’s impressive start to the season continued, in part thanks to St Johnstone’s inability to stage an attack that did not emanate from some slack ball control from a Celtic player.  Despite a perfect Hampden pitch, our passing game was not at its best for fleeting moments.

Jota and Liel Abada were clearly under instructions to stretch the St Johnstone defence by sticking to the touchline.  As a consequence, Abada was a virtual spectator, unable to influence the game with his timed runs into the box.  Nir Bitton played well at occasionally broke through the lines, but for the most part, the gameplan looked to be stifling.  It reminded me of the 2017 League Cup Final win over Motherwell, settled, in part, by another James Forrest goal.

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  1. martin o'seville on

    Rangers need £40 million European money.


    How do CFC PLC play their hand ?


    We saw how it was played last season, blowing the 10.


    If Higgins is appointed in January as was mentioned earlier on the blog, is this the PLC strategy, cause a stink amongst fans, maybe forcing them into the car park, again, divisions, divisions, like last season ?


    The season will play out to one of 4 scenarios, imho.


    1. Celtic PLC pull the transfer window rug from under Ange, ala Brendan Rodgers & John McGinn scenario, scunnerring him, maybe forcing him to leave, throwing the season into turmoil, like last season, as PLC dither and dally, looking for a new manager, resulting in hun title 56 in their 151st year. PLC job done!


    2. A Rangers fan consortium appears out of nowhere, with endless mountains of money, most of it will immediately appear on the pitch in blue jerseys as they romp to a league & cup double, and who knows how far in Europe? as the flames from the burning Celtic car park protests, rise higher as the nights go on. PLC job done!


    3. An unknown wealthy Rangers fan has passed away, but his will states that his entire estate net worth is unclear, and that as weeks go buy the entire value of this estate grows exponentially, the deeper the lawyers dig, the richer this ‘mysterious’ fan becomes, with each passing week, Rangers get richer, and still the value continues to rise, whilst in Glasgow, suspicious Celtic fans start to enquire on supporters blogs, as to whether the ‘mysterious’ tunnel that has been dug underneath Parkhead, actually goes from the boardroom to the Vatican, as has been long believed, or does this tunnel actually go to Ibrox, to keep the OF myth alive and kicking ? “Who cares?” cry the Scots-Establishment, as Rangers continue to monster all in front of them, as suspicious Timmy is told to move along, as there’s nothing here for Timmy eyes to see, “deal with it Timmy” says, PS, ScotsGov, all Scots opposition parties, 100% of masonicSMSM, etc, etc. PLC job done!


    4. Celtic win this years league, picking up the £40 million that Rangers badly need, plunging Rangers into administration, then liquidation, forcing Celtic fans to converge on the Celtic Way, to celebrate, having a party as Sevco dies. So the one horse league returns, Celtic’s ticket sales fall by 15% each year until Sevco2 makes its way to the SPFL, and on, and on. PLC job done ?


    Who knows ?

  2. What an enjoyable birthday today.


    Early present from Celtic yesterday followed by another from Hibs today.



    Late lunch, stroled down Byres Road, passed Dolphin, loud shouts of “yes ya bassa!”


    Inquired. Got answer, went in for pint.


    Said hi to Dunky and crew. Hibs pen, 3-0. Went for train.



    Simple pleasures.



    Day at end. Come into CQN and see Muppets like JHB barely concealing their sleekitry. On a day we should all count our blessings.



    I don’t think they (it) can understand the display and affection toward a Celtic son like Bertie on Saturday. Lip service only. I’m sad for them as they will never get it.



    God bless Bertie.

  3. lets all do the huddle on

    Whits that,a Lion has just eaten James Forrest ?Dear God !!!!!!




    at least it would give him a decent excuse to be injured

  4. martin o'seville on



    COP 26 was a sh*t show of charading liars.


    The big ballsy countries who don’t wage war on the rest of the world, or carry out genocide despite MSM liars trying to tell you differently, if you need a reference point, think when your being told what the news is by folk who still haven’t told a word of truth about the decade and ongoing circus of lies about Rangers EBT HMRC Same Club Lie corruption, same liars, different lies, biggest countries in the world gave COP26 a deafy because these other countries don’t spend their lives lying to their peoples coz their not masonic demons like we’ve got, so good on the “real” politicians who gave COP26 bullsh*t a wide berth good on them. 👏


    The fake countries who’ve collectively blown up half of the world for 70 odd years since the last World War, were wined and dined on their private jets and yacht’s the size of islands as the main speakers who were given a berth, took it in turns to fall asleep during each others speeches, and only about a third of these imperial liars were wearing masks! lol ☺


    All of this blah blah bullsh*t as armies of rats are prowling Glasgow’s streets!


    Wee ElsieMcSelfie wasn’t given a berth to turn it into a,


    “The world will end sooner, if we don’t get indy2 sooner!’ bullshit blah blah.


    STVnews & BBCscotnews would’ve been wheeled oot to tell us that,


    wee sleekit “means business” and that “this is a huge announcement” bullshit to all the dafties who still watch masonicSMSM. lol ☺


    The biggest mistake that any Celtic supporter could ever make, would be to listen to a single word that came from a single masonicSMSM persons mouth. Not a single word, regarding anything!


    Just think about it this way, I can only give ‘my’ opinion here so, for me there are 3 news outlets left that I would personally trust.


    One is a paper, two are news channels on cooncil telly.


    1. The Morning Star daily paper.


    2. GB News channel 236 on council telly is 80% trustable, 50% relatable, if you’re identity politically driven, like putting your fingers in your ears and shouting,


    “NAW NO FARAGE OAN ANAW NOO!” then you’ll misread important things that other channels would rather you didn’t know, or think about, leaving you less clued up, leading to bad decision making that might cost you a lot more than you had even thought about, and I’m not talking about money, especially if you watch news which only allows you to hear, and think about, one side of whatever issue is being discussed, which leads to you getting unbalanced information.


    3. RT UK News channel 234 on cooncil telly is 99% trustable, 50% relatable, on the hour o’clock news, then 2nd half of hour documentary, sometimes about Ireland “The Troubles” etc, which elections are being rigged, and by whom, and recently about the lies that have been told to all us about the banking crises in 2008, and coverage from all over the world of the protests that have been going on in past two years, which neither BBC, ITV, CH4, SKY, have broadcast a single second of, because fake masonicSMSM lies to you, MSM LIES, PEOPLE DIE, so that you won’t see that peoples from other countries are tooling up against certain burning issues, and not accepting being bull sh*tted to!



    Peace ✌

  5. I think there is going to be a major “Monday club” in the pubs later on today! I will be one of them. Great weekend for the celts and many more to come this season. IMO sevco are a busted flush! GVB wont believe what he has signed up too in the near future.

  6. Good morning Timland from a frosty Garngad ❄❄❄



    Greenpinata from last night I respect your opinion.



    Right time for work to see the 3 or 4 Svco supporters….




    D :)

  7. Hello again all you young rebels.



    From a beautiful sunny Melbourne


    Just home from a weekend of pure Celticness down the rebel


    Mornington peninsula.


    Our CSC pub the Dubliner absolutely jam packed when the


    St Kilda Jock Stein club joined our bhoys and ghirls for a celebration


    of the legend Bertie Auld’s life.


    Our big musical genius Richie was right in the mood with countless new


    songs and a great result from the bhoys and that wonderful tifo


    made sure it would be a day and night to remember.


    Now for our upcoming Christmas celebration where we hope to host


    the Melbourne No1 club from the city, the St Kilda bhoys/ ghirls


    again, and various other small clubs dotted about our area.


    A wee cup win before then would be mega, I think we might need a


    bigger park to host it, if we could get young Filip signed up as well we


    might need a bigger state lol.


    H. H. Mick

  8. Firstly, I wish to congratulate CELTIC FC for our semi final win on Saturday.


    I had my Two Jags on Saturday at 3pm…the Flu Jab and the BOOSTER.



    I wasnt feeling great by the time Celtic played against St Johnstone at 5.15pm, which was also due to Boozing on Thursday and Friday ( HIC ) !



    At times The Celts played some good stuff, and score the winner…so I began to feel slightly better on Saturday night, but I stayed at home…to ” Dry OOT”.




    Nir Bitton was excellent throughout, and Jota played well also in flashes.



    I was advised on Saturday afternoon while getting the Two Jabs that I MAY feel Flu issues after the ” Booster”.


    How right he was, as ALL Day yesterday ( Sunday), I was shivering and sneezing etc, and I wasnt going to bother watching Hibs V Huns yesterday…but I am glad that I did…it cheered me right up once again !


    Well done to the Hibees…….but you will find Celtic to be a different fight/game all together in the Final.



    Congrats once again to The AULD Leather Belts….and likewise to the Hibees….


    I just love it when Celtic win and the Huns get ” Mollykated” by anybody !



    I took Hibs to win ” 3-2″ v the Huns yesterday at ODDS of 50/1 with the Bookie……I ALMOST wanted the Huns to score 2nd goal in the last 5 seconds of injury time…to round off a perfect weekend….but they didnt……but it was still a very good weekend.





    Whenever that Mob get Gubbed, I ALWAYS also think about the Number of Hun fans who LOST their money at the Bookies, even the fact that the OPPOSITION Score First…so their Bets on a First Goal Scorer are also Gubbed…as well as their Correct Score Bets etc etc..


    Lovely Jubbly !




  9. I see that the Huns had a Coach called ” DAVID McCALLUM” on the Touchline v Hibs….They would have been better if they had Robert Vaughn ( NAPOLEON SOLO) also on the Touchline as well…The Men from UNCLE !




    Better still IF the Huns had had ” The Champions” on the feckin Touchline…..but they played with too many ” Invisible Men” yesterday.




    Lets all laugh at Sevco…





  10. I will not be surprised if we get a result in Germany on Thursday.


    Given where we were last season that statement is remarkable.


    We really have come such a long enjoyable way..




  11. Movie Trivia..


    It was reported that the Actor ” David McCallum” ( Man from UNCLE Fame), whilst making the film..” The Great Escape”, stupidly took his beautiful wife ( Actress Jill Ireland) on the Set with him…….


    During the making of The Great Escape…actor Charles Bronson STOLE McCallums wife away from him, as they fell in love and married in 1968.



    Thankfully, the Huns couldnt pull off a ” Great Escape” yesterday..





  12. Mos



    GB News – Fox News for British f4nnies


    RT – some good documentaries, at times more right wing than Fox News



    the Morning Star – know the son of a guy who used to seel it outside Springburn Shopping Centre many moons ago – RIP and respect to him

  13. The huns were extremely poor last night. Couple the performance with Goldson’s after match comments and we’ve something of a crisis at Ibrox. Their defence is porous, goal keeper shakey and in Morelos, in all honesty, they’d be better with anyone else upfront. Morelos is without doubt the most hyped dross in the history of Scottish football.

  14. MOS



    How long did take the Huns to appoint Gerrard after Pedros sacking ? Very easy to find the exact number of days. How many in charge interim ? How many knockbacks in that time ?

  15. ART OF WAR on 22ND NOVEMBER 2021 12:10 AM




    A belated Happy Birthday to you Sir.


    Its my Birthday next month on the same Day that we play Hibs in the League Cup Final…


    Heres hoping for a double celebration that day ?



  16. prestonpans bhoys on

    Reporting Scotland morning programme has no mention of the weekend football results, you can feel their pain😂