Forrest’s long road back


The last thing James Forrest needed on returning to the first team after a lengthy injury absence is a two-week international break.  James needs games to deliver the match fitness that is simply not possible by training.  It could take him until the end of the season before he is at anything like his best.

John Kennedy will be keen to get James fit for the business end of the Scottish Cup, so I expect he will make substitute appearances in most games over the coming weeks, and perhaps a start on 3 April and play part of the game against Arbroath or Falkirk in the Cup itself.  The Cup is only a landmark, though, like the rest of his teammates, the priority for James is to be in peak condition for the summer’s Champions League qualifiers.

In terms of Sunday, it’s not often I say this, but I think the players owe us one.

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    Let’s see if this gutless crew of non-triers that contrived to lose the league 2 games before the split can lift us with a win tomorrow. ”



    Would that be part of your motivational speech?

  2. As the most commendable Jobo would have said: Only one more sleep until we take on our newest rivals.


    Doesn`t seem to be enthralling many on here at the moment :-))


    Cheerio for now.



    PS I am confident we will not lose tomorrow.

  3. It is in the construct of the language used – “scores of fans” is the new “small minority” when what we witnessed was actually thousands taking part in lawlessness.



    ps, that is what they get for taking part in the event.






    Rangers title celebrations: Police test positive for Covid-19 after policing party



    Officers test positive for Covid-19 after policing Rangers title celebrations




    Officers have had to self-isolate after a number of cops who policed the Rangers title party tested positive, according to reports.



    Fans have been warned to stay at home on Sunday after the Old Firm match was given the green light.



    Assistant chief constable Bernard Hughes warned officers “will not hesitate to enforce the law”.



    Scores of Rangers fans swarmed George Square and Ibrox Stadium after securing the Premiership title.




    The Daily Record reports a number of officers tested positive after the celebrations took place on March 7.



    David Hamilton, chair of the Scottish Police Federation, told the paper: “A number of officers who policed the Rangers celebrations have since tested positive for Covid-19 and, as a consequence, many more have had to self-isolate.



    “I hope those fans who attended will reflect on whether flouting the health regulations was really worth it.”



    National Clinical Director Jason Leitch said they could not confirm with certainty that a rise in Covid-19 cases was linked to the gatherings.



    He said: “There is a time-related uptick in cases across the west of Scotland after the weekend.






    “However, we can’t know for sure that one led to the other.



    “I can tell you that some Test and Protect interviews – with people who have tested positive – suggest some of them were there.”

  4. Celtic v Huns.



    The huns don’t do a guard of honour, so we don’t.


    Why emulate a classless outfit. ?



    Can we not think independently ? We like to think we are different from them.



    We should have told them to ram this game citing safety concerns during lockdown.


    Erecting barriers and additional unprecedented safety measures for a game with no fans justifies the safety concerns.


    We are pandering to the SG, SPFL and the huns. We should have grown a backbone and then fight the consequences.



    As we have already capitulated in playing the game, we should give them a ” guard of shame”


    They are shameful so that is appropriate.


    What is also shameful is our inept performances on and off the park in this vital season. From players up to director level it is shameful.



    A guard of shame seems highly appropriate on these two fronts.



    HH to all. Justice for the now destitute facepainter.

  5. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    After two failed attempts (live on air), BBC’s Football Focus now talking to Eddie Gray via link about Peter Lorimer (RIP).



    Car crash TV impinging on personal grief just to get there first.




  6. sometimes i wonder at our wisdom


    James Forrest regardless of your opinion of his ability or lack of Since his reintroduction to the squad you could see it coming the need for a scapegoat


    James fault this time he did not take part in this debacle


    God if only he had we could really go to town

  7. Squire Danaher.



    still dont get you on blue pound.tell me when did it start 1880’s or 90’s?






  8. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Toney scores penalty for Brentford.



    Won the spot kick himself with an awesome combination of skill and strength.



    Defender couldn’t live with him and hauled him down.



    He then dispatched the penalty with aplomb dismissively sending the goalie the wrong way then majestically stroking the ball into the net.



    What a player.



    What a loss.



    (according to reports)

  9. Greenpinata,



    I concur.



    That lot are reprehensible at the best of times.Their traits go with them and I find that very hard to Understand, God knows I have tried to.



    Anyway 3-0 the Celts the morra.

  10. we have massively missed the Ayrshire superstar this year. Not as much as a decent keeper/defence but we have missed the balance he gives and his crosses



    the 3-5-2 experiment doesn’t suit him so hopefully when fit we use 442 or 4231 . he can do either but unfortunately MOI can only do 4231 or fight for the top of diamond with Turnbull/Rogic/Christie

  11. Maybe they should get T-shirts made up



    “SEVCO..fighting Racism since…Thursday , about 10 to 10.”

  12. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Well looks like the slava player racially abused newco thingmy ……Richard Gordon said so because the ‘accused ‘ had his hand over his mouth…….

  13. squire danaher on

    AN TEARMANN on 20TH MARCH 2021 1:02 PM



    Blue Pound? Some say the 1909 Cup Final but I think they were both as culpable.



    I would argue that the Willo Flood window is evidence of an initial awareness not to drive home our financial advantage. I think I am less of a crackpot now than I initially thought I was in 2011 when fearing we had thrown the Huns that title to keep them afloat.



    CONEYBHOY on 20TH MARCH 2021 1:26 PM



    Disagree re Forrest



    Some would say his finest game in a Celtic jersey was at CP when he played RWB in a 5 v Bayern Munich.

  14. prestonpans bhoys on

    I said a few weeks ago, the astonished look on the Huns faces when a foul is given against them in European football is a gem.



    They are so accustomed to being given Carte Blanche in Scottish football.😱😯

  15. Radio Scotland discussing the racism. Michael Stewart points out that we here in Scotland have our own problem, which too often is swept under the carpet. Barry Ferguson jumps in and says he and Micky Weir are doing great work and things are far better here than they were 15 years ago, while places like the Czech Republic have massive problems. You couldn’t make it up and I have switched off. Couldn’t take any more sweeping things under the carpet.

  16. I have a friend who is a Southampton supporter. Over the years I’ve told him about numerous players we have that would walk into their first team. Virgil, Stuart and Fraser have done so. Tierney would have. I’ve been right every time. At the start of this season there were very few to be recommended. Eddie was about it. Christie and Forrest were maybes.



    Today, I can’t think of any i would recommend. Turnbull and Soro are contenders but too few games to be definitive.



    Our good players have regressed and our recruiting / loans are not contenders.

  17. Bloke just drove past me on a tractor shouting “ the end is nigh”


    Think it was farmer Geddon 🚜

  18. Is it not the case that their favourite ditty, the billy boys, honors a fascist, racist and a bigot? I read sometime ago that Billy Fullerton was one of the key figures in the British Union of Fascists (led by Mosley), that were basically Nazis. And that he also tried to establish the KKK in Scotland.


    Just trying to establish the irony of Them singing this at every piss up while claiming to have Kamara’s back.

  19. Deniabhoy correct.



    A horrible shower.



    Imagine that lot calling someone a racist.



    You could not gee them a red neck with a blowtorch.



    D :)

  20. Weebobbycollins on

    AoW…That was some display of verbal diarrhoea last night. Maybe YOU’ve been drinking too much Bovril. I can’t stand the stuff.


    have a lovely day…

  21. Or the Institutions that have Allowed them to do what they do?



    The One Police force in Scotland. Hmmmmm



    Come on the Celts the morra.



    Dad has been asking me what time the game is on for over a week now. Anyways its Time for another to Shine soon.



    Who will it be?



    Edouard is the obvious wan but there may be someone else.



    Shine Celtic of Glasgow.

  22. “NOTTHEBUS on 20TH MARCH 2021 1:32 PM


    Maybe they should get T-shirts made up


    “SEVCO..fighting Racism since…Thursday , about 10 to 10.”



    That is a great idea !!

  23. Great article by Phil. Check out the photo of Seethin’ G nose to nose with Diouf. Somebody should show it to Goldson and Kamara, to refresh their memories. Slippy later denied being racist to Diouf, after Diouf claimed he was abused. Many parallels in this situation. Slippy also did not call out Suarez after the latter was found guilty of being racist to Evra. Classic hypocrisy.


  24. Gerard is a ned, thug lying bassa.



    A great fit for Scotlands premier Klan Klub.



    NEVER to be trusted.



    Let’s pummel these cnuts tomorrow



    D :)

  25. GENE on 20TH MARCH 2021 3:07 PM



    India running up a cricket score



    Gene what is score? :-)



  26. scullybhoy . Thats interesting I disagree that theres nothing they can do though, a picture of Tina draped in a Tricolour or informing them the song was written by a catholic republican should put them off it a fair bit :)

  27. clubs flocking to twitter to “stand united” with Rangers against racism.



    celtic in turn tweet this –




    Celtic Football Club






    Mar 19


    #CelticFC has been a club open to all since 1888.



    We stand firmly against all forms of racism and bigotry.









    they then tweet this –




    Rangers Football Club















    we should have figuratively burnt that trademark.