Fragile Celtic crack


After collecting one point from their previous five games, Livingston fans can scarcely believe the result and performance their side recorded against Celtic yesterday.  A goal from a breakaway on 25 minutes was enough to shatter Celtic’s early fluency.  For all the flattery achieved by pounding opponents at Celtic Park, there is a fragility about Ange Postecoglou’s side.

Andrew Shinnie nipped in front of Stephen Welsh before thrashing a shot high into the net.  The central defender should have done better but it was an excellent finish from Shinnie.  The move started when Celtic were exposed on the right as Livingston won possession in the middle of the field.

The way we setup, we are going to concede chances and goals on the counter; going behind should not have had the consequences that followed.  Instead of provoking a clinical reaction, Celtic’s early assured touch deserted them.

James McCarthy started his first game since May and is clearly well off pace.  Mikey Johnston came on for his first appearance of any sort since May, he also needs time before we can expect anything like his best.

While central mid took much of the focus, our wing play was no better.  Jota was significantly less effective against Livingston than against Betis on Thursday, and Liel Abada’s devastating runs into the box just didn’t happen.  The only real pass mark was for Joe Hart, who made an instinctive save that prevented the home side doubling their lead.

We won on nine consecutive visits to Livingston between 2001 and 2007 before an 11-year gap until the next visit.  Since returning to the West Lothian venue in 2018, we have played five, drawn three and lost twice.  I am not fond of blaming the pitch; we have ample access to artificial pitches to practice on.  Be ready next time.

So what now for our league challenge?  News from Ibrox that Motherwell took a point to limit the damage of the afternoon was a merciful relief.  A four-point gap is bad enough but six points would feel daunting.  We are still in the race largely due to the fact that our only genuine opponents are well below the form they enjoyed in the two previous seasons.  Whoever sorts out their form first will win the title.

Lots to consider, Ange.

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  1. AULDHEID – some brain-dump there (mostly dump, some brain)!



    Just posts of interest or do you keep a file of some of the choicest comments on here for future reference and use?

  2. AKBW1888 on 20th September 2021 6:26 pm



    Wow that was entertaining. You’ve definitely convinced me.

  3. Grand Morning Celts – The Harvest Moon Begins To Wane Over The Chilterns…



    AULDHEID @ 1:27 AM,



    There are non so blind that they cannot see.



    It’s no longer about what Res12 sought but how Celtic handled it.



    To the layman the simply lied, to the lawyer commenting on evidence it was it would be costly to prove in court not that they lied, but they lied deliberately. Proving such would be difficult, costly with no guarantee of success.



    The point is the custodians lack any sense of probity and the thinking of the Sionnagh and his likes gives the Board every reason to act as they do.



    The problem is exploring Res12 and its implications is too much like hard work for the lazy of thinking and Celtic depend on them to fill the coffers.



    The connection between the decisions taken by those lacking probity and how that manifests itself on the field of play is all but lost to those for whom probity is a stranger in a strange land.



    Our host must know this but yet avoids the subject like the plague.



    Very true…



    The evolution of Res12 and it’s focus on Celtic’s handling of such is obviously hugely important and where it’s at.



    Yet the “WTC” on where it’s origins lie is still worth highlighting.



    It may not have the numbers of the Rangers 100,000,000 + liquidation, nor have the obvious cheat of the Sandy Bryson “imperfectly registered” players.



    Yet it has a few things, including a silver bullet and a smoking gun.



    “Tantamount to fraud” is a place where even the bold brothers fear to tread.



    Jesus wept when he heard the news that Lazarus had died… Subsequently he raised Lazarus from the dead.



    How many Celtic-minded folk secretly grieved the passing of Rangers… Well they’re resurrected now, so we can all “move on”!?



    Well I think not.



    You are spot on again, it is those that can’t see the connection between the Board’s lack of probity and what’s happening on the field of play that are disconnected.






    Hail Hail

  4. ziggydoc1 on 20th September 2021 7:49 pm



    Just like the Irish international Shane Duffy? Don’t believe the EPL hype.

  5. The news that only Juranovic and Kyogo were Ange signings will not come as a surprise. This club has been so badly run for years and domestic success and notably the supporters’ satisfaction with this has kept the major shareholder and board from really thinking seriously about the future of the club. Dom identified that for a club of its size and wealth it was only achieving 60% of what it should and he knew why. Any thinking fan not just satisfied with beating rangers to the title (and Dom was one) can explain the situation and indeed have explained it in one way or another on CQN and all the other Celtic blogs: There is no continuity from season to season, we’re a selling club with no real plan except sell and replace with whatever it might take to beat rangers and the rest because that will be enough to get the season tickets renewed and the merchandise shifted. That’s the bottom line. You have to ask why things haven’t changed and why Dom walked. I think the former caused the latter. I don’t believe he was pushed because he didn’t deliver. That would be too much against the run of play at Celtic FC. Dom realized sweeping changes were necessary but it threatened the major shareholder’s and the board’s complacency so he had to go.



    If Ange didn’t go for JMcC and Scales well clearly it was DD with his nostalgia for things Irish – never mind that they didn’t immediately fit into Ange’s playing philosophy. Maybe they will, I hope so. But still no DoF which would ensure continuity, no good scouting system that isn’t just looking for bargains but looking for good players playing regularly in teams with a similar type of playing philosophy as Celtic. No fitness staff, no analytics etc. We’re running out of time.



    I feel sorry for Ange. I know he desperately wanted a European football gig and Celtic was a great place to start and I get that. It’s likely he’s had to compromise. This might be partly because of the lateness of his appointment. But the compromises are shaping things I’d say as he’s had to take players not picked by him, coaches not picked by him. I know there’s been injuries but even with them Celtic should be able to beat Hearts, Livi and even the present rangers mob and that isn’t said to disparage the opposition.



    I think Ange and perhaps the rest of us have to reflect deeply on two things:



    (i) Angle’s playing style is not unique, Deila and Rodgers had exactly the same and all the necessary accompaniments such as trying to instill the need for super fitness and a high level of professionalism but they failed to leave the club in good health whatever their temporary success . Of course they had some domestic success but ultimately Deila got sacked and Rodgers left us in the lurch which led to Lennon and of course he also had domestic success initially but couldn’t sustain it and Europe was a step too far as it was for Deila and, let’s be honest, Rodgers. At least Rodgers was honest enough to say he needed better players to progress in Europe.



    (ii) We have played Livi 5 times away and haven’t won and at least one of our coaches have been around for all 5. Now Livi have never changed their game plan but neither have Celtic. Didn’t JK not tell Ange what he was up against, not advise him that two wingers and one striker just doesn’t work against teams that play to counter only? Or did Ange simply say “We change for no one”. If he said something like that then it’s worrying, perhaps even more worrying than the former. Other teams have beaten them at Livi despite the plastic pitch and the fact that playing length of surface in about 6m shorter than Parkhead’s. I am in for the long run with Ange but I will offer criticism where it seems necessary.



    (iii) Are the board and major shareholder doing enough to help the club get to where the manager and fans want it to go and if not what to do.? Ange will hope for some success and then move on at the earliest convenience. For the fans holding back on season ticket and merchandise purchases and protesting loud and clear with banners supporting Ange and the players but criticizing DD and the board.

  6. Accounts are out.



    Revenue down to £60 million.



    Loss for the year of £11.5 million.



    Cash in bank at year end £16.5 million.




    These figures obviously don’t include the sales of Christie, Edouard and Ajer.



    All things considered we’ve done more ok in terms of the finances.




    Mr Bankier concludes



    “Celtic PLC is directed by a Board of individuals with demonstrable experience both of Celtic and wider business, its operations are managed by an executive team of talented specialists led by our Chief Executive and the executive is supported by a dedicated cast of colleagues who have worked tirelessly for the Club over this most difficult financial year. I thank them all for everything that has been achieved. Celtic is in good hands.”



    Thank God for that.



    Imagine what state we’d be in run by a shower of charlatans???

  8. In fairness though


    Given credit, the club has done ok financially through this pandemic


    Football side still a shambles

  9. @ An Dun



    You have to wonder what our net spend was this summer? I’m guessing we made money, on top of the £16m net in the bank (likely £20m+ gross).



    Thank god it’s all safely in the bank and not spent on a midfielder.

  10. So the Huns win the football competition and we win the financial prudence cup.



    Hurrahs all round…..




  11. As the rest of the UK gears-up to get back to some GP normality – indeed NHS England has ordered GPs to start to increase face to face consultations rapidly. We in Scotland under the Scottish NHS have much to be fearful about.





    Scots have been warned to “think twice” before seeking help from GPs and were told they may never regain the right to face-to-face appointments with family doctors.



    Medics’ leaders yesterday claimed that the profession was united in opposition to plans to restart default face-to-face GP consultations in Scotland – and instead suggested receptionists would be handed more influence in deciding which patients were seen face-to-face.

  12. ILJASB @ 6:00 AM,



    Fine post, great points well laid out…



    AN DÚN @ 7:57 AM,



    You’ve lost me!!



    Why would you want last years accounts to include this year’s activities?



    Doesn’t work that way.



    It seems to me that Peter Lawwell managed to complete a cycle that despite eye watering inflation for football clubs our turnover is at the level it was when he came to the Club.



    Wish our football team was eh!!



    Hail Hail

  13. JHB @ 8:48 AM,



    Balderbash, I’ve seen you post abject nonsense about England before.



    Do you live in England, if you do it’s far removed from the country I live in.



    I’ll shall be calling to book an appointment for my GP, first one since Covid.



    They sent me a questionnaire, I answered it, due to my answers I have been invited to make an appointment.



    It has been a miserable time for people in England, to suggest otherwise to make a vacuous political point is just crass.



    Hail Hail

  14. AN DÚN on 21ST SEPTEMBER 2021 7:57 AM


    Accounts are out.



    Revenue down to £60 million.



    Loss for the year of £11.5 million.




    Loss in interims to Dec ’20 was c£6m – total loss for year £11.5m. Obviously the Frimpong money offsets – and has saved us from a c£20m loss.



    Can anyone imagine what the Ibrox figures will be – they must be catastrophic!



    We had a horrendous year due to the performance of the players last season. Our financial position will allow us to strengthen in January – we need these good figures as we have no one left to sell for decent money.



    75% of the Ajer/Edouard money has been spent on our thirteen newcomers.




    What a very interesting comment you make re the turnover, it would indeed be ideal had the football department kept apace of the turnover, we would now be heading for 18 in a row and our greatest rivals would be Ajax, por cierto.

  16. Re the financial for 2020/21. My guess had been a loss in excess of £20m, so £11.5m is not too bad a hit given the circumstances.



    Bankier could, and should, have been far more complimentary to a support that basically donated around £30m (half the turnover) in season ticket sales. To watch from home on CTV, Sky, or hesgoal. Bankier continues to annoy every time he opens his corporate mouth. Try reading the room sir.



    Where would we be without all that talent in the boardroom ? Any mention of recruiting a new CEO, a DoF, Sports Science and Analysts, medical ? Don’t be daft. Need to get in sharpish before the game on Sunday, for the unfurling of the balance sheet.

  17. Revenue stated as down to £60 million. That is quite an extraordinary figure to be a downturn in anyone’s books, considering the financial year it was produced in, por cierto.





    Neither, as it happens – anyway does it matter as long as it is the truth? Who broke the British Army for NHS Scotland Ambulances? That doesn’t matter either as it is the truth.



    Have you, or, any of your family tried to get a ‘face to face’ with a GP? I sincerely hope you don’t need to in the near future.



    JHB…usual garbage from you.




    But as normal you can neither counter, nor, explain, and as usual resort to a cheap personal attack…’nuff said!!

  20. If, as so many CQNers and the MSSM are so keen to claim, our defence is so poor, why is it that not a single team in the Top Division has conceded fewer goals?


    Please don`t come back and ask me if I am happy with our League position. Of course I am not. I am talking only of the many articles/comments about the most criticised defence in Scotland.

  21. Ange said there were changes that needed to be made behind the scenes but getting players in would be first priority.



    Once the transfer window closed, he said there’d be additions and changes to the backroom staff.



    Any news on this?

  22. CHAIRBHOY on 21ST SEPTEMBER 2021 8:58 AM



    They sent me a questionnaire, I answered it, due to my answers I have been invited to make an appointment.




    Still 100% vetting, usually by a clerical worker – i.e. receptionist – any appointments will be the exception, not the rule.