Fragile limbs


The overwhelming request from an international break is that our players return injury-free.  Nir Bitton made an appearance as a second half substitute against Wales last night but left the field 18 minutes later, with a foot injury.

Nir is in the best form of his life and has carved himself out a deep-lying creative role in the Celtic team.  Central midfield roles don’t come up for grabs too often.  Two of our strongest players, Scott Brown and Stefan Johansen, compete for a small number of central midfield jerseys, although they are different types of players, so it’s important our Nir doesn’t spend too long on the side-lines.

Fraser Forster’s terrible knee injury last weekend was sickening.  The big guy is one of the most professional players in the game and is absolutely dedicated to his development.  His form in the FA Premier League this season has been sensational, recording more shutouts than any other keeper.

It’s a blow to Southampton too, who gave Celtic £10m for Fraser’s services seven months ago.

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  1. No matter the score the problems of Scottish football are obvious.


    We depend on English based journeymen.


    Outdated thinking and tactics and an acceptance of being second rate.


    There are some green shoots of young talent appearing in Scotland.


    Time to use them.

  2. Germans playing a high tempo and very skilled game.


    Only 2 up thanks to inspiring goalkeeping and defending in depth from Georgia.

  3. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    17s beat St Mitten 4 nil away. Remain 7 points clear at the top. Sevco 2nd btw!!!

  4. bournesouprecipe



    17:52 on 29 March, 2015


    Who would win in a fight between Maloney and Naismith?




  5. Well done so far by Scotland. We should get another 4 or 5 second half as Gibraltar are embarrassingly poor. Broonie doing just ok in the middle. A few loose passes and not getting forward enough.

  6. bournesouprecipe


    They would both be knocked out with their own slipstreams.


    An honorable draw lasting 10 seconds.

  7. Bourne



    good wee tale earlier but what game was it?




  8. HT



    Well done to you and minx,a fantastic amount raised for charity, I bet terra firma never felt so good,

  9. A great wee tale from bsr….I wish I had seen the Celtic when the World was in black n white :O)

  10. bournesouprecipe on




    I genuinely can’t remember and even tried to trace it a few times, the closest I can get is a game against Third Lanark, where believe it or not I think it was something like 4-4 ;-)



    That’s about my earliest recollection.

  11. jobo baldie



    17:56 on 29 March, 2015






    good wee tale earlier but what game was it?








    as long as as your standing at the right end of the charlie bar you are never alone!

  12. martybhoy59



    Cheers pal. Don’t know what the final total will be but as usual the generosity of (mostly) Celtic supporters has been absolutely astonishing.

  13. ……..am hearing that The Tarbolton Scowler and The Haircut That Time Forgoat huv fell oot…………



    Fragile bams?

  14. tommytwiststommyturns on

    VP – Third Rager….you on the wee blue pills?! ;-)


    Nice nap yesterday BTW.




  15. voguepunter



    18:08 on 29 March, 2015





    3rd Ragers….coming soon.






    That one of those Diamond Jackson films?!?! :-)

  16. Shortie luvs wee nasty………….



    Dear Darryl,


    …mind cover yer work…..

  17. sixtaeseven - Gardez la Foi on

    Fletcher absolute sitter missed.



    Scots settling for the HT tally?

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