Forrest Feedback Club, Nir ruffling


The James Forrest Feedback Club were quiet last night.  I’ve no idea if James will rediscover his form on a sustained basis, or if his limbs will allow him to attain his potential, but it was good to see him running at defenders with confidence again.

He got the measure of John Rankin early on.  Thereafter the United marker could do little more than block James whenever they faced-off.

I’ve been impressed with Dundee United during this series of games.  Fojut held things together remarkably well at Hampden, you can see why we signed him subject to a medical, while Ryan McGowan was clearly their best player at Celtic Park, notwithstanding his late lunge at Liam Henderson.  Well done to McGowan for coming onto Twitter to share apologies and congratulations.

Nadir Ciftci’s swagger reminded me of Jackie Dziekanowski in his latter days as a Celtic player.  He’s probably found his level at United, where he can turn it on at will, but the modern game is looking for something different.

Loved the moment when a fouled Nir Bitton ruffled the hair of his assailant, Aiden Connolly.  Nir is growing by the week, I’m working hard to avoid comparisons.  We’ve not seen much of an edge from him since that, mistimed, tackle against Ajax, but he could do with some of that in-your-face attitude others in the midfield have.

Not been online much since the game, what suspension have the SFA offered Paul Paton after his altercation with Anthony Stokes?

Keep your eyes peeled for a nomad.  They can hide in bins and outhouses.  Check your shed.  Any will do.

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  1. cultsbhoy



    12:20 on 19 March, 2015


    Geordie Munro



    Yes his 3rd appearance for police assault… Quite odd for a pro footballer?


    He got community service last time can only imagine he will get porridge this time. Barlinnie prison officers being issued with tasers…

  2. pedrocaravanachio67 on




    23:53 on 18 March, 2015


    Brilliant result celtic. Keep going!!



    In other news. Feckin Kanye West headlining Glastonbury!!!!!! I could kinda understand Jay Z but this guy.



    You gotta be kidding…..





    Now there is a “creepy acolyte” if ever I’ve seen one.



    Still ma favourite insult :-)

  3. Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon


    12:19 on


    19 March, 2015


    Quiet on here when we win a few games, isn’t it?





    Sadly, that’s very much the case, JF and Efe are the favourite targets, it really rips ma knitting.

  4. Dundee United need to shut the fake up.



    Have they taken notice we’re doubling our scoring with each progressive game? 1-2-4-….8 come Saturday?



    About time they quit whining, quit trying to rile and boot a superior team off the park and focussed on tactical discipline and method; then they might get somewhere.



    Trying to drag our players into a kicking game in the hope it unsettles us – e.g Broony – is like trying to drag a mountain lion into a cage fight and thinking you might escape with a few scratches.

  5. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    From last thread.




    thomthethim for oscar ok



    12:01 on 19 March, 2015


    Stein, Evans, Peacock, Mc.Neill, Aitken(?), McStay were hardly ” blood and snotters” types.



    Re James Forrest.



    I posted last night about a response Ronny Deila gave when asked when James would be fit, after he had been out for a spell earlier in the season.


    he said that the boy was over his injury but it was a case of ensuring that he stayed fit and it was that they were working on.



    Hopefully they succeeded.





    I never fancied Mc.Namara as a full back…..and neither did Wim.


    He played him at right back for the first two games of the season, v Hibs and Dunfermline and we lost both.



    I don’t think he played him there again.

  6. Gerryfaethebrig on

    In St Enoch centre getting dragged about the shops, Alex Salmond book signing !!!


    I’ve saw bigger queues at Greggs


    For the record I voted YES so not a dig at referendum


    Back to shopping for shoes ?


    Ronny must stay

  7. Great performance last night, good to be at the game, nice to see Jamsie taking on players on the outside and not cutting in, reminded me of Jinky last night.


    Was at CP this morning looking for my paver stone( still can’t see it) and low and behold Bertie Auld came out the main door, shook his hand and told him I was in Milan in ’70, he said not very good, but which one would you rather us won? Both I said, don’t be so greedy says he lol. Perfect gent and made my long trip worthwhile.

  8. South Of Tunis on

    From one extreme to the other .-



    Italian media have long bemoaned the decline in Italian football.. . They have been right to ——–it is true



    but —————-



    Rube hump avery poor Borussia Dortmund ( their keeper prevented a real doing ) and suddenly things are on the up..



    Very good shift from Tevez. ——earned him a Baggio comparison from the Fitba Pink.!



    Journos -eh !

  9. port high youth club, 1981 ish.



    saturday fete day.



    saint stivs scored a penalty passed Peter Latchford, watched my Conroy, Provan, Nicholas.



    to be fair,



    everyone scored, i dont think he saved any.



    bit peter, nearly as good a keeper as pheersy.




  10. Just watched a recording of last night’s game. The bhoys played some lovely football.


    I was very impressed with Leigh Griffiths’ interview. Many on CQN were highly dubious about signing him and he still has to face the singing charge, but I think he can do a job for us.


    Also very impressed with Josh Thompson’s attitude in his interview. Our future is bright if there are a few like him at Lennoxtown.

  11. Haven’t seen the game but was not expecting such a commanding performance/scoreline.



    I suspect there’s no chummy relationship between the players and Ronny, but a real bond nonetheless. There’s definitely no coasting tolerated.



    Long may it continue.



    Árd Macha

  12. antipodean red on

    Folks who are giving it tight to Ryan McGowan should remember how guys like Tosh McKinley and Paul Hartley performed against us and how they performed for us, both relatively small guys and both never took a backward step while playing for Celtic. I would not expect it to be any other way.




  13. macanbheatha Oscar Abú on

    What’s the story with there being no Bbc highlites of the game last night?


    Have they spent their budget covering Championship games?



    Too many Alloa fans at the Beeb for my liking!

  14. philbhoy



    12:10 on 19 March, 2015



    Ronny Deila had a contract at Strømsgodset until 2016 so there is no guarantee that giving him an extended contract will prevent him leaving should he be approached by a club that he feels would be better suited to him achieving his footballing ambitions


    Winning trebles in Scotland for the forseeable future may not present much of a challenge for an ambitious manager

  15. Sandman


    8 would be nice and not as ridiculous as initially thought.


    As I got the 4 nil right last night Im going for 8-1 on Saturday



  16. AR



    His foul on Stokes could have led to a bad injury. Deliberately went over the ball. Cowardly as well as dangerous.



    Haven’t seen the one on Liam, but if Murray gave him a red, I’ll assume it must have been bad.



    Dirty player, for me.

  17. Come on folks. Let’s not do the MSM’s job for them by speculating about Ronny moving on. At first he was a diddy, remember. Get rid! etc etc. Now it’s how can we avoid him seeking a bigger challenge. If he “gets” Celtic and the board support him, he could stay for a few years. I hope so.

  18. Really don’t get this going along to support your team rubbish.



    £15 = a couple of fish suppers and for a wee bit extra you get an upgrade to special fish suppers.



    What a great decision.



    In the first minute 1 chip got halfed in 2. I called for some red sauce but my double special fish said naw it’s only due a wee bit of vinigar.



    I borrowed a wee chip fae somebody elses bag and it hit the spot in the back of my mouth early doors. tasty wee chip that wiz.



    There was one chip performing wee dances all over the wrapper. I kept trying to Biton on it but uit wisny huvin it rubbing salt into the deep fried skins of the smallest chips in the poke.



    My Broon sauce chip was just sublime and perfect chip for the rajest chip in my wrapper to poke it away with ease. tasty tasty.



    What appeared to be a forrest of chips at the start was disappearing fast now but sometimes the taste left on the final swallow was a wee bit too vinigary for my liking as it continually failed to hit the spot after looking so good.



    There was a right Rankin chip in the wrapper and one in particular look a fair bit ciftci.



    Until now I had Denayer’d myself the pleasure of a bite o the ole fillet of fish.



    Some o my chips were your pretty common chips but theses chips sure knew a thing or two about being chipped into the pokey.



    After stoking up some of the tasty looking chips for later I was surprised when oot of naewhere there appeared a big dolop of ketchup on my stoked up chips. It wasn’t Patontly clear where it came fae and it had me in a rage for a wee while.



    Then popped up the biggest chip in the poke and how tasty that was as it popped in to round of a decent bag of chips.



    Things got a bit fishy at the end as another dollop of red sauce appeared on my poke but it hit a chip I wisny too keen on eating anyway.



    So that was my night wae by bag or two of chips on my couch not watching any footy moaning about the bhoys on CQN.



    MWD said AYE

  19. South Of Tunis on

    ******* Kanye West .



    This old git thinks Kanye West suits Glastonbury to a T .



    Commercial / crass / conflicted ..



    Went to the first Glastonbury in 1970 -tickets were £1 ——-I didn’t pay –I floated in . Free milk and free roast Ox.



    Went to the second one in 1971 -it was free . No free milk / no free roast ox

  20. as I said yesterday Paul


    things will get interesting when we know what the respondents ‘ position is in Mr K’s petition to the court to declare him fit and proper….

  21. antipodean red on




    I’m not saying that his tackles in the last two games have not been bad and I agree that his assault on Liam Henderson was worthy of a straight red but some Celtic-minded players of the past have not been slow to put the boot in when playing against us. Many on here talk about us having a couple of guys who can put it about when required, we should expect other teams to have similar players, McGowan fits that bill for DU.




  22. braw day here in Lower Saxony ….decided to have a half day…a few cool beers ,brawwurst and tatties……hehehehe



    enjoyed listening to the game last night ….anywhere I can see the match ?



    enjoy these days ….cos they are awfy awfy braw




  23. Antipodean red


    12 30 on 19 March 2015


    Well said mate,haven’t seen McGowan tackle yet,but will I say,


    I no his family well they are celtic daft,they will not be happy with his tackle last night.HH.

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