Forster candle extinguished but there is consolation


I was holding a candle for Fraser Forster until the start of this week.  Goalkeeper is arguably the most important position on the field and Fraser had a huge impact on Celtic last season.  More than anyone, he was responsible for the League Cup Final win in December and his performances home and away against Lazio was the difference between the teams.  If only he was in place for last season’s Champions League qualifiers.

At 32-years-old he could easily have five years left at the top, we know he can do the job, so his signing was top priority.  That £90k per week contract at Southampton always had the possibility to cause problems and so it did.  Fraser’s star rose at Celtic and even if Southampton want to move him on, there is a better chance he will be able to go elsewhere in England and maintain, or improve on, his current salary.

Instead, we will hopefully console ourselves with a 26-year-old who, on paper, fits the Celtic model better.  At the money quoted, he is not cheap, but he has been tested in Europe, internationally and in a competitive league.  There is value to be had as clubs across Europe form recovery plans.  Those who trade well in this period will be big winners.

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    Gareth Bale – Likes living in Madrid so much, he refused to learn any Spanish, gets Toni Kroos to do his translating for him.



    Something far wrong when a world class footballer player is content to sit on his arse collecting money in the prime years of his career.






    Disagree. You sign a new long-term deal and suddenly a manager says “I don’t like you very much anymore. Can you please leave and go somewhere where you will get paid significantly less?”



    I’d sit on my erse.

  2. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Deniabhoy …



    Defoe, Shankland, Kamberi and Dykes all under contract?

  3. I would caution against likening the Shaku Bayoh case with that of George Floyd.



    It really was quite different.

  4. CELTIC MAC on 29TH JULY 2020 3:02 PM



    I am talking about every player at every match, a slightly different situation to individual players blessing themselves after scoring a goal.






    What would be the context?



    Every player should be united against racism.



    What are you proposing? That before kickoff everybody has to go down on their knees and pray? Even the non-religious ones? What about the different religions? Should we all face Mecca or just Muslims?



    I’m not really sure what you propose here.

  5. Back to Basics – I was assuming any combination of Dykes, Kamberi and Shankland would be available for relatively little money and easily covered by Morelos fee and ending the Defoe loan deal. The money Just on saved wages would be huge for them.

  6. Go tell the Spartim on




    Defoe is. Sevco player he was released / contract ran out at Bournemouth



    Your point though is a good shout though I doubt Slippy G is humble enough to your suggestion

  7. FRANKTERRY on 29TH JULY 2020 3:23 PM



    Wow, you have a good memory, if you want to indulge in deflection ok.


    From a centre left perspective I still believe in the horseshoe theory. The fact that Ayn Rand reckons fascism and communism are similiar gangs rings true.


    She has experienced life under totalitarianism and doesn’t just speak from suburbia.



    To the real point; do you not agree that a just BLM cause has been highjacked by those with a separate political agenda.? Looting, rioting and violence is not acceptable and demeans the legitimate struggle.

  8. Time is Limitless?



    Jeremiah 30



    I wish I was Lucky to have witnessed 10:30 play. Ma kind of player like Davie Hay and my Fitba hero…. Paul McStay.



    Love is the Law.

  9. Ok. Didn’t realise Defoe had signed for them. In my humble opinion, my suggestion made far more footballing and business sense 😜


    Defoe’s most recent injuries probably are a sign of an aging player who will have limited game time.

  10. Heard that huns are trying to sign Denis Law as cover



    My wife told me this morning that she wanted a divorce. I was shattered and asked her why, after all these years. She said it was because I always, always exaggerate. I was so shocked I almost tripped over my cock.




  11. Kinglubo 😀



    I’ve told you a million times, don’t exaggerate!




  12. BHOYJOEBELFAST on 29TH JULY 2020 4:03 PM





    Never had time for boxing,just not my thing.I remember when mcguigan was boxing for Eastwood my cousin(Gerry was a clerk in Eastwood) ” just the man, as he approached me in Belfast city centre”Yes Gerry what is it”?I replied”Here Joe two tickets for the McGuigan fight”.I thanked him for the offer,and suggested he give them to a fan of the sport,which I was certainly not.As for kick boxing and wrestling,no way.




    I was surprised at how brutal it was at the live event. God knows what Ali v Frazier must have been like.

  13. Black Lives Matter



    The clue is in the name



    The need is in the fact that since the murder that sparked the explosion, another black American has died at the hands, boots and guns of the police on average for every day.



    More dogs


    More blacks


    More Irish



    Stand together or be vanquished apart



    HH jg

  14. Timaloy



    Exactly the opposite. But if we are going to “take the knee” take the opportunity to highlight local injustices in Scotland, that of Sheku Bayoh from 2015 for example.


    Or we can indulge in virtue signalling.

  15. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Deniabhoy – cheers.



    I think Defoe is here for the duration.



    An injured striker, who’ll soon be 38, on £45k per week, during lockdown will have few options darn sarf.



    Agree with you that Sevco could possibly secure the others but Shankland, in particular, and Dykes will take some cash.



    Kamberi more likely but Hibs would either want cash or Docherty and wee Greg (just like big FF) won’t move from a big contract to a smaller one without incentives.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  16. Political expression is not allowed in football grounds until and unless uefa, fifa, sfa etc. approve. The issue with that is mainstream politics and populism is allowed in while marginal outside political views are excluded.



    I personally have no issue with politics in football or any other sport for that matter, i would go further and say politics is fundamentally linked to sports and not by accident for the most part. We should all be political because the political classes impact greatly on our lives. No area of our life is free of political.



    However, if the idea is to separate politics and sports you cant have a pick and mix to suite. So long as political expressions are not a vehicle of hate I have no issue with them.



    If more people where more political and were able to ask more measured questions which forces real answers, rather than simply reacting to headlines, stereotypes and bias, we might just actually have change.



    We dont need less politics we need more and we need more engagement.




  17. GreeninbingleyinOslo on




    Very interested in your post.



    My ambivalence towards boxing is almost bipolar.



    I joined an amateur club in Glasgow aged 17 and I got my first boxer’s record card – meaning i could fight in amateur competitions- when I was 18.



    I joined the club because of the – probably cockamamie – logic that physical violence scared the absolute daylights out of me and I thought it was a good thing to conquer your fears. (Probably reading too much Sartre at the time.)



    I suppose it kind of worked because I have never been more scared, before or since, than I was when approaching the ring for my first 5 or 6 fights. Although the fear never left me, it became easier to manage the more fights I had.



    And once the bell sounded, there was no fear, just holding your opponent’s gaze and trying to second and third-guess what he was about to do. Everything else – the crowd, the noise, even the pain – was shut out.


    Bit like chess, with blood.



    I never amounted to much of a boxer, won some, lost some, and when I realised the sacrifices I would have to make improve and make a crack at the higher levels, I packed it in.



    But to this day, I miss it, I really do. I suppose when the adrenaline is pumping, as it must do, to overcome your terror and get you through those ropes and into the ring, you’ll miss it when it’s gone.



    And the feeling when the final bell sounds, and you’ve done your best, and you can finally take your stare away from the other guy’s stare, there is a respect, a bond even, which is nearly impossible to replicate outside of the ring.



    One thing I don’t miss, and never have, is watching. When I started out at the club, we worked as one another’s cornermen. I found the experience of watching boxing horrific, and bordering on obscene. completely opposite to my feelings when I was actually doing it.



    To this day I can’t bear watching it, even on TV – if a bout comes on I switch it off or, if someone wants to watch it, I go elsewhere.



    Anyway, apologies for rabbiting on. Ding ding – seconds out….






    Very interested in your post.



    My ambivalence towards boxing is almost bipolar.






    Brilliant and insightful.


    Why am I not surprised.



    HH jg




    That’s a fascinating post. Boxing on TV is somehow sanitised in comparison with the perspective of spectators at the event.

  20. boom shaka-La we will wind up our wastes boom shaka-La the no world order (NWO) is a friking disgrace


    Bada Bing I’ve heard Barkas will cost 4.5 Million with another one million add on baste on 1st team


    appearances + 10% sell on Clause


    As I’ve said before we need to strengthen our Defence that is a no brainer we could write/type a


    war & peace novel about our defence which has archiles heel writen all over it especially when


    playing in Europe what happened to the so called American players we signed a few months


    ago they are a mystery

  21. ITV 4









    the pioneers (annoy the huns that title) of british winners – celtic 1967

  22. fergusslayedtheblues on

    If sevco sell morelos and use the money to by a striker from Livingstone ,I don’t think the sevvies would be too impressed .


    The thing is they rate el guffalo in the same category at OE and expect £20m for him .


    It will be interesting to see the LL spin that one as if it were celtic they would be slaughtering us Big time



  23. prestonpans bhoys on

    Now I would guess that the reason the virtual programme is accessible is to get you logged in early thereby avoiding peaks in connectivity, see below:



    Celtic Season Ticket holders will receive an email from the club before each fixture with details on how to access the programme, then simply follow the link to view to get yourself in the mood before kick-off!

  24. Rangers fan who chanted sectarian slurs about Neil Lennon at Old Firm match walks free from court


    By Connor Gordon @glasgowtimes



    Court Reporter



    A RANGERS fan caught singing a sectarian song about Neil Lennon at an Old Firm game walked free from court today.



    Dylan Carlisle, 18, was today admonished by a sheriff having been snared by police at Ibrox in May last year.



    He sang the “up to our knees in fenian blood” line to the Billy Boys chant and a song directed at Lennon which calls him a “fenian b******.”



    Carlisle, who was 17, was arrested before half-time in the match the Gers went on to win 2-0.



    He was found guilty in January at Glasgow Sheriff Court charged with breach of the peace aggravated by religious prejudice.



    The court heard Carlisle and his two friends went to the smoking area at the southwest corner at half time.



    PC Christopher Conway, 33, told the court he witnessed the youth singing both songs in a group of 20 to 30 people.



    PC Conway said: “The group were jumping singing the Billy Boys inserting sectarian language.



    “During the song fenian blood was mentioned numerous times.



    “I did see the accused singing the lyrics.”



    Prosecutor Amy Hunter asked if PC Conway saw the teenage fan sing any other songs.



    He said: “Yes from my recollection it was Daydream Believer with sad fenian b***** directed towards Neil Lennon.”



    The teen was arrested shortly before the second half started.



    PC Conway added that the boy “expressed remorse” at the police station but this was denied later by the teen himself.



    In evidence, Carlisle told the court that he had been singing other songs including Penny Arcade but not the Billy Boys.



    Miss Hunter asked: “Are the police lying?” and the boy replied: “No, they are mistaken.”



    Carlisle was later found guilty by Sheriff Alan Findlay who deferred sentence until today for good behavior and admonished him.

  25. Saint stivs


    As ever – thought the judiciary were supposed to be going hard on sectarianism

  26. GREENPINATA on 29TH JULY 2020 4:42 PM











    ‘To the real point; do you not agree that a just BLM cause has been highjacked by those with a separate political agenda.? Looting, rioting and violence is not acceptable and demeans the legitimate struggle’








    Just like Derry in 1968, eh?

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