Founder Investors still needed at Sevco


Anyone consuming media coverage would think that the on-going investigation into the registration of Rangers (since renamed RFC 2012) players over the last decade or so was the most pressing matter within The Rangers (until recently, Sevco).  I really don’t think so, although it is a useful rallying flag.  The EBT issue is not short of drama but there are more immediate concerns.

More importantly, I hear The Rangers are still trying to raise the initial £10m Founding Investors capital.  The Sevco Investor Presentation offered these Founding Investors two shares for each one purchased, “effectively doubling their contributions” ahead of a stock-market floatation later this year.  My understanding is they hope to raise £20m at that floatation, without the two-for-one share incentive, in order to see them through several years in the Scottish Football League and at least four years without European income.

If/when this matter materialises, remember, in 1994 Fergus looked you in the eye and allowed you to buy into Celtic at exactly the same rate he and the other early investors did.  This model worked, anyone hoping to emulate Fergus’ success would do well to offer fans the same terms.

The size of the total capital requirement may be as much of a disincentive to early investors as the terms currently on offer.  If you put significant sums in now and the floatation fails to deliver enough cash to allow the company to continue trading, your investment is at risk.  I hope Laurel and Hardy at Hampden haven’t deleted their Armageddon slides.

Even selling 40,000 adult season tickets for Ibrox at £268 each would bring in only £9m (ex-vat), so there is a good chance this company will burn cash reserves for some time, assuming they pay taxes, of course, which was apparently optional for some in the recent past.

Target closing date for Foundation Investors was 6 July with Q3 / Q4 slot for floatation on the AIM market, so we should be seeing a prospectus sometime soon if plans are back on track.  If Charles Green pulls this off he deserves some sort of Businessman of the Year award.

Anyone who thinks the drama is over still hasn’t realised the enormity of the situation.

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  1. ohits



    As this will be private property,it will be ‘enforcement’ by a private company. Therefore it cannot be a ‘fine’; they are attempting to levy a charge under a contract that the driver impliedly accepted by parking there. They wiil write to the registered keeper (who seems to morph into the owner in their eyes); the RK is under no obligation whatsoever to inform them of the driver’s details



    The ‘invoice’ is unenforceable unless they take you to the court; where they would need to prove that you were the driver at the time and therefore liable, that any notices were both clearly visible and valid, that the driver impliedly accepted the contract by parking having seen and read the notices, that the charge is proportionate with any loss or reasonable cost and is not at all punitive.



    THEY DONT GO TO COURT! Ignore it. :0)





    None of that cheap stuff for such an occasion.



    Plan is to splash on the Peroni…..

  3. ohtis



    Is it a council car park? I had an issue with an underground car park once. They sent many demands debt collectors etc but all bluster. Legally I don’t think there is much they can do.

  4. .



    Since its Friday and a Non Football Weekend..



    If You were Going to Write a Book called..





    How “Saint” David..Self-Destructed..



    a Modern day Riches to Rags (No Pun intended) Story.. 



    Try and Pinpoint the Moment in Time  that marked the Beginning of The End..of 140yrs. Of ……………



    Many will say..



    When he Signed..Torè Andre Flo..



    Others will say..


    Judas.. The Own Goal of the Century..



    Many will say it was when MON stood on the Steps of Paradise..



    Just a Wee Bitte of Fun on a Friday..



    My Personal Favorite would be in the  “Last day of the Transfer Window @ iPox.. YouTube” when Murray tells the Hordes.. “Take the Private Jet go to Man City and get me Samaras..!!”


    For one of the Horde to Whisper..


    “Timmy have signed Samaras..Mien Führer.. “……;0)))))



    Answers on a IOU to Tesco Stadium Brechin  


    SFL D3








  5. weeshauns freekick that decked b bag barry on

    Mister pedantic winkel picker using the space button after a comma is regarded as being amongst the minimum standards of decent punctuation.



    You really don’t do irony by complaining about punctuation while messing up your own.



    Secondly, Mr god complex – we is plural…



    So how are you coping with your schizophrenia?



    A juvenile attack on colonialism. Thanks dad how would you attack it genius?



    Go and confer with yourself and come back with the group concensus.



    I’ll wait….

  6. ASonOfDan



    We don’t know, thats my point.



    If injuries weren’t such a huge problem at Celtic it would be easy to write off Thomas as just ‘injury prone’.



    It is also my point that it is a mistake to lose a good young player who loves Celtic and is full of potential.

  7. I would persevere with Rogne,and offer him 2 years with a year’s option.How many games has Kayal played/missed since he signed ?

  8. Bhoys



    Thanks for the replies , I thought it was a bit Iffy , could well have been auld Chico Greene.



    Thanks for the help.




  9. macjay1 for Neil Lennon



    Respect for the right comment at the right time.



    Celtic are the best thing that will ever happen to Thomas. The rewards are not financial, they will come anyway.



    I sense it is weakness of spirit and we need men of utmost Faith.








    And the future will be history some day.








    EFE Represent Thomas and we would have an incredible CB pairing



    EFE is the Chief Executive of Bobo Rogne.



    There is a time and there is a season for everything.



    BSR brought that phrase back to the lexicon last week and it is very timely. He knows quality in defence.





    I was still in Kilwinning when they pushed the boat out for Flo.



    I was gobsmacked,tbh.



    They were,IIRC,twelve points behind us,and he wasn’t even eligible to play for them in Europe!



    He was a disaster for them-most of his goals were scored when they were already in front,and if Sunderland paid £6m for him,it must have included his wages.



    The move pretty much ruined his career.

  11. So let me get this right, Thomas Rogne who has made less than 50 starts for Celtic in nearly 3 years (due to be a delicate wee lamb) is making demands that he will walk if not treated with the proper respect in contract terms?




  12. My dear,dear,dear,friend.. 67th Heaven.






    Nice tae greet ye..



    Ah widnae worry too much..aboot.. the Delay , in reaching ,wan o’ they Amicable and Satisfactory , tae baith parties’ .. Agreements… that we luv tae hear aboot..(Deep Breath!)



    Ah am referrin’ tae the Master Rogne Negos..



    No.. The Wan ye are hivin’ wi’ yer Distaff… Regarding, that Promised increase in Her Hoosehold Budget.



    Baith o’ those maitters wull be resolved..



    Gie them Time..



    The Last thing ye want to Show in any Negotiation.. is.. ..any Sign o’ Weakness.



    Peter,is Playing it well.



    Ah am Certain that Master Rogne, wull be eventually.. Mollified, and sign oan the dotted line.. when he gets his Half a Loaf…


    fur… he wull .by this time.. wanna get these contract talks..over and Done wi.



    Why am Ah say Confident….???






    The Youngster,has already, shown .. a Weakness…




    When He made the admission that that He wanted tae STAY… at Celtic..


    No a very smart.. admission..by the way…Na..No not Evah.





    yer pal..who likes ye aloater.



    Still Laughin’

  13. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles…………13:20 on 7 September, 2012



    Now that was funny………………




  14. AikiBhoy



    We are not losing him, we have offered a contract based on his performances and contribution to the first team.



    It is up to Rogne to accept it or move on.

  15. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    14:38 on


    7 September, 2012


    macjay1 for Neil Lennon



    It`s the old story…in whatever enterprise.


    Doesn`t matter how good you are if you`re not there when it matters.


    Hope Rogne will stay with us,because I get the impression his heart is in the right place AND I think he has ability and a real future.


    Not to mention the goals he has scored.

  16. weeshauns freekick that decked b bag barry on




    saw your name thought you had come to some agreement with yourself and had decided to gatekeep again but instead you were talking to summa o sammi.



    Spotted Kilwinning in your post and remembered getting the train down to prestwick about 6 weeks ago before flying out to Barca.



    I think it may well have been written in the stars that Kilwinning would be a hun stronghold simply by looking at the name of the place in Gaelic…



    It’s Cill Fhinnean – no joke!




    14:43 on 7 September, 2012






    I was still in Kilwinning when they pushed the boat out for Flo.



    I was gobsmacked,tbh.



    They were,IIRC,twelve points behind us,and he wasn’t even eligible to play for them in Europe!



    He was a disaster for them-most of his goals were scored when they were already in front,and if Sunderland paid £6m for him,it must have included his wages.



    The move pretty much ruined his career.





    Your email nailed it back then.



    And here is a beautiful youtube, I just listened to…




  18. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    A son of Dan


    Charles green has repeatedly claimed he is here for the short haul


    With this sale of shares to sevco supporters, I am not sure if


    a) The current owners of sevco are selling their own shares.


    b) The current owners of sevco are inviting new investment in addition to their own


    If the answer is b, and the current sevco owners (whoever they may be) want to take a return on their money now, the I imagine it will take a few million of the sevco supporters cash to cover that issue, then and only then, will any remaining left over cash be used for day to day operations at ibrokes.

  19. petec


    14:38 on


    7 September, 2012


    macjay1 for Neil Lennon



    Respect for the right comment at the right time.



    Celtic are the best thing that will ever happen to Thomas. The rewards are not financial, they will come anyway.



    I sense it is weakness of spirit and we need men of utmost Faith.

  20. Rogne is imo wrong to demand more cash(in public) he has though every reason to feel agrieved if Kayal was awarded an improved offer,


    his fit notes are harder to come by that points at an ATOS interview

  21. Anyone else completely uninterested in the Scotland game tomorrow?



    Eyes on the Benfica game already…

  22. Oops sorry Petec, I should add my comment to the post above too :)



    I too believe we need men of utmost faith! What will happen if we reward our faithful players with similar paycuts though?



    If it was an offer of a deal with the same pay and not a cut I could understand it better and be less bemused.



    Rogne talks faithfully no? Even picked up a wee bit of a Glesga twang lol.



    Dunno what makes you so convinced about Efe so soon.

  23. blantyretim


    15:05 on


    7 September, 2012


    Rogne is imo wrong to demand more cash





    It seems to me more that he is complaining about getting a pay CUT as opposed to demanding higher wages..

  24. Hero or eeejit?



    Did my good deed for the day today..



    Walked up to a cash machine in central station and £100 in the dispenser…


    The woman walked away still gabbing to her pal and didn’t notice…



    Nothing else to do but shout her back….



    St BT of Central station…



    Where is that smart price Cider…?

  25. And here is a real tribute to the Man managing Rangers, the Man that has given East Kilbride so much.






    “bunching and indecision”, definitely an Ally tactic.






    I really don’t like talking badly about others but swally pushes me pretty hard. Not because he is smart or anything but he is the face of the deception, he is the face of every Scottish journalist who has no balls to stand up and embrace the, for want of a better phrase, new age of journalism in Scotland.



    This site is quite exceptional given it’s quality of submissions from the Real heavyweights of CQN, and that is all.



    There are so many other Football fans out there in Scotland, I mean real Legendary football fans that Scotland must be allowed to hear.



    BRTH, Estad,JF,P67 and even Philvisreturns.



    The MSM is Murdering Scottish Football more than anyone ever did. The Blood is splattered all over these suppressors.

  26. Aikibhoy – But there’s nothing in the quotes to suggest he’s been offered a pay cut, only in the sensational headlines.



    He’s been offered a “much worse” deal, in comparison to other players, not in comparison to his previous salary.



    Have we seen this media behaviour before? Should we know better than to show blind trust?





    Sorry,was busy doing something else there,but fortunately a wee text has alerted me to your latest,erm,effort.



    To start with,winklepicker is one word. Even when you spell the firs part correctly.



    A space button after a comma has NEVER been accepted as good punctuation.



    Also,once again you have missed out any punctuation whatsoever either side of the word “genius”,which I suggest reinforces my point.



    Unless of course you are trying to draw attention to it…….



    Next,it is polite to time-reference the post with which you have a problem.



    Some of us,while NOT schizophrenic,are able to discuss more than one topic at any given time,and have the occasional other post littering the blog.



    Finally,the only time I can see the word “we” in our little tete-a-tete is in your 1319 post.



    Just before “independance”



    Your call.

  28. blantyretim


    15:12 on


    7 September, 2012




    pay cut seems unreasonable





    The articles are very vague too. The only quotes the gave are..



    “It’s frustrating as I enjoy it at Celtic and want to stay.”






    “This is about the economy. I have played when I have been healthy and I feel I should be paid like the other players in that category, but the deal has been much worse. The salary must reflect my value.”



    Would love to hear the whole interview. If it was on a media conference at CP I would imagine they will show it on CelticTV at some point.

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