Foundation, Amazon and the shifting crisis


A quick and easy win: Amazon are one of the few outlets still open and many of us are likely to use them in the weeks ahead.  If you select Celtic FC Foundation as your chosen AmazonSmile charity, they will donate 0.5% of the net purchase price to the Foundation.

With tens of thousands of Celtic fans mostly restricted to online shopping, that quickly aggregates up.  The Foundation is needed more today than at any point since its formation, anything we can do to fill the coffers will help.

Yesterday, Foundation chief executive, Tony Hamilton, said, “The situation for many of our neighbours has worsened in the past few days as this crisis has shifted. People are losing income, and with it their ability to feed themselves and their families.

“Our top priority is assisting with that in the communities where we have relationships with existing partner organisations.”

“Thanks to everyone who has made this possible for us. Even in such uncertain and difficult times, the consistency has been the selflessness of the Celtic support who have stepped up to offer assistance when it’s needed.”

The money pledged for our Covid-19 response now stands at £175k.  There are difficult and uncertain times for everyone, but no club in Britain has responded as comprehensively.

And remember: AmazonSmile, it costs you nothing……

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  1. i'vehadtochangemynamebacktojackiemac on

    Anybody know if it’s



    ‘Celtic ,FC foundation



    Boston MA’



    on Amazon smile?

  2. the long wait is over on



    My daughter starts three 12 shifts on convid19 wards tomorrow. It’s what I was trained for dad she says. Bless her !






    Please pass on undying gratitude and respect from this internet stranger.

  3. fairhill bhoy on

    SAINT STIVS-I know you know what you’re saying,but ffs can you let us in please 😉





    Im a wee bit concerned pal , your usually on here a lot and haven’t seen you post for what seems ages.



    Hope your coping with the restrictions and financial hit .



    Take care…..

  5. Celticrollercoaster......Hail, Hail Cesar on

    Good Evening CQN



    Lennybhoy, thanks for the earlier post




    For those wishing to make a donation to support The Exiled Tim for his bhoy Niall then you can do so by



    bank transfer to



    o Account name: Walk With Shay



    o Account number: 15326765



    o Sort code: 80-22-60



    o Bank: Bank of Scotland



    o Ref: Enter your name or moniker



    · By cheque to Walk With Shay (please contact me for address details)



    · By paypal to walkwithshay@yahoo.com.



    I will provide a further update on the family position over the next day



    Thank you as always









  6. !!Bada Bing!! on

    A pal’s wife works at Hairmyres, tonight nurses in tears as they have to decide who gets a ventilator, horrendous situation on our doorstep.

  7. Celticrollercoaster......Hail, Hail Cesar on




    We have to remember the great support of our NHS workers and their caring nature in these difficult times and make sure everybody around us is safe….



    Once this is finished and we have caught up with our friends and families, recovered from any losses and indeed all the parties, we then need to remember the barstewards that have not only wrecked the NHS in the last 10 years but also treated the whole country with contempt in the way they have dealt with this situation.










  8. prestonpans bhoys on

    Fairhill,celtic40me,the long wait



    Will pass on your thoughts , for a father her exposure to this frightens me.






    Yip that’s the decisions these nurses are to make. New graduates making life savings decisions at such an early age could mark them mentally for life.




    Indeed. I’ll never forget the Tory’s cheering when they blocked the nurses pay rise in 2017. Where would we be without them?

  10. I posted the link to this story earlier today but it may not have worked. Seems to dispel the scientific theory that it was ok to go to a football match.


    The season needs to end now.



    Coronavirus: Champions League match a ‘biological bomb’ that infected Bergamo, experts say


    A football match played last month was a “biological bomb” that may have helped cause Bergamo in northern Italy to become an epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic, experts have said.


    Atalanta’s home Champions League tie against Valencia, held two days before the first case of locally transmitted COVID-19 was confirmed in the country, has been dubbed “Game Zero” by local media.


    More than 44,000 fans, including around a third of the population of the province of Bergamo in the Lombardy region, attended the last-16 first leg at the San Siro stadium in Milan on 19 February.


    It was billed as the biggest game in Atalanta’s history.



    Nearly 2,500 fans of the Spanish club also made the trip.



    More will have gathered in homes, bars and clubs to watch the match, which Atalanta won 4-1, sparking jubilant scenes inside and outside the ground, on television.


    Less than a week after the game, the first cases were reported in the province of Bergamo.


    The contagion was reported in Valencia at about the same time after a journalist who travelled to the match became the second person infected in the region.


    More than a third of Valencia’s squad became infected after the match in Milan, while on Tuesday, Atalanta announced its first positive case in goalkeeper Marco Sportiello.


    More than a month later, experts say the game may be one of the biggest reasons why Bergamo has become one of the epicentres of the coronavirus pandemic.


    Fabiano di Marco, the chief pneumologist at the Pope John XXIII hospital in Bergamo, told Corriere della Sera the fans travelled to the match “in buses, cars, trains. A biological bomb, unfortunately.”


    Luca Lorini, the head of the intensive care unit at the hospital, has around 100 patients under his care with the coronavirus and there are many more in other parts of the hospital.


    He said: “I’m sure that 40,000 people hugging and kissing each other while standing a centimetre apart – four times, because Atalanta scored four goals – was definitely a huge accelerator for contagion.



    “Right now we’re at war. When peace time comes, I can assure you we will go and see how many of the 40,000 people who went to the game became infected. Right now we have other priorities.”


    Bergamo Mayor Giorgio Gori said this week: “It’s very probable that 40,000 Bergamaschi in the stands of San Siro, all together, exchanged the virus between them.


    “Unfortunately, we couldn’t have known. No one knew the virus was already here. It was inevitable.”


    More than 7,500 people have died after contracting coronavirus in Italy, where there are more than 74,000 cases, according to Johns Hopkins University.

  11. Celticrollercoaster......Hail, Hail Cesar on

    For everybody that donates, I have some Celtic posters and CQN badges that you can have as a thank you once we come out of self isolation. You probably all have them so I will need to get Thunder Road to draw me a new poster. He has a cracking George McCluskey drawing waiting to be released from the 1980 Scottish cup final







  12. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on







    Go bless you and the beautiful one 🙏

  13. i promised CRC i would give back the Brendan Rodgers badges



    they are in the works office.



    get them to you in august




  14. Celticrollercoaster......Hail, Hail Cesar on




    I am hoping that the “2nd annual CQN Munich Beer festival” is not affected with this corona-virus :-(













    You are all stars, Mrs TET was in tears earlier with the response, she and the young fella are made up, Celtic, more than a club right enough.


    Stay safe everyone



  16. TET


    My god you have your troubles.






    You have a wonderful daughter.




    It’s called life, we just have to get on with it, least I would if we weren’t under Marshal Law here, can’t even go to town to the supermarket, we have to shop at our nearest shop or it’s a massive fine, 600 euros minimum, jeez, they are even chasing the farmers out of their fields, there is gonna be problems later, these people need to grow stuff to get an income and to feed themselves, but it is what it is, down where I am thankfully the virus isn’t that bad, it’s Madrid and up, but we are under the same sanctions as everyone else,



  18. Celticrollercoaster......Hail, Hail Cesar on

    Ok, You are all getting the Limited edition Brendan Rodgers badges that St Stivs couldnae sell if you dont donate, ha, ha!











    I am hoping that the “2nd annual CQN Munich Beer festival” is not affected with this corona-virus :-(










    Hotel booked for 8, Table booked for 8. The rest is beyond my control, it’s down to the Man upstairs.

  20. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Morning big chap


    Long time no hear


    Hope u are all good