Fran and Anna fail at arbitration. Griffiths irrepressible talent


On hearing the an arbitration panel decided in their favour and against Hearts and Partick Thistle, SPFL chairman, Murdoch McLennan said “I would fully expect all those involved to agree that no stone was left unturned, no allegation left unanswered.”  Chief executive, Neil Doncaster, said it was a “clear, comprehensive and unanimous decision”.

Instead of reflecting on a series of calamitous errors that saw Hearts and Partick bottom of their respective leagues, despite each club having vastly more resources than some who finished clear above them, or on the folly of having their case thrown out of the Court of Session to an arbitration panel, which exposes both clubs to punitive action, Scottish football’s Fran and Anna doubled down on self-righteousness.

Stoking anger is the leadership currency of our era and Thistle’s Jacqui Low got straight to it, “We have every right to be angry.  So let’s use that anger as fuel”.  Without any sense of self-awareness, she added, “Our fate and our success once again lies in our own hands and our hands only”, ignoring that Partick’s fate has floundered in her hands.

Hearts’ Budge said she was not surprised at the outcome, not least of all because her case had no merit whatsoever, but I get the sense that Hell will freeze over before she considers that were it not for her managerial appointments, and choice of belligerence, when Hearts needed to win support for league reconstruction, her club would still be in the Premiership.

The shambolic attack on the SPFL from a small number of clubs this spring was beyond belligerence.  Hearts needed to win support for change.  They behaved as though change was their right and support was unimportant.  They then acted as though the lack of support they received was illegal.

Support was important, they should have actively sought it.  It was not illegal for clubs to vote to end the season and to reject reconstruction in the manner they did.  Hearts and Partick’s actions cost them and others unnecessary legal fees, jeopardised the new season and the bizarre jaunt to the Court of Session leaves them open to disciplinary action.  With leadership like this, no wonder they finished adrift of Hamilton Accies and Arbroath respectively.

Two weeks after Leigh Griffiths was written off (by some) we all marvelled at his cameo against Hibs yesterday; that shuffle!  He is an irrepressible talent and a prodigious goal scorer, with his recent record of absence, he will not attract an offer commensurate with what he provides.  My money is on him scoring the goal that seals the 10.

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  1. A Buddhist monk who claims he saw the face of Jesus in his margarine said “I can’t believe it’s not Buddha”

  2. TBB


    Thanks for the confirmation of Fred C Dobb`s suggestion.


    Hope all is well in your life.



  3. TBB


    A pint some time in the future would be good.


    We`ll see if that can be arranged but, in the meantime, it is cheerio for now from me.



  4. Gene, I have a very peculiar sense of humour, I found your wee joke very funny,


    Mrs. CorkCelt asked me what I was smiling about, told her the joke and as many times before she just shook her head sadly & walked away,

  5. p.s. Gene, when I’m retelling the joke it’s going to be,


    What did the Buddhist Monk say when he saw the face of Jesus in his tub of Flora? Margarine ?


    Hope that doesn’t infringe copyright,

  6. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    Gene. That was a tea down the nose moment. Very funny. Thanks.

  7. Not my joke – my mate in France sent me it – the joys of WhatsApp.


    Have we signed anyone yet ?

  8. Gene



    nice one 🤣



    i was out at lunchtime and there was an Australian busker playing Dancing Queen on a didgeridoo.



    i said to my pal ‘ have you ever seen that before?’



    he said ‘ no, he’s an abba-riginal’

  9. “For me the whole thing has been shockingly handled by the SPFL and I’m talking about not just the board, but by the executive as well. Nothing will change my mind on that.”



    What does that final sentence tell you about the speaker?



    He is :



    a) A broad-minded person who will consider all possibilities;


    b) An opinionated person with insufficient evidence to justify his assertion;


    c) A guy in the Pub whose opinion doesnt really matter;


    d) Craig Levein.

  10. !!Bada Bing!! on

    EMBRAMIKE- a real lack of common sense and forward thinking, a 14 team league also shares the money about, the clubs who hover about relegation, should have thought about the longer term,and the hope of coming back up quickly if they go down.

  11. Go tell the Spartim on

    Wee Budgie didn’t help her case with giving it the big I am, similarly the PT piece smacks of self interest, indignation and ignorance



    Reap what you sow



    Having seen this movie many times before it’s still torture waiting for official confirmation of signings. Apparently Ajeti is having second thoughts 🤔 maybe the Union Berlin striker is an option ? Lenny Bhoy or Catman will know and are probably far more relaxed about it 🙄

  12. I was waiting outside my local Tesco’s just before it opened the other day.



    The staff were moving about doing things then opened up without taking the knee.




  13. Ajeti according to a friend of a friend who is a West Ham season ticket holder, is hopeless.

  14. Go tell the Spartim on



    just our usual project type striker (french guys excluded )

  15. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    SFTB. It’s all relative isn’t it? I mean there’s not a lot to choose between Fran and Anna and auld rubber face Budgie in the looks department.

  16. Concerning that Edouard has not been offered or penned a new deal. If he’s not signed on by October he will be sold to maximise value. Bayo is money wasted and Klimala has a bit to go. Griffiths is too unreliable and lacks key attributes to perform at a higher level. Ajeti has a patchy record. if he hits the Basel from like Elyonoussi he will be a hit. What’s has happened in England doesn’t really matter as other have proven. As for Elyonoussi himself, if he remains fit he will collect the player of the year honours.

  17. Rock Tree Bhoy on



    What time the first ‘this must mean we’re selling Eddy post’ ?






    I posted that yesterday on the back of speculation that we were in for a couple of strikers and we already have 4 in the first team squad, counting Eddie, plus he hasn’t played much of a part in the friendlies so far this season,



    I think its fair comment to suggest that something might be happening – but like you I certainly hope the stays.

  18. That would be fitting…



    “Two weeks after Leigh Griffiths was written off (by some) we all marvelled at his cameo against Hibs yesterday; that shuffle!  He is an irrepressible talent and a prodigious goal scorer, with his recent record of absence, he will not attract an offer commensurate with what he provides.  My money is on him scoring the goal that seals the 10.



    May 31… Griff is in great shape, mentally and physically



    June 11… Back to training



    July 11… Griff overweight and out of condition



    July 26… Griff in great condition



    July 27… Griff plays at CP, looks svelte and sharp, sets up a goal for Klimala cough! Cough! – You wouldn’t even know he’d crawled out from under a bus.



    Welcome back Leigh…



    Hail Hail

  19. Good evening, friends and thanks to those of you who have already sent an email to cqnpoty@gmail.com with your thoughts on whether or not it would be worth doing this again for the forthcoming season. I particularly liked the suggestion of trying to make it even more like a real ‘POTY’ thing by commissioning a trophy to present to the player at the end of the season! But maybe that’s taking the idea too far (unless Paul67 fancies organising?). And, equally, not everyone was in favour of it, which is absolutely fine too.



    I’ll decide on Thursday or Friday so the consultation period remains open for now if anyone else fancies emailing their views ;-)



    Scrolled back there and did I really read something properly – Tony Stokes to EKFC?

  20. 020/21 season tickets – sold out


    By: Newsroom Staff on 28 Jul, 2020 17:17


    We are delighted to announce that we have hit record numbers for our Season Ticket sales, with thousands of you pledging your support for the campaign ahead!


    We would like to thank every single supporter who has bought a Season Ticket or Seasonal Hospitality for the 2020/21 campaign. We are the finest team in Scotland, the #9InARow Champions once again and we are doing all we can to bring you more and more success.

  21. Rock Tree Bhoy on




    Boom 👆 👆 👆






    Yeah give yourself a pat on the back, very clever

  22. I am watching “Match of Their Day – Jack Charlton”.



    Suprise of the day Leeds supporters singing “if you know our history” in a cup final v chelsea 1970.


    was this after they heard celtic supporters singing at the Euro semis ?



    Tell you what, it is a good watch, and a far better coach than he is given credit for. His knowledge of the game and tactics is very impressive.

  23. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Good Grief, 13 midfielders in the first team squad, 13! Lest not sign any more until we move some on.

  24. THROUGH THE RAIN on 28TH JULY 2020 12:36 PM



    I’m a fan of 14 team Premiership irrespective of Covid-19



    Why not 16?


    It would let a bit air into our game.


    Playing each other twice


    League cup sectional with teams from each league


    I4 team would only augment today’s league




  25. Rock Tree Bhoy, Wouldn’t think we are overweight in that department, first point is the midfield numbers include our wingers, So we would regularly play 5 of them in a game with 2 on the bench.


    So on any given match day about 6 would be idle.


    Johnston is currently injured & 2 if not 3 are still projects lads like Henderson/Luca & Soro. Unfortunately another Rogic misses a lot of games with injuries.


    We are trying to unload Shved and I reckon there is a good chance that either N’tcham or Rogic could be sold this winter.


    A final point is that Broonie is aging and the likelihood is his game time may have to be managed a bit this year.


    We have been extremely lucky that both Broonie & CalMac have been constantly available, hopefully that continues,

  26. Final word to Rock Tree Bhoy, this one on your side of the debate, I wouldn’t argue with you if you said we had 14 midfielders, because whether he is listed or not, I think Karamoko must be regarded as First team squad member for next season.

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