Fostering partnerships


Last week we discussed the benefits consistency of selection to allow partnerships in defence to form.  Injuries have made this impossible since.  I am far from sure pairing Odsonne Edouard and Leigh Griffiths will be our turnaround tactic, but establishing partnerships in advanced positions is almost as important as defence.

We scored eight goals against Hearts, Ross County and Hamilton in the three games we paired Griffiths and Edouard, this is not a return we should base any conclusions on, but this Celtic team needs consistency of selection more than any I can remember.  Neil Lennon will have to balance the need to foster a working partnership with concerns about Leigh, in particular, playing two games a week.  Giving him 60 minutes tomorrow might be the call.

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  1. Remember Lenny calling him an effing fanny from the sideline, not Lenny’s proudest moment, The more Goodwins around the better. His teams won’t lie down to the Huns.

  2. I posted after St Mirren beat Sevco that I would want Jim Goodwin on my side.


    He’s the nicest most gentleman, hard man I’ve ever met.

  3. glendalystonsils on



    Naibalance 3 goals in 6 minutes today.




    Shouldn’t have been playing today . Should still be serving out a 3 match ban.

  4. prestonpans bhoys on

    That Stock game on sky should be stopped, spot the ball or the player😂😂😂 fog too dense

  5. By the way,I never said sign Paddy,I have been advocating getting him on loan till the season ends.See how he goes.Don’t see a problem.As they say”Nothing ventured,etc”.

  6. Celtic TV ,2 minutes watching the Bhoys training up at Lennoxtown,2media conferences,not worth it,I’m thinking off ditching it next season,and giving the 50 Pounds to The Celtic Trust.



    That Stock game on sky should be stopped, spot the ball or the player😂😂😂 fog too dense



    Thick stock was it?…😁

  8. We fugged up this whole season starting with Lenny giving players a break after 1 or 2 games then Bolingoli decided to feck off and the rest is history. This is 1 season (because of covid) that we needed to be in front of them constantly as they will shout for an end to the season and if infection rates rise the season could be called again and we fuggin blew it.



    Now we can only hope that the season goes the distance and we keep winning. Big ifs.



    D :)

  9. prestonpans bhoys on

    !!BADA BING!! on 29TH DECEMBER 2020 10:15



    Bloody auto spell checker strikes again😂😱

  10. David66



    I think you have lost your mind with that 5-1 prediction



    5-0 all the way with Richard Marx in nets 🤪

  11. Gonnae be tough beating Dundee United especially as they have just Lost, arguably, their Greatest Ever Manager.



    Odsonne hat trick.

  12. They talk of men like Pele and the great Eusebio,


    And even Stanley Matthews who played so long ago,


    They even name the Belfast boy, wee George was second best,


    Not Johan Cruyff not on your life, wee Jinky is the best

  13. I’ve been listening to a Scottish philosopher that I reckon many of you would like – classic Celtic blog chat I know…



    His name is William MacAskill and his field is effective altruism – how does the money you spend help your cause most.



    He gets interviewed on Sam Hariss’ podcast and it’s a fascinating discussion on efficiency, ethics and problems/solutions of charity.



    Since the blog is quiet I’ll give a couple of points…



    Some charity donations are 1000 times more valuable than others (the public conception thinks its around 50%)



    If you want to save lives the easiest way to do it is give money to a charity that provides mosquito nets. A couple of quid will save a life.



    A couple of quid will save a life



    Going vegan and reducing your carbon footprint through reducing flights and car journeys will save around 6 tonnes of CO2 (this may be a year or a lifetime – I need to re-listen) yet for every $1 given to an American charity they recommend it saves the same amount…



    Here is a link but it doesn’t always work as Sam Harris’ podcasts are usually behind a paywall.






    If it doesn’t work search Sam Harris Making Sense – and find his mark macaskill episode.

  14. Great comments everyone. I love it when the talk is about football matters. Patrick Roberts? Definitely no – a number of posters answered that pretty convincingly. It goes for any loan players really – did a loan player ever contribute a lot to the campaign? Remind me please if they did but usually they are not match fit a or physically fit. The players we have at the moment have hardly had time to make a final judgment on – Ajeti, Soro, Klimala, Duffy (the only one on loan from this short list), Barkas – I think we need to give them more time. That’s why I would make full use of opportunities to play substitutes. Why does it have to be either Broonie or Soro? Why not Broonie and Soro in a 60:30 ratio. Same for Griffith, Eddie and Ajeti and Klimala. Work out some ratio. we need to be developing the players coming through the academy more and more – Welsh, Henderson for a start. I agree with the comments about partnerships – it’s not a question of the team or partnership, partnerships can be important for overall team functioning throughout the team. It’s great when the intuitive bears fruit, when players expect someone to be in a certain place and they are in that place. The DU game has to be some kind of a practice for Saturday. So I’d go with Hazard, Ajer, Duffy Jullien and Taylor certainly for first 60 minutes. Then it’s Frimpong, Soro, Turnbull and Calmac. Up front it’s Eddie and Griff.

  15. Good morning, friends, and Happy Matchday from a still snow covered, frosty and cold East Kilbride.

  16. The optimist in me sees a comfortable win and a clean sheet today but my inner cynicism sees a St. Mirren player seeing red and another fixture and opportunity slowly slipping away. Do I have a split personality or a meringue?

  17. Good morning cqn from a very frosty/snowy Garngad.



    I cannot wait to this afternoon to see the bhoys.



    Whatever team Lenny puts out today I will support. Oh aye I will moan alright but I want that 5-1 win.






    D :)

  18. Morning, get job done today..bang a few goals in…clean sheet dont hold much hope of huns dropping points today tbh so a good decisive win for us today might get them thinkin a wee bit.



    ‘Mon the Hoops

  19. G’mornin’ troops……………..



    Big Difficult Game Comin’ Up……………………



    but first, away to jump off a pier……..






    Brrrrrrrrrr CSC

  20. David66


    Bankiebhoy has been too sensible in his posts as of late.


    Immersing yourself in water in these temperatures, or Cold hydrotherapy, is very beneficial and stimulates nerves and stamina – two examples of what is required to get back on track and get after Grimmond McCrummoch and his Scodddish FA acolytes.


    They have been getting it too easy as of late.



  21. Good luck to the bhoys and the buddies today…..



    A win for us and dropped points for them would be a great bit of prep for Saturday.



    Pick the best players in their best positions Neil.




  22. Good day for it. Hope the pitch at Celtic park has been worked on.



    As usual I can’t see anything but a good Celtic victory today. 4-0. I’ll even settle for 4-1.



    No injuries or suspensions would also be welcome. Two late yellows for a key player prior to playing them already has a precedent this season.

  23. Mon the Hoops….Win today Celtic hopefully with a comfortable victory with plenty of goals to spare, no injuries and a clean sheet.



    I hope that all you Christmas Bevvy Merchants have all sobered up ?


    Im only JEALOUS…LOL.



    Going to see Celtic at Christmas and New Year games was always my favourite times of the season, seems a long time ago. Many a year singing ” Oh what fun it is to Feck the Huns on New Years Day”, pure Magic !





  24. How we coulda lined up on Saturday…



    Fraser Forster


    Moritz Bauer


    Omar Colley


    Mark McKenzie


    Alfie Doughty


    John McGinn


    James McCarthy


    James McLean


    Christian Atsu


    Niclas Eliasson


    Ivan Toney



    Feeling better? HH

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