Forster candle extinguished but there is consolation


I was holding a candle for Fraser Forster until the start of this week.  Goalkeeper is arguably the most important position on the field and Fraser had a huge impact on Celtic last season.  More than anyone, he was responsible for the League Cup Final win in December and his performances home and away against Lazio was the difference between the teams.  If only he was in place for last season’s Champions League qualifiers.

At 32-years-old he could easily have five years left at the top, we know he can do the job, so his signing was top priority.  That £90k per week contract at Southampton always had the possibility to cause problems and so it did.  Fraser’s star rose at Celtic and even if Southampton want to move him on, there is a better chance he will be able to go elsewhere in England and maintain, or improve on, his current salary.

Instead, we will hopefully console ourselves with a 26-year-old who, on paper, fits the Celtic model better.  At the money quoted, he is not cheap, but he has been tested in Europe, internationally and in a competitive league.  There is value to be had as clubs across Europe form recovery plans.  Those who trade well in this period will be big winners.

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  1. SFTB



    Are you factoring in the different levels those players are playing at?


    League 1 in England is much different to either Bundesliga, EPL or even Swiss top division.





    Laurence Shankland was mentioned earlier, I’ve seen Shankland live about 6 times over the last 2 seasons against Alloa on 4 of those occasions you wouldn’t have known he was playing.


    Shankland is now valued at around 2M the same fee as Aberdeen accepted for Cosgrove. The last 2 seasons they have almost identical scoring records, Cosgrove slightly more despite playing a league above. Cosgrove also has a better all round game and will also help massively in defensive set play situations. I know which player i would be taking a punt on.

  2. Ffs that’s incredible that a moron got off with sectarian singing towards NFL, then again…naw it’s no.



    D :)

  3. I see the very much second rate Steven Thompson is to be the new Sportscene presenter. Is Michael Stewart going to feature?

  4. Hot Smoked



    Think it’s fair to say that a balanced, quality output of punditry is not the main objective.


    Feel quite proud to say they get hee haw from me towards the production, i tend not to watch or listen if i can avoid it however.



    Despite the larger fee involved, from the limited clips I have seen, Ivan Toney is a better player than Albian Ajeti or the Big Swede that plays for Union Berlin.



    I agree 100%

  6. Was saying the other day that my ex workmate from Peterbro,his son goes to all the games,told me he rates Toney as best he has seen.Just contacted me on FB to tell me tonight,in the local paper,Toney has said he would love to join Celtic.Has a great relationship with Strachan.

  7. Ernie Lynch @ various.



    Iindeed, you make valid points.


    Neganon 2 constantly refered to racism in our midsts.


    Racism is racism, no matter what form it takes.



    Where were Scottish football, Scottish society, Celtic Football club, Celtic Football players and CQN advocating we take a direct stance for previous racism.



    Is anti Irish and anti English racism acceptable in modern Scotland or is it only skin colour racism that is deemed uunacceptable.


    Mark Scott was racially killed in 1995, what have we done since ?


    Of course black lives matter, but so do all victims of racism.




  8. weebobbycollins on

    Hot Smoked…”…second rate Steven Thompson…”


    You are being very generous.


    Alas! Another example of a deteriorating BBC…

  9. HS – I believe Michael Stewart has been binned, I am sure I read that somewhere.



    D :)

  10. I hope the suggestion that Michael Stewart has been binned isn’t true. He is just about the only one on the BBC who tells it as he sees it. I don’t always agree with him but I respect what he says as his honest opinion, unlike the bulk of them, who either haven’t a clue or are frightened to express their real opinion or are simply biased.

  11. SID



    Yes, even taking circumstances (league played) into account.



    My worry is that the big Union Berlin guy is a fairly immobile player in the mould of Jordan Rhodes who does not do enough for the team. No doubt he is good in the air but not many goals are scored these days in the air. Our previous atteempts with a Cascarino, Killen type have not worked though BBJ did very well as an exeption to that rule, but John was a very good footballer who happened to be a bit slow and immobile.



    Albian Ajeti, if he can reproduce his one-season Basle form could be good but he has looked a bit moody since he came to British football. Maybe he needs the sun on his back or some mountain air.



    Toney, started off at a big club, went down the divisions, and has become better each year. He is mobile quick and tall- more importantly he can play football and is not just a scorer.


    I’d ignore the chairman who is holding out for £11m, he says. Toney will go for less. Brentford won’t go that high even if they win their play off against Fulham next Tuesday. I’d expect £6- £7m with add ons will be enough and though that is a steep price for a League One player, at least he wants to come.

  12. Paul The Spark on

    I would imagine if Michael Stewart has been signed up by Celtic for the VST coverage then he will be nowhere near Sportscene

  13. SFTB



    Cheers, i haven’t seen enough of any of the 3 players to form a strong enough opinion.



    I had seen enough of the 4 strikers we have to say that was an area we needed strengthened, i wasn’t convinced with Bayo, not convinced as most on here with Klimala. Griff definitely has the ability but other issues. I posted this, 4 days later we had a medical booked for a striker. My post was seen as a moan, yet our manager agreed.



    SID on 21ST JULY 2020 9:10 PM


    An Dun




    Yes we definitely need a goalkeeper, no doubts, i also think a left back is a must.



    A year ago I posted we needed a new striker, with Celtics quality compared to the rest of the SPFL the easiest way to win donestic games comfortably is with a 3-5-2.


    Edouard absolutely.



    Can we rely on Griffiths? I’m gutted to say ability yes, professionally no.



    Can we rely on Klimala?unfortunately I don’t see this guy hitting the heights we need. May do a job at the very best.



    Can we rely on Bayo? again nothing to suggest we can.




    Why not loan out Bayo and if we can’t get a permanent signing good enough and I mean spending up towards to 10M as Edouards replacement, at least get a quality player from a big club on decent wages to try and get us over the line for CL qualification and help secure the 10, which will create history and claw back some of that money.



    Are we doing enough and can we rely on our other strikers? so far its definitely a no from me.



    Always nice to be vindicated by the manager, you see i told you I was a big fan off NFL as well as Rodgers :D

  14. Stewart was binned by shortbread because he expressed his opinion on Traynor.


    He called him out for what he was and told the truth.


    Any bad mouthing of Sevco is not permitted, he undoubtedly knew the consequences.


    Fair play to him he has not backtracked.


    Hail Hail and stay safe.

  15. The hand of God on

    I think Michael Stewart will be part of the Sunset Vine team covering the Celtic games.

  16. Phil blogging that Sevco have signed Croatian international forward Mirko Maric, and that transfer fee was paid by affluent fan George Letham. Meantime, Peterborough Chairman accuses us of ‘piddling about’ on Toney transfer.

  17. The hand of God on

    Sorry Paul the Spark just saw your post….for some reason when I logged on the comments stopped at David 66’s post at 9.26…strange goings on.

  18. Go tell the Spartim on

    Tomorrow’s chip wrappers (or should that be Fridays ) are claiming Joe Hart is close to signing (English Sun newspaper (term used loosely ))



    Madre Mia CSC 😩

  19. Go tell the Spartim on

    Fans paying transfer fees is that allowed under FFP, thought that was the stumbling block to DD buying players



    Phil does talk a lot of ……. though, as do we all from time to time

  20. Cosgrove out for 4 months with knee injury, according to BBC. Worst possible news for Aberdeen.



    You are correct. It is not permitted, but some creative accounting can facilitate it.

  22. Toney may happen but someone will likely have to be sold before we splash £6m plus on another striker. For what its worth i expect he will remain in England. PUFC are holding out for good money (£7-10m my best guess) and he could easily earn £25k per week plus down there. I would be surprised if we made a £15m commitment over 4 years without a transfer out to balance the books.

  23. Reading Phil’s article again, I believe I was mistaken. He refers to Mr. Letham but the donor alluded to is actually Chairman Park.

  24. I too am disappointed not getting forster…


    Financially it was NEVER going to happen.



    However this guy also looks very good.. Time will tell.



    Therefore in my humble opinion.. All we require is an EXPERIENCED centre back and another striker…



    We also need to offload either on loan or permanently ALOT of old wood such as shed, Bayo etc



    Left back??…



    Perhaps luca connell can emulate fringpong this season

  25. My one and only worry… If we outlay £6m+ for Toney then edouard will be sold.. And I suspect it it may already be organised

  26. Terry McGuinness on

    GREENPINATA on 29TH JULY 2020 9:08 PM


    That’s the like when your wife says she loves you, and you respond with “I love everybody!”



    Doesn’t sound right does it? Hail, Hail.

  27. Neil Lennon & McCartney on




    “The Athenian Fenian here for TEN in a row CSC”



    Quite brilliant!

  28. Marco Maric is 25 and has 2 caps for Croatia. Both came in the 2017 China Cup…



    They’ve signed no one so far that hold any fear for me.



    This transfer window is confirming that Sevco have little left in the tank.

  29. Good morning cqn from a wet Garngad



    So fans can buy players now (see Phil’s article). Surely that cannot be right.



    Big Jimmy from yesterday that’s good news you are getting out and I will be in touch soon about a swally in the shipbank.



    BRRB – is the Star Bar open 24 hours😂🍻



    MM – that’s good you are on blog, stay safe down under.



    So we should see a new GoalKeeper today.






    D :)

  30. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    And a good morning to all you early risers, Jobo, David 66?, BIG JIMMY


    have you sobered up yet lol.


    Lovely day again here, but a grim day regarding Covid, 723 new infections


    and 13 deaths, 10 of whom came from aged care homes, not just sad but


    an utter scandal.


    So looks like more restrictions coming.


    Where are the rest of our Aussie bloggers? DBHOY, MACJAY, SYDNEY TIM,


    be interested on their take on things here in Oz.


    Bring on our flag day and cheer me up.


    H.H. Mick

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