Foundation, Amazon and the shifting crisis


A quick and easy win: Amazon are one of the few outlets still open and many of us are likely to use them in the weeks ahead.  If you select Celtic FC Foundation as your chosen AmazonSmile charity, they will donate 0.5% of the net purchase price to the Foundation.

With tens of thousands of Celtic fans mostly restricted to online shopping, that quickly aggregates up.  The Foundation is needed more today than at any point since its formation, anything we can do to fill the coffers will help.

Yesterday, Foundation chief executive, Tony Hamilton, said, “The situation for many of our neighbours has worsened in the past few days as this crisis has shifted. People are losing income, and with it their ability to feed themselves and their families.

“Our top priority is assisting with that in the communities where we have relationships with existing partner organisations.”

“Thanks to everyone who has made this possible for us. Even in such uncertain and difficult times, the consistency has been the selflessness of the Celtic support who have stepped up to offer assistance when it’s needed.”

The money pledged for our Covid-19 response now stands at £175k.  There are difficult and uncertain times for everyone, but no club in Britain has responded as comprehensively.

And remember: AmazonSmile, it costs you nothing……

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  1. The generosity of Celtic fans is legendary Paul, time and money for those in need have accompanied the club. I don’t want to sound like a demagogue but we are either all in the same boat or not. The Celtic board of directors ought to match every pound raised by hard working supporters. I’m sure they wouldn’t miss it from their salaries. Or is it we are all equal but some are more equal than others?

  2. fairhill bhoy on

    Silly question time.


    Why the Chinese takeaways round my area closed until further notice but the chippy and kebab shop are still open 🤔

  3. !!Bada Bing!! on

    FAIRHILL BHOY on 26TH MARCH 2020 7:26 PM


    Silly question time.





    Why the Chinese takeaways round my area closed until further notice but the chippy and kebab shop are still open 🤔



    Ran out of cats?

  4. Good evening Bhoys and Ghirls, a wee update on TET’s (Keith) funding, the story is best put by his wife:


    My son Niall Emslie booked his wedding at the Carmelite in Aberdeen for the 4th of Aug. Due to a change is circumstances- Mainly myself being terminally ill and the societal side-effects of this Corona virus. They wanted to cancel the wedding and get married quickly in the registry office


    The bride, Sharon, as from Monday will possibly have to stay at home to look after 3 children. Niall is self-employed in construction, so he gets nothing when the building sites close.


    I have now been informed the Carmelite is now sold (research to Concordia Hospitality a very large company) and they will not be refunded. The reply from the Carmelite was – they should have read the papers!


    Leonard Curtis Business Rescue – Recovery who are the administrators should have informed the ‘little people their deposits and cash were not safe. At no time were they informed about change of hands.


    I do not have the luxury of a postponed wedding as I am terminally ill (medical notes can be provided) and they need their money refunded to survive. The Carmelite have been no help whatsoever and they have now lost the 1700 deposit. Even though a payment was taken two days prior to the hotel going into administration.


    I write his as the grooms mum. I don’t haven’t the luxury of waiting till next year. With an inoperable aneurysm my time is limited. Dying doesn’t frighten me, my only wish is to know that Niall and Sharon are married. Niall has worked on these past two weeks with a shattered finger against medical advise to pay for this wedding. These kids have done nothing wrong but have been emotionally and financially destroyed.


    I know it is a trying time for all. If we could raise the money the LOST. They could get married and still have a little financial backup for the children.


    Thank you Jan Emslie.



    CRC (Marc) has spoken to Keith whose reaction was that he was humbled and overwhelmed by the offer to help his Son, Nial and his Fiancée. Marc is now going to check that certain aspects of the walk with Shay account is still working. He will update us when this is done and then invite anyone that wants to donate can do so. As CRC pointed out to Keith that 100% raised by us will go straight to Niall and his Fiancée as opposed to 95% from the go to account. If anyone is interested in donating please e-mail CRC at celticrollercoaster@yahoo.co.uk he will in due course let you know how and where to send the donations.


    TET has been a fantastic contributor to LMS from its inception and indeed gave some of his winnings to charity.


    Difficult times ghuys for us all but I am confident you will step up to the plate.


    If anyone would rather use the go to page the link below.




    Thanks in advance…


    Until we meet again…


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  5. Well done to all those caring on the front line. Here’s hoping they get proper protection asap.

  6. itscalledthemalvinas on

    Free Largs is making some noise for the real hero’s


    Church bells ringing.

  7. prestonpans bhoys on

    My daughter starts three 12 shifts on convid19 wards tomorrow. It’s what I was trained for dad she says. Bless her !

  8. !!Bada Bing!! on

    If you’re looking for something to watch BBC 4/Iplayer- Storyville OJ Made in America, about OJ Simpson case,and interviewing all who were involved at the time. Unbelievable stuff

  9. A good response in our wee Crescent in the Garngad and outside our place as well, car horns going as well.🙏👍



    Hail Hail



    D. :)

  10. Me and the Bhoy went into the bedroom to applaud Mrs PMTYH and she told us to do one.😉



    I wasn’t too happy when she told me about four weeks ago that she had seen a woman at the practice she works in who expressed surprise that Mrs PMTYH was seeing her. She told Mrs PMTYH she had been in China a couple of weeks before her appointment but it was OK because she didn’t have any symptoms. It might have helped if she had informed the receptionist before the appointment was made. Of course the Frau downplayed the incident.

  11. fairhill bhoy on

    PRESTONPANS BHOYS-well played your daughter 👏


    And she’s right,it is what they trained for 👏👏👏💚

  12. Fair play to Paisley Road West tonight belting out ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone”!



    Hail Hail




  13. MATT STEWART on 26TH MARCH 2020 8:54 PM


    Fair play to Paisley Road West tonight belting out ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone”!




    Is Stanley bar open? :O)




    Residents of the area are more into Stanley knives!!



    Hail Hail




  15. PRESTONPANS BHOYS on 26TH MARCH 2020 8:23 PM



    Thats very humbling. I hope she understands how much we appreciate the sacrifices she’s making for us all