Foundation, Amazon and the shifting crisis


A quick and easy win: Amazon are one of the few outlets still open and many of us are likely to use them in the weeks ahead.  If you select Celtic FC Foundation as your chosen AmazonSmile charity, they will donate 0.5% of the net purchase price to the Foundation.

With tens of thousands of Celtic fans mostly restricted to online shopping, that quickly aggregates up.  The Foundation is needed more today than at any point since its formation, anything we can do to fill the coffers will help.

Yesterday, Foundation chief executive, Tony Hamilton, said, “The situation for many of our neighbours has worsened in the past few days as this crisis has shifted. People are losing income, and with it their ability to feed themselves and their families.

“Our top priority is assisting with that in the communities where we have relationships with existing partner organisations.”

“Thanks to everyone who has made this possible for us. Even in such uncertain and difficult times, the consistency has been the selflessness of the Celtic support who have stepped up to offer assistance when it’s needed.”

The money pledged for our Covid-19 response now stands at £175k.  There are difficult and uncertain times for everyone, but no club in Britain has responded as comprehensively.

And remember: AmazonSmile, it costs you nothing……

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  1. SCANIEL on 27TH MARCH 2020 10:09 AM


    Morning all from (a quite) sunny Dumfries & Galloway. All fine here, so far. Youngest daughter (My Lisbon Ghirl) has returned home as the film industry has shut down and being self employed she is skint. Son in law has also moved in as middle daughter is still working as a nurse in Dumfries. Now we know how the sheep felt during foot and mouth! Only get out once a week to collect hay & straw for the donkeys and ponies. All 19 donx are doing fine as are the 5 miniature shetlands, 2 standard shetlands and 3 ponies, including Big Jimmy our friendly, big, mischievous cob. Remind you of anyone? We took in a wee abandoned pet lamb the day before the lockdown so she’s been keeping everyone, especially the dogs, amused these last 12 days. Since Friesdorfer & B’s visit we’ve also added 3 Toulouse geese (including Jullien) and some Transylvanian Naked Necks to the menagerie. If the weather keeps improving we should be able to get the tortoises out soon.


    Oh, and just been in touch with CRC, so I’ll add Marc’s name by proxy. As usual he’s up to some good. HH




    Good to read your post my friend, you do amazing work down there. Once this “Thing” is past S and myself will come and visit if thats ok. Lisbon provided memories for a lifetime.




  2. Bankiebhoy, beware handling a sitka spruce, its needles are stiff and sharp and can give you a sore jag. Norway spruce is the traditional christmas tree. its needles are softer and blunt.

  3. Melbourne Mick on

    WEE FRA..Are you good?


    TRACTOR BHOY..How are you ?


    KEV J what about you ?


    C’mon join the rebirth of CQN the Celtic families favourite blog.


    Oh and time to pardon all those on red cards, probably due to


    too much rid biddy.


    Wonder how i dodged wan?


    H.H . Mick

  4. One Malloy at 10:14


    Now, that would be a treat, Hugh. Hope and trust all is well.


    BLantyreTim So glad to hear about OldTim. Grandson still talks fondly of him. Please pass on our best wishes.

  5. I’ve recently posted on this subject before.


    Whilst everybody is at home there is bound to to be a massive extra demand for domestic utilities. I would reckon if someone pays by a utilities payment card then their finances are a bit stretched at the best of times. I’m sure the Government could introduce a scheme whereby these cards could be credited by say £20 a week for the next few months, thus helping out the less fortunate.

  6. Aye, good advice re – the oul’ Christmas trees……….we have a fair few of them dotted around ma bit…………….the sitkas are deffo jaggy but they look the part.


    The Noble and Nordman firs are nice but take a hell of a long time to get going.

  7. Melbourne Mick on






    Thats another good poster missing for a whiley.


    Can anybody remember anyone else from days of yore?


    H.H . Mick




    My wife and daughter are working from home and I’m glad about that.



    Downside is heating is on non stop as is the kettle.



    And the oul waiter is knackered running after them!!

  9. fourstonecoppi on

    Embdy got a turbo trainer for the road bike?…….. i’m seriously going stir crazy. Partick area

  10. Mornin all – headphones now grafted to my ears!



    Spoke with Cadizzy the other night – he’s fine and lurkin!

  11. Has anyone had any experience of cancelling BT sport ? I’m not getting anywhere fast with it this morning…

  12. Just watched a brilliantly funny sketch involving Ronnie Corbett and Harry Enfield from the BBC.



    It’s called “Old people and technology”.



    Could someone post a link on here please?




  13. `The top three in the Premiership – Celtic, Rangers and Motherwell – will receive £395,000 plus VAT.`





    How do they know that will be the top three?

  14. SCANIEL on 27TH MARCH 2020 10:09 AM



    I am deeply honoured that you have named a pony after me….although in my playing days of fitba…I was often called a donkey LOL !


    You and your team do a fantastic job with all the animals Im sure…and maybe I will get to meet and feed “Big Jimmy the Pony” and some of the others if my health improves for me to travel etc and this Crisis is over ?


    once again, thank you.



  15. BIG JIMMY on 27TH MARCH 2020 11:08 AM


    SCANIEL on 27TH MARCH 2020 10:09 AM





    Oops…Ive just read your post again….and its a COB that you have named after me ?


    A Cob…being a Swan is that correct ?



    if so…then I am obviously not an ugly duckling any more !



  16. My understanding is that the top 3 got more because we’re the only clubs guaranteed to make top 6 post split.

  17. As some of the Celtic blogs are pointing out, the fact the SPFL are continuing to dish out tv money means null and void is off the table.

  18. Would also love to see some more of the older names back on here. I’m mainly a lurker, post now and then.






    Someone asked about favourite games, can’t narrow to only one, but I really enjoyed the home game against Ajax in 82. The four all at Ibrox was exhausting!

  19. The Battered Bunnet on

    Baw Jaws has tested positive for Covid-19.



    We’re but a short step away from Dominic Raab as PM

  20. BLANTYRE TIM and OLDTIM…( and others) !


    I hope you and yours are well and stay safe.




    Ive now had 3 hospital appointments cancelled since last week understandibly of course, and I certainly dont wish to attend any hospitals any time soon, if I can help it ?


    I have to reply on my Heart Nurse coming to my home for now.


    Stay safe everyone….I cant remember how many days Ive been in self isolation…8 or 9 ?


    At least I can have a quick chat to my Tesco delivery Guy/Woman on Monday as I havent spoken to anyone for Days.



  21. ” AN DUN on 27TH MARCH 2020 11:14 AM


    My understanding is that the top 3 got more because we’re the only clubs guaranteed to make top 6 post split.”



    That makes some sense but Aberdeen could certainly finish above Motherwell. Do third and fourth places get the same amount?



    “AN DUN on 27TH MARCH 2020 11:18 AM


    As some of the Celtic blogs are pointing out, the fact the SPFL are continuing to dish out tv money means null and void is off the table.”



    It would certainly seem so. The Huns, however, have form for double standards so null and void for being declared Champions but current positions are fine for monies being awarded !