Foundation, Amazon and the shifting crisis


A quick and easy win: Amazon are one of the few outlets still open and many of us are likely to use them in the weeks ahead.  If you select Celtic FC Foundation as your chosen AmazonSmile charity, they will donate 0.5% of the net purchase price to the Foundation.

With tens of thousands of Celtic fans mostly restricted to online shopping, that quickly aggregates up.  The Foundation is needed more today than at any point since its formation, anything we can do to fill the coffers will help.

Yesterday, Foundation chief executive, Tony Hamilton, said, “The situation for many of our neighbours has worsened in the past few days as this crisis has shifted. People are losing income, and with it their ability to feed themselves and their families.

“Our top priority is assisting with that in the communities where we have relationships with existing partner organisations.”

“Thanks to everyone who has made this possible for us. Even in such uncertain and difficult times, the consistency has been the selflessness of the Celtic support who have stepped up to offer assistance when it’s needed.”

The money pledged for our Covid-19 response now stands at £175k.  There are difficult and uncertain times for everyone, but no club in Britain has responded as comprehensively.

And remember: AmazonSmile, it costs you nothing……

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  1. Big Jimmy : Our Big Jimmy is what they call a Gypsy Cob, a big black and white (grey) heavy pony just under the size of a horse (14.2 hands). Think of a slightly smaller Clydesdale. We haven’t got any swans yet, but don’t give Mrs S any ideas.




    Just heard the breaking news…wee Judas has got Covid-19 Karma’s a bitch,eh,

  2. Bugger it….just misheard Mrs S…thought she said Maurice Johnson had Covid-19 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. One Malloy


    I get back every year to the village and can’t believe how it grows everytime I return.


    Was wondering where in Cheesetoon you worked as the Distillery and Drambuie have shut down and was wondering what other industries were left?


    Say Hi to the Lisbon Lioness – first time I ever seen a feline chasing a car 😂


    Hoping you are all lying low and staying safe.


    HH pal.

  4. Apparently Harry and Megan have fled from Canada lockdown to Los Angeles to escape the coronavirus.


    Megxit 2


    And Ashley has put his fleet of lorries at the disposal of the NHS – maybe he drops down a few places on our bad boy list.

  5. SCANIEL….Sorry I thought a Cob was a Swan….?





    I feel very humble and maybe one day I can travel and feed your “Big Jimmy”……and some of your other beautiful creatures.





  6. I hope Baw jaws did not infect his Mater on his planned Mother`s Day visit .



    I actually don`t know how to feel about this news. The natural sympathy for another human being is fighting with the irony.






    You are welcome……and that `s me done my bit for my fellow man in these strange times :-)

  7. MELBOURNE MICK @ 1020



    Thank you so much for asking, we are fine here at the moment, and I hope you and your family are well. Missing Celtic sooo much, just like the rest of you. We are isolating ourselves and only going out for essentials. We are in the vulnerable group with my mrs (70) with asthma and myself (73) with diabetes. I pray no-one on here succumbs to this horrible virus, so please all stay safe. Cheers Mick brilliant talking again. HH

  8. Can we arrange for Boris and Trump to get together and embrace etc ?


    So not only Prince Charles…but PM Johnson also “JUMPS the Queue ” for testing !




    These bassas have no shame !









    I thought it was very funny and very clever……….and reminds me of………….me!



    Still using a Blackberry phone. For calls and texts only.



    Thanks again!

  10. Thoughts and prayers for all you ghirls and bhoys. This lock down has given me more time to read and catch up with things I had intended to do for ages,



    I am in the process of reading once more Fr. John Murphy Of Boolavogue 1753-1798 by Nicholas Furlong. As I read I am reminded of the terrible times experienced in Wexford and throughout the Island in those times. I am most interested because my ancestors came up from Wexford with an army to the Siege of Derry and escaped into Donegal to remain there till this day.



    Many of our ancestors came through very horrendous times and defied the odds and many of us are here to tell of their troubles. As they triumphed so will we if the do all that we are advised to do.



    Incidentally, some CQNers mention on here that they light candles for those in need of prayer. That avenue is closed to most now, but candles can be lit if required at the Grotto in Lourdes. Try the Lourdes Grotto site for info. regarding how to do this.

  11. Big Jimmy


    In fairness, the PM of a country is quite an important position.


    Mind you , I did like your idea of a Trans-Atlantic embrace !

  12. HOT SMOKED on 27TH MARCH 2020 11:37 AM


    …maybe so…but what position of importance is Prince Charles ?


    I would sooner have NHS Staff being tested BEFORE johnson, Prince Charles etc etc.



    I hope that you are safe and well.



  13. Boris Johnston has a pregnant partner. One baby has already been born with the disease. Apart from that, it is quite appropriate that the head of government is tested if they are symptomatic.

  14. You have to have some sympathy for the virus that was unlucky enough to get Al Johnson as its host.

  15. Melbourne Mick on




    LE PETITE MERDE got the virus as soon as he signed for the huns.


    H.H . Mick










    Voguepunter was on the list because he prefers the Scissor Sister’s version of Pink Floyd’s ‘Comfortably Numb’ – sacrilege! 😱




    Is it my fault that I don’t partake of the waccy baccy ? :O)

  17. Pig at 10:51: I hate that song, really, really hate it. “Your “ version, however, is wonderful. Got the whole family around the table to listen to it. Great to hear so much laughter again. Many Thanks.

  18. Melbourne Mick on

    A wee question, and i must admit what would i do?


    So i’ll ask all of you.


    What if wee Merde apologised for his transgression and pleaded to


    be allowed back into the Celtic family, saying he was plagued by the


    devil and lost his way.


    Would you forgive him?


    H.H . Mick

  19. BT



    Geezo, whits he like?!!



    Hope you still use the same email address as ive just mailed you.

  20. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Bojo virus, he’ll need to die or provide independent validation from the Russians and Chinese before I believe a word

  21. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Aye Gene,


    Very compassionate about Iraq, Syria, Libya, Iran and Yemen

  22. Melbourne Mick on




    Let ye without sin cast the first stone.


    FFS where’s a big boulder.


    H.H . Mick

  23. Not that I don’t believe him but BoJo is a work shy, lazy, lying bassa at the best of times.



    As regards le Petite Merde – to err is human and to forgive is divine. Last time I looked in the mirror I didn’t see a deity looking back at me. Not unless Buddha counts.😉




    Thought about that for a millisecond.




  25. Melbourne Mick on

    C’mon PHILBHOY


    I’m sure if he was at your feet pleading insanity at the time


    you wouldn’t kick feck oot o him.


    Please reconsider.


    H.H . Mick

  26. Melbourne Mick on

    Paul’s usually on at this time with a new blog and Gerry’s


    usually ready to repost my last bit of pash.


    Will Paul be there? will Gerry be there?


    Who knows only the murderators.


    H.H Mick