Forrest’s long road back


The last thing James Forrest needed on returning to the first team after a lengthy injury absence is a two-week international break.  James needs games to deliver the match fitness that is simply not possible by training.  It could take him until the end of the season before he is at anything like his best.

John Kennedy will be keen to get James fit for the business end of the Scottish Cup, so I expect he will make substitute appearances in most games over the coming weeks, and perhaps a start on 3 April and play part of the game against Arbroath or Falkirk in the Cup itself.  The Cup is only a landmark, though, like the rest of his teammates, the priority for James is to be in peak condition for the summer’s Champions League qualifiers.

In terms of Sunday, it’s not often I say this, but I think the players owe us one.

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  1. PictureThis Scotland






    Mar 14


    Leigh Griffiths of Hibernian. (Apps 78, Goals 39). SFWA Footballer of the Year, 2012/13.

  2. Something doesn’t add up:



    Police Scotland say they have received “no reports of criminality” from either club.



    A spokesperson added: “Police Scotland has contacted club officials and assured them that should any allegation be received it will be investigated thoroughly.”



    Why would they do that if ‘no re[ports of criminality’?






    In their statement, Slavia added that Kudela was reacting to one of the “brutal tackles” the team faced, citing a facial injury suffered by goalkeeper Ondrej Kolar that led to Kemar Roofe being sent off.



    Rangers finished the game with nine men and Slavia have since confirmed that Kolar suffered a fracture to his face.



    “Slavia players faced an unprecedentedly malicious play from their opponents. They have never experienced such play in any game they participated in the modern history of the European competitions,” read the statement.



    “After the end of the game, the team was not allowed to enter the dressing room.



    “Ondrej Kudela was assaulted by Kamara and hit with fists in the head with manager Steven Gerrard witnessing the incident,” the statement claimed.



    “Even the Uefa representatives who were also present on the site of the incident were shocked by this behaviour.”






    A Uefa spokesperson said the governing body “is aware of an incident which occurred in the tunnel after the match and which involved some players of both teams.



    “We are waiting to receive detailed reports of the match officials who were present at the game before commenting further.”



    Uefa is also awaiting reports regarding the alleged racist abuse.




    Something stinks.

  3. When was the last time james forrest kicked a ball against the huns??.if your pinning your hopes on him being a saviour.god help us

  4. Won’t take the rags long to throw us into this story ‘ Celtic linked with racist Slavia Prague coach’

  5. ERNIE LYNCH on 19TH MARCH 2021 12:18 PM


    SAINT STIVS on 19TH MARCH 2021 11:58 AM





    ‘The tax bands percentages in Scotland are higher than in the UK.’
















    They are now. Years after the free tuition fees and free prescription measures were introduced. That’s not how those measures are funded.







    But you knew that, didn’t you?

  6. Port Glasgow Shipyards Today



    “Catastrophic Failure in Building Calmac Ferries – 5 Years Late – One with painted in windows – one a pile of rusting steel plates.



    ‘Nice Boy’ MacKay & SNP oversee tens of £millions literally poured down the drain. The biggest fiasco since the Edinburgh Sick Childrens Hospital – 9 years late – still not open – hundreds of £millions down the sluice.

  7. SAINT STIVS on 19TH MARCH 2021 12:10 PM


    another for Largs, The Viking 1970




    An iconic picture house. I was outside it lots but not sure I ever saw anything in it.

  8. ST TAMS on 19TH MARCH 2021 12:16 PM


    Still no sign of a manager Paul !!!




    After Sunday our next game is April 10th. Surely there’ll be a plume of white smoke before then🤔

  9. As soon as that numpty from slavia went over to kamara, regardless of what he said or didn’t say, that was the sevco pr machine fed. So night of terrible indiscipline and not being able to trouble an opposition goalie with 11 men, when in the driving seat of the tie becomes a story of victim hood.



    What is it they say? Get ahead of the story? If you can’t deny deflect?



    No mention of Goldson booting the ball into a player on the ground and following it up with a sligh stamp. No mention of the two penalties they got away with. Minimised talk of an actual assault that took place leaving a player with a fractured skull, several other brutal challenges from clearly ‘pumped up’ players like Aribo and kamara himself who to be honest genuinely were not that type until getting a sevco Jersey and going on what looks like an, erm, focused weight lifting programme.



    Stinks you say? Damned right it does.

  10. I saw the old Ian Archer article again recently, where he calls the huns a permanent embarrassment and an occasional disgrace. Nothing new there of course, but he also said there had been 13 of them booked when they won the Cup Winners Cup Final. I’ve been trying to confirm this, but no luck so far. Was anyone aware of this?

  11. I do drop into other fitba blogs now and again, sometimes Morton, Hibs, United, Aberdeen, and others when we are playing against them, just to get a different viewpoint. Even Rangers Media and Follow Follow (in full we wiz cheated by them racist slavic fenians , it is in their DNA mode)



    What I seldom see is the level of interloper Nat bashing that we get on here.



    Are we collectively, I mean Celtic supporters a primary group to annoy or is it a fear thing or do some really think they can influence how an individual votes. Is it sponsored, is it targeted, what is it really ?

  12. SS – Never mind that I canny log into Badas link for free T – Lager.







    Feck it i have loads in lager fridge.



    D :)

  13. JHB on 19th March 2021 12:50 pm



    Peekaboo……….Any natural daylight in the bunker?



    Did you get the shipyards to build it?

  14. ROBERTTRESSELL on 19TH MARCH 2021 12:59 PM


    As soon as that numpty from slavia went over to kamara, regardless of what he said or didn’t say, that was the sevco pr machine fed…




    Yep. Of course the Slavia player is Eastern European, so he must be a racist 🤔

  15. Apart from one match when Rangers didn’t have a fit recognised full back , and played Halliday out of position.


    James Forrest has put in some seriously dreadful performances against Rangers.




  16. SAINT STIVS on 19TH MARCH 2021 1:11 PM




    When the SNP’s Christinne Graham said that the purpose of the SNP’s Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act was to even up the score, which football club’s fans was she targeting?




    The cult are no friends of Celtic Football Club or its fans.



    Not Scoddish enough for their tastes.

  17. Ernie



    Why stop at arbitrarily selecting state funded tuition and prescriptions?


    You could just as easily say any state provided benefit or service was delivered by taking from those who could least afford it?



    Do you stand outside A&E lambasting NHS patients?


    Or noisily tutt tutt when my dad receives his pension?



    Excellent state services are the hallmark of successful nations. Tax people fairly and according to their means and it’s eminently achievable in a uk or Scottish context.



    You’d also have to drop your phallic-symbol Trident though. Soz!



    Off out. A stunning day to partake of.



    HH jg

  18. JAMESGANG on 19TH MARCH 2021 1:30 PM



    Just be honest about



    how these policies are funded



    who benefits most from them



    who loses out because of them.





    ‘Access to universities across the United Kingdom remains a challenge despite improvements in recent years. Those challenges are still more marked in Scotland than in the other nations, as this report shows. This report lays bare the extent of the challenge. Scotland has a different approach to higher education. It no longer charges tuition fees, and as a result it retains a cap on student places that has been removed in England. However, not only is the access gap still wider in Scotland, what progress there has been has largely been through sub-degree places in colleges. This research analyzes the current state of play for widening access to higher education in Scotland, drawing comparisons with other parts of the UK where possible. It provides an analysis of: (1) widening access policy levers; (2) Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) headline data on applications, acceptances, and entry rates by students from different social backgrounds across the UK; (3) higher education initial participation rates (HEIPR) in Scotland and the rest of the UK; (4) UK differences in participation rates with regard to type of university and social background using Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) data; (5) cross-UK institutional comparisons using HESA benchmarks; and (6) widening participation activity and debates in Scottish higher education institutions, particularly the ancient universities. Interviews with Scottish policy-makers showed that there was strong support for the principles of widening access. Overall, Scottish universities’ efforts to widen access for students from poorer backgrounds have achieved only partial success. It is not evident from the data that divergence in fee policy has given Scotland any specific advantage compared to other parts of the UK in relation to increasing overall levels of participation or participation by more disadvantaged groups. Improvements in participation have been largely driven by the growth of college Higher National provision in which students from poorer backgrounds are over-represented. This is because the supply of university places in Scotland has not kept pace with rising demand and increased competition for university places, particularly in the most selective universities, has had a disproportionately negative effect on students from the most deprived backgrounds. The following are appended: (1) UCAS Data Tables; (2) Calculating the Higher Education Initial Participation Rate; and (3) Detailed Sampling Strategy.’



  19. Weebobbycollins on

    Stop deflecting from the Kamara incident. He was racially abused. It’s effin obvious. You don’t react like that if someone calls you a c@@@ or a @@@@@@.


    Racism has to be called out…every time…including anti-Irish racism. Ffs Get a grip!

  20. WBC



    I genuinely wasn’t sure. I agree that any racism is disgusting but also can’t see how it can be proved. Roofe has had abuse overnight so maybe he will say something today/tomorrow. I didn’t see any concern from SG either.



    Think we will have to man up a bit on Sunday – not in terms of putting in challenges (only fall into the foul/card trap) but stand strong under challenges and walk out with the ball. I think the huns will be riled after last night



    Edouard/Christie/Taylor/McGregor/Rogic in this bracket

  21. Weebobbycollins on

    Coneybhoy…again I agree with you, it’s hard to prove, so, one has to go with one’s instincts. The Slavia player said what he said and ran away. Coward in my book…and more than very likely it was racist. My opinion…

  22. Weebobbycollins on

    My blood ran cold when I saw the photo of Slavia’s goalkeeper. Shocking! And so far, not a word…

  23. Regarding new manager.


    Has anybody else heard that after the game onSunday.


    An announcement will be made to the stock (exchange)market at 8.00 am, on Monday.



    The name of the new manager.


    This will then be released to the public or newspapers at 9.00am.

  24. WBC


    What concrete evidence do You have that a Sevco player was racially abused


    His reaction is not evidence

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