Forrest’s long road back


The last thing James Forrest needed on returning to the first team after a lengthy injury absence is a two-week international break.  James needs games to deliver the match fitness that is simply not possible by training.  It could take him until the end of the season before he is at anything like his best.

John Kennedy will be keen to get James fit for the business end of the Scottish Cup, so I expect he will make substitute appearances in most games over the coming weeks, and perhaps a start on 3 April and play part of the game against Arbroath or Falkirk in the Cup itself.  The Cup is only a landmark, though, like the rest of his teammates, the priority for James is to be in peak condition for the summer’s Champions League qualifiers.

In terms of Sunday, it’s not often I say this, but I think the players owe us one.

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  1. India scored 224 off 20 overs , England having a real go at 123 for 1 after 11 overs – so think they’ll win it.

  2. Radio Scotland today at 2pm spent first 40 minutes discussion on what action should be taken against Slavia Prague and the player ( life time ban !!)



    Everyone discussing the item from every angle. Not once did they even attempt to widen the discussion to include the post match incidents, player assault in tunnel which have been claimed by Slavia Prague.


    Also that the attack was premeditated , covering cameras, locking dressing room door etc.


    Slavia also claim that this was witnessed by Stevie G, and UEFA officials.



    May or may not have happened…. but you would think that it at least merited a mention…. don’t let that get in the way.



    No mention of the actual game and the thug tactics that may perhaps have added to the frustration of the Kudela to opt for an insult rather than punch Kamara or Goldstone who had both kicked his team mate whilst he was lying on the ground a minute earlier.



    Then after 40 minutes ignoring any other angle that might show rangers in a bad light , the show went on to today’s game….


    Kenny MacIntyre interviewed both managers before St Johnstone v Ross County …


    Started both interviews similarly…




    John Hughes….


    ” before we talk about this afternoon’s game … the disgraceful scenes at Ibrox , very strong statements from Glen Kamara and Connor Goldstone, what’s your reaction to what you saw , what you heard?



    John Hughes gives the standard response, “need to stamp out of football and society” etc.



    MacIntyre then comes back ( putting words in York’s mouth) …


    ” two things from what you said John, firstly very important that Scottish football unites in support of Glen Kamara and other players at Rangers, and also that UEFA send out a very clear message”





    When interviewing Calum Davidson he complimented


    “Goldstone acting like a captain a real leader, he spoke so powerfully yesterday, Steven Gerrard suppoeting his players, even chairman Douglas Park was was down on pitch side , Rangers have done all they can”



    So MacIntyre is setting the agenda….acting as cheerleader, putting words into the two managers mouths, who probably just wanted to talk about their game.



    Glad my BBC Licence money is so well spent.



    The Onlooker

  3. Waiting on the Rangers moral compass on this –






    Vile bigots launched sectarian abuse at Celtic players as they left the team bus to enter Ibrox for today’s crunch Old Firm tie.



    A crowd of people gathered as the Hoops players arrived at the doors to the stadium in the south side of Glasgow.



    Some of the group could be heard shouting “fenian c**t” and “papist c**t” as the squad left the vehicle.



    Others launched further sickening abuse such as “gunge that paedo” and “f*****g paedo c**t”.






    The scenes were a stark contrast to the unity shown by the players on the field as both sides of the Old Firm commemorated those who lost their lives in the Ibrox stadium disaster.



    Club captains James Tavernier and Callum McGregor both took to the pitch carrying wreaths containing their clubs’ colours to mark the 50th anniversary of the tragedy.




    Celtic players were abused by a crowd of bigots as they entered Ibrox stadium


    Rangers and Celtic players donned black armbands as they observed a one minute silence to remember the 66 supporters who did not come home after the disaster in 1971.



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    Fans and officials from both clubs also left their own tributes outside of the stadium prior to kick off this afternoon.



    Rangers beat their Glasgow rivals 1-0 in the fixture.





    Rangers crowds linked to Covid surge


    Teen dies after ‘sex act went wrong’


    Months to live for rare nasal cancer mum


    Scots mini-heatwave set to continue


    A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “There have been no arrests made.”





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    Female Athlete Fails You Can’t Look Away From






    We Ranked These Beautiful Women – Can You Guess #1?






    Cancelled TV Shows For 2021 Announced: The Full List








    Rangers FCCeltic FCPolice ScotlandSectarianism









    I said a few weeks ago, the astonished look on the Huns faces when a foul is given against them in European football is a gem.







    They are so accustomed to being given Carte Blanche in Scottish football.😱





    SPOT ON mate, but NOT just in Europe but also in Scotland.


    Slippy Gerrard has had them disputing EVERY decision that doesnt go their way, and there is not much wrong in ” Shouting for Everything” in a game of Fitba at ANY level…However, SOMETIMES those that are doing the disputing really step over the line and totally embarass themselves.


    A few weeks ago, against Hibs ( I think ?)….The Hun ” Goldson” CLEARLY shoved the Hibs player with TWO Hands in the Huns penalty area, and Goldson was immediately shouting for a Goal Kick to the Huns.


    The Hibs player was CLEARLY PUSHED onto the Ball as he fell forward to the ground, and instead of a Penalty award to Hibs…the Huns got their Goal Kick ????



    In effect, Goldson had just ADMITTED to the Ref that HE ( Goldson) had NOT played the Ball, by demanding a Goal Kick…in other words Goldson did NOT even attempt to TRY and claim that he had played the Ball , so it should be NO Penalty but a Corner kick to Hibs .


    The Ref awarded the Huns a Goal Kick…and didnt BOOK the Hibs Player for ” DIVING”…..If he truly thought that it wasnt a Foul on the Hibs player ???





  5. SAINT STIVS on 20TH MARCH 2021 4:27 PM


    clubs flocking to twitter to “stand united” with Rangers against racism.




    celtic in turn tweet this –



    Celtic Football Club






    Mar 19



    #CelticFC has been a club open to all since 1888.



    We stand firmly against all forms of racism and bigotry.








    they then tweet this –



    Rangers Football Club













    we should have figuratively burnt that trademark.



    Celtic need to respond to this


    Oldfirm utd



    *Glasgow Celtic, for its entire existence, has stood against all forms of Racism & Bigotry*



    It has is both enlightening & admirable if others now intend following this example



    Celtic one club since 1888





    Just look at the Hun Thug Roofe….who CLAIMED his innocence immediately after Booting the Prague Goalie in the Face…


    What IF Scott Brown did the very same to that Hun Goalie Nugget McGregor tomorrow…..what would Slippy Gerrard and his Hun team have to say about that…they would be going Tonto !



  7. The Onlooker,



    I mentioned at the time that Michael Stewart tried to broaden the discussion by saying Scotland has its own problem, which is too often swept under the carpet and Barry Ferguson immediately jumped in to say things are much better today than they were 15years ago. He and Micky Weir , he claimed, were doing great work. Turned off after that. Scotland’s shame brushed under the carpet live on air.

  8. rod stewart opening his big mouth about guard of honour he thinks we should what is with these so called supportes

  9. Garngad to Croy on




    I think we should refrain from the whataboutery after the disgraceful racist incident at Ibrox on Thursday. If you have not seen it look it up on Youtube , it is one of the most disgusting and cowardly acts I have seen on a football field.



  10. prestonpans bhoys on

    BIG JIMMY on 20TH MARCH 2021 4:43 PM



    A very good example and I remember it well. Hope you find a beer garden on April 26 th BTW🍺🍺👏👏

  11. UEFA will come down hard on both clubs to make it look even handed….



    Prague will move onto the next game.



    Meanwhile watch how hun hordes gather tomorrow at paradise and its Celtics fault.



    D :)

  12. DANSO_1888 on 20TH MARCH 2021 4:59 PM


    ‘rod stewart opening his big mouth about guard of honour he thinks we should what is with these so called supportes’







    Did he have anything to say about the accusations of racism?

  13. Saint Stivs



    Excellent point about the classless display of racist/sectarian abuse directed at our players when disembarking the bus at Ibrox. All on the day of the ibrox disaster 50th anniversary memorials when dignity should have the dominant conduct for all. Also directly in front of the police who, needless to say, did nothing.



    Did Gerrard condemn that abuse ? did Robertson say he would not allow such behaviour to be swept under the carpet ? did big Park make his way outside to investigate ? Racism must be condemned in its ALL forms and not on a highly selective basis.

  14. lets all do the huddle on

    Did he have anything to say about the accusations of racism?




    accusations of racism from the czech players on thursday or from the sevco fans for years?



    no, he mentioned neither

  15. LETS ALL DO THE HUDDLE on 20TH MARCH 2021 5:29 PM


    Did he have anything to say about the accusations of racism?











    accusations of racism from the czech players on thursday or from the sevco fans for years?







    no, he mentioned neither






    Well either of those, or his own.

  16. SAINT STIVS on 20TH MARCH 2021 4:39 PM


    The Statue protectors, the covid spreaders, the law breakers






    You missed out memorial bench destroyers.

  17. Well well well



    Everyone & their granny quite rightly callinv out racism…so great opportunity to wisen out to our depressed society.



    How ling until wee see it ?.



    Hullo… ?. Anyone ?



    Sorry , but a Feckin joke.




  18. Jeezo.



    time for a toddle.


    fed up with a new club who in the pre liquidation era ran an anti catholic apartheid regime.


    geein me the boak.



    Racism is real

  19. don’t mention not signing a proper centre forward in Toney who was desperate to come to us on here as you will be told all sorts of nonsense , never mind we spent £5m and got a centre forward who didn’t want to come in the first place.

  20. I know this is hearsaybut I read this on a Reddit thread and think it will go down well on here today –



    I was learning to drive in Southport about ten years ago, and as we were going down a one-way road near the front, my instructor slams the breaks as a massive f***-off car with blacked out windows turns onto the road, the wrong way. I tell the instructor that they are clearly in the wrong, and they’ll have to go back, but he just shook his head and said “that’s Steven Gerrard. We’ll have to go back the way we came – reverse.” And we did, and as he passed us, he had his window down and sneered at us as if we were bags of old c** and bovril on his doorstep.



    Later that very same year, my girlfriend at the time was organising funding for the flower show. Historically, Gerrard would offer a good amount of funding and so she went to meet him in Birkdale to secure this funding. When she arrived, he wouldn’t even look at her – as in, had his chair turned away – and his goons very rudely told her he wouldn’t be providing a penny this year and that she should f*** off.



    Truly, a charming man.

  21. Danso1888



    Like Rod Stewart I think that Celtic should provide a guard of honour tomorrow.




  22. TinyTim/Danso,



    I like to think we’re better than that lot (except on the park at present unfortunately) and I would have had us having the guard of honour too.



    That being said, I’m not going to lose any sleep about us not.

  23. Weebobbycollins on

    GARNGAD TO CROY on 20TH MARCH 2021 5:17 PM


    Good try mate. Unfortunately, the whataboutery on here really stinks…

  24. squire danaher on

    Guard of honour?



    I wouldn’t have played the game and taken the consequences never mind humiliate ourselves

  25. Right lhads let’s focus we have a game tomorrow.



    Wh is fit?


    Who isn’t fit?


    What’s your team?



    I’d go with:


    Well I will rephrase that I think we will go with:






    Kenny Ajer Welsh Laxalt



    Brown Cal Mac



    Turnbull Christie Moi






    I would go with:






    Ajer Welsh Bitton laxalt



    Brown Soro



    Turnbull Cal mac



    Eddie Polish Paddy



    D :)

  26. lets all do the huddle on

    couldnt give a toas either way about a guard of honour tomorrow



    hadnt even remembered that sevco hadnt given us one last season so that tells me i didnt care last year either



    gesture politics doesnt really fuss me either way



    just gives the media and those who need the media to tell them what to think something to talk about

  27. I’m amazed at the talented linguists on this site that can not only speak Czech but also do a wullie column and see through covered hands.



    For those that can speak a Slavic tongue, sometimes the words expressed in stress or anger come out differently than are actually meant.



    I had a work colleague with Estonian parents, he loved to tell the tale of his mechanic da. One day up on a hoist he got trapped and shouted for help. In his native tongue that word is abi, his colleagues on looking up at him grimacing thought he was laughing and shouted back “we’re happy tae”.



    As Frank Carson would say, it’s in the way you tell it.



    But don’t let that get in the way at labelling us that fail to acknowledge those of a club that’s belong tae a cult that’s legendary for lying as for once in their history as being truthful.

  28. lets all do the huddle on







    i remember before the game at ibrox his sending off was predicted on here after his stupid challenge the week before against united that could easily have been a penalty



    but maybe in midfield keeps that daftness out of harms way