Fragile limbs


The overwhelming request from an international break is that our players return injury-free.  Nir Bitton made an appearance as a second half substitute against Wales last night but left the field 18 minutes later, with a foot injury.

Nir is in the best form of his life and has carved himself out a deep-lying creative role in the Celtic team.  Central midfield roles don’t come up for grabs too often.  Two of our strongest players, Scott Brown and Stefan Johansen, compete for a small number of central midfield jerseys, although they are different types of players, so it’s important our Nir doesn’t spend too long on the side-lines.

Fraser Forster’s terrible knee injury last weekend was sickening.  The big guy is one of the most professional players in the game and is absolutely dedicated to his development.  His form in the FA Premier League this season has been sensational, recording more shutouts than any other keeper.

It’s a blow to Southampton too, who gave Celtic £10m for Fraser’s services seven months ago.

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  1. setting free the bears for Res. 12 & Oscar Knox


    18:39 on


    29 March, 2015





    According to Celtic Mythology, Fletcher would have guaranteed 4 iar for WGS



    And he is keeping out Jordan Rhodes, who like Alfie Finbigasson, is not a Celtic or Delia type player but still we were being urged to spend £6m on each of them



    Of course he would have guaranteed nothing. However given that a the season teetered out goaless, a proven striker acquired in January might have given us a chance. Even PL himself admitted that the whole affair could have been handled better.

  2. bournesouprecipe-thanks will give them a phone –the reason I asked last time I tried to get Lisbon lion stand tickets they said I would need a kid with me but since it is a midweek game I thought there would be nae problem-will wait and see!

  3. Romania won 1:0 at home against the Faroes. They get the same 3 points that Scotland got. Whatever criticism they get about their scoreline is unlikely to be crucial in dermining the outcome of the campaign.



    Scotland are in a 4 way dog fight (I do not grant Germany an automatic bye at all) and are in a reasonable position as we enter the business end of qualification. The two away ties in June and September must earn at least 3 points if Scotland are to remain in contention

  4. He’s a wee naff ,moaning face wee git – glad we got rid of him when we did although the transfer fee came in handy. Flatters to deceive too often





    As you constantly criticise revisionism,and opinions posted as fact,can you tell me when any Celtic fan,here or elsewhere,demanded we pay £6m for Fletcher?

  6. quonno



    There was nothing proven about Steven Fletcher’s striking ability.



    He was on the pitch at Easter Road when we lost the league and never came close to a goal.



    I could just as easily assert, and I have, that playing Paddy McCourt that year would have won us the league.



    In the end, it is all a “if your auntie had primary male sexual characteristics” type of argument.

  7. Apology accepted, thanks spikeysauldman



    bhoys shouldn’t insult each other – keep that for the Zombies

  8. bournesouprecipe on




    No bother, I see what you mean. Reckon if you ask you should get fixed up


    for the LL.

  9. 73:10 Substitution, Gibraltar. Jake Gosling replaces Roy Chipolina………


    Maybe the Chippie is open late on a Sunday!



    TM, MB et al c’mon laugh eh!


    Scotland FC win 6-1 against Rutherglen Iberia ………..awffs……………. hahahahahah!




  10. Well done Scotland. C’mon Ireland. I’m usually in the singing section behind the goal in the Aviva but gave imy ticket away for tonight’s match as I have an early flight tomorrow




  11. kano , pablo , celticlover , stjohndoyle – cqn in heaven must be mental



    19:24 on 29 March, 2015



    Thank you all for a fantastic night. I had a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat when I watched the video last night as it did just now when I watched it again.



    To be part of the Celtic Family makes be proud and I feel as tall as leftclicktic.



    Kano’s memory lives on.



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  12. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on




    19:00 on 29 March, 2015





    Are you visioner? ;))






    Are you questioning my eyeshoite….?

  13. theglasgowcelticway on




    Fiddler on the roof: “Money’s the worlds curse ”



    “May the lord smite me with it and may I never recover.”

  14. Kano,



    Yer a special mhan in the time you make to help the kids, hat doffed to a big gentleman that can give his free time up, that goes for all the rest of your team…Hail Hail

  15. oneofthe70percent on

    hope free ireland win to keep those bigots in skirts from getting to the finals,and also the thought of all those orange bigots heading out on the rampage should occupied ireland qusalify makes me puke

  16. gene



    19:52 on 29 March, 2015


    Having to watch masha and the bear with the grandaughter -priceless




    My eldest is 3 and he loves Masha and the Bear. My wife looks at me as if I’m daft because I think it’s brilliant. Everything stops so daddy can watch it with wee hendrix number 1.

  17. Sanna



    Everyone knows I’m a pussy that greets at the drop of a hat. Your clip only reinforced that. Take a bow my friend, Walfrid’s spirit echoes around Celtic Park with the voice of every child you bring through Parkhead’s gates.

  18. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    No dis-respect to O’Neill, Strachan, Keane or anybody else, but thanks be to Jesus for Ronny Deila.



    Modern, progressive thinking, visionary.




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