Fragile limbs


The overwhelming request from an international break is that our players return injury-free.  Nir Bitton made an appearance as a second half substitute against Wales last night but left the field 18 minutes later, with a foot injury.

Nir is in the best form of his life and has carved himself out a deep-lying creative role in the Celtic team.  Central midfield roles don’t come up for grabs too often.  Two of our strongest players, Scott Brown and Stefan Johansen, compete for a small number of central midfield jerseys, although they are different types of players, so it’s important our Nir doesn’t spend too long on the side-lines.

Fraser Forster’s terrible knee injury last weekend was sickening.  The big guy is one of the most professional players in the game and is absolutely dedicated to his development.  His form in the FA Premier League this season has been sensational, recording more shutouts than any other keeper.

It’s a blow to Southampton too, who gave Celtic £10m for Fraser’s services seven months ago.

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  1. Delaneys Dunky on




    Having seen the shape of the Gibraltar squad in the Radisson last night, a CQN XI would give them a game!

  2. Delaneys Dunky



    The night bus to Clydebank was an eye opener and education though. Truly mental! :)




    I told you to behave on the bus anaw :))))

  3. Delaneys Dunky


    I got landed wae two roasters on the train, till I informed one I knew him and his family.



  4. steinreignedsupreme



    Great to meet you again mate. At least nobody knocked you over like the first time we met in the KoSC Blantyre…:)



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  5. Occupational risk. Same thing happened to Aaron Ramsey. John Kennedy needs no reminding.

  6. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Lennybhoy 15:08 on 29 March, 2015



    I kept waiting on that late challenge from Doc all night, but I got away with it this time…

  7. Delaneys Dunky on




    I was on a bus load of roasters. 2 fights and one lassie peeing at the back of the bus. Better than Saturday night telly. :)

  8. bournesouprecipe on

    A Celtic fan never forgets the first time they saw Celtic.



    Mine was so many years ago, but it remains a permanent warmth,


    I didn’t know then but it must have been a special day in the cold


    wet winter on the outskirts of Glasgow when I got the shout.



    “We were going to see Celtic.” It was a Saturday morning, and my big brother and sister were receiving last minute instructions for the day, to take the short train journey that dropped us within sight of the ground.



    Most of the day has lost it’s detail, I can only remember sequences just like a Ken Burns documentary a memory of black and white stills, the train, the tenements, a very grey Glasgow. Somehow, there was a feeling that this was the greatest team in the world I was about to see for the first time, despite the fact that we were far from good, even in a Scottish sense.



    The Celtic support was all Celtic had at this time, along with a mishmash of some good, and some not so good pros, but there was an underlying romanticism of greats gone before, and more Celtic legend about to occur. The floodlights, flags on the old black curved roof ‘jungle’, the whiff of bovril and pies.



    The scoreboard situated at the rear of the uncovered east terrace must have been a real money spinner in those days of ‘Celtic media,’ because you had to have bought a programme to find out the half time scores which were in an otherwise secret lettered code. Even in the periphery of the ground there were dozens of newspaper sellers ‘the green citizen’ with not a lot of news, mainly advertisements, but inside the sacred pull out glossy picture of your Celtic star.



    This would later go on your bedroom wall beside the rest in an ever growing sellotaped collage of greenery, including rosettes of The Scottish Cup that your parents were warned not to remove, a match day that always included spearmint chewing gum that wasn’t Wrigleys and macaroon bars that were not Lees.



    My brother pointed to the enclosure where there was a long concrete tunnel shaped creation, that stopped on the gravel ash track “watch there” he said, and “they’ll run out.” I remember watching the space transfixed, for ages, then the ball boys, and the first sight of emerging green and white hoops in that riot of colour.



    A lifelong sensation.

  9. Delaneys Dunky on




    Got in at 2/3 too. Still made mass at 10 with a 2 hour post mass kip. :)


    Great company you all were.

  10. antipodean red on

    delaneys dunky,



    Just back in after watching and listening to Paolo Nutini at the West Coast Blues and Roots in Fremantle, what a superb performer and plenty of Celtic shirts of many varieties up near the front of the stage.




  11. jobo baldie



    14:51 on 29 March, 2015


    Just over 2 hours till the teams come out led, I hope, by Mr Brown ;-)






    Or the view from across the water when Mrs Brown leads out her Bhoys!



    HH JamesGang

  12. May as well throw my good lady into the birthday mix,happy birthday mrs gordybhoy64, still able to party like a young thing,

  13. Any chance we could get Alejandra Omana Ruiz to double up with WITS in Georges Square after we win the treble. I believe she is up for those kind of bets and in fairness she honours her bet.

  14. Sneeeeeeky fire-arm check with the polis there………………………….sunday??????



    1st in 7 years -)))

  15. antipodean red on




    I’m down in Mandurah, we have our own little club down here, some Bhoys from Coatbridge, Luton and of course, Clydebank




  16. glendalystonsils on




    Whenever I think about the wee green book my dad used to get for me at the start of the season, I still get the same feeling of joy and optimistic anticipation I used to get then.


    Happy, carefree days.

  17. What is the Stars on

    Cork Celt



    I honour my bets,I am a stand up guy as all us Cosmopolitan Metropolitans are



    Things might be different in the old provincial backwaters


    Who is Alejandra Ruiz

  18. Delaneys Dunky on




    Many happy returns to Mrs G64.


    What do you mean?


    Your good lady Is a young yin! ;)

  19. HT. That link didn’t work for me and I’m not on Twitter. I’ll get one of the school kids to help me. Thanks for trying though

  20. The Battered Bunnet



    Not sure what you are seeing at your end. I assume you are viewing on a desktop as there is an adding running there which is desktop only and will appear no more than once in 24 hours. We could have set it to appear every time you log in but realize it is incredibly frustrating.



    Could you try again and see if the same thing happens and let me know?

  21. What is the Stars on

    BMCUW and Bada






    I am meeting her next week for a “dress” rehearsal


    She seems like my type of gal

  22. Cowiebhoy,


    stevie ‘the voice’


    His family now live in Alva. They will be filming there first, then on to St. Modans, then on to the fire station in Kickaldy.


    Lets hope he wins on Saturday!


    Vote Stevie!

  23. antipodean red



    15:42 on 29 March, 2015



    I’m from Coatbridge, Bro-inLaw in your neck of the woods, Riverton I think. Due home late May for a holiday.



    Keep the Faith!




  24. Cowie bhoy



    Here is the link that Johnbay put up last night




    Just thought i let you know my daughter is performing tomorrow in St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh(I know I know but the unseen hand works in mysteries ways).It starts at 6PM and its free>All welcome.




  25. Stan and Stefan - Sitting doon for Scott Broon on

    Journalism in Columbia full of integrity.



    We have to put up with the Scottish journos straight out of Still Game.

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