Forrest’s long road back


The last thing James Forrest needed on returning to the first team after a lengthy injury absence is a two-week international break.  James needs games to deliver the match fitness that is simply not possible by training.  It could take him until the end of the season before he is at anything like his best.

John Kennedy will be keen to get James fit for the business end of the Scottish Cup, so I expect he will make substitute appearances in most games over the coming weeks, and perhaps a start on 3 April and play part of the game against Arbroath or Falkirk in the Cup itself.  The Cup is only a landmark, though, like the rest of his teammates, the priority for James is to be in peak condition for the summer’s Champions League qualifiers.

In terms of Sunday, it’s not often I say this, but I think the players owe us one.

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  1. Tinytim 1.25


    Forest roasted Barasic in his first Glasgow Derby…..Barasic was booked after 29 mins ……while Forrest can hide if the going gets tough he is one of the few players who genuinely could play at a higher level …..hardly wastes a pass …great scoring and assist stats…..can take and kill the ball at any speed ….we’ve missed him hugely

  2. AN DÚN on 19TH MARCH 2021 2:02 PM


    Was McCoist accused of being a racist after his secret whisper ?

  3. Andy Patons Mullet on

    JF on the right wing is a far better option than anything else we have presently and his form till injury was fine. For the balance he brings he has to play.



    Coneybhoy…again I agree with you, it’s hard to prove, so, one has to go with one’s instincts.








    They’ve been conning refs all season with their theatricals, so I’d be looking for more evidence than a player’s reaction to a comment before deciding whether the comment was racist or not.

  5. NEWRADBHOY on 19TH MARCH 2021 3:06 PM







    Have you heard who it is?









    Is my 500 to 1 shot going to pay off?

  6. prestonpans bhoys on

    DAVID66 on 19TH MARCH 2021 3:30 PM



    That will certainly tarpaulin the whole of the top tier😯

  7. Silver City 1888 on

    Rangers being the victim of hate crime has to be the man-bites-doggiest story ever. They tried to bully their way into the next round with brutal, damaging violence. Now everyone is talking about how terrible it is for them. Convenient beyond credulity.

  8. Passionate about equality and against prejudice or discrimination so, if, evidenced any of that took place last night I would be for any action taking place upon the perpetrator.


    I would have sympathy for the sevco players if that is the abuse they received.



    On a separate point entirely i felt the entire behaviour of the sevco team throughout was thug-like and also they were at the same time looking for anything. Then the totally impartial commentary team stated that they (Prague) were looking for anything and being “clever”. Hypocracy.



    Could not make it up.

  9. If our wee timid bhoys were tuned into last nights horror show from Govan , don’t expect a result the messy stuff will be flying from them .

  10. I am glad that Celtic will NOT be giving that Hun Thug, Serial Cheating Mob a ” Guard of Honour”…..



    Why didnt the Huns give Slavia Prague a ” Guard of Honour” at the end of the game last night as they Gubbed the Huns in their ain midden ?


    Oh wait….the Huns were too busy with their own thuggery ON and OFF the Pitch towards the Prague players.



    Why NO mention of Morelos being involved in any Punch Up……did he run away at the first sign of any aggro ?





  11. DAVID66 on 19TH MARCH 2021 3:29 PM


    Newradbhoy – Heard it was Roy Keane, probably a load of crap right enough.




    Roy Keane and Robbie Keane? Wouldn’t be surprised.

  12. garygillespieshamstring on

    Racism is shameful and should be punished.


    However the huns complaining must be the biggest ever pot commenting upon the hue of the kettle.

  13. HS – Kennedy has been part of the problem.



    He has been pathetic. Him, NFL, our board and most of our players.



    D :)

  14. AN TEARMANN on 19TH MARCH 2021 10:30 AM



    Ernie no component part of the union caused An Gorta is wholly owned by the union.



    *careful here, on return to britain in 1840 trevelyan was appointed as assistant secretary to the treasury, and served to 1859, during both the Irish famine and the Highland Potato Famine of 1846–1857 in Scotland.



    The latter is not that fairly well known, in Scotland he was closely associated with the work of the Central Board for Highland Relief.



    He was co-founder in 1851, with Sir John McNeill, of the Highland and Island Emigration Society which during the Highland Clearances supported an exodus of nearly 5,000 people to Australia between 1851 and 1858.



    The Highland Potato Famine, nearly as disastrous as the Great Famine of Ireland, was a period of 19th-century Highland and Scottish history,1846 to roughly 1856, over which the agricultural communities of the Hebrides and the western Scottish Highlands saw their potato crop, upon which they had become over-reliant, repeatedly devastated by a potato blight.



    It was part of the wider food crisis facing Northern Europe caused by potato blight during the mid-1840s, whose most famous manifestation is the Great Irish Famine, but compared with its Irish counterpart, it was much less extensive, the population seriously at risk was never more than 200,000, and often much less, and took many fewer lives as prompt and major charitable efforts by the rest Scotland ensured relatively little starvation.



    The terms on which charitable relief was given, however, led to destitution and malnutrition among its recipients. A government inquiry could suggest no short-term solution other than reduction of the population of the area at risk by emigration to Canada or Australia.



    Highland landlords organised and paid for the emigration of more than 16,000 of their tenants and a significant but unknown number paid for their own passage.



    Evidence suggests that the majority of Highlanders who permanently left the famine struck regions emigrated, rather than moving to other parts of Scotland.



    It is estimated that about a third of the population of the western Scottish Highlands emigrated between 1841 and 1861.



    For what it’s worth my da was first generation Scottish and his blood line extends for hundreds of years in that land beyond the sea which is why I proudly have Irish citizenship.



    My mother is 2nd generation and likewise goes back tae the mother country, I have no idea how long as a recent search on ancestry has indicated that the paternal side of her family originated in the Hebrides and were forced out via Argyll tae the black north due tae the aforementioned Highland Clearances and are also part of the Clan McNeill.



    So when that bunch of inbred tell me that the famine is over and why don’t I go home, mibbees just mibbees I should ask “where, Connemara or the Isle of Barra”



    Incidentally Mrs TT has a similar background tae me. One side of her family hail hails fae Connemara while the other is fae Derry via Ayrshire and the Hebrides.

  15. prestonpans bhoys on

    Covid rates just released, yesterday Glesga top of the list at 135. Every council area mentioned but for some reason one is omitted today. Guess which one, clue had rampaging Huns recently😱😯

  16. ZIGGYDOC1 on 19TH MARCH 2021 1:17 PM


    ROBERTTRESSELL on 19TH MARCH 2021 12:59 PM



    As soon as that numpty from slavia went over to kamara, regardless of what he said or didn’t say, that was the sevco pr machine fed…






    Yep. Of course the Slavia player is Eastern European, so he must be a racist 🤔




    Might be picking you up wrong but are you saying I am assuming the guy said something racist?


    I didn’t think I had and it certainly isn’t what I meant.


    I still cling to the outdated view of innocence until proof of guilt is provided.



    My point is more about how sevco latch on to any opportunity to deflect attention from their own bad behaviour.



    Any player in any game noising someone up so blatantly is not sufficiently skilled in the art of the wind up. He could have been saying something about Kamaras taste in cars for all I know, but the way he did it was foolish.



    But to be 100% clear I absolutely was not making any judgement on anybody’s identity but if it reads that way (I don’t think it does but I’m open to persuasion) I will gladly ask for it to be deleted of any mods are looking in.




    There were number of shameful episodes in the aftermath of both the clearances the so-called famine.


    In Irela



  18. tontine tim



    A very fine and informative post. And one illustrative of a family history and backdrop which many on here actually share to some extent at least. And one or two that dont.

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