Forrest may have to sacrifice himself


Games this season on artificial surfaces at Kilmarnock and Livingston produced a single point between them, so Celtic have questions to answer at New Douglas Park, Hamilton, tomorrow.  The Lanarkshire side were dogged at Celtic Park in the first meeting between the teams this season, losing only 1-0.  We can expect them to pack their 18-yard-box for the duration of the game, no matter the score.

The Livingston draw last time out was welcomed as a point gained as leadership rivals Hearts lost the same weekend.  The teams are now neck-and-neck at the top of the table.  Hearts have lost three and draw one in their last four outings, failing to score in any of these games, so although the trip to St Mirren tomorrow looks like an easy game for a team with title aspirations, no game is easy when you are as off form as this Hearts team.

At times like this, the early kick-off adds pressure to Celtic.  Anything but a win will give Hearts encouragement.

James Forrest has been in the Celtic team for eight years but he has never been the focus of attention, as he is right now.  Accies will double up on him, with a third body ready, if necessary.  Sometimes the star player has to sacrifice himself by drawing defenders towards him in order to make space for others.  I expect to see some of this tomorrow.

Earlier this week we spoke about the commitment of those who spent their Saturday night sleeping out at Celtic Park to raise funds for the Foundation.  The annual Christmas Appeal Bucket Collection takes place in two weeks, ahead of the Kilmarnock game on 8 December.

I do this every year.  It is a chance to see the generosity of Celtic fans first hand.  If you would like to participate, email or call: cfcfoundation@celticfc.co.uk or call 0141 551 4204.  The Bucket Collection a great Celtic Park experience, you will have a great time.  More here.

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  1. Paul67



    P.s. I’ve seen that third marker on James Forrest before at Celtic Park.




    James has developed a great tactic though of beating the first two before the third guy Hs time to react. He then follows it up with putting the ball where no goalie can reach it.

  2. Been reading this morning that we are to blame for the away ticket allocation being cut for Hun game,and vice versa.Wee Baz is saying we should stop all the nonsense,and get round the table with some Huns and thrash it out.


    And there was me thinking all along,it was the Scum who instigated it.


    Thanks Baz for putting me straight.

  3. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    I agree that Gordon’s background mitigates against his Celtic legacy.





    I also feel that Craig Gordon’s previous incarnation at Tynecastle casts a shadow over his excellent, professional performances as our number 1, in the eyes of some/many of our supporters.







    I said in an earlier post on this thread that a manager’s legacy should be based over the tenure of his appointment and not in the “only as good as your last game” philosophy.





    Martin’s , as has Gordon’s will be secure in the annals of Celtic.

  4. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Big Jock sacrificed Jinky in Lisbon.



    For the opening spell, we fed the wee man,as he gave, Burnich, I think, the runaround.



    Thereafter, Jimmy was virtually ignored, but still had to be covered.



    A couple of against Israel, James had four men lined up against him. The first two he beat, the third tripped him, leaving the fourth surplus to requirements.

  5. Been a fan of Z since uni, but have gotten away from it for some reason. I think I have the first edition, and the last edition of Marxism Today somewhere in my library Your post was a good reminder to go back and give it another look.. thanks

  6. prestonpans bhoys on

    Celtic Noise are running a thread about whether we should take up the bigot dome allocation of 800 tickets, looks like 60/40 against taking them up. I would agree, it will be too dangerous with no protection from their stewards (actually fans as volunteers) or the police. You would need a brolly to protect yourself in that corner from coins



    However a nice feature is it will embarrass the Hun Board and something the SMSM or Sky TV can’t hide – “why are Celtic fans not here? Cause it’s not safe”. Even Barry Ferguson in the DR is asking for the boards to sort it out.

  7. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    The Livingston game showed there are still issues when up against teams who defend their box and are well organised, especially on the smaller (and worse, artificial) pitches.


    In that game we fell back into the (bad) old habit of coming inside at 20-25 yards where all the congestion was.


    I hope Jamesie can stay out wide unless he is making the diagonal run inside towards goal.


    Quick passing, overloads, combination plays, getting to the byline. Anything that can stretch their defence and pull defenders out of position. That then leaves the space for a Rogic or Christie to attack.


    Should be a comfortable 2-0 or 3-0.

  8. Paul67 et al



    So despite the chaos, surrounding the last Old Firm game, caused in my view by the joint actions of our Club and PoliceScotland, with closed roads thrown in, the Celtic Board, has decided to accept tickets for the next match at Ayebrokes. And this despite not knowing the conclusions of the “Independent Review”, well as Independent as you can get when you are paying for it yourself. A disgrace, but not a surprise. Remember the statement released by Celtic back in September, the language used, the talk of the “spectacle” of the Old Firm match, it’s better to have something to sell than to actually have some principles.

  9. Mike in Toronto


    I was told a good lawyer question is ” Have you stopped beating your wife yet”



    Your thoughts please.





  10. Our track record under Brendan on plastic pitches is poor.


    Our normal tactics do not work on these surfaces.


    We seem reluctant to pass the ball forward and revert to our impotent side to side and backwards passing with the lack of goals being predictable.


    These pitches are very unpredictable so we should improvise to try and take advantage of this.


    We should be playing waist high and low balls into the box as this is a defenders nightmare


    Keeping width to open out space in the middle is important and we should send midfield player higher to create space for McGregor ,Rogic or Nt’cham to shoot from central areas outside the box.


    A slow side to side build up will only allow them to pack the space in positive areas.


    And cut out these crappy floaty corners and free kicks and whip the ball in with pace.

  11. So we are two articles in from the AGM and not a peep from paul67. A couple of powder puff non articles but a complete unwillingness to discuss the agm.



    Now as a Celtic blog you would expect the agm to get attention wouldn’t you?



    But not from Paul.



    As for the agm we have the usual from bankier who desperately attacks Celtic supports at any chance. Last year we were criminal racists. This year sectarian. Has bankier ever done or said anything useful to Celtic? I can’t think of a single thing. Just picks up his bonus and criticises the supporters at an

  12. Greenwells Glory on

    Hi Ghuys, Salve salve ;-


    Long time no post, may I start with a big shout out for Canalamar, Morrisey, Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan and the most esteemed Auldheid for their unstinting efforts on Res 12. If only the board were as proactive.


    Anyhoo apropos the upcoming game against our unfortunate neighbours across the city, I do not think the focus is on the correct target. Viz :-


    For any supporters planning to go to the game I suggest they should form groups and approach a lawyer with a view to sending a letter to the SFA, Police SNP and Sevco reminding them of their responsibility with respect to guaranteeing the safety of visiting supporters. If no such guarantee can be given then the game should be played behind closed doors or moved to a neutral venue. If a guarantee is given then they should be informed that they will be held responsible for any injuries to persons or damage to property.


    I commend this course of action to the blog.



    Pacta Sunt Servanda




  13. Neganon2


    Agreeing with you – whatever next


    I made a similar comment yesterday re the lack of an article on the res12 fiasco

  14. Re Res 12–the board need to grow a pair. Not just for that, but referees, treatment of the supporters, the SFM, the police and the rest of it.N.Ireland is in relative peace because real rebels, not KevJ’s sort, decided enough was enough. I would happily live in Scotland, but I recognise it for what it is, run by masonic and other nefarious influences. I would go so far as to say that it’s worse than Oor’ Wee Ulster ever was. We had at least people who spoke out.


    I can forgive most things, but not cowardice.

  15. If the trashing of Resolution 12, doesn’t lead to Celtic supporter’s emptying the stadium till Desmond and his puppets leave the club, well, I’m afraid that, those Celtic supporter’s who continue to prop up an, Old Firm orientated PLC board, deserve each other, and, furthermore, when, not if, but, when these Celtic supporters are cheated, by mibbery, or PLC Old Firm collusion, then these modern day Celtic supporter’s, will thoroughly deserve to be cheated!



    “The Game, The Game Is Over,…… The Rebels, Have Gone!”



    Weebawbabbity, keep it lit Amigo. √







    It’s becoming increasingly obvious that this blog does not reflect the views of the majority of Celtic fans.


    The number of posters and frequency of posting is rapidly declining .


    The powers that be may have to find a new medium to spread and propagate their views.


    So no surprise at lack of comment on AGM.


    It did not need to be such but it’s Paul’s blog to do with what he wants and he has chosen an editorial path that does not sit well with many Celtic supporters.

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    Other live matches include teams such as Real Madrid, Juventus, AC Milan, Sevilla and Napoli.



    The fixtures are being aired on the launch weekend of a new partnership between STV and Eleven Sports, which has rights to La Liga and Serie A.



    Longer term, two matches from Italy and Spain will be shown live on the STV Player each week.



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    “This partnership reinforces our commitment to be Scotland’s number one entertainment destination by offering a wider range of premium content to new audiences on the STV Player.”

  18. Fan-a-tic


    There was plenty comment on here on the AGM and Res 12 which made it even stranger that Paul didn’t see fit tibprovide a lead article.

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