Forrest, Christie and Turnbull


James Forrest’s injury in September happened three days before Jeremie Frimpong’s best performance of the season, in the home win against Hibs.  I remember using the MVP acronym for Jeremie at the time.  Team form until that point was patchy: wins with alarming defensive performances and an unmitigated disaster against Ferencvaros.  The team shape was clearly wrong and pushing Jeremie forward in James absence seemed logical.

It was the first of many changes I wanted to see, each followed by a realisation that we were groping around in the darkness, until Ismaila Soro and David Turnbull became the central points of a midfield diamond.  Having (hopefully) fixed the fundamental tactical problem, James return to full training offers Neil Lennon the flexibility he is denied on the right and enhances his option in the middle.

Ryan Christie is well short of his best form in a Celtic shirt but all of those best performances came when he played through the middle.  He can cover for James and offer options on the right while giving the manager a different option when he wants to swap out David Turnbull in the 10 position.

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  1. I contend that with Jullien injured for the rest of the season, in fact we need 2 new CH’s. that could be 3 if Duffy goes back.



    I think Ajer is probably our best RB.



    Biton has not impressed as a covering CB.



    Welsh is inexperienced.



    I would take Benkovic as he is Left sided. He done well in his previous spell. Gallagher is also an option although his previous off field antics are a problem.



    I think Ryan Porteous at 21 with 75 senior games under is belt is worth a go, He is big and strong and confident. Interestingly he is being Mentored by Andy Murray.



    I also like Calum Paterson as a goalscoring Right back(58 Senior Goals) he is tough who can play in many positions. I wouldn’t see Ryan kent bullying him

  2. garygillespieshamstring on

    I see talk of a number 6, number 8 and number 10.



    Does that still mean a left half or sweeper, an inside right and an inside left? :)

  3. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    CONEYBHOY – very good – that made me chuckle :-)) Also been in the wee pub in Spiddal (An Spidéal) where yon very song was apparently written



    Ashford Castle – the brother in law must have been puyoor minted!! That was also a scene in the Quiet Man – along the bank of the river in front of the (now) hotel where Ward Bond was fishing.



    Squire – oft heard in my house to this day – “Woman of the house – where’s me tae ?!?!?”. That said, it is only Miss BGFC and WeeBGFC who respond – Mrs BGFC can burn tae!!






  4. C40 @ 3.02



    That MF roster is only half finished.


    We desperately need another DM to share the load with IS.


    It will be interesting to see how far IS goes as he matures.



    ON is the best MF we have but he can’t be ersed.


    His decline over the past two years has been heart breaking.



    If we want to play at any high level in Europe then the present day CMcG is not good enough to be a first pick.



    He has been a late / slow developer and he has improved year on year all the way to the end of last season but he has been shocking this season and his weaknesses are too glaring for him to be considered an automatic first pick.



    SB — POTY @ 33 = sympathy vote to get leaving on a high.

  5. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on




    I usually say big Eddie is an inside right






  6. Cal Mac is no doubt one of our best players.


    A multiple winner who can play at a higher level than Celtic.


    However this season has probably been his worst season at the club since he broke into the side and scored on his debut in Slovenia.



    Then you think wait a minute Julien, Christie, Edouard, Brown have all been miles off it in performance too.


    These are all proven winners who have all bombed at the same time.


    The reason I was shouting for a change of manager so loud and early was because I could see our problems was a coaching issue which had no quick fix. Therefore it was either change the manager or the whole season is a write off. We chose the latter which kinda put me in my place as a mere supporter. I read the decision to keep the manager as shut up and take the pain you’ve had enough glory. Despite statements backing the manager I got the impression they didn’t think he would turn it around either. So the decision was not made with the team or supporters in mind, my guess was therefore follow the money.



    If our board are not spending every hour possible sourcing a new manager then they are failing us yet again. Ideally the new man should be in place within 2 weeks time. Every new manager has a preferred system in mind an identity and a few players in mind who fits exactly what he’s trying to achieve. The new man should be allowed to bring in these 2 players before the window closes then use the remaining games to mould those players with what he’s got from our squad.


    Its vital the new man gets these few months to decide what he keeps and offload. My worry is we throw out good players proven winners who have regressed because of our awful coaching.



    Let’s see how our board fix the mess they have created, they’ve made a terrible start, will they come to their senses or do we have more suffering ahead?

  7. Re CMcG



    Not been his best season.Been dragged down by the poor performances of the team as a whole.Hes missed Rodgers as Rodgers operated at a level Cal could relate to.Standards have dropped and so has his form.CalMac to me has been fantastic since he became a regular in the 1st team.Hes obviously dedicated to his profession and his fitness levels are 2nd to none.With Rogic you were expecting him to score against the huns every game.This season hes not quite at it.His passings getting predictable and hes seems more hesitant when defending.A feature of most of the team tbh.Overall tho an absolute diamond to have and with a top manager he’l shine again.

  8. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    So pretty much in what scenario could we still need to win league?



    So Zombies would need to drop 5 pts outside Glasgow Derby – i.e to draw 1 / lose 1 and for us to beat them twice in remaining 2 fixtures while winning all our other remaining league games.



    Obviously they could drop more points and we then wouldn’t necessarily need to win all 19 games remaining, but it really is a tough ask. I can see the zombies drop the 5 pts outside us, but can we win pretty much every remaining 19 games….



    Then again, most will remember our 2007/08 season being 10 behind with 7 games remaining to take hope.




    MARTIM1980 on 8TH JANUARY 2021 12:06 PM






    Now to read the article after 2 in a row…









    If you make it three in a row you get a special award




    Banned more than likely for smugness 🤣😂

  10. If we don’t improve the squad or the coaching staff we will just be playing for second spot.



    The trip to Dubai was a mistake.


    And yet we have had nothing from the club regarding how we are going to respond to our current malaise.



    Discussing JF(old)’s return is just filler.

  11. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Two to tackle:


    1)Martin O’Neill’s final game in charge of Celtic?


    2)What was significant about the Celtic v Hibs Scottish Cup Final played on 20th:May:2013?


    Still Celtic

  12. In the immortal words of Don King the chances of Celtic having a new manager before the end of the domestic season are slim to none.


    “And Slim just left Town”


    That is the reality. Too late for a new man to effect real change in our prospects now, barring a miracle.


    We have all seen this Movie before, and its sequel, well this is the follow up to that.


    ‘Carry On Lenny III’


    Ever tried to walk out on a movie on a plane?


    Then get on board and Roll Up, Roll Up, Roll Up!

  13. Not good for football operations, for supporters, particularly season ticket holders, but, I don’t I would stop laughing until ‘next’ season if this term was null and void.



    Their heads would burst 🤣🤣😂

  14. Can’t understand the criticism of CMcG.


    I would love to see him as captain going forward for the foreseeable.


    I would like to see us move on Ntcham, Rogic as they are not contributing and Christie as he obviously wants to go.


    Give Ewan Henderson more game time and sign Lewis Ferguson

  15. If anyone doesn’t think Callum McGregor is a good player, knows absolutely nothing about football…..I won’t ever put a caveat on this post…

  16. BB @ 4.05



    Sorry — fan boy nonsense.


    He isn’t even a regular for Scotland.



    JMcG + IS = Look what we could have had …


    Add in RC and TR and we would have the makings of a good team.


    With DT ready to come in when RC finally gets his move to the EPL



    JMcG might have kept ON on the boil.



    CMcG is a good player who can still develop further.


    He has phoned it in for the past 5 months and needs a new challenge.


    His EuL performances or non performances were particularly painful to watch.

  17. ST TAMS



    Agree,would sign Ferguson and sell Ntcham and Rogic..Ntcham cos hes not interested and Big Tam( no Callaghan if ye mind him fae st tams),what a him..but seen the best of him.


    Love CalMac too but but struggled this season like too many.

  18. MADMITCH on 8TH JANUARY 2021 4:15 PM


    BB @ 4.05







    Sorry — fan boy nonsense.





    He isn’t even a regular for Scotland.



    Check before you post….

  19. CalMac is an excellent player.


    One of our v few international class players. One of Scotland’s v few class players.



    A creative, attack-creating midfielder who is a bit of a liability as a last-ditch, penalty box defender…..because he isn’t one!



    And to be clear, his defensive lapses have been ‘matched and raised’ by so many of our designated ‘defenders’.



    Being flogged towards early retirement by BR and NFL’s stubborn refusal to rotate and substitute.



    HH jg

  20. Of all the candidates we have for scrutiny .and there are many , we are debating whether Calmac is good enough to start…not about his best position mind you, but actually good enough to make the currents starting 11!



    the world truly has gone bonkers , at least it gives our captain a rest

  21. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    I like Calmac more than I like RC ( unusual😬)



    This year he has probably been responsible for more goals than out keepers but as we all know keepers can’t get away with mistakes

  22. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Two to tackle:



    1)Martin O’Neill’s final game in charge of Celtic?



    2)What was significant about the Celtic v Hibs Scottish Cup Final played on 20th:May:2013?



    Still Celtic



    Black Sunday


    & first on Sunday ?

  23. Given where we are (and with the assumption that we are a well run club), I’d cut our losses for this season and sell those with 18 months left on their contract, including Edouard and any others for whom we got a big offer. Duffy/ME should be returned to their clubs.



    None of these players are signing extensions and they are likely leaving in the summer in any event, so may as well get as much cash as possible to give a new manager.



    Remember, we will be in the red for this season and 3 season without CL football, combined with the precipitous fall in season ticket numbers is going to hurt.



    Selling these players would give a new manager a decent transfer budget to rebuild the squad which, when you consider those that are likely to leave/retire/return to their parent clubs or that aren’t good enough, is a considerable task.



    Of course, this is all predicated on being well run which means PL being removed from his position. I wouldn’t be surprised if Neil was our manager next season and would be very surprised if PL wasn’t our CEO.



    So for that reason, sell no one. As no one will be replaced with quality and the money will be wasted.



    The road to recovery may be very long.

  24. Cannot see Celtic signing any quality players,maybe a couple of journeymen to keep us happy 😩

  25. Cannot see Celtic signing any quality players this month ,maybe a couple of journeymen to keep us happy 😩

  26. ST @ 4.51



    RC will move to the EPL — he has the highlights reel ready to go.


    He is good player and will get better.



    Unfortunately he is not as good as he thinks he is.


    Still a bit of growing up to do.



    More potential than CMcG.


    More complete MF player.

  27. We had the hype of SD before he arrived.


    We had the disdain that many held for the ex Sheep SMcK.


    We will have the negativity when RP’s name comes up.


    We have had the sniping about the performance of KA.



    Not sure we as a support are good at judging players — particularly CBs.

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